Cadillac Launches First Ever "Vehicle Subscription" Service

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With record low interest rates, stretched out financing terms and an insatiable wall street demand for subprime auto securitizations all teaming up to drive record-high auto sales, Cadillac seems to think there is little room for incremental upside in their traditional auto sales/leasing business so they've decided to pursue an alternative business strategy whereby they just sell cars to themselves instead. 

While that may sound like a joke, unfortunately it's not.  The service is called "Book By Cadillac" and it is set to launch in New York City on February 1st.  Targeting Gen X and Y customers who are turning away from the "hassles of traditional ownership," according to Director of Brand Marketing Melody Lee, for $1,500 per month Book allows "subscribers" to drive the latest and greatest in Cadillac luxury with the flexibility to switch vehicles up to 18 times per year.  For convenience, cars are delivered right to your door, have no mileage limits like traditional leases, only month-to-month financial commitments and monthly dues include all insurance and registration fees.



As Lee further points out, the strategy is intended to fill a gap between traditional ownership and rental/ride sharing services.

“BOOK is aimed squarely at Gen X and Y customers who want the experience of a luxury vehicle without the hassles of traditional ownership,” Melody Lee, director or brand marketing, told Vocativ. “BOOK fills a gap between traditional ownership (leasing, financing, buying) and the efficient, but less personal aspect of rental, car- and ride-sharing (Hertz, Zipcar, Uber/Lyft).”

While we would hate to develop a reputation of being overly cynical, in this particular case it's unclear exactly what benefit the consumer gets from Book aside from a drastically higher cost of ownership.  While we can certainly understand that the burden of making a 15 minute phone call to purchase auto insurance is overwhelming for many people in New York City, we would think that that minor "hassle of traditional ownership" would pale in comparison to the hassles of, for example, having to find and pay for parking in the city, which this service doesn't change. 

And while Book offers the ability to switch between vehicle types regularly throughout the year depending on mood and/or the weather on any given day, we suspect there are only a select few people who are willing to double their cost of ownership for that "convenience"...particularly when they could simply rent any vehicle they want, on any given day, and/or participate in a ride-sharing service at a fraction of the price.

All that said, we applaud Cadillac's efforts to game their sales figures provide value to their customers and wish them the very best of luck in this new endeavor.

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wisehiney's picture

Piece of shit would never make it through the ruts and limbs that are where I want to go.

FatTony7915726's picture

That's pretty fucked up as a new sales technique! It's called cooking the books! Not spirit cooking because that trademark belongs to Podesta.

Croesus's picture

Can we call it "CaddyGate"?

Seriously, who the hell would go for this?

Son of Loki's picture

Can I put my Custom Rent-A-Tire on it?



Croesus's picture

Christ...what's next, rent an air freshener?

L Bean's picture

Have you guys seen the late-night TV commercial for car REPAIR insurance???  Like health ins. for your car?

Everytime I see it I have to make sure I'm awake and not having some retarded dream.

de3de8's picture

Hey, someone got paid big $$$ for this idea

RiverRoad's picture

The Walmartization of Cadillac?   The new "Just in Time Car"  ???????????

evoila's picture

Let's say I take an escalade for $1,500, and leave it on the street close to the port and it gets stolen and ends up in Africa. Pretty sure it won't be long before insurance companies stop insuring these things.

L Bean's picture

Africa? Is ISIS in Africa now? 

(rhetorical question, ofc "they" are)

yogibear's picture

Or Mohammad uses and packs it with explosives.

Nice reason to have self driving car bombs.

Bomb the infidels in style with a Cadillac. 


So let's say I'm retarded enough... excuse me, develpmentally challenged enough to "rent" a set of tires.  If I take them around the corner and do a burnout till there's nothing left but a smoking set of cords, then what?  Do I just drop them off at the door and laugh?

philipat's picture

Quite apart from the fact that who, after driving a Merc or BMW, would even want a Cadillac? Ot perhaps that is the real issue?

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Who would go for this?

Meth cooks.

overbet's picture

Seen this story ealier. I like the idea, but I think the pricepoint is high for Cadillac. You can buy 3 Cadillacs for that monthly fee.

Raffie's picture

They forgot to mention you need to be micro chipped to be able to do this program.

I would not be shocked.


In America "OMG! You have a BMW"

In Europe "OMG! You have a Cadillac"

The central planners's picture

In Europe "OMG! you bought a car"

In America "OMG! you have a subscription"

L Bean's picture

It reminds me of the SeekingArrangements "sugarbaby" bullshit. The whores who work for them call their johns "Mentors". 

Just get a Cadillac "subscription", your "Mentor" will pay. And then the whole world will know that you're a tacky whore!

abyssinian's picture

so it's a rental car but you pay every month? Wow how desperate 

Ranger4564's picture

It's actually not desperation, it's a trick to restore Feudalism... rentier state. They want you to pay forever, but you won't ever own it. Capiche?

bh2's picture

Thinking which shows why GM went broke.

peddling-fiction's picture

and also why them barefaced lies... caught red-handed... Chuckle

RevIdahoSpud3's picture

The American public stands ready to bail GM out again. They did after all, elect Obama Twice.

Son of Loki's picture

My guess is the Purple ones will be most popular ... as long as they accept EBT cards.

yogibear's picture

These should do very well in Obama's city, Shitcago.

Bullet holes and all.

HRH Feant's picture
HRH Feant (not verified) Jan 9, 2017 7:11 PM

$1500 a month? This isn't like when I subscribed to the Book of the Month club nor to BMG for record of the month.

Kenyesian Seasonally-Adjusted Spot Gold's picture

If I had 1500/mo to blow on a fucking car it wouldn't be a Caddy. They're nice but so much more for that price and below.

Northern Lights's picture

Jesus.............Are there people out there dumb enough to pay $1500 a month to what amounts to an unlimited usage version of Zipcar or Autoshare??????

For $1500 a month, private used-car ownership is cheaper by at least half.

Wannabee's picture

Lol! For a caddie no less. That's funny

edotabin's picture

I agree with the concept but not the price. This underscores how much of a pain in the ass everything has become. People don't want to deal with useless crap all day. 

A flat rate, all inclusive, longer term car rental would work great if reasonably priced.

BlindMonkey's picture

I'm just trying to grok this.


So I can rent a full size for 991 for a month from my local rent a car outlet and that doesn't cover insurance.  IF this includes V series and covers tires, I actually think this is just fine.

abyssinian's picture

"hey John, what are you doing? "

"I am waiting for my brand new Escalate to arrive so I can go to the super market and get some food, it's 30 mins late/  I could have use Uber Black for $50 and done shopping and be home by now " 



L Bean's picture

You can't be serious. YOU DON'T HAVE A BLUE APRON/Hello Fresh/MEALS ON WHEELS for retarded millenials subscription yet??? Luh-huuuu-zer!

VWAndy's picture

 The good news is it will only take a few million taxpayer bucks to get the program up and running.

wisehiney's picture

They use a tag team sales approach.

First guy takes them for a test drive with complimentary bong hits.

Second guy just walks in with the pen and contract.

Zoomorph's picture

My whole car cost $1500 when I bought it 120 months ago.

BabaLooey's picture


no words.....




If Cadillac immediately sends me a free brand new top-of-the-line GMC 2500 Vortec 350 4x4 I will let them stay in business for a few more weeks.

Last of the Middle Class's picture

No 350 vortec for you! You get a 5.3 variable displacement that begins to eat oil at 60,000 miles like a bitch in heat. Good luck with that shit. I bought one and now drive a Tundra. Never Chevy for me!


What year was your Vortec? Did you drive the shit out of it? Did you do regular maintanence and change the oil regularly? I have known individuals that could destroy a perfectly good GM product in a few days of their driving like road rage alcoholics. Are you like those crazy dudes? 60,000 miles is technically a high maintenance milestone for most trucks bought off the dealer lot. I'll bet you drove it like shit was stuck to your shoe. Frankly, I am a GM man and I will never change, ever!!!


I'm on my 5th used GM, and I bought a Ford once for a winter beater because they produce lots of heat. All GM products are well manufactured, and anyone that destroys a perfectly good GM should have their license to drive taken away IMHO. ;)

rent slave's picture

My Cavalier is 19 years old and has never burned a drop of oil.

RedBaron616's picture

No mention of the miles or if it even runs. LOL

Stormtrooper's picture

Make it a Maserati and I'll sign on but I might not survive the 200+ mph joyrides for a second month commitment.

orangegeek's picture

only if they include free magazines and a cable TV subscription.


what a shit show.

83_vf_1100_c's picture

In East Texas $1500/mo is a mortgage payment on a damned nice house. I know the dollar ain't worth squat today but 1500 of them still are worth more than driving a new caddy for a month.

svs9000's picture

In Los Angeles $1500/mo is rent for a shitty one bedroom apartment :(

HRH Feant's picture
HRH Feant (not verified) 83_vf_1100_c Jan 9, 2017 7:47 PM

I was able to close on a refi last month that was 2.9%, great lender credit, 30 year fixed VA loan. My current mortgage, including P/I/Taxes is $1000 a month. I can easily rent this house every day of the week for $1500 in my area and, when the time comes, I will use that assumable VA loan and that 2.9% rate to sell this place if / when I get sick of it.

I always overpay on my mortgage and will, once again, set up autopay for $1500 month with any excess payment being applied to principal.

What Name's picture

I'm sticking with my "03 Crown Vic! Smoothe as silk and loves the highways.

Twee Surgeon's picture

Sadly, my 'Give a fuck what the neighbors think' Rating is less than zero. A growing trend. I'm pretty sure it is Cadillac that's on the losing side of that trend. Imagine driving around in a new Cad every month, people would be thinking your a car salesman, knocking on your door for a test drive.

Commit to an old truck and be free.

buzzsaw99's picture

i bought a cadillac once. once.