Another MTV Racist Calls Sessions’ Asian-American Granddaughter “Prop” stolen from Toys-R-Us

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dickheadWholly cucked MTV, which used to play music - and green lighted an incredibly racist video a few weeks ago, is caught in yet another controversy. This time, their "culture writer" Ira Madison III, who I'm sure is making Ira Madison I and II proud, decided to opine on Jeff Sessions' confirmation hearing in a series of now deleted tweets about Sessions' Asian Granddaughter - calling her a "prop" meant to send an "I'm not racist" message.




What an asshole...

Lackey of the left John Harwood couldn't even spin this one:

Actor / Activist / Mensa member James Woods is PISSED OFF at the whole thing and has issued a call to action:

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i'll have to admit he is right to attack a little chinese american girl because her relatives have probably kicked a lot of black asses educationally and economically within the first generation born in the usa if not by their non english speaking immigrant parents. he should be jealous because black people can't get their shit together 6 generations after they have been freed from slavery.

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Other than gunpowder name me one thing that Asians have invented that I use on a daily basis- car- nope, air conditioning- nope,  airplane- nope, computer-  nope,  etc,  etc

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doesn't matter. your white trash ass is being left in the trailer park by asians from every country who work harder, are more educated and own more assets than your weak ass.

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Blacks do not like Asians for many reasons.

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one reason is asians really don't care for blacks and have for the most part not been swayed by the pc way to tolerate their uselessness. i, for one, hate being lumped in with their minority victim status and tainted with the affirmative action crap they hold so dear. they need to clean up their act but they don't seem to be interested. as bill cosby implores, it starts with speaking proper english and getting an education(which is why he is being thrown under a bus).

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Everyone is racist- only hypocrites don't admit that they are.

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Wait! Anyone, no matter what race, can be a douchebag? Liberals will be surprised!

Snowflakes Unite!

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Pray to the Brown God an army of Dylan Roofs got the tweet. 

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MTV like all of the hard left just keep doubling down on stupid.

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Sessions is a known. So they throw him out first to catch the ack-ack. Makes everyone else seem ok.

Now, Mnuchin? Fuck you, you slime ball. Stay in the city if you don't want your illusions broken. Middle America knows who you are and they hate you for a reason. Oh, right, you are fucking slime ball piece of shit.

God, how I love the free press, and my right to be an ass.

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I thought MTV was a show, found out through this thread it is a entire cable channel.

No wonder I don't watch TV.

I can't boycott it, but can I continue to not watch it on my TV that is not hooked up anymore?

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Maybe they were going to Comet Ping Pong for pizza during the lunch break!

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MTV is still on the air? And what's with good-ol-boy Sessions' kid race-mixing?

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Mate with whom you wish, but America is God's prophesied "Promised Land": "into which all nations of the world flow." Isa. 2:2

Racism is against God and against America, God's actual "Israel Restored."

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Isiah: written by a jew = not credible.

If God had wanted race mixing, He wouldn't have placed them on different continents. 

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Would that be like birds of a feather flock together?

11b40's picture

Would that be like birds of a feather flock together?

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That is as errant an interpretation on that verse of Scripture as I've ever read. America is not God's prophesied "Promised Land", and Isaiah 2:2 isn't referring to it.

You might read a reputable Bible commentary such as Matthew Henry's which says on this chapter...

With this chapter begins a new sermon, which is continued in the two following chapters. The subject of this discourse is Judah and Jerusalem (v. 1). In this chapter the prophet speaks, I. Of the glory of the Christians, Jerusalem, the gospel-church in the latter days, in the accession of many to it (v. 2, 3), and the great peace it should introduce into the world (v. 4), whence he infers the duty of the house of Jacob (v. 5). II. Of the shame of the Jews, Jerusalem, as it then was, and as it would be after its rejection of the gospel and being rejected of God. 1. Their sin was their shame (v. 6-9). 2. God by his judgments would humble them and put them to shame (v. 10-17). 3. They should themselves be ashamed of their confidence in their idols and in an arm of flesh (v. 18-22).

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God's prophet, the Hebrew Isaiah gives eight signs for "Zion" throughout his book of prophecy, all of which are met by America.

Only those of Satan deny prophecy and God. 

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I don't deny prophecy and I don't deny God.

I do deny your erroneous "wresting of the the scriptures" to force an interpretation that was neither meant by God or the prophety Isaiah. (see 2 Peter 3:16)

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Television for fucking morons.

Any parent lets their kids watch this shit ought to be horse-whipped.

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Now where the hell are you going to get a horse whip at this hour?

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Just look at's not worth commenting.

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Yeah- Sessions is one of the most corrupt turds floating in the DC swamp but since Orange Jesus likes him he gets a free pass from mindless ZHers

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Yeah, I saw this stuff while checking out James Woods' twitter account and just shook my head at this MTV moron.

Poor James Woods. Guy has a super high IQ and I can only imagine viewing the liberal cult's current level of stupid must be incredibly frustrating for him.

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Woods is your typical coked-out Hollywood degenerate but he likes Orange Jesus so that makes him A-OK

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~~ On The Richie Allen Show ~~

George Webb On Disappearance Of Former Clinton Foundation CEO Eric Braverman, Pizzagate & More.


Live Hard, Listening And Viewing Fake News Daily So You Don't Have To, Die Free

~ DC v4.0

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Nobody puts babies on Hillary's lap

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That's because she would eat them

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The slime making the endless ad hominem accusations of "hate" are, in fact, the same bitter dregs consumed by their own, irrational and petulant anger.

They assume that everyone pulls the very same sort of vile and self-serving stunts, they do.  Surprise, Millennials!  Some people genuinely love their familes!  Who knew, huh?

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Where was this leftist piece of shit when Obama parades kids out whenever he wants to make a Political point?

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I hope that ugly white bitch gets ass raped by a herd of dindus over and over so that she has to wear diapers for the rest of her trailer parking living life.

What a total cunt.

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This fellow is another AA success story. Promoted and advanced NOT based on merit. Too lazy to fact check his work before defaming someone.