Bill Kristol: "Decadent, Lazy, Spoiled, White Working Class" Americans Should Be Replaced By Immigrants

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Bill Kristol, founder of the conservative magazine The Weekly Standard, seemingly caught a bad case of foot-in-mouth syndrome yesterday in speaking on a panel for the American Enterprise Institute.  Presumably Kristol was responding to a question regarding Trump's controversial immigration ban when he let loose with the following slow-motion train wreck of a response:

“Look, to be totally honest, if things are so bad as you say with the white working class, don’t you want to get new Americans in?”


"Basically if you are in free society, a capitalist society, after two, three, four generations of hard work, everyone becomes kind of decadent, lazy, spoiled, whatever."


"Then, luckily, you have these waves of people coming in from Italy, Ireland, Russia, and now Mexico, who really want to work hard and really want to succeed, and really want their kids to live better lives than them, and aren't sort of clipping coupons or hoping that they can hang on and, meanwhile, grew up as spoiled kids and so forth. In that respect, I don't know why this moment is that different from the early 20th century."

Unfortunately, Kristol's hope that he wasn't being recorded was not fulfilled...only time will tell if his subsequent prediction about his future will now come true...

"I hope this thing isn’t being videotaped or ever shown anywhere. Whatever tiny, pathetic future I have is going to totally collapse."

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Nietszsche's The Last Man.

squid's picture

What a Khazar asshole.


But that's not saying much really.



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Lake Oroville going to be the story soon. Poor upkeep of major concrete spillway.


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Why do people say stupid shit like this? there is no quantifiable data to backup this statement. what are these conclusions based on?

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Comments like that from "conservatives" only confirms I, a white working class male, made the right decision to embrace the alt-right.

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Do entitlements have anything to do with spoiling white Americans and creating a lazy subclass?

sgt_doom's picture

What was it Geo. Weasel Bush said about Corporate Welfare?  It has a sinister sound . . .

Wake_TFU_America's picture

Hey, Billy, remember when you used to be somebody? When your words Made sense and America listened? Me neither!

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Jews were the primary architects of the deindustrialization of America that sent tens of millions well-paying manufacturing jobs and at least a hundred thousand factories to our enemy, the Communist People's Republic of China. To whatever country they loyal to, it sure isn't the United States of America.

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In the 3rd Reich they tried to get rid of Jews, the 4th Reich the White folks. The similarity is both for the pursuit of profit.

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I would comment but I guess I am too lazy, my family has been here since the revolutionary war. Where is my food stamps, WIC and free government housing?

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Hey Bill, when was the last time you broke a sweat working or created anything useful ? That's what I thought. Fuck You, signed, tax mule working stiff

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when he watches his wife get righteously plowed by the hip hop boys!

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Very generous to call Kristol or his rag conservative. No true conservative wishes war; Kristol and the Neocons are all about war and using rumors of war to tax and subjugate the American people for their own benefit.

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Ths piece of shit was also a Vietnam War draft dodger.

Tzanchan's picture

Yeha Like Cheney (5 deferments) Romney, Guiliani, Biden, Clinton, Ted Nugent, Newt, (lardass more than Kristol) Ali, John Ashcroft, Jeb low energy Bush, John Wayne, Rush Limbaugh (lardass too) and drumroll, please The Donald!

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Leave the duke out of that one, he a wee bit old for the Nam.

the French bitch's picture

Ah, the little people!  What's to be done about them?

A82EBA's picture

clearly hes never worked a day in his life

HowdyDoody's picture

Getting that shirt buttoned looks pretty darned hard word to me.

pankowboy's picture

Let us remember that if he had said "black" instead of "white" he would have permanently been forced to join Jimmy the Geek, Al Campanis, so many others, out of public life. 

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Where does Kristol place himself in this NWO paradigm?

sgt_doom's picture

He's offered them free BJs.

World-Gone-Mad's picture

Kristol is a war mongering NeoCon. He believes the United States is the ordained policeman of the world, and by that decree, we can wage war on any country we like - and as payment for our decreed world authority we can pillage and steal their resources.

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Uh, Bill - don't look now but those immigrants come here for welfare and to work off the books.

Stop infantilizing Americans with safe spaces and cuddle puppies, get rid of welfare so they can't sit home and whine about how their granite countertops in Section 8 housing needs to be updated and watch how they grow up and work.  By the way, most of the Section 8 folks aren't lazy white people.

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I should try to get State Costs by State maybe for immigrants.

2016 Total State Dept Outlays Global Health and Child Survival = $9 Billion
2016 Total State Dept Outlays Migration and Refugee Assistance = $3.4 Billion

2016 Total Outlays Customs Border Protection = $13.1 Billion
2016 Total Outlays immigration & Customs Enforcement = $6.4 Billion
2016 Total Outlays Citizenship and Immigration = $3.4 Billion

2016 Total HHS Outlays - Refugee and Entrant Assistance = $1.6 Billion
2016 HHS Child Care Entitlement to States outlays = $2.8 Billion
2016 Total DOE Outlays - Office of English Language Acquisition = $739 Million

$3.4 Billion + 1.6 + .739 = $5.7 Billion per year

But HHS has whole depart for welfare
2016 Total-Outlays Admin for Children and Families = $51 Billion

2016 Total Outlays Grants to States for Medicaid = $368 Billion

Agriculture Dept ($100 Billion):
Food and Nutrition Service
2016 Total Outlays SNAP = $73 Billion
2016 Total Outlays Child Nutrition Programs = $22 Billion
2016 Total Outlays Supplemental Nutrition Program WIC = $6 Billion

World-Gone-Mad's picture

Spoken like true Neocon globalist.

TeethVillage88s's picture

These Elites have no sense of the real world at all.

Tax Credits have grown steadily. It is Byzantine. Payment Where American Opportunity Tax Credit Exceeds Liability for Tax is financial assistance for higher education.

Treasury Dept:

2016 Total Outlays Refundable Premium Tax Credits and Cost Sharing
Reductions (Obama Care Tax Credits) = $30.8 Billion
2016 Total Outlays Payment Where Earned Income Credit Exceeds Liability for
Tax = $60.6 Billion
2016 Total Outlays Payment Where Child Tax Credit Exceeds Liability for Tax = $20 Billion
2016 Total Outlays Payment Where American Opportunity Tax Credit Exceeds
Liability for Tax = $4 Billion

Total $115.4 Billion of which I get nothing of course. I bet immigrants get a lot of this.

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Did he just Roy D. Mercer us?  LOL

In all seriousness, after we deport all the slave-labor, farm-laborer wages will adjust upwards accordingly, and high school students and young adults will be happy to work the fields again.

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The Decadent, Lazy, Spoiled, White BANKING Class is far more accurate a title. The principle of Bankruptcy has been suspended for the Bankers, since without the taxpayer backed bailouts the banks would be as insolvent & bankrupt as the businesses they forced out of business. There's a powder keg of resentment against the banking class as well as against the people ( The CFR ) who believe that they are better and more qualified than anyone else to make life changing decisions for blocs of the population simply by having and using guile & fraud to acquire their riches. Who among that class would be willing to risk their lives in defense of our country?

johnwburns's picture

He's just the spokeman for his neocon posse. Read any of their blogs and they hate the white working class worse that progressives do. The white underclass catches hell from everybody, other than when they need a war fought. Get prople off of the easily accessible dope and back to work. Get the boot of fuckers like this off of their necks. 

aliens is here's picture

I want to punch him in the face. I am not Robert Deniro but can I punch him in the face?

barysenter's picture

If you can't punch this Nazi, punch the nearest Nazi. At least thats what libtards say they would do. Do it for the people! Or the cause! Or to skip school or whatever.

roisaber's picture

It's the jews, stupid. Communism and crony capitalism are two sides of the same kosher coin.

brushhog's picture

Well if you dont have good jobs for even the citizenry that exists here now, why would you let more people in?


This fat bastard just had his Marie Antoinette moment.  


"Let them eat cake." = "If thing are so bad for the white working class..."


He really thinks that people who are "clipping coupons and just hoping to hang on" are decadent, lazy and spoiled?

sgt_doom's picture

I've never been on a day labor job with Billy boy, but I have been with Mexican laborers who walked off the job 'cause it was too damp and cold or too dusty.

Facts are pesky things. . . .

Never seen Kristol in the USAF or USMC either, for that matter.

nationstates's picture

 you have these waves of people coming in from Italy, Ireland, Russia, and now Mexico, who really want to work hard and really want to succeed,

 Yes, that is correct, or to be precise that is what it USED to be. Migrants did have to work that much harder, simply because there was no welfare carpet ride waiting for them.

They migrated because there were jobs, low paying, back breaking, gut busting long hour jobs but they just got to work, rather than run around protesting.

Back then it was a simple choice, work or starve.

Herdee's picture

You can tell by his big, fat belly, he doesn't know the meaning of hard work with a gut like that. Who's he kidding? That slob wouldn't last a day on the farm.

Tennessee Patriot's picture

Let's just cut right to the core of the issue, shall we? 

"Fuck you, Bill.  You piece of liberal shit."

Korprit_Phlunkie's picture

By the look of those shirt buttons about to burst he REALLY wants the mexicans out working in the fields so he doesn't have to stop eating.

Green2Delta's picture

I've said it for years and I still stand by it. Show me a single country full of brown people that's worth a fuck. Just one! 

You can easily eliminate entire continents. South America; not worth a fuck. Africa; not worth a fuck. Then we can move on to areas like the Middle East; not worth a fuck. Southeast Asia; not worth a fuck. The only places people really want to live are areas you think of as white areas. And now that brown people are being dumped on us by the boatload those areas are starting to not be worth a fuck too. 


dlfield's picture

Dude, you need to add  "HoneyBadger" into your handle somehow.

squid's picture

Singapore and HK and pretty good.


Sing has the most responsible goernment i've seen anywhere.



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Show me a country full o' jews and I'll show you a wealthy country. Show me one where they kicked out the Jews and I'l show you a pathetic shit hole or empire in decline. Egypt 2500 years ago and again in 1948; Spain 1492; Germany 1938 (negative birth rate, 5 generations from Moslem majority); Every Arab country post 1948, here ya go, so screw off, when we leave or are booted, USA will decline; it's doing a fine job with us here......

siktir-lan's picture

Show me a country full o' jews and I'll show you a wealthy country.


chrbur's picture

who the fuck is this ass hole.....

Duc888's picture

I just look at him as a food source after the reset.

Fat Jewsteak, shove a skewer up his ass and out his mouth, slit him from his anus to his thorax and gut him. On the Barbie he goes.

Yum....Jewsteak, the other white meat.