NYTimes Reports Trump Aides' "Repeated Contact" With Russian Intel Officials, Admits No Collusion Discovered

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As The White House tries to put the Flynn disappointment behind them, The New York Times appears to be resurrecting an old story with a new angle to keep the 'blame the Russians' narrative alive. Following FISA court approval (to spy on Trump's campaign), intercepted calls reportedly show "repeated contact" between Trump advisor Paul Manafort and senior Russian intelligence officials... but reveal no collusion.

Intercepted phone calls and phone records show that several aides and allies to President Trump's campaign were in repeated contact with senior Russian intelligence officials, according to the New York Times. As The Hill explains,

Current and former officials that spoke with the Times would not give many details, and it's not clear exactly who, both from the U.S. and Russia, were part of the conversations or what they talked about, including if discussions centered on Trump himself.


Officials told the publication that they have seen no evidence of collusion in regards to hacking or the election.


Three of the four current and former officials who spoke with the Times said the contacts were discovered during the same time that U.S. intelligence agencies were investigating Russia's extensive hacking campaign, later determined to be aimed at helping Trump win the White House.


The Times' sources said Paul Manafort, Trump's former campaign chairman, was picked up on the calls. Manafort left the campaign after several months as reports swirled about his business ties in Russia and the Ukraine.

The officials would not name any other Trump aides or supporters captured in the conversations.

As a reminder, it was not just Paul Manafort that was involved in FBI probes, but Tony Podesta - the brother of Hillary Clinton's campaign director John Podesta - who had set up secret meetinsg woth Ukraine officials.

Manafort, who has not been charged with any crimes, exclaims To Britain's Telegraph that "this is absurb,"

“I have no idea what this is referring to. I have never knowingly spoken to Russian intelligence officers, and I have never been involved with anything to do with the Russian government or the Putin administration or any other issues under investigation today.”


Mr. Manafort added, “It’s not like these people wear badges that say, ‘I’m a Russian intelligence officer.’"

Several of Mr. Trump’s associates, like Mr. Manafort, have done business in Russia, and it is not unusual for American businessmen to come in contact with foreign intelligence officials, sometimes unwittingly, in countries like Russia and Ukraine, where the spy services are deeply embedded in society. Law enforcement officials did not say to what extent the contacts may have been about business.

Finally, buried deep in The New York Times' story - which is sure to run the narrative during tomorrow's media cycle (and already is a hot topic of conjecture on CNN) - the author admits, rather sheepishly that...

The intelligence agencies then sought to learn whether the Trump campaign was colluding with the Russians on the hacking or other efforts to influence the election.


The officials interviewed in recent weeks said that, so far, they had seen no evidence of such cooperation.

Which confirms what The FBI said back in November.

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The bottom line here is that the only incremental news is that Manafort knowingly or unknowingly came into contact with Russian intelligence officials during his business dealings but no election-collusion was discovered. We leave it to Ari Fleischer to sum it all up perfectly...

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oh look, it's New Pork Times.

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NYT and CNN. Wow  New sources you can believe in.

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Congress is a circus and always has been. any kind of idiot can be elected. We are going into a pattern of the nuttier the better. Soon, you will see the likes of Madonna or Cher elected as democrats into the senate. We already have drug addicted, sex addicted, mentally ill, and low IQ representatives. As time goes on, this will only become more extreme resulting the eventual downfall of the country.


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If the cycle isn't interrupted. I would say that Tulsi Gabbard proves you wrong temporarily.

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JFC, can the deck just get a little more stacked against Trump?

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C'mon people, who here cannot see the forest for the trees? Or the trees for the imaginary forest?

This was always meant to be chaotic. Run by a divisive chaotic figure.

Apprentice? you're fired? Businessman? Really?


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Your heard it from the Khazarian Mafia Times, now obey!

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And the Soros Troll posts his script from his handlers. Good Little Stoogey

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The intelligence agencies are trying to knock off the highest elected officials.

Anyone see a problem with this?

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catalysis (not verified) beijing expat Feb 15, 2017 12:03 AM

It's funny watching you guys try to rationalize the fact that you elected a Russian agent as president of the US.  This is pure entertainment gold.  Idiocracy was a documentary.

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Huh? Trump is real estate mogul, where have you been? Are you an Israeli agent? What is your dis info campaign all about? 

You want war with Russia muther fucker, have at it. Libtard or retard?

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Israeli senior officials asked for, and got, assurances that none of 'those two-state solution people' (i.e. Sanders/Palestinian supporters) would be allowed anywhere near a Clinton Administration State Dept.

There is no assertion (let alone backup) that the Russians asked for anything from a Trump Administration other than 'access'.

Please, let's play out this thread about foreign influence.  It might take us to some interesting places.

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He's a paid Soros Troll. We have been getting many here latly. It's all part of the plan to discredit Trump. He's nothing but a Fucking Stooge.

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nothing to see here...most dishonest paper in the world...all they print is lies...so ridiculous


the real question you fucktards isn't the times it's whether you think it's good or bad that trump has very close putin ties...

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Fuck Off Troll. You have no Game. 

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see that? say something they know you'll agree with to get you nodding your head then BAM! slip in the trumpshiv

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the real question you fucktards isn't the times it's whether you think it's good or bad that trump has very close putin ties...

Putin too much in your head, treat it.

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First of all, who cares if manafort, Flynn or others had constructive conversations with Russia-- Russia is a major nuclear power, Putin is a great and world respected statesman and leader- they are no threat. They did not "INVADE" Crimea (or Korea for that matter) - they are not the former Bolshevik Jewish wicked Soviet union- (though Internationalist Zionist Bankster Jews are hell -bent on their destruction for reasons I will not elaborate on here) 

They are the good guys -the true hope for the future of Western Christian Civilization. If you don't understand this  -you need to educate yourself.

I don't have time here to give you a true lesson on real history- real news -not "fake news" Do your own research. Learn the TRUTH -the Truth shall set you free--and perhaps save humanity from the great calamity that these satanic elites have planned for us. . 

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Fucking Bingo....

+1000 because that had to be said ON THIS THREAD....

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You're full of shit. Russia has been a bad guy since 1917. It's a nation of drunks & murderers. Calling Putin a Christian is like calling the Pope a Christian.

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About the matter you already came to hard drugs. Have anything substantive to say?

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Dude, Where's My Uranium?

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All fake news. 


I think it's time to leave ZH. You are going into the toilet reporting what the NY Times, WashPo, HuffPo claim...they are all made up stories.

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Yeah, pretty close. Similar click bait drivel and dog whistle agitprop as the likes of The Hill and Mediaite. 

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I don't appreciate some of the lying spun titles I see here or at Drudge. But I do appreciate the actual articles and conservative bent.

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The Tylers are just placing the issues here before us.

It's up to us to dissect/destroy it.

You can leave if you want, but this IS the 'truth filter' such as it is.  Might as well stay and type something you think is real.


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Echo chamber prevention. I am surprised when folks don't see that. Even posted the Tweet about how they ran with a biased headline too. Folks don't want to slow down. A good snap judgement can keep you from getting killed, but we have the luxury of not just reacting from the amygdala, but of engaging the cerebral cortex.

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dude it's about clicks, they just post shit here for you to comment on- they don't care what it is



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That's right. Anything that doesn't follow your narrative is fake news. Really? Talk about cognitive dissonance.

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It too six years to remove Nixon. They are going for six months (weeks?) with Trump.

Only a military coup will save America and stop the World plunging into war.

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A military coup has already happened.

Check out Benjamin Fulford on youtube. Or Jim Willie's latest interview on youtube.

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Shockingly enough, ZH downplays the fact that other campaign officials and Trump associates had been in contact with Soviet intelligence.


Way to spin it Tyler...

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Uh... Soviet Union has been gone for awhile, I think.

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Ouija board! Those good ole' satanist boys, gettin' all witched up and shit!

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And clearly your country still uses bows and arrows. Right.

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in contact with Soviet intelligence.

How do you with such brains survive in this harsh world?

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So the scenario this draws is that Russian intelligence "infiltrated" the business circles connected to Trump people and tried to fish for whatever information they could, and they did a sloppy job of it, giving easy ammunition to Trump's enemies. Now that Trump is in da House it's coming back to bite them - both ways.

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So the scenario this draws

...is drawn with crayons and finger paints. Difficult for many Americans but maybe time to join the adult world?

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You're reading Zero Hedge, right?

Try to think of NYT as Zero Truth.

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National Enquirer=4

Aol=5...on a good day (many polluted newsfeeds)




Your eyes/ears/intuition/critical thinking=10

Just kidding really....

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WAPO= -10

Cnn/alphabets= - 5


AP/Reuters= 1/2

National Enquirer=6

Aol/Yahoo=2 1/2...on a good day (many polluted newsfeeds)

ALT/SMART INTERNET (various sites) = 2 to 100

RT= 12-15 (and that alone......is sad)

BB = 17 (would be higher if fewer asinine posts) 

Drudge = +100 (The search engineclearing house; excellent)

Zero Hedge = THE best financial+political+clearing house = +100

Your eyes/ears/intuition/critical thinking= Priceless