Senator Finally Admits The Truth: America's Hands Are Just As Dirty As Russia's

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Last December, at the height of the "Russia hacked the election" scandal, we showed that between 1946 and 2000, the US had interfered in foreign presidential elections at least 81 times in the period from 1946 through 2000. And while millions of Americans were aware just how "innocent" the US government in general, and the CIA in particular, have been few dared to mention it in public.

Until today, when in an unexpected moment of honesty U.S. Sen. Chuck Grassley said Wednesday the while idea of Russian involvement in U.S. election is bothersome, he added the United States doesn't "come to the table with clean hands", noting the CIA's involvement in an Italian election in the 1940s. Of course, there are many, many other examples of CIA intervention, but we'll settle for the admission of one to start.

Grassley said that intelligence community leaks of classified information should concern Americans just as much as foreign meddling in U.S. elections. Grassley, an Iowa Republican and chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, also equated apparent Russian interference in the 2016 election with past operations by the United States to influence the outcomes of foreign political contests.

Grassley, who has made encouraging and protecting government whistleblowers part of his portfolio in Washington, expressed deep reservations about the leaks that have informed news stories in recent days and ultimately forced Flynn’s ouster. Such leaks by intelligence officials are illegal and are not protected by whistleblower laws, Grassley said. "We need to start considering that it’s not only dangerous and scary that some foreign power attempts to influence our elections, but it may be even scarier that intelligence officials in our own government might be trying to undermine our government,” he said.

Grassley was responding to questions about new revelations that the Trump campaign had contacts with Russian intelligence agents before Election Day. As reported last night, while the New York Times said that four Trump aides and associates had contacts with Russian agents, it admitted there was no evidence of collusion in order to affect the result of the election.

For months, Democrats have been raising concerns about Russian involvement in the election. Those concerns have amplified in recent days. In Iowa, the state's lone Democratic congressman, Rep. Dave Loebsack, said Wednesday that Americans are demanding accountability and a new investigation ought to be launched into the matter. "It has become clearer with each passing day of the Trump administration that there must be a full, independent investigation of his administration and campaign’s connection to Russia," Loebsack said.

Grassley responded: "If you want some history from an 83-year-old person, I can tell you I remember reading about our own CIA trying to influence the Italian voters not to go communist," Grassley said during a call with Iowa reporters. "We very much backed the Christian Democratic Party while the Russian communist party under Stalin was backing the communist party of Italy."

Grassley added later in the call that "Russian involvement in our elections ought to be very seriously considered, just like the French politicians are very nervous about the Russian involvement in their election. But I also said we don't come to this table hands-free. I told you about the 1948 CIA involvement in the Italian elections where the communists were trying to take over the country and Russia was behind that and our CIA got involved to make sure. None of this stuff should be going on."

He is right, of course, but in a world of realpolitik, cyberwarfare and, now, "fake news" not only will this stuff continue but it will only get worse.

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Nooooo!!!!! A global force for Gooooooood!

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Global Farce For Goods

101st Poppy Protection



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McCain will tell you there cannot be a moral comparison. That always works. After all, he is the Moral Warrior.

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The United States is completely exempt from such chimeras as the conscience!

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Yikes! McJowls and a conscience would be a chimera. I think it would fail. That blend could not be accomplished.

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McCain has sold out America for Money already decades ago.

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I thought he was a stunt pilot

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Global Farce For Goods

101st Poppy Protection

Taliban Brigade

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What! What!! What!!!???????

Someone with a soul in DC? WTF, get his name.

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Yes we are. Totally imnocent. Stop talking. I'm not listening! NaaaNaaaaNaaaaaNaaaaaa

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Define good.  Were the millions dead in SE Asia "good"?  And Iraq.  And Libya.  And Syria.  Good, my ass.

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Only democratic terror will save the world!

beaker's picture

Uh, does anyone remember Obama's public comments about the Merkle election or his comments ahead of the Brexit vote? 

peippe's picture

World Police 

whether you want it or not.

smart bombs for almost everyone.

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Communism is a totalitarian slavery system that only benefits the people that created it...


It's moral to oppose it, so fuck anyone that disagrees with fighting it.

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Communism has never existed on this planet tho

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Yezzz, its those damned running dog capitalist pigs like Mao, Pol Pot and Lenin that ruined the ideal...lmao!!!

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I believe he's referring to pure communism, not the bullshit wannabe communism that was practiced in the countries you mentioned, as well as in the Soviet Union.

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Communism, in Plato's cave, no doubt ...

TBT or not TBT's picture

Good lord what a stupid conversation.   Our species does not do pure communism.   To thnk otherwise is to imagine that human nature does not exist or is that malleable.  

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Ya noooowah! The funny thing about communism is there's always some dude way up there telling people way down here to do shit for them way up there...doesn't matter if its a chief, shaman or politburo ;-)


Now wut?

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Now wut? YOU! Stand In front of the trench! On your knees now! Hands behind your head! Do it NOW!

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Real communism cannot be installed, top down. It must come from the grassroots up. The people need to want it and do it of their own accord. No coersion.

Captialism is the ultimate hedge, even on this ZeroHedge website. Marx always said that we needed full, unfettered capitalism in order to get to communism.

Either free markets are the right way to do things, or free markets are the right way to do things so that we can evolve into a true communism, for the people, by the people.

Captialism. Get some, my fellow bitchez. Off the chainz already.

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Marx was wrong a hundred million grisly ways.  And thast's just peacetime government murders.  

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I can't get no, cap-it-tal-ism

I can't get no, cap-it-tal-ism

Cause I try and I try and I try and I try

I can't get no, I can't get no


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don't give up your day job :/

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When I'm watching my tv
And a man comes on to tell me
How white my shirts can be
And I don't really care
Cause I don't wear white
Now I'm gonna go take a pee


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FREE markets? Where? I wanna get in on that

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The problem is never with the political system of choice. the problem is with the level of corruption that's running it.

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Italian communists are the least competent on the planet. Not a big danger.

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I always advise the nascent communist radicals I run across to connect the hotwire first, it saves time ;-)

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No humans can do communism well.   It is against our nature.   Maybe some future transhumans can be sci-fied into it, but not the current versions.  

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Its really true, there's always the lazy guy sitting under the tree watching everyone else work...the artsy guy or the musical guy or the thinker guy...too busy to produce doing his own thing yet, reducing everyone elses portion.

Now, the communists and fascists both figured out a long time ago not to "waste his labor" by allowing him to just sit there, they force him to vooork. The capitalist on the other hand allows him to sit there all he wants, he just doesn't get to eat off the capitalist.

Which system allows moar freedom?

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Are you brainwashed or brain dead?

WTF do you think capitalism is?


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I agree with the first sentence; however, I would edit:

""_______"is a totalitarian slavery system that only benefits the "____" that created it."

And pigs tend to wallow in shit.

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To be objective, let's see a tabular comparison of the large scale actions of each, and the consequences in money spent and lives lost.

Is the US not still in "We're Number 1!"?

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Russia is a more favorable nation in terms of being decent than America has been for a VERY long time, then again Russia has been ruled by a man who is NOT owned and operated by a certain group:

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Obama's CIA would encourage them to be communist or Muslim.


"If you want some history from an 83-year-old person, I can tell you I remember reading about our own CIA trying to influence the Italian voters not to go communist."

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That a boy Grassley, get it out, get it all out, piece meal if ya have to, unburden yourself ....


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1948 my ass. try last thursday bitch.

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Trump already opened this door with a Tweet when he was talking about how Russia was not the only one's who were killers, that we were too.

Dude is following up on the Donald, trying to rip the band aid off real slow like, hoping it won't hurt so much; talk about distant crimes, ease his way in there, prime the way. Later, someone else can say something else closer to the truth and eventually just rip this festering band aid off so the wound can get air and see the light of day. But cha gotta start slow with lotsa folks...

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economic hitmen, by perkins.