Meet 'Silent Hunter' - China's New 'Armored Vehicle Slicing' Laser Gun

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While politicians are more than willing to rattle their economic sabres at China, we suspect, after China flaunted a range of high-tech weaponry at the International Defense Exhibition and Conference in Dubai, we suspect Washington will slow its roll a little with any kinetic warmongery...

Let's start with lasers, says Popular Science's Jeffrey Lin and P.W.Singer...

Poly Technologies showed off The Silent Hunter, one of the world's most powerful laser weapons. It claims an output of at least 50-70 kilowatts, which would make it more powerful than the 33-kilowatt laser weapon systems (LaWS) currently deployed on the USS Ponce. The laser is probably based on a smaller anti-drone laser, the Low Altitude Guard. That's enough to knock out automobiles by burning out their engines from over a mile away, as the 30-kilowatt Lockheed Martin ATHENA laser demonstrated in 2015. The Silent Hunter uses fibre optic lasers (fibre optics doped with rare earth minerals), which provide weight savings over chemical lasers through increasing optical gain by kilometers of coiled fibre optics (as opposed to bulky chemical lasers). The Silent Hunter is likely to be scaled up and equipped with radars to complement its optical/infrared tracking system, making it a capable close range defense system against enemy missiles, artillery, drones and aircraft.

 The Silent Hunter laser is powerful enough to cut through light vehicle armor at up to a kilometer away, making you wonder if China already has more powerful laser weapons only for domestic use.

The International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) recently came out with report that China is "near parity" with western nations in terms of indigenous defense technology. As we can see from IDEX 2017, that is playing out in fields that range from tanks to lasers. And as the Chinese defense industry innovates more, it will likely grab an even bigger share of international arms sales.

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Poopular Science = 9/11 pancake theory



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"The International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS) recently came out with a report that China is "near parity" with Western nations in terms of indigenous defense technology."

Yup, almost there.  They got a couple of hurdles left, making high quality jet engines and submarines.

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Don't worry, the Clintons will give the Chinese that technology too... if they get "their power" back.

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And to top it all off, you have to fire it again an hour later!

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One Hellfire from a stealth drone.


The Ronco-Matic Chinese slicer is toast itself.


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The laser weapon is great, small and powerful. The only problem when facing a tank on a battlefield is figuring out how to run an extension cord back to a big power plant!

And you can bet that a tank is not coming in alone - so that laser will be a sweet target for artillery, aircraft, other tanks, and infantry weapons.

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One small heat seeking missile should do it.

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I wonder what a 25cent bullet would do to that device when fired from an accompnying infantryman

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Is it for a micro milk second? For one minute?

Is it pulsed?  How long takes it for second shot??

What is energy-in source??????


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The way of the world is easy to figure out. "He who has the most money, wins."

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Hope its "MADE IN CHINA."

That stuff never works right. Or for long.

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Can I get one of these at Walmart yet?

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My cats would go fucking nuts over this. :P

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For those knocking it off, please read the article again:

"The Silent Hunter uses fibre optic lasers (fibre optics doped with rare earth minerals), which provide weight savings over chemical lasers through increasing optical gain by kilometers of coiled fibre optics (as opposed to bulky chemical lasers)."

It is clear that their cascade doesn't require mirrors and instead utilizes "kilometers of coiled fibre optics". That approach is clearly superior to chemical lasers as pumping can be done instantaneously and continuously instead of pumping over time as beam bounces between the mirrors. The only limitation of this configuration on firing rate and a pulse duration could be the power source which is not the issue. In cases where the size is not the paramount the power output could be probably cranked up by simply decreasing curvature of the fiber optics and thus decreasing the incidental leakage and by placing fibers into something akin to a mercury bath with a high reflectivity thus improving power output and  thermal endurance, depending how the pumping is done. For example, if the pumping is done from the direction perpendicular to the plane of curvature, the bath limited to that curvature plane will decrease incidence  of escaping photons while allowing the pumping.  

"making it a capable close range defense system against enemy missiles, artillery, drones and aircraft."

Advantage against using anything equipped with cameras and optical sensors is clear. TOW missiles, if not destroyed completely, could be seriously hampered  and rendered ineffective by destruction/obscuring  of the camera. The same goes for drones, cruise missiles and laser guided ammunition. 

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Anti laser = multiple missiles with kinetic swarms, think missile powered shotgun.

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USS Ponce!  Bet they never dock in the UK.



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You should see the crew! Very attractive they are too.

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China offers huge anti-terror awards in Xinjiang

China has created a 100 million yuan ($14.5 million) fund for "anti-terrorism" awards in a violence-wracked part of the country, state media reported, as the government steps up a campaign targeting unrest.

The government of Hotan in the far western region of Xinjiang will give prizes of up to 5 million yuan ($730,000) to those who expose terrorist plots or "struggle, kill, wound, or subdue rioters", the Hotan Daily newspaper reported Tuesday.

The far-western region of Xinjiang is the homeland of the Uighurs -- a traditionally Muslim group.


When I was there in China's NW territory, Muslims were going up to Han Chinese and stabbing them with HIV infected needles. Very nasty place.

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Hmm.. Bet the boys and girls at Sandia Labs and Kirkland AFB are ahead of the curve on this item. You never show your cards at the table until its time. 

James Douglass

USASA 70-73

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the rub is, while this may be effective on light armor at 0.621 miles, the m1a2 is effective out to 3 miles and is heavily armored.

also, if the democrats filed a lawsuit or get a libtard judge to enforce "the protocol on blinding laser weapons" the permanent injunction would render this weapon obsolete.

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"the USS Ponce"........... ponce p?ns/ BRITISHinformal noun   
  1. 1. derogatory an effeminate man.



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Famous conquistador Juan Ponce de Léon, responsible for the first Spanish attempt to establish a colony in what is now Florida, in the 16th century. He was unsuccessful.

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So basically, the US navy has a ship named after all the fags who enlist. 
Of course, the navy has been half queer since Vietnam so it's about time.  

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Cover your armored vehicles with mirrors. Problem solved.

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Think the Chinese can build any more of these?  Think they are showing the world their best one?  Think an instantaneous weapon that can shoot down missiles and jets gives them an edge?  Suppose they put 2000 of these in airplanes and fly them around the border of the US, what are you going to do about it?  You can't shoot it down, it fries the missiles before they hit.   Think you could beat 2 billion people in a war?  You couldn't even beat the Afghanis, and those fuckers are penniless.

Thats why we need defense spending, and a lot more of it.

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The war in Afghanistan isn't about winning. It's about making sure the military-industrial complex is fed well.

Emergency Ward's picture

The MIC loves their participation trophies.

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We're not the only empire who couldn't win in Afghanistan, crack a history book or two.

numapepi's picture

We could easily win in Afghanistan if our government wanted to. The deep state loves perpetual war.

The US will never win a war again no matter what until we get the psychopaths out of our government... and that will NEVER happen.

koan's picture

Sounds like you aren't familiar with what's available.
They can only target so much in a given amount of time, and we can build the same things they have.

We could actually spend less on defense and have better weapons if we stopped thinking in terms of humans, for example a fighter jet that is autonomous.
It would be smaller, faster, more maneuverable and cost less.

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So, get behind a big Rock, and wait for them to run out of fuel------and the two billion coming over on boats woud run out of food and water quickly, and then have to face a 2nd Amendment Armed citizen behind each corner, and tree.

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Interesting, but there are no demonstration videos. Probably because this is still in development. They are, no doubt, hyping the range and power.

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A fancy, expensive, high tech weapons system that does the something a low tech, simple, cheap weapon has been capable of for decades.  Yep, the Chinese have achieved parity with the US. 

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The advantage of lasers is they are cheap to fire. A "cheap" anti tank missile like an RPG which costs about 2k for the launcher and $500 per shot. With a laser the cost is all up front and each shot costs pennies.

That being said, a laser is pretty easy to defeat. A highly reflective surface, in the spectrum of light the laser uses, will render it ineffective at all ranges.

redc1c4's picture

no way the RPG costs that much... especially in mass production.

unless, of course, the DOD is doing they buying.

Rolln's picture

Guess we'll just have to nuke them then...

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1km vs. 15km anti-tank tanks. Thats why they're selling it at a gun show...

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ABSOLUTELY ANYTHING the Chinese do, is directly related to info obtained due to "Sell Out Clinton's" China Trade Agreement!!!!  Decades of research by ALL of our companies was simply handed over to the Chinese so our factory technology could build the goods in China, to stay competitive!!  Yet another reason Clinton and crew should, at a minimum, be charged and go to prison.  But it won't happen... no justice applied to the Clinton Clan!!!  There is something really wrong with us for putting up with this for so long.  However, TRUMP is in the White House!!!!  Maybe we've started to do something!!!



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They are above the law and we are below it's protections.

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With all these laser weapons and nukes threatening me, I'm going to buy stronger sunblock.

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I never understood ZH's jerkoff session with asian and russian weapon systems, like who gives a fuck?

jughead's picture

only people that might have to do battle with them...which obviously isn't a snivelling little fucking wimp like you, nancy.

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It looks like it was taken directly from General Dynamics spec sheet.

Pretty handy to have your enemies do all your research and development for you. Saves cost that can be put into making more weapons.

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That's so 1990's.

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This kinda weapons has been out there for a while.

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I wonder if that gizmo is powerful enough to slice through Obozo's thick skull...

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We have a diverse engineering staff of women and minorities