Apple Store Troll Attacks Sean Spicer: "ARE YOU A CRIMINAL AS WELL?"

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A young girl named Shree chimped out on the White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, the other day for merely existing. Lacking all of the basic rules of decorum set forth by thousands of years of evolution, this young lady tossed barbarous questions at dear, sweet, Sean -- asking him how it felt to work for a treasonous Russian racist fascist bastard, replete with orange tones and idiotic red hats.

It wasn't long before Sean tucked tail and ran out of the store -- likely to cower underneath his silk sheets for having met face to face with such primordial barbarity.

BEHOLD THE Troglodyte!

Shree penned an explanation of sorts for her trespasses -- accusing Mr. Spicer of threatening her with his racist ways.

“Such a great country that allows you to be here.”


 “Have you helped with the Russia stuff?” “Have you committed treason, too?” “You know you work for a fascist, right?” And, “Do you feel good about lying to the American people.”

America! Enjoy.
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Xena fobe - your assumption is I'm not intelligent enough to know the difference? 

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The Replacement, you are misconstuing plain English for your attempt at criticism. Where did I say I don't stand up to what I believe in? You are not a friend of mine on facebook, so perhaps it is YOU that can't stand up to YOUR friends? 

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15 minutes of fame

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They're all medicated as children.  This stunts their intellectual and emotional development.  They should not be permitted to vote.  They need mental help.

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Still laugh at the anti-Trumpers spewing the Russian if these low info retards know anything about Russian geopolitics, history or the Russian people.

Some fat mudshark at a protest holding up an anti-Trump sign with Russian rhetoric...LOL!!!

You don't need any more proof that they are paid shills!

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Had she done that to Steve Jobs she would never work in his org again

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Sometimes a woman needs a good old fashioned punch in the mouth. Not all, just a choice few. 

The lady in the video is what we refer to as a "nigger".

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another insignificant deranged libtard..... he should have laughed in her face.... and said get a life ...



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Sources from within The New York Police Department have said that if James Comey is not fired within a week they will begin telling America what is on Anthony Weiner's laptop.Weiner, who was caught up in the alleged underage sexting case, had his laptop seized during a search warrant in emails relating to Hillary Clinton.The former congressman is the estranged husband of Hillary Clinton's aide Huma Abedin, who had his laptop and phone seized during the Clinton email investigations. NYPD sources also claim that that the child pornography discovered on Weiner's laptop was so horrific that it left a number of investigating police officers deeply traumatized by what they saw.Comey has been under pressure to make the contents of the laptop public but has held back because of a file on the laptop called 'life insurance' which is believed to hold information on the Clintons and high-level pedophiles.But reports: revelations on the contents of that laptop, according to law enforcement sources, implicate the Democratic presidential candidate, her subordinates, and even select elected officials in far more alleged serious crimes than mishandling classified and top secret emails, sources said. NYPD sources said these new emails include evidence linking Clinton herself and associates to:Money laundering Child exploitation Sex crimes with minors (children) Perjury Pay to play through Clinton Foundation Obstruction of justice Other felony crimesNYPD detectives and a NYPD Chief, the department’s highest rank under Commissioner, said openly that if the FBI and Justice Department fail to garner timely indictments against Clinton and co- conspirators, NYPD will go public with the damaging emails now in the hands of FBI Director James Comey and many FBI field offices.“What’s in the emails is staggering and as a father, it turned my stomach,” the NYPD Chief said. “There is not going to be any Houdini-like escape from what we found. We have copies of everything. We will ship them to Wikileaks or I will personally hold my own press conference if it comes to that.”The NYPD Chief said once Comey saw the alarming contents of the emails he was forced to reopen a criminal probe against Clinton.“People are going to prison,” he said.Meanwhile, FBI sources said Abedin and Weiner were cooperating with federal agents, who have taken over the non-sexting portions the case from NYPD. The husband-and-wife Clinton insiders are both shopping for separate immunity deals, sources said.“If they don’t cooperate they are going to see long sentences,” a federal law enforcement source said.NYPD sources said Weiner or Abedin stored all the emails in a massive Microsoft Outlook program on the laptop. The emails implicate other current and former members of Congress and one high-ranking Democratic Senator as having possibly engaged in criminal activity too, sources said.Prosecutors in the office of US Attorney Preet Bharara have issued a subpoena for Weiner’s cell phones and travel records, law enforcement sources confirmed. NYPD said it planned to order the same phone and travel records on Clinton and Abedin, however, the FBI said it was in the process of requesting the identical records. Law enforcement sources are particularly interested in cell phone activity and travel to the Bahamas, U.S. Virgin Islands and other locations that sources would not divulge.The new emails contain travel documents and itineraries indicating Hillary Clinton, President Bill Clinton, Weiner and multiple members of Congress and other government officials accompanied convicted pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein on his Boeing 727 on multiple occasions to his private island in the U.S Virgin Islands, sources said. Epstein’s island has also been dubbed Orgy Island or Sex Slave Island where Epstein allegedly pimps out underage girls and boys to international dignitaries.Both NYPD and FBI sources confirm based on the new emails they now believe Hillary Clinton traveled as Epstein’s guest on at least six occasions, probably more when all the evidence is combed, sources said. Bill Clinton, it has been confirmed in media reports spanning recent years, that he too traveled with Epstein over 20 times to the island.Laptop Also Unveiled More Classified, Top Secret BreachesAccording to other uncovered emails, Abedin and Clinton both sent and received thousands of classified and top secret documents to personal email accounts including Weiner’s unsecured campaign web site which is managed by Democratic political consultants in Washington D.C.Weiner maintained little known email accounts that the couple shared on the website Weiner, a former seven-term Democratic Congressman from New York, primarily used that domain to campaign for Congress and for his failed mayoral bid of New York City.At one point, FBI sources said, Abedin and Clinton’s classified and top secret State Department documents and emails were stored in Weiner’s email on a server shared with a dog grooming service and a western Canadian bicycle shop.However, Weiner and Abedin, who is Hillary Clinton’s closest personal aide, weren’t the only people with access to the Weiner’s email account. Potentially dozens of unknown individuals had access to Abedin’s sensitive State Department emails that were stored in Weiner’s email account, FBI sources confirmed.FEC records show Weiner paid more than $92,000 of congressional campaign funds to Anne Lewis Strategies LLC to manage his email and web site. According to FBI sources, the D.C.-based political consulting firm has served as the official administrator of the domain since 2010, the same time Abedin was working at the State Department. This means technically Weiner and Abedin’s emails, including top secret State Department emails, could have been accessed, printed, discussed, leaked, or distributed by untold numbers of personnel at the Anne Lewis consulting firm because they can control where the website and it emails are pointed, FBI sources said.According to FBI sources, the bureau’s newly-minted probe into Clinton’s use and handling of emails while she served as secretary of state, has also been broadened to include investigating new email-related revelations, including:Abedin forwarded classified and top secret State Department emails to Weiner’s email Abedin stored emails, containing government secrets, in a special folder shared with Weiner warehousing over 500,000 archived State Department emails. Weiner had access to these classified and top secret documents without proper security clearance to view the recordsAbedin also used a personal yahoo address and her address to send/receive/store classified and top secret documentsA private consultant managed Weiner’s site for the last six years, including three years when Clinton was secretary of state, and therefore, had full access to all emails as the domain’s listed registrant and administrator via Whois email contacts.Because Weiner’s campaign website is managed by the third-party consultant and political email guru, FBI agents are burdened with the task of trying to decipher just how many people had access to Weiner’s server and emails and who were these people. Or if the server was ever compromised by hackers, or other actors.Abedin told FBI agents in an April interview that she didn’t know how to consistently print documents or emails from her secure Dept. of State system. Instead, she would forward the sensitive emails to her yahoo, and her email linked to Weiner.Abedin said, according to FBI documents, she would then access those email accounts via webmail from an unclassified computer system at the State Dept. and print the documents, many of which were classified and top secret, from the largely unprotected webmail portals.Clinton did not have a computer in her office on Mahogany Row at the State Dept. so she was not able to read timely intelligence unless it was printed out for her, Abedin said. Abedin also said Clinton could not operate the secure State Dept. fax machine installed in her Chappaqua, NY home without assistance.Perhaps more alarming, according to the FBI’s 302 Report detailing its interview with Abedin, none of the multiple FBI agents and Justice Department officials who conducted the interview pressed Abedin to further detail the email address linked to Weiner. There was never a follow up, according to the 302 report.But now, all that has changed, with the FBI’s decision to reopen the Clinton email investigation and the husband and wife seeking immunity deals to testify against Clinton and other associates about the contents of the laptop’s emails.

Read more at:
© Neon Nettle

bshirley1968's picture

Talk is cheap.

NYPD police chief is now on the hook.  Regardless of who resigns or whatever,  he should do his job!

If he has knowledge and does nothing, then he is complicit. .......and just as guilty.

jmack's picture   enter "paragraphs". in the search field and hit enter.

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I'll believe it when I read it.

BTW: Please use paragraphs.

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"Canadian bicycle shop"

I saw that in there.

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Spicey needs to decide between an I phone and healthcare. Chaffetz. Sad !!!!!

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Isn't that woman's behavior basically moral harrasment ?

And insulting, not only the person, but behind him the government & the president elect ? 

And therefore the American people, whom they officially represents ?

Does she realize what she is doing ?

I wonder how many country can agree with the fact that you behave this way ? 

And, on top of that, she seems to be as of foreign origin ?

i mean, even with US citizenship, does she realize that she basically insult the country that took her (or her parents) in ?

And then promote her own misbehavior, while insisting that she is the victim here ? 

A very immature (if not dumb) way of thinking & behaving...
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Pre Zombie. Have some fun when the time comes.

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Mr. Spicer, proof you are making a difference. Please keep it up.

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A woman. Seeking for attention and FB profile hike. 


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Just the latest example of why young women probably shouldn't be allowed to speak unless they pass a test showing they aren't idiots.

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Your comment just shows why some men like you should never be allowed on internet, people like you like to bring any progress that we have for women back to cavemen era, or at least have women be treated like those in Middle East right? Fuck off.

inosent's picture

Yeah, well, whatever. This girl is a classic feminist retarded bitch, controlled by zionist media messaging, illiterate to the core, and totally incapable of organizing a coherent logical thought, driven by pure emotion, all rooted in her 'feelings'. It takes too much time to deconstruct her prattle, but her incomprehensible ignorance is clearly on display. She probably is not even aware she is robotically regurgitating the same claptrap she hears in the media, her echo chamber, or the talking points fed to her on her 'college campus', where she obviously is not taught, nor does she learn anything.

And from what I have seen, this girl is like a legion of others, a stupid, cranky, hysterical, over-emotional, hormonal android that lacks self control, respect, and the tiniest shred of decorum.

The underlying premise of all her claims is built on sand, and her very existence in this world is fake. She is a caricature of herself, blown about in the wind, someone who is being cared for by others in terms of the matters of her basic material needs, as she is woefully and hopelessly unproductive, nor will she likely ever be.

Her only hope would have been to latch onto a productive man, but that won't work, because most guys today reject feminist bitches, so she won't have anybody's pocket to pick - except the taxpayer. She'll fade away over the years, and die alone, childless, with little money, only what the welfare state - the one she keeps voting to increase - gives her.

Her parents failed her. Her teachers lied to her. Society lost its will to maintain the line in the sand that divide the truth from the lie. And she fails herself, because she choose to believe all the BS she spouts off, when there are no facts in evidence to support one iota of it.

However, based on your post, this is what you seem to refer to as "progress", and the desire by the poster to have females like this driven out of the political marketplace, because of their conspicuous insanity (hence downward pull on the social order), is tantamount to a desire to take the world back to the "caveman" era, or a call to have women wear burka and be beaten. That is a classic non-sequitur, and if you are a female trying to 'defend' 'women', who by now dominate the workforce and make more money than their male counterparts (can somebody explain to me what these bitches are still complaining about???), you do your 'cause' no favors, but only underline the point to revoke their right to vote.

Maybe you haven't noticed, but we have already regressed TO the caveman era (as it is apparently depicted, not going to get into a discussion on archeology), if we presume the cave dwellers back in the day (male and female) were grunting, incoherent babblers, and generally barbaric. I think that perfectly describes this girl and all of her associates. Which is the deconstructive force applying itself against Western Civilization, under-girded by the Christian Principle, which the lunk head modern zio bot feminist forgets is the root of treating women with respect, enshrined in verses like "husbands, love your wives, even as Christ loved the church" - and, lest you forget, according to the narrative, Jesus DIED for what he believed in, which led to the creation OF this 'church'. That is a serious commitment of love.

This idiot female is only a tool working on behalf of a larger force controlling her mind and emotions, and she is too dumb to even be aware of it. In fact, her handlers are only using her to lead her right back to the ideologies that you bemoan, because no doubt this same girl will scream and screech about islamic ppl being able to flood into this country and bring with them the cultural virus known as Sharia law. Never Forget! these islamic ppl take their culture very seriously, and they will be in no mood to 'adopt' anything else. When THEiR flood comes in, this girl you defend will surely rue the day she was ranting and raving about letting them all in.

A girl like this needs to learn how to keep silent, take the time to learn something, and then when she has something of value to say, open her mouth. If she did that, she will find herself no longer at war with the natural order of things, but flowing with it.

Until then, she, and all the rest of her idiot feminist trash are a waste of space and bring no value - at all - to the table.



Peanut Butter Engineer's picture

Wow you sound like a fucking misogynistic lunatic, can't stand the sight of women huh? Well, it's free country, go marry a misogynistic man instead and stay away from women kind.

Your mother should have aborted you to save women kind from misogynistic jackass men like you.

Son of Loki's picture

This "kid," who happens to self-identify as a female, is an example of what's ahead for America in their home-grown yutes:

1) self-righteous;

2) dumb;

3) low emotional IQ;

4) low people skills;

5) seriously uninformed or brainwashed;

6) hooked on social media for attention.

Xena fobe's picture

Well said, Loki. That about sums it up.  It's fine to confront political figures if you have a reality based comment.  This chick is just a lunatic

MrBoompi's picture

So Sean, did you stop beating your wife?  There is no winning scenario for him in this situation.  I wish she would ask me the same questions.  I'd be happy to put the bitch in her place.  

Your troll's picture

Tough talk for a asshole online, did your mother spank one too many times to cause you to become such brain damage Retard? I'll fucking shoot men like you just so you know women aren't something that you can abuse with nowadays. Cwc here fuck your asshole.

Reaper's picture

Before the mental derangement metastasizes, open the FEMA camps for reindoctrination of deranged Cankles sycophants.   Run the camps with the treatments perfected at the Soviet Union's mental asylums.

CheapBastard's picture

It's no wonder employers don't want to hire these people.

Handful of Dust's picture

<< It's no wonder employers don't want to hire these people. >>


This is exactly why Big Gubmint forces you to hire them with quotas, discriminatory small business loan policies, etc.

Nobodys Home's picture

Really awesome customer service.
You drove him out of the store?

max_leering's picture

just another reason not to own anything "Apple"... I never have, never will

Beowulf55's picture

Is Shree short for Shreeking Freak?

gespiri's picture

With a name like that, another subhuman.  Gotcha, bitch!

Handful of Dust's picture

All the chimps are encouraged by the head Chimp and the raycist wookie who moved several blocks from the wh.

Instead of instilling a work ethic and education goals in his brothas and sistas, he encouraged laziness and entitlements and a feeling of victimization. Soweeto set those people back years.

Doug Eberhardt's picture

This girl is vocal just like so many of our friends on Facebook. They are friends, so most of us tolerate their post after post bashing Trump. They feel the need to shove it down our throats in the same fashion this bitch did to Spicer. The conservative men of the U.S. are going to find it more and more difficult to find a woman who agrees with their political point of view. If you are not asking on or before the first date where they are politically, then you are just setting yourself up for the Spicer treatment. Probably a lot of divorce lawyer business going on right now as it is.

I have been in Cartagena, Colombia for 3 months working on my next book. The women here love USA men. Are beautiful. Don't care about your political view. Always happy and smiling. Look great in a bikini. 

Where was I...

Xena fobe's picture

Couldn't be they'd like to hook up for a US green card.  No, that never happens.

TheReplacement's picture

You were telling us how you don't have the balls to stand up to your "friends" on Facebook (really, who has facebook these days?) and put them in their place. 


Whoa Dammit's picture

Wait until your Columbian woman turns 30 or so. She will be as wide as she is tall.And still as dumb and temperamental as she started out being.

Doug Eberhardt's picture

Whoa Dammit, who said anything about marrying the Colombian woman?  



Solomonpal's picture

It was a nice mental picture until I read this...also wasn't it some South American woman that cut off the dudes penis?

nmewn's picture

"The night of the election, my iPhone screen shattered. The joke I like to make is that there was glass shattering on November 8th but not the kind we wanted."

Because you dropped it or you looked at it and it cracked?

I don't own an i-fone and I'm not a special snowflake like you so, I'd be interested to know how the screen on a phone, which was apparently just laying around innocuously on the counter charging up for an indignant tweet or in your hand can just "shatter". I mean, I get the whole...

"Let me now extrapolate on my i-fone screen shattering for no reason on election night as the introduction to an exceedingly incomplete metaphor."...thingy...I'm just moar interested in your concepts of dual realities.

Did you spike the phone into the floor when you thought Hillary was a lock to win or did you throw it against the wall when you saw Trump won? ;-) 

Ban KKiller's picture

She sat on phone during all the excitement of seeing Clinton crime family puke.

brain_glitch's picture


“You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means”.

Lone_Star's picture

I keep hoping that one of these days, either their parents, some authority figure, or maybe just a friend, disciplines these kids for being assholes to the rest of the world.

If you look at it as defined by the law, most of these snowflakes are actually committing acts of terrorism. Which last time I checked was not a popular thing in the eyes of the law.

CheapBastard's picture

Most kids dont know who be their Daddy.

Dats part of da problem.

Also, Congress needs to cut the child tax credit and slow down shitling production.