U.K. Parliament Gives Theresa May Approval To Start Brexit

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Moments ago, UK Parliament passed legislation giving prime minister Theresa May approval to start the Brexit process and allowing the government to invoke Article 50, with the House of Commons overturning amendments from the unelected House of Lords that sought to limit May’s room for maneuver.  While press reports earlier said May could trigger Article 50 as early as Thursday, subsequent reports from Bloomberg suggested that she will commence Brexit in the last week of March.

The victory for May in Parliament, where she has a slim majority, allows her to negotiate Brexit with a free hand and consolidates her hold on power in the ruling Conservative Party. That said, according to Bloomberg she now faces the simultaneous challenge of pulling Britain out of the EU on good terms while navigating a second constitutional upheaval: Scotland’s renewed bid for independence.

On Monday evening, lawmakers rejected two revisions by unelected peers which would have guaranteed rights for EU citizens living in the U.K. and given Parliament a final binding say on what May negotiates with the EU. The government argued against the changes, saying it wanted to preserve May’s flexibility in the talks. While some Tories had signaled they might vote against the government, several would-be rebels fell into line, or abstained. As Bloomberg adds, May will address the House of Commons on Tuesday, although she isn’t expected to fire the starting gun on exit talks yet.

Waiting until the end of the month will avoid souring the March 25 celebrations in Rome of the 60th anniversary of the EU’s founding treaty and allow her to avoid the Dutch election on March 15 and the Scottish National Party’s conference on March 17-18. With March 26 a Sunday and the British Parliament on recess on March 31, the likeliest days for the notification are March 27 to March 30, a Bloomberg source said.

Once May pulls the plug, the EU would respond to an Article 50 notification within 48 hours European Council President Donald Tusk said last week that. The European Commission will then publish legal rules for the talks, spokesman Margaritis Schinas said on Tuesday.

Potentially complicating matters for May is the announcement earlier on Monday by Scottish First Minister Nicola Sturgeon that in one week she would start the process of getting permission to hold a second independence referendum. Scotland voted to remain in the EU and Sturgeon says May’s determination to take Britain out of the single market against Scotland’s wishes makes a plebiscite necessary to address a “democratic deficit.”

As Bloomberg notes, Sturgeon’s threat means the harder the break with the EU, the louder the calls for Scotland to secede will be. Nick Macpherson, a former Treasury official, last week tweeted that the government’s “uncompromising approach to tearing up partial membership” of the EU was “putting at risk the 300 year Union which made Britain Great.”

As for the market's reaction, with sterling having tumbled in recent weeks, the response to the news was non-existent, as cable barely moved by 5 pips.

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nuubee's picture

Voting is over, and the losers lost. Article 50 now. End the EU.

The Management's picture


Lets get this party started !

Viva La England !

knukles's picture

There willalways be an England, an England, an England

LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD's picture
LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) knukles Mar 13, 2017 6:29 PM


Oh, and by the way... guess what the most common birth name, by far, for males (if I may be so sexist as to call them that) is n the city of London?

Wait for it...


No, not George.

No, not Paul.

Yes! Mohammad!

y3maxx's picture

-Passing Article 50 gives Netherland impetus to vote in extreme right in upcoming election later this week.


EU now guraranteed to implode

Stuck on Zero's picture

Goodbye and good riddance England. We don't want any freedom seekers in our socialist collective.

New_Meat's picture

How could it be any different in Londinistan?

Mimir's picture

No it is not. 

Here is the list for 2015 for the most common names for boys:


1 Oliver 6,649 No change

2 Jack 5,804 No change

3 Harry 5,379 No change

4 Jacob 5,050 No change

5 Charlie 4,642 No change

6 Thomas 4,405 No change

7 George 4,320 Up 3

8 Oscar 4,269 Down 1

9 James 4,167 No change

10 William 4,134 Down 2

11 Noah 4,085 Up 2

12 Alfie 3,868 Down 


No it is not. 

Here is the list for 2015 of the most common names for boys:


1 Oliver 6,649 No change

2 Jack 5,804 No change

3 Harry 5,379 No change

4 Jacob 5,050 No change

5 Charlie 4,642 No change

6 Thomas 4,405 No change

7 George 4,320 Up 3

8 Oscar 4,269 Down 1

9 James 4,167 No change

10 William 4,134 Down 2

11 Noah 4,085 Up 2

12 Alfie 3,868 Down 


You want it for girls too ?

Here they are:

1 Amelia 5,327 (number) No change (change in rank since 2013)

2 Olivia 4,724 No change

3 Isla 4,012 Up 2

4 Emily 3,991 Down 1

etc etc


Sounds all very English to me. The "invasion" has stopped, mate ?

LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD's picture
LowerSlowerDelaware_LSD (not verified) Mimir Mar 14, 2017 4:36 PM

Ummm... Try looking up London, as I stated in my post, not England.  And when one uses all spellings for the pedophile he by FAR tops the list.

Top 10 boys’ names in London 2014:

  1. Muhammad
  2. Oliver
  3. Alexander
  4. Daniel
  5. Joshua
  6. James
  7. Adam
  8. George
  9. Jack
  10. Mohammed
Mr 9x19's picture

until official art. 50 is triggered i don't believe in nothing.

i do no trust any politician from anywhere anyway, so even if they gtfo, i am pretty sure  that as usual the anglo saxons will negociate some jucy advantages just like they did to join the EU and every time they renegociated some treatee to maintain  a good perspective.


i wish very hard to end the EU, a currency is the reflect of the economy of a nation.
a common currency for 19-28 countries is the most stupid thing ever made since they all 28 have different level of lifestyle and different economies, since the dumping with common money pull down the wealth levels of the peoples, soon or later it will go boom.



Tallest Skil's picture

Then deport all of the non-Europeans, Citizenship or otherwise. The cucks don't want to talk about this, but it's more crucial than anything else.

Mimir's picture

You haven't really understood, have you ?

The Commons come back during the negotiations and has been promise a vote at the end, although a non-meaningfull vote. Meanwhile, the courts will take over!

Why do you think the Government just announced, that contrarary to their spin they will not trigger Article 50 today, but delay to to the end of March ?

The EU has been asking for it since the 25th of June last year !! It should be simple they say: Out is out.

Mimir's picture

"Voting is over".

You live on which planet ??

Voting just really started no. Wait and see the voting nightmare for the Government when the "repeal" legislation gets on the table: 

The new laws will cover:

  • Immigration;
  • Tax;
  • Agriculture;
  • Trade and customs regimes;
  • Fisheries;
  • Data protection; and
  • Sanctions


EddieLomax's picture

No, there will not be massive sweeping changes in law the moment we leave the EU.

Take a look at India, that country still has laws and legislation in place that were passed in Westminster despite 60+ years since independence.

If it isn't broke it does not need fixing.

adamas's picture

About fucking time 

spicedune's picture
spicedune (not verified) Mar 13, 2017 5:37 PM

the brexiteers dont really understand how this is going to impact inflation www.inflation.co

Tallest Skil's picture

Restore a silver-backed currency and you'll never have inflation again.

Paper Mache's picture

We honestly don't care. Millions more Europeans and refugees heading to the UK's and bleeding us dry is an infinitely worse prospect. It could only get worse.  Austerity does not frighten us. Brexiteers are the bravest people in Europe.  The EU is toxic

CaptainObvious's picture

Better a little pain now from a minor outpatient surgery than a raging infection following major surgery, eh?

CaptainObvious's picture

Fuck you, your spam links, and your lame website.  Go pay Alphabet to advertise your website, you moocher.

waspwench's picture

I do not care.

Freedom and our sovereignty are far more important.

There will be pain. We will survive. And we will thrive.

Mimir's picture

You are admirable but totally deluded after 40 years of Daily Mail trash. Send Murdoch back to where he came from and start the detoxicating. 

There will be pain but you will hopefully survive and thrive.

Mimir's picture

You are totally right. They might not even know the word, but they can spell Ukip.

Salsa Verde's picture

The tears of the un-elected are flowing in Brussels!

Ben A Drill's picture

AU, AG, Gold and Silver going up up up and away! It's about time! Well I'm a broken clock so I could be right. Long GDXJ.

Long stacking. I know where I put it. At the bottom of Crater Lake, OR.

DEMIZEN's picture

finally. the scottland part is funny. I am not sure what they want. Stay in monetary union with UK and in fiscal union with EMU? maybe thats the way to go in this crazy world... it is a freaking mess tho. 

looks sultan upped the ante by sending another pack of mohammedans, things are getting ready for another round of golan war, putin is moving ground troups to korean and georgian border. iran and egypt are all hyped up too. all of the flipflop proxies now looking for a new master and china seems to be hiring.


 going to be a busy summer for trump and nothingyahoo. when your armies are loyal to money only, make sure your print has value.

Mimir's picture

They want to stay in the Internal market and certainly not a hard Brexit. It's simple no ?

DEMIZEN's picture

i think is just a loophole for the brits to access eu markets after the "brexit" the scottish referendum is just another charade orchestrated by media and  the deep govt.

Brazen Heist's picture

What's the chance of divorce talks going smooth?

knukles's picture

Even Henry the VIII's went pretty choppy as I recall.

DrData02's picture

Send the Muslims to Scotland. Erdogan has a bunch of them.

IntTheLight's picture

There are few English left in London. It's like a souk filled with third world markets. Women in burkas everywhere. Londons biggest problem is retardation due to inbreeding of immigrants.

Mimir's picture

Ukippers are up early today ! 

Go back to bed.

CaptainObvious's picture

I'll believe the Brexit once it happens.  Until then, I'm not getting my hopes up.

Scotland is so retarded.  They had the chance to go independent, and turned it down.  Now they want independence again.  You know why?  It's because they're all dependent, and they need a rich host nation/union from which to mooch.  Shit or get off the pot, you skirt-wearing motherfuckers.

hooligan2009's picture

agreed. the Scottish National Party (SNP) not scotland) says it needs immigration to grab more than it can produce in brains and taxes - if it is outside europe.

england should eject scotland anyway for its duplicity, but the point is england has taken millions of immigrants over the last forty years and scotland has taken thousands - even immigrants don't want to live there.

the SNP wants to be part of europe because it wants someone to make up for its persistent (5-10% of gdp) fiscal deficits. the british parliament keeps it from running britain overall even further into debt.

if scotland would shoulder its proportional share of british national debt of 1.6 trillion on a gross basis, perhaps 1.0 trillion on a net basis - it would owe 54 member of parliament out of 650 in the house of commons - so 133 billion pounds gross (i have no numbers for assets)


the spanish would not allow scotland entry to the EU anyway, since it would set a precedent for its separatists.

sturgeon is a red herring and a smoked kipper.



waspwench's picture

No, the Scots are not retarded. They voted against independence once and they will vote against independence again.

Sturgeon is retarded and it is completely beyond me why anyone pays any attention to her. She has no power and the majority of Scots have no time for her nonesense.

Dilluminati's picture

This is a joke, this minimal foot gesture isn't going to appease the voters across Europe.

The elites miscalculated globally, voters watched the obstructionism of the 1% and are coming out this week to vote.

Change delayed is change denied.

each time a globalist overplays their hand they also dig a deeper hole

it is as if they forgot to share the wealth equitably and think people didn't notice, or that promises of prosperity long ago still apply 


zuki leisure's picture

bye bye little england, wales .. and hello to your new currency the  great british peso.. oh wait even pesos are buying more these days.. BREX-n-EFX sukkas

hooligan2009's picture

as with the US, Japan, Germany, France, Italy and most of the OECD, the UK is already bankrupt and has spent its entire future on libtard socialism.

the currency of the UK will be the (Iranian) Rial not the peso.

hooligan2009's picture

nobody knows how much scotand would be required to pay into the EU for membership.

the SNP assumes it will continue to receive German/French/SPanish/Italian/Dutch funding for its crackpot projects - i doubt that scots will vote for additional taxes to go to the EU as the SNP might have to accept on behalf of scotland