This Map Shows US States Renamed For Countries With Similar GDPs

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The U.S. economy is so big that all of the individual states are comparable to entire countries...




As Visual Capitalist's Jeff Desjardins notes, not surprisingly – big states like California, New York, and Texas are very similar in size to other formidable economies like France, South Korea, and Canada.

Perhaps even more interesting, however, is that even small states are similar to the size of countries.

Wisconsin is about the size of Malaysia, and Louisiana is comparable to the Philippines. Even Vermont, a state with a population of 626,000 people and the smallest state economy, is approximately the size of Bahrain.

It’s pretty incredible to think about the United States this way – and it helps put the economic power of the full country in real context.

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Doppelganger71's picture

Miserable fat Belgian bastards LOL.........................

Nemontel's picture

New York is where the entire nation is going. Not really a good development.

giovanni_f's picture

I always felt that France and California have a lot in common, both on the path to becoming a leftist's wet dream.

quax's picture

You need to read up on France. It use to be leftist's wet dream, but now they can't afford it anymore. That's what is driving the discontent and the FN's ascendency. 

chubakka's picture

i think they're already there. 

Itinerant's picture

They forgot Russia.

Seriously though, if the dollar exchange rate changes a little, even swings like we've had the last 20 years, you would have to do the map all over again. Let alone if you were to do it on a ppp basis, or if the dollar ran into big problems.

Herp and Derp's picture

Macau really isn't a country now is it?

giovanni_f's picture

Doesn't matter. The point to hammer home is that the US is insanely great and therefore entitled to rule the microwaves.

quax's picture

lol - I read this entirely opposit. Nothing, not even California gets even close to Germany, Japan or China.


venturen's picture

New York would....if they counted the money they control. GDP is to count how much tax you pay.....NY controls multi Trillion illegally hidden around the world

stacking12321's picture

It is just as much as Hong Kong is, considered an autonomous region of China, something like that.

Macau official language is Portuguese, and its currency is the pataka.

SilverDOG's picture

All Interstate Tactical debt trade.

Play now pay later as all countries perform.

Total BS.





Make_Mine_A_Double's picture

Kentucky as Bangladesh - LOL

stant's picture

Thank God for bourbon or we be really screwed

aurum4040's picture

Problem is much of the power is based upon a debt ridden false reality, a way of life that shouldn't exist. Lets see a state and federal debt overlay on this map and we'll see power alright.  

Dancing Disraeli's picture

This must irritate the shit out of all the America haters.  Including American America haters.  And yeah, I know about the debt.  Like the rest of the world isn't swimming in it.

Ryland's picture

Just shows how poorly states run their budgets or how big of a drag federal taxes are!! Norway has great infrastructure and a massive sovereign wealth fund for its citizens, Minnesota has crumbling infrastructure and large pockets of poverty.

detached.amusement's picture

Is that what debt the Washington DC owned "states" "owe," or is that what the actual real states owe?  (No strawmen and all that, if you git my drift.)

HRClinton's picture

Aha, look at the map. Now we have proof that Sen. McCain represents Israel!

Nexus789's picture

No place to fit china then

Soul Glow's picture

Fuck France....and California.

Death By Cold Steel Report's picture

Hmmm..... after I get this license I might sell my guns and move to California lol. They're paying 34K more a year. That's not easy to pass on hehe

quax's picture

So the recent eclipse, was that you swinging your dick around as you were attempting that feat?

Fedaykinx's picture

Mississippi as Angola? Lel.

quax's picture

Doesn't seem fair to Angola.

moonmac's picture

It looks like every American working 40 hours should be stuffing cash into their savings accounts except the Fed made damn sure that $12/hr wasn't enough to survive off of anywhere. Skimming when people have money is tough for bankers. Siphoning away all our prosperity is what it's all about.

theprofromdover's picture

what a great website.

The power of an image, marveloso

Jubal Early's picture

The Fed steals wealth from the entire planet by creating trillions of dollars (worlds reserve currency) every year out of nothing, and then spending it like a drunken sailor on wars, bribes and bank bailouts, and then these US bozos who call themselves economists brag to the rest of the planet how much bigger the US "GDP" is.   Right.  USA!  USA!  USA!

quax's picture

Not much value created in fly-over country with the exception of the oil extracted in Texas.

FredFlintstone's picture

Food vs facebook, MIC, financials

quax's picture

Yeah, because Cali grows *no* food.

Global Douche's picture

We're not a bunch of useless paper traders into all the creature comforts, even though I've had direct exposure to such at times, having been a National Science Foundation scholarship recipient. Even when away from work, you will rarely see me wearing shoes, opting instead for the cowboy boots I love, and yes I do ride horses when I can. We're also not afraid of getting our hands dirty, as that's another day at the office for this region. In fact, being hands-on is a necessity for most. The nearest rental cars? 2 hours away. Uber? Fuhgeddabaudit! Most of the Snowflakes in this area who remain, understand these realities almost from birth, but they don't have to deal with Big City Shit which offsets these minor inconveniences!

I get paid good for this area where I work and occasionally have huge messes and circumstances which require a working solution or two in keeping the plant operational. This area is within the Oil Patch, although my work isn't directly related to it. There's definitely value here! The plant already has months and months of production already sold and we're doing swell. Coastals likely don't see it, but there's far fewer rusted-out facilities in this part of the Midwest, despite the lower population. Yes, I do have my shiny side away from my rough edges and frayed cowboy hats.. It's called phyzz SILVER and with Bitcoin and phyzz Gold will have their way raping the paper and bringing more VALUE (as rightfully transferred) back to us land lubbers. It'll mean more beer for my future horses as they fart out the Star Spangled Banner better than Roseanne could ever beller it out!

Hurricane Baby's picture

East Coast financial fraud and West Coast jew propaganda are "value"?

Rabbitnexus's picture

GDP is not a measure of the health or value of an economy. It is a measure of economic activity, good or bad.

Sequoia's picture

Shouldn't Illnoise be Greece?

Global Douche's picture

This former Iowan hears from remaining Iowans of how shitty their taxes are. Me thinx the comparison is fair, although I believe more today that Oklahoma deserves the Grecian Formula being applied.

There's too much Old Guard running things here in the Sooner State and the latest nonsense belongs to passage of the Real ID Act here. Now, everyone's index fingerprints on OK DL's go to some unelected, unaccountable bureaucrat to peruse as they damned well please. State Senator Loveless was among the few who didn't fold like a cheap wallet and voted against Real ID. He deserves to be the next Governor! A functional cranium and brass huevos to stand up for what's RIGHT!



Tiwin's picture

Now I finally get why McCain is Arizona's senator.......

Logan 5's picture

That wouldn't have anything to do with being a neocon douchebag who wants to start WW3 would it?

Wahooo's picture

I thought Hawaii should be Kenya.

Vilfredo Pareto's picture

So Indonesia with a population of 249 million has a GDP equal to Florida.


No wonder every damn one of them tried to float over to Australia.

Rabbitnexus's picture

Do you know how GDP is calculated? It isn't the good news it seems to be actually. Some of those countries have higher GDP because of billions in foreign aid, some have low GDP due to having relatively low cost responses to disasters. Natural disasters and accidents, all contribute.

marcus1922's picture

I live in Iowa. Does that mean that, like Greece, we will soon have 50% unemployment, massive unrest and financial controls enforced by our "superiors" (only this time in DC)? Wait - that's not really all that far-fetched, is it?

CRM114's picture

Yup,you'll be taking it 'Greek style'

Bite that pillow! ;)

Hope Copy's picture

Well they got Arizona right

gmak's picture

California fries, anyone?

Sandmann's picture

UK not included

ZorbasStep's picture

It would be interesting to forecast which countries would show on this map in 20 years based on projected GDP growth rates of the 50 states vs the other global economies.    Population wise,  the US in 1 in 20 humans.   I suspect the relative affluence/productivity/GDP per worker of Americans to non-Americans will continue to decline.