"Stronger Together" - George Soros Urges Americans To Fight Back Against Trump "Hate"

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Amid numerous nations openly investigating his actions (most recently US Senators), billionaire 'philanthropist' and all round good-guy George Soros has penned another op-ed to explain why President Trump is evil for upholding basic immigration laws, and why his 'hate' speak must not be tolerated...

When Hate Surges

Authored by George Soros via The New York Times,

President Trump has wasted no time in cracking down on immigration. He pledged to build a wall, hire 15,000 new Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Border Patrol agents and speedily deport millions of undocumented immigrants. He justified these actions by claiming that immigrants regularly flout the “rule of law and pose a threat.” In his first speech to Congress, he directed the Department of Homeland Security to create a new office — Victims of Immigration Crime Engagement, or Voice — dedicated to helping victims of crimes perpetrated by “removable aliens.”

I am an immigrant and an American citizen, and, as a philanthropist, have supported migrants all over the world for more than 30 years. Based on my experience and the facts, the president’s approach to immigrants is just wrong — and a new round of court injunctions against Mr. Trump’s latest proposed travel ban on people from six Muslim-majority countries suggests many in the federal judiciary agree. It does nothing to make America safer, while whipping up emotions against immigrants that have translated into an alarming surge in hate incidents all across our nation. My heart goes out to the victims of violence, whatever the source. But in the name of protecting the population from a relatively minor source of concern, he is branding all immigrants as criminals.

Contrary to Mr. Trump’s claims, immigrants commit significantly less crime than native-born citizens. This has been borne out in study after study, using a wide range of methodologies, dating back decades. According to the nonpartisan American Immigration Council, the percentage of the population that is foreign-born grew to 13.1 percent from 7.9 percent between 1990 and 2013. F.B.I. data shows that the violent crime rate dropped 48 percent during that time and today remains near historic lows. A recent study by the Journal on Ethnicity in Criminal Justice shows that immigrants actually drive down crime rates in the neighborhoods where they live.

But targeting immigrants and minorities with false and prejudicial rhetoric, as Mr. Trump has done during the campaign and in the early weeks of his presidency, has spurred a surge in hate acts against them. The Southern Poverty Law Center found that hate incidents reported in the first few weeks following Mr. Trump’s victory were at levels normally seen over a six-month period. No community appears safe from this rash of hate — with reports like school bullying against Muslim children, stories of Latinos being harassed on the street and told to “go back to your country,” attacks on blacks and gays, and the desecration of Jewish cemeteries. This is a country that prides itself on neighbors looking out for one another. In Donald Trump’s America, we are increasingly at one another’s throats.

As hate incidents surged after the election last fall, I announced a $10 million investment to provide legal and social services to victims of hate crimes, to encourage local organizations across the country to do the same and to propose improvements and new ideas. This week we opened our Hate Incident Database to monitor the scope and depth of hate incidents across the country.

Having survived the Nazi persecution of Jews in Hungary, I escaped from Soviet occupation at age 17 and made my way first to Britain and then to America. This is not the America that attracted me. I have seen the damage done when societies succumb to the fear of the “other.” And I will do all I can to help preserve the openness, inclusiveness and diversity that represent our greatest strength.

Demonizing immigrants weakens our country. Fighting against hate crimes makes us grow stronger together.

*  *  *

What an apt way to end - with Hillary's tagline!! Rise up America, and fight those who disagree with your opinion... so that we can grow stronger together?

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we need to fight against the master ass, Soros.  He belongs in jail.  

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Hang him ... Crimes Against Humanity

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I will settle for nothing less than the immediate and public Disembowelment of Soros!

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They're trying to get laid.

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Says the billionaire Nazi Dr. Evil aka George Soros. Arrest him and give him to the Russians as an act of good faith.

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Have you noticed how leftist propaganda rags like the New York Times do not allow comments under their editorials?    

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His Satanic Eminence says, I will bring peace and prosperity to the world!

The world says, Fuck off, you buzzard! you've done enough damage

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I thought he was part of this...

Having survived the Nazi persecution of Jews in Hungary

It is intersting to note when at the end of the war when the Russians were closing in the peeps in the "extermination" camps were offered to stay until the Russian arrived or leave with their "persecuters" which all that could, did.

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I refuse to read any article that does not allow comments. No comments = propaganda. It's the easiest way to detect propaganda. 

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Stake this fucking vampire! Burn his body and put it in a lead box and bury it.

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I would rather push for indictment and jail, preferably 12 taser shots on the old murdering bastard for resisting arrest and no bail. Then drag out the pretrial proceedings for at least 5 years before he's put on trial; in Moscow.

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I stand ready to join Mr Soros in his quest. I just need to meet with him privately for a few minutes to discuss my ideas with him.

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It sure is a good thing that the New York Times has his back. I'm sure if any indictments were to be handed down, Georgie would at that point be unable to stand trial, well you know, because it wouldn't be fair.

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The MO of the Evil Empire is sooooo obvious:  The day after any negative publicity (Senators calling for an investigation), they come out with a "philanthropist" piece of LYING SACK OF SHIT essay on how wrong the majority (ie; I think that's called a democracy) are wanting the direction of this country to go.

If he's so offended, why doesn't he just leave already?  Go somewhere else where you won't be offended you dishonest, lying, misleading, covert, provoking prick!


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"Fighting against hate crimes" sounds pretty much like fucking for virginity.

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Soros  should be easy for the intelligence agencies to take out.

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Having survived the Nazi persecution of Jews in Hungary, while sadistically pulling gold teeth out of the victims without anasthesia, and putting them in his pocket as they were dragged off through the snow. That's the only part the NYT left out of the sentence. The rest is history.

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Give MOST of him to the Russians.

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Maybe Trump supporters should unite to deal with Soros' hate.

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i thought it was a nipple hat.....or maybe a penis hats but pussy works. double meaning there!!

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I do identity myself as a Lesbian in a white man's body

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In Trump's America it's OK to hate leeches and thieves, criminals, the insane and Democrats, but I repeat myself. If

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It would mean so much more, georgie, if you didnt wager on making billions from destroying the fabric of western civilization.

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Logan 5 (not verified) LasVegasDave Mar 17, 2017 3:02 PM

Yeah but, you don't want to lose your job as his pool cleaner do you? (Oh wait, I forgot, you clean Sheldon Adelson's pool... or was it King Herod)?


Come to think of it, when exactly are they gonna open the new Herrod resort and casino in Vegas... FFS ~ Whats the delay?


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Here is a nice little ditty from Georgie, somewhere in an earlier time...


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Doing my part...I'm already fighting back against those who hate Trump.

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I look forward to seeing a rope around his neck as he is lowered 'SLOWLY' into a wood chipper.

I sentence G Soros to death, FARGO style.

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And apparently the NY Times, which gladly spreads his gospel.

ThE SoLuTiOn Is DeBt FrEe MoNeY cReAtIoNx's picture

gYöRgY ScHwArTz iS JuSt a zIoNiSt fRoNt mAn aCtOr fOr tHe gOy 2 mInUtE HaTe lIkE EmMaNuEl gOlDsTeIn fRoM 1984...


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WaKe uP BeFoRe tHeY CoMe fOr yOuR FaMiLy, FrEe sPeEcH Is dEaD HeRe...oNlY MoSsAd aPpRoVeD LiMiTeD HaNgOuTs aRe aLlOwEd oN ZiOhEdGe :(

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Uh dude I think your keyboard is fucked.....or you are trying to be all cool and eDGy?  You failed.

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"mEMbEr fOr 15 WeEks aND 4 DaYs"

thAT SuGGesTs An aCcOUnT cReATioN dAte oF AlmOsT prECiseLy 9 nOVemBeR, DoN'T iT??

wHAt aN AMaZinG cOinCIdEnCE!!!

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I believe tisi is when my grandparents see this and say  "Look dear! This snowflake faggot is posting again..."


RIP Grandparents.

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'someone' needs to give DEVGRU orders to ventilate his skull... surely there are enough 'top' people tired of his shit by now to make this happen

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Dracula is alive and strong, ready to drink more blood.

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Quick, vaccinate more babies! That might be the only way...

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Lock  this  war criminal Up and take back every illegal election contribution. 


and   lock up recipients also

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he should be the number one drone target for the USA...

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after 8 loong transgender faggot years,
ww3 starts
with rainbows, unicorns and yoga pants to defend to freedumb

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Cannon fodder says what?

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The Rothschild/Deep State puppeteer has spoken......all hail!

All Hail!

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I wouldn't be surprised if the Rothschilds hate Soros.

They are all competing psychos.