Will Chrystia Freeland Finally Ruin Canadian-Russian Relations?

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Authored by Michael Jabara Carley via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

On 10 January 2017 Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau fired his minister of external affairs, Stéphane Dion, and replaced him with Chrystia Freeland, who was then minister of international trade. This cabinet shuffle might not have gotten much public notice except that Dion is a distinguished parliamentarian, former leader of the party and leader of the opposition, and a former key minister in the Liberal government of Jean Chrétien. Freeland, on the other hand, is a well-known Ukrainian ultra-nationalist and self-declared Russophobe and hater of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

On 10 January 2017 Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau fired his minister of external affairs, Stéphane Dion, and replaced him with Chrystia Freeland, who was then minister of international trade

The sacking of Dion was also noteworthy because Trudeau had run on an electoral platform in 2015 promising, inter alia, to improve Canadian relations with Russia, spoilt by the Conservative government of Stephen Harper. When Dion became minister of external affairs, he confirmed the Liberal commitment to re-establish more constructive Canadian-Russian relations.

He kept to this line even though Prime Minister Trudeau said that Canada would continue its close relations with the government in Kiev including the maintenance of Canadian military advisors in the Ukraine. Essentially, Trudeau said he intended to continue Tory policy on relations with Russia. No one paid much attention to the contradiction between Trudeau’s affirmation of Harper’s policy, and Dion’s periodic statements to the contrary.

Dion could make little or no progress in improving Canadian-Russian relations, most certainly because the prime minister and Minister Freeland were against it. Nothing much was said publically because Trudeau had promised a different policy during the election campaign. Was he just another fork-tongued politician? Perhaps he is, and wanted to divert attention from un-kept electoral promises. Nor would it have been desirable to publicise a policy split inside the government.

While Dion is a distinguished parliamentarian, former leader of the party and leader of the opposition, Freeland is a well-known Ukrainian ultra-nationalist and self-declared Russophobe

When the news broke that Trudeau had replaced Dion with Freeland, Liberal sources whispered that Dion was not really suited to be a diplomat. He was irritable, they said, and had not mastered the diplomacy of using speech to conceal his thoughts. Radio Sputnik contacted me at the time for an interview. I commented that Freeland’s appointment was «a catastrophe» for Canadian-Russian relations, as indeed it is. Some elements of the Mainstream Media (MSM) in Canada picked up on my comments saying that Russian sources had claimed the sacking of Dion was a catastrophe. I rejoined that it was me, a Canadian citizen, who had so characterised the Freeland appointment, and not Russian sources.

Is Trudeau just another fork-tongued politician?

Why should Canadians care one way or another whether their government supports the Ukraine and sends arms and advisors there to strengthen Ukrainian military forces? Well, the most important reason is that the present government in Kiev is illegitimate in spite of democratic appearances. It is the spawn of a violent coup d’état in February 2014, brokered and supported by the United States and the European Union, which overthrew the democratically elected president Viktor Yanukovich. The vanguard of the Kiev coup d’état are neo-Nazi, fascist or ultra nationalist political and paramilitary organisations, notably the political party Svoboda, the paramilitary Pravyi sektor and various other paramilitary forces such as the so-called Azov and Aidar battalions. These paramilitary units were and are used to crush opposition in those parts of the Ukraine controlled by Kiev. Politicians, journalists, anyone speaking against the putsch government in Kiev could be, or were killed, beaten, jailed or forced to flee. The Ukrainian communist party was declared illegal. The governing Party of Regions has disappeared, some of its members being charged with criminal offences for having contacts with Russian counterparts. Others abandoned the party because it was neither safe nor practical to remain as members.

Everywhere in the Kiev-controlled Ukraine, Nazi or SS symbols are readily observable

The United States claims that the neo-Nazis are freaks and «a few bad apples». But the signs of fascism can be observed everywhere in the Kiev-controlled Ukraine. Nazi or SS symbols are readily observable. The Nazi swastika can be seen as a frequent tattoo amongst fascist militiamen. Torch light parades redolent of Nazi Germany are often staged in Kiev and other cities to frighten people opposed to the coup d’état. As with Nazism and Italian fascism, violence, force and atavistic masculinity are exalted to intimidate any opposition. Nazi collaborators during World War II are now transformed into national heroes, Stepan Bandera, for example, or the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) which perpetrated mass murders amongst Soviet and Polish civilian populations.

In Ukraine, Nazi collaborators during World War II are now transformed into national heroes

Neo-Nazi violence and intimidation worked in many places, but not in others. In the Crimea, the population united almost to the last man and woman, to toss out the putschist authorities and to vote for reunification with Russia. In the east, in the Donbass, the anti-fascist resistance repulsed Kiev punitive forces with heavy losses. These remarkable feats of arms, redolent of so many others in Russian history, were wasted by Moscow, which disregarded a first principle of war that one never lets an enemy withdraw to fight another day. «He who spares the aggressor», Stalin once remarked, «wants another war.» It may shock some people to hear Stalin quoted, but Plutarch, Sun Tzu, or Clausewitz might have said the same thing. Moscow supported the so-called Minsk peace accords which were never respected by the Kiev authorities. Ultra-nationalists even boasted that they had agreed to Minsk solely in order to rest and refit their beaten forces. It was only a ruse de guerre.

In the Crimea, the population united almost to the last man and woman, to toss out the putschist authorities and to vote for reunification with Russia

These are the forces which the Canadian government now supports with the enthusiastic backing of Minister Freeland. For her, it must be a lifelong dream-come-true. There has been much press comment during the last week or so about Freeland’s Ukrainian grandfather, Mykhailo Chomiak, a Nazi collaborator during World War II. Freeland claimed that he was only a refugee from Stalinist violence. He might have been, but he also collaborated with Nazi Germany. In many places in Europe, France and Italy, for example, collaborators were summarily shot or imprisoned after the war. In France, more than 5,000 were executed including Pierre Laval, a prominent French politician, who sided with Nazi Germany and vaunted collaboration to oppose the USSR. Another 38,000 French collaborators were jailed. Chomiak was lucky he was not hanged and that he ended up in northern Alberta, to die a well-to-do farmer.

The story about Freeland’s grandfather was first put out by John Helmer, a long-time independent journalist living in Moscow. Freeland claimed a week or so ago that Russia was attempting «to destabilize the Western democracies»; and Canadian Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale asserted that poor Ms. Freeland was a victim of «Russian disinformation tactics».

Should Freeland be held responsible for the sins of her grandfather? Obviously not. What is disturbing about Freeland is her intense hatred of Russia and the Russian government, and her confusion about her own national identity. I am, she has written, «one of Ukraine’s democrats.» If this is so, what is she doing as a minister in the Canadian government? Is she first and foremost a Canadian, or is she a Ukrainian ultra-nationalist whose primary objective is to use her ministerial post to defend the putsch government in Kiev and to exacerbate Canadian relations with Russia?

If Freeland should be not be condemned for the sins of her grandfather—although she might not see them as sins—she can be condemned for her own words, publications and deeds. Even by her own proud admission, she has left a long trail of venomous hatred of Russia which can easily be uncovered by internet searching. She defends the putschists in Kiev and overlooks their violence. With more than a hint of Orwellian «newspeak», Freeland asserts that the violent coup d’état in Kiev against the democratically elected president was a defence of «democracy». Is she pursuing the same objectives, twice removed, of dedushka, or Grandpa Chomiak, by supporting the Kiev junta?

That’s the problem with Freeland, who now constitutes a smoking grenade ready to go off at any moment under Canadian-Russian relations. Until now, the virulent, irrational, Russophobia afflicting the United States has not metastasised into Canada. It’s true that the Harper Conservatives were Russophobes, but when they lost power, it was possible to believe that sanity and pragmatism would return to Canadian relations with the Russian Federation. One had only to listen to Dion’s occasional statements on the subject to think that Canada was recovering its common sense. Canadians could breathe a sigh of relief and return the widely held idea that Canada is somehow a more civilised, sensible place to live than the United States.

Unfortunately, Canadian complacency appears premature. On 8 March Macleans, the Canadian equivalent of Time magazine, published a big article as Russophobic and preposterous as any piece of American yellow journalism. The headline reads: «Russia’s Coming Attack on Canada». The subtitle is: «The smear job on Chrystia Freeland is only the start. Why Canada is a logical next target in Moscow’s desperate clandestine war.» The «smear job» is of course the outing of Grandpa Chomiak as a Nazi collaborator. The author spouts one line of rubbish after the next about Russia and then accuses the Russian government of outing Chomiak. In fact, it appears to have been John Helmer, an Australian, who published the first article on Freeland’s forebears.

Further revelations followed from Alex Boykowich, a Ukrainian Canadian, who consulted Chomiak’s personal papers held in the Alberta provincial archives in Edmonton.

«God, why did Grandpa keep those damned papers», Freeland must be thinking: «I should have burned them long ago.» Too late now, Ms. Freeland, the cat’s out of the bag.

«Ravings» (délires), one Montréal journalist called Freeland’s accusations against Russia and Putin. Of course, no one would care about Freeland’s obsessive Russophobia except that she is  minister of  external affairs. She can encourage the metastasis of Russophobia into Canada, as she indeed has started to do.

Trudeau’s neoliberalism is more American than Canadian

The psychosis is spreading, as I discovered the other day in casual conversation with a respected colleague. Putin is another Stalin, he said, he’s crushed democracy in Russia, press freedom is dead, and no one dares to speak against him. Anyone who has spent time in Moscow knows that lots of people complain about Putin. He knows too, and tolerates it.

«Sure he does» my interlocutor replied with a smile.

I understood and changed the subject.

People who voted Liberal in the last election thinking Trudeau fils would be like Trudeau père are now waking up to the reality that the son is nothing like the father. He is just another neoliberal pretty face, exploiting identity politics to pursue policy lines little different than those of his predecessor, the hated Stephen Harper. Trudeau’s neoliberalism is more American than Canadian. Is he part of the movement to sabotage any improvement of US-Russian relations?  If so, he’s pursuing a dangerous policy.  His external affairs minister is a fanatical Russophobe, hoist upon the petard of her words going back a long way. Is Freeland pursuing grandpa’s old dreams, collaborating with the ultra-nationalists and neo-Nazis in Kiev, all the while pretending they don’t exist?

What should Canada’s surviving veterans think about the Liberal government sending Canadian advisors to train Kiev’s armed hooligans?

More than 42,000 Canadian soldiers died during World War II to destroy fascism and Nazism. Is Freeland kicking sand on their graves by supporting the Kiev authorities and their celebration of Nazi collaboration? What should Canada’s surviving veterans think about the Liberal government sending Canadian advisors to train Kiev’s armed hooligans? «Against Russian aggression», Freeland would no doubt retort. But even MSM journalists in Canada, not as venal as their American counterparts, have derided such talk as «delusional». The question is will the majority of Canadians fall for Freeland’s dangerous Russophobia?

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turnball the banker's picture
turnball the banker (not verified) Mar 17, 2017 1:03 AM

Those 2 cunts are fuckin dumb and dumber and one is a real ugly pig

yovatti's picture

ZH toes the Russian propaganda line again!


BorisTheBlade's picture

It's all Russian hackers, tell ya.

Latina Lover's picture

Who, outside of Canada, cares what Canada thinks of Russia? 

BorisTheBlade's picture

I could only imagine some people in Kiev who would.

HowdyDoody's picture

The 'attacks' from Russia are a stab in the front. There are those in the Canadian establishment preparing to stab her in the back.


Jubal Early's picture

Supposedly during operation Paper Clip the Canadians imported an entire division of Ukranian SS.

But I think the real point here is that a bunch of Jew Mafia-Oligarchs are manipulating Ukranian "Nazis" to fight for Zionism and Greater Israel.  Its pretty pathetic.

Until the stupid goyim discard the lies that the zionist media has sold as "our history" then the entire world will seem to be turned on its head, just the way they want it.

Pigface's picture

Who, outside of Latina Lover cares what Latina Lover thinks of this subject?

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Chris Dakota (not verified) BorisTheBlade Mar 17, 2017 3:42 AM

If you think for yourself you are a Russian agent.

Augustus's picture

Pootie's Paid Puppies must have received a lavish cabbafe ration.  They are back in action.  Watch for Latina Lipper to arrive soon.

Latina Lover's picture

Here I am.   I predicted 3 years ago that the USSA/EUSSA overthrow of Yanukovich via a color revolution would end in disaster for the Ukraine.  You can look up my past posts.

By any economic measure, the Ukraine economy has cratered. Inflation has skyrocketed, unemployment is far higher, crime rates have exploded.


Politically, the country is still in a 3 year civil war. You would be safer taking a vacation in Somalia than the Ukraine.

I also predicted that the USSA will fight to the last Ukrainian.  Over 50,000 dead Ukrainians later (the REAL number), Victoria Nudelman would consider this a good start.


The best part is how well Putin played the Ukie EU/USA puppet masters, taking the cherries of Crimea and Donbass while leaving the worst parts of the Ukraine for the EU to indigest. Russia's economy was hurt more by low oil prices than sanctions, but is now nicely recovering. The Ruble in 2016 was the second best performing developing market currency after the Real.

Crimea is now fully militarized, turning the Black Sea into a Russian lake, while the civil war in Donbass drains Kiev dry.

I've said what I have to say, and need post no more on the subject. 

Your insults will not change the fact that the Ukraine is a destroyed country, that in a few years will cease to exist.  This is the price you pay for believing Neocon/Neoliberal lies.

crazzziecanuck's picture

Putin hasn't "taken" the Donbass at all.  On the contrary, he's on record of wanting Donbass to stay in Ukraine.  Because of that position, Moscow has been vehemently behind the Minsk and Minsk II agreements.  It's Kiev that's not abiding by them at all.

Latina Lover's picture

You are correct that Russia does not occupy the Donbass.  Instead Russia provides material aide and support for the peoples of Donetsk and Lugansk. I believe Russia really wants peace, instead of a hostile, devastated Ukraine, coupled with millions of refugees flooding into Russia.   I find it ironic that the EU welcomes millions of muslims to europe, but does not want white christian slavs. I wonder why.

xzandrax's picture

Yeah, once again somebody is beating our precious nazi-libtards. Cry me a river.

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And you Ziocunt scumbags are right on cue quickly defending your Nazi lovin' Ukrop inbred cousins.

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And the mindless brain dead potato loving Latvian chimes in.

Get fucked buddy. Most of us are trying to avoid WWIII, not start it.

Paul Kersey's picture

You can downvote yoyatti all you want, but he is correct. I looked it up, and the Strategic Culture Foundation is a Russian propaganda publication. They proudly say as much in this link:


Shemp 4 Victory's picture

Both yovatti and Augustus are well known trolls, cowards, and net.kooks who pee their pants at the mention of Russia.

As for you...

I looked it up, and the Strategic Culture Foundation is a Russian propaganda publication. They proudly say as much in this link:


I examined that page and (imagine my surprise) determined that your comment has a truth content of zero. Just a simple lie from a simple mind. That makes you an "alternative gifted" liar.

Your eager slurping of yovatti says it all.

Flagged as #net.kook

I Feel a little Qeasy's picture

Well then explain the truth to us fuck-wit!

HRClinton's picture

I know for fact that Canada has more than its share of Ukrainian Nazi collaborators.

They and their descendants are notorious Russophobes. Thus this article does not surprise me one bit.

The Globist Neocons, and its Canadian chapters in Toronto and Montreal have merely tapped into a primed and ready group of useful idiots that do their masters' bidding.

HRClinton's picture

P.s. If you look her up on Wiki, you will find that her paternal grandfather was a Nazi collaborator in Kiev during WW2, where he was a newspaper editor. 

Thus my thesis of Canada and the US having a network of former Nazi collaborators from the Ukraine, stands.

Lore's picture

@ HRClinton: Absolutely, my grandparents spoke of immigrant "Ukahinkie" sympathizers. I've known a handful of descendants who taught me never to turn my back, particularly in matters of money.

HRClinton's picture

P.s. If you look her up on Wiki, you will find that her paternal grandfather was a Nazi collaborator in Kiev during WW2, where he was a newspaper editor. 

Thus my thesis of Canada and the US having a network of former Nazi collaborators from the Ukraine, stands.

CCanuck's picture

Freeland is Nuland's Canuck Cousin.
Cookies for the oppressed!
Freeland will be holding a bake sale in parliament.
All proceeds will go to the "Freedom Fighters of Kiev", working in tandem with the "White Helmets of Syria" to provide a democracy to these oppressed nations.......Russia did it!!!

Get your warm homemade Freedom Cookies, support the love!


TheVillageIdiot's picture

And in accordance with Ukrainian tradition, none of the money will make it to the people. Ironic isnt it, that the illegal government - fomented from cries of Russian influence of the prior elected administration - is more corrupt than that it replaces.

The Brothel of Europe...

HRH Feant's picture
HRH Feant (not verified) Mar 17, 2017 1:29 AM

The USSA threw Ukraine to the wolves several years ago. Who was the person that showed up in Ukraine with a $5 billion dollar check? Vicky Nuland. Who is the famous son making bank in Ukraine? Hunter Biden son of VP Biden. Who forced the hand of Ukraine and made them give up their nukes? Clinton via the Budapest Memorandum. It was only a "memorandum" so it didn't mean jack fucking shit when Ukraine was being invaded. Obama sent Ukraine fucking MREs, blankets, and fucking night vision goggles (that were probably 20 years out of date).

This is a story I have followed for many years. It makes me sick to my stomach as to how the US, and now Canada, have shown up in Ukraine as nothing more than slavering wolves feeding on carcasses. Sickening.

Ignatius's picture

Don't be talkin' the truth, man, the Syndicate just hates that.

keep the bastards honest's picture

Russia and others put up a UN bill to ban glorification of Nazism.  UKr and USA and a tiny dependent island somewhere, blocked it. Both glorify nazism. 

Dont understand your post... Ukr was not been invaded, it peacefully separated  with the break up of the Soviet union. Are you referring to the US backed coup? The colour revolution.?

Zoomorph's picture

Freedom of speech, bitches! Don't be a cunt and try to ban people from saying something you disagree with.

HowdyDoody's picture

Where is even the suggestion that the OP should be banned?

Zoomorph's picture

There were many good things about the Nazis. This childish anti-Nazi rhetoric is getting extremely old. Calling someone a Nazi is not an argument.

gregga777's picture

"There were many good things about the Nazis."

Such as what? Slaughtering Jews, Poles, Gypsies, Communists, Homosexuals, etc., in poison gas chambers and then incinerating their corpses in gigantic natural gas fired ovens? Slaughtering at least 10,000,000 Russian civilians? Starving or death by exposure of at least 3,000,000 Russian POWs in open air prison enclosures? Kidnapping millions of French, Polish, Czech, Russian, etc., civilians and shipping them to Germany as slave laborers? Please, do tell about all the good things about the Nazis.

HRClinton's picture

They were "good for business", if you're a Wall St banker. 

They got rid of tens of millions of fellow Christians, which is also good for those who hate Christians. To these people, what the Nazis did was "good". A la "The enemy of my enemy is my useful ally", for the time being.

Zoomorph's picture

You guys can't have it all ways; the enemy can't be both the Nazis and the Jews, Nazism and communism, nationalism and globalism.

Also, the Nazis did not specifically target Christians on a large scale, but they did understand from Nietzsche that Christianity is an unhealthy and nihilistic religion. They understood what many on here don't - that Christianity is largely to blame for the decline of the West and for our current position of weakness, nihilism, and our susceptibility to liberalism and communism - and hence they probably would have aimed to replace it with something healthier in the long run, had they won. I suppose this will offend bottom-of-the-intellectual-barrel ZH commentators with their "muh Christianity!"

HowdyDoody's picture

"You guys can't have it all ways; the enemy can't be both the Nazis and the Jews"

A picture is worth a thousand words - Neo-Nazis provide their Jewish troops with a synagogue.


The relationship between (some) Jews and Nazis is 'complicated'. Georgy Schwarz would probably agree.

land_of_the_few's picture

Who cares what pet lunatic philosopher some of them could read? Or you ? One of the top recognised traits of narcissicistic personality disorder is appeal to *unlikely* authority. Look up DSM-IV section on NPD if you're not too sure.

Hah. You probably worship gnomes and think Rudolf Steiner wasn't utterly mental.

Zoomorph's picture

I'm thinking more along the lines of their seeking to rid Germany of: liberal/communist degeneracy, sexual deviancy, feminism, multiculturalism, political corruption, Jewish bankers, globalism - all the same things that have been plaguing us since we went to war for the globalists and defeated the Nazis for them.

The Nazis encouraged many good things like: mental and physical health, large families, child rearing as the highest attainment for women, focus on community and country, environmental awareness.

It's sad and pathetic that you know nothing about the Nazis other than boogieman stories about how they killed people. It was a war and in war people get killed. Note that it would be retarded to blame the entire war on the Nazis - the Poles, Brits, and Russians deserve at least half the blame. And our allies (the Soviets) killed far more people than the Nazis did. How many times did Hitler try to negotiate peace with Churchhill and was he rejected? The Nazis were severely outnumbered and they fought valiantly for what they believed in. You likely believe in many of them same things, yet you show zero respect for them, and you're probably too lazy to fight for what you believe in.

squid's picture

I will also add that Germany did NOT start WWII.


Germany AND the USSR started WWII. Germany invaded Poland from the west, the soviet union invaded from the east....but history is written by the victors, the club to which the soviets belonged, so this has been airbrushed from history.



Shemp 4 Victory's picture

Sorry, but your cartoonish view of history is simply wrong.

but history is written by the victors, the club to which the soviets belonged

History is written by the US, because they excluded the USSR from the club as soon as the war was over.

so this has been airbrushed from history.

Much has been airbrushed by the US from the history of WW2, beginning in late 1945.

You won't read this, but others might find it interesting:


gregga777's picture

Canada has now joined the United States and Apartheid Israel in their uncritical support for the Ukro-Nazi regime in Kiev.

Victor999's picture

The Zionist interests in Canada have basically taken over the country as they have in the US and much of Europe.  The traditional left/right paradigm has been taken over by the Zionists.  If they are not stopped they will destroy society and their campaign of hatred and vindictiveness against Russia will get us all into war.  Zionism is a fatal parasitic disease in any civilised society that must be irradicated or it will kill its host.

quasi_verbatim's picture

Freeland, Nudelman, Roddam & May -- Hell hath no fury like a woman in politics.

dogismycopilot's picture

war is coming. only question is where and when it starts.

Zoomorph's picture

That's practically a tautology. It's like saying an individual is going to die and the only question is when.

Actually, war is already happening and is continually happening, although not always physically and not always in every region....

dogismycopilot's picture

ok fuck stick, porky pig is out of options. he's begging Trump for guns and money. If Trump gives Porky guns and money then the Russians are going to delay war for 2 years while they revamp their military and try to do so before the US does. Then it's thermo nuclear war. 


Koba the Dread's picture

Actually it's a truism, not a tautology.

dogbreath's picture



<---  blow me



I stopped for gas  on the way home in a town in an area of majority ukrainian heritage.  The gas bar had a ukrop flag in the window and someone had already put a rock trough it. Tough glass.  I put in just enough gas to get up the road and I told the attendant as much.   


the problem with the whole of eastern europe is that it was a frontier between three empires and was multi ethnic and multi religious.  I have a friend whos grandfather emigrated from a region of Hapsburg Ukraine to Canada circa 1910. Bukovina.   The region is now firmly split between ukraine and romania.  One hundred years ago the population of the province was 40/40/20  ukr/romanian/german other.   It also borderd polish regions and russia.  Todays western ukraine is polish and catholic.  Eastern ukraine is orthodox with whatever sprinkling of germans and jews and tatars   The whole region was like that but the big secret was the millions of ethnic germans purged from former Austria an german provinces.    

These latent hatreds manipulated.

I knew a serb from croatia.  i asked him what was going on there.  He said we are the same people with the same language but just have a different religion.  Ukranians and Russians same shit.  

Wahooo's picture

'Bout sums it up. Best we can do is stay the fuck outa there.