Don't You Hate Spammy, Sensationalist Click-Bait Like This?

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Authored by Charles Hugh-Smith via OfTwoMinds blog,

So what's the difference between "fake news," spammy sensationalist click-bait and so-called "mainstream news" that serves the interests of the corporate-state? It's getting hard to tell.

We're inundated with spammy sensationalist click-bait. You know what I mean--the little boxes containing eye-candy photos and headlines such as "you won't believe how badly these stars have aged," "7 tricks to losing weight during Thanksgiving," "These children of celebs are so good looking your jaw will drop," "9 surprising signs of dementia" and outre classics such as "Hitler's shocking final words."

The "news" is "shocking," "secrets are revealed," and "surprising facts" are promised. Authorities are always cited as unimpeachable sources, and the headlines are quasi-plausible. (Why wouldn't good-looking celebs have good-looking offspring?)

But the "authorities," "facts" and "secrets" are all dubious. The spammy click-bait is self-serving to those promoting the sensationalist content, and to the media sites that promote the spammy content.

According to The New York Times, unidentified sources in the spammy sensationalist click-bait industry report that “We have been told from major, major publishers that we have become their No. 1 revenue provider."

So the spammy sensationalist click-bait content serves the interests of those originating the bogus spam and the media that publishes it. Talk about a two-fer; no wonder this junk is everywhere in the Corporate Media.

Though the Corporate Media denies it, of course, the lines between propaganda, paid content and actual reporting have blurred. The C.I.A. has played a major role in the Corporate Media for decades. If you doubt this, please study the following:

The CIA and the Media by Carl Bernstein

The CIA and the Media: 50 Facts the World Needs to Know This article by Professor James Tracy first published in August 2015 is of particular relevance in relation to the “fake news” campaign directed against the alternative media.

Operation Mockingbird

So what's the difference between "fake news," spammy sensationalist click-bait and so-called "mainstream news" that serves the interests of the corporate-state? It's getting hard to tell, as these examples illustrate.

I just pulled these examples of spammy sensationalist click-bait garbage off the mainstream Corporate Media more or less at random.


Oh wait a minute--isn't this "Trump is a stooge of Russia" and "Russia is threatening our precious bodily fluids" what The New York Times, The washington Post, CNN et al. are presenting as "factual" "news"?

Given the media's insatiable appetite for spammy sensationalist click-bait "news," it wouldn't surprise me in the least to see these next in the Corporate Media.


The Old Media followed this nostrum: If it bleeds, it leads, meaning the gory airline crash or auto pile-up was the leading "news story." In an era in which fact-free, evidence-free accusations that just happen to align with CIA agendas are passed off as "news," and anyone who questions the "authorities" is slandered as "promoting fake news" (talk about doublespeak), that promotion of mere gore now seems quaint.

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How to drink wine:

1.      Open the bottle and let it breathe

2.      If it doesn't look like it's breathing, give it mouth-to-mouth


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It was fun to read this and to pass the click bait in between the article and the comments... or maybe that was my bloomberg terminal news feed... i don't even know anymore.

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She can tell you 'bout the plane crash, with a gleam in her eye.

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I love me some fake boobs in the afternoon.

Keep 'em coming.

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When I want spammy clickbait I just wander over here and look for the Mac Salvo articles.

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It is funny when people see the real things about how to get bigger boobs for something like this one.

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Question everything.

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70 years of "fake news" courtesy of the CIA.

In reality, it's all fake news until one has done their own vetting and done the work to understand how the world and the systems work.  The wealthy buy news media to sell their version of fake news to protect their wealth and their rackets.

"There is no 'deep state' or 'fake news,' there's just things you don't know."  --  Douglas Valentine

Don't worry about what's fakes, think about what's real.

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I remember placing a great deal of importance on 'reading the news' when I was 'growing up'.  The reason for that seems clear now.  You have to be familiar with the news to see how inconsistent the news is. 

What I mean is, why should the news explain to you WHY there is a recession, if they can deny there IS a recession in the first place.  Same thing with child sex extortion rings in the higher reaches of political power.  Why explain, when you can flat out deny?  

I am pretty sure there is going to be some EXTREMELY revealing footage leaked at some point, taken either by someone's hidden smart phone, or (possibly more likely) taken by a civilian drone at night time (say in Bohemian Grove, or Skull & Bones 'Crypt').   Oh wait, didn't footage from a CERN human sacrifice ritual already emerge and it was just dismissed as  a 'prank'?  Oh yeah...

The problem is, when people don't believe something, they say "I want to see it", and when they see a video, "Its faked".  So can a video actually convince anyone of something they do not wish to be convinced of?  That is MASS HYPNOSIS, people.

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Scenario that happens all the time on ZH.

Somebody posts the distasteful TRUTH about something/anything.

ZH readership downvotes them because they don't like the truth.

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"what's the difference between "fake news," spammy sensationalist click-bait and so-called "mainstream news" ...?"

trick question

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Question everything. Then when you get a answer question it again and again just to piss them off.

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 "you won't believe how badly these stars have aged," 


lol I will not regularly visit any website that shows these types of links anywhere on its page (or wont function if I adblock them.)

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Lois learner and James comey went to sumer camp together.

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Just a couple of meatballs.

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You misspelled pink slime balls.

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That's why I don't go to drudge anymore

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Drudge is a zionist jew who supports greater israel, and is a closet homosexual.

The only reason he is popular is because Billy Boy Clinton crashed the yogurt truck all over a fat, ugly jewish bitch's dress.

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Agreed on both points, but if you ignore the fag celebrity BS and ZioCuck brainwashing, his site is pretty good.

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Trumps controlled by the Russians and Obama  controlled by the Saudis...Clinton slept with the Chinks...Not a single word about it in the Media.

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Typical Clinton operation. Pay to Stay. Renting out public property for personal gain.

Any mention was attributed to a vast right wing conspiracy to tarnish the Clinton Presidency.

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Oh, for chrissakes.


Obama and the Clintons are blaming Trump and the Russians for what they, Obama and the Clintons, have done and would do again in a New York minute.


Don't you know a simple Alinsky tactic when you see it?



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How many times have you heard Argentinian politicians ranting on about the Malvinas being usurped and the numerous UN resolutions that the UK is in breach of?

Great for home consumption and any other political allies but far from the truth -


Falklands - 1833 Usurpation & UN Resolutions:

The Scam of the century exposed!

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This is the scam of the century ? Wow, I thought it was the Jewish banking cabal's control of the worlds money supply. Damn, I must re-evaluate the impact of this Malvinas hi-jacking and what it means to myself and my family.

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I've heard this spam many times, not from those politicians, but from this user account.

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BritBob is not actually British, nor is his name Bob.

He's an Argentinian named Raul who is spamming to incite resentment toward the Brits for producing someone anally stupid like BritBob.

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As a Brit I can instantly tell he's not British, because ordinarily, most Brits don't really give a fuck about Falkland's unless it's actually being invaded. 

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And the point of this article was ... what?

Yes - sure, I hate spammy, sensationalist click-fake Nuus. We all do.

And there's buckets of it out there.  And??

Am I missing something, or was this article a waste of space?  And click-bait?

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the congressional stuff today was pretty epic.

unless you are waiting for supreme/FISA(edit) court picks.

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ELP  Turn it as loud as you can handle.

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This is what my typical ZH page looks like, and its how all my regular-reading sites look:


No ads. No nothing. Just meat and an occasional potato. I honestly dont know how anyone can stand all that garbage that litters most web browsers.

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What web browser/ad-blocker are you using? Mine gets rid of the advertisements, but not the filler along the left and right edges of the page.

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Try noscripts and/or ghostery.  The later was recently "acquired" and its blocking may have`degraded.

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Ditto.  Just use Ghostery. 

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Another good tip is use FireFox and get the two adons BluHell Firewall and Ad Block Plus.  I have no ads here on ZH, I get no ads on pandora and no ads on youtube. 

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ZH uses click bait all the time...infowwars also, and many others...I am finding that it is very difficult to find a good news website...

I have found a few, but they are far and in between...I come to ZH only to browse the comments, cause there are some smart people here, but I am finding smart people on ZH are far and few also...I am glad weather is changing, I can work my property and keep busy outdoors...So sik of this all....And again, stop the fucking chemtrails!!!!  i WATCHED THEM ALL DAY YESTERDAY AND IT SUCKS.  STOP THE FUCKING CHEMTRAILS...   zh says nothing...crickets...mike rivero denies them, and alex is too busy worshipping trump to talk about it..I pray everyday that the creator of this universe stops the way, rockefeller died at 101, thank you Jesus he is friggin dead

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The Alt media is dead!!!!!!!

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Contrails is what you are seeing. There are more jets than ever flying around making more contrails. You've said it yourself, "finding smart people on ZH are far and few also".

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It's not hard to tell - it's the same thing for the same "entities".

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@oval office today;

with legs tightly together
and both hands in pockets,
billygates fondles pecker,
pitching genocidal vaccinations as alternative to economy

IranContra's picture

Here is some serious research for a change.

Breitbart and Fox have just begun to report (medium quality reporting) about why Iran is the biggest active threat to the US as Trump insists, and he is no servant of Israel.

Here are some good articles that may explain why the President and the generals are so focused on Iran.

Iran-Loyal Iraqis Gave Mosul to ISIS

Iran's Troops in Iraq

ISIS: Iran’s Instrument for Regional Hegemony

Rothschild's Hard Work in Iran

Islamic studies professors in the US are pro-Iran, it cost Rothschild billions to get there. The fake media has brainwashed all Americans, Left, Right and Center, to believe that Iran is harmless in preparation for Obama's wedding with Iran which put Iran right at America's throat.

Iranians already occupy Iraq, and have subverted Syria, Bahrain, Yemen, Sudan and Somalia (the ban list), and are attempting to take Saudi Arabia. Much US interest is being viciously attacked by Iran.

Trump promised not to start wars of aggression. He never said that he will not defend America's interests when attacked.

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today a famous basketball star

SHAQ oNeil said;

'The earth is flat'






mkhs's picture

If he is so famous, why have I never heard of him?  Is this the "shakshack" ZH talks about?

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The Land of the Midnight Sun.

The Sun rises and sets at different times across the flat earth.

"Brave Helios, wake up your steeds.
Bring the warmth the countryside needs."

Turtles all the way down.

Sacrificing virgins for a prosperous harvest. Cutting out the beating heart and holding it up to the Heavens.

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 The click bait is not where its at. Its the posters.


  No offence to the contributors many a good ball got rolled out to be kicked around.