ISIS, Al-Qaeda Praise Trump's Attack

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Having perhaps lost the support of much of his anti-war base, President Trump appears to have won praise from two new groups...

Even even more ironic, today is the 100th anniversary of the United States entering World War One.

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This is not a binary game.

Open your little mind, Obama.

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and honestly, who can blame him? He was immersed in the swamp, and got eaten by it. Just imagine everyone you know and meet telling you you are crazy, and in the end you will believe that. Since the inauguration all trump heard was russia/putin  evil, assad must go, islam is the religion of peace and similar. Looks like in the end, the Deep State won, so they can go on with they're plan to ignite the world. Even putin has only so much patience. 

  P.S. Trump should have rememberred Assad gave up his chemical stock after they first tried to pull this stunt, and said stocks were destroyed under UN supervision. So how did they aquire the new stock? were they given by the russians, or assad just brewed them on his home stove?

 P.P.S If trump is soo coleric to autorise an unwaranted atack on a sovereign nation based on a yet unproven accusation ( at least Obummer waited for the investigations to conclude) , he is more of a gullible crazy person than we thought. Even if the whole bombing was just ment as a show of force for Xi and Kim. Wonder how many :Ïnocent, bautiful babies"died in his atack. Oh , the hiporisy. 

P.P.P.S Chemical weapons are havilyregulated, and thus, easily traceable. Just take few samples, and match them with the database. If only to rule out the obvious suspects, but surprises may yet arise, since with arrogance often comes slopiness and overconfidence. 

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The enemy of my enemy is my friend... you know zero about the Middle East and Arabs.

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The Road to World War III: Can the Dark forces of anti-Freedom trump Humanity? Kindle Edition

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Well, Al Querda and ISIS were created by the United States at the behest of Isreal, so it is only fitting that they would cheer Isreal's latest flunky.

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Who could have guessed they could pile shit this high?

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ISIS were created by the United States


We know that largely thanks to General Flynn. He had to be cut down to size and Bannon too, apparently.

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So what have we learned today? That all this shit slinging across the aisle was just a big temper tantrum because they don't get the MIC rewards for fulfilling the plan. It wasjust a freaking game of musical  chairs. It mattered not who won, but who sits in the chair.

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Understand ISIS is now attacking.

Wondering if this was a feint to bring them out into the open to be slaughtered. Missile strikes hit the same mostly deserted part of an airfeild with maybe one dead, and 15 aircraft damaged.

Multi-dimensional chess? Maybe. But  Idon't like being toyed with, even if not directly.

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So the CIA is fighting back or what?

Tmosley.  It's a lost cause.  Trump betrayed us.  

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If he hit the same part of a mostly empty airfield over and over and by doing so convinced ISIS that he was acting in their interest, driving them to rush headlong into a trap, then I disagree.

We'll see tomorrow. I'm too exhausted from all this crap.

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Lolz, no no no.  Trump is a war monger Zionist, NWO worshipping, elite bastard.  Any man that thought he would be any different is a fool.  Any man that ever thinks a president will do what they say is an idiot.  Plain and simple.

LetThemEatRand's picture

Excuse me, Mr. Soul Glow.

I prefer Mr. Fool.  

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Remember when he reflexively asked the sheriff if he wanted the career of the politician who was threatening the so-called "civil asset seizure" ruined?  What kind of asshole reflexively advocates in such a boorish manner the thuggish fleecing of American citizens in a manner so insane it defies not only the Constitution that this marmalade faggot swore to uphold and defend but belief itself?

Wash the cognitive dissonance out of your brain with some good whiskey, Trumptards.  Because it only gets worse from here on out.

Oh, I say and I say it again: ya been had!

Ya been took!

Ya been hoodwinked!


Led astray!

Run amok!

I am Chumbawamba.

LetThemEatRand's picture

Chumba -- I was over Trump by that point.

But in fairness to myself and everyone who voted for him and may have taken longer to see the fraud, there was good evidence that he was outside the control matrix before the election.  The entire MSM including Fox was against him.  And what did we have to lose vs. voting for Hillary?  For me, it was a vote for Trump or that witch who did the recount for Hillary.  

It was a shot in the dark.  Wish it hit, but not surprised it missed.

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Trump did not have trail of 100 corpses that mysteriously followed jim into office.

I am a Man I am Forty's picture

dude, you have got to lower your expectations, there is no way they are being all art of war like that

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You - are a goddamned idiot. Or, an actual paid troll.

Attacking that base, and it did more damage than you are claiming, after the obvious false flag pretext, was done precisely in order to assist ISIS.

Wouldnt it be stupid of Assad to use gas on precious tiny babies again?

Yeah... good chance that's next.

Fuck Trump. Anyone still backing him at this point is either a fucking imbecile or a Ziocuck faggot.

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Wondering how many Twitter followers unfollowed Trump tonight? Enough for his warmongering ego to notice?

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I've seen plenty of conservatives praising him and buying into the Syria narrative. There is no stopping the deep state from within the US.


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Yes, once again, we see that a sitting U.S. president is nothing more than a puppet. It never ends. It never will end. I know if felt great for many to think a change had occured. Fuck this guy. We are going to war again and many millions will die. 

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Don't blame me. I voted for Kang.... or was it Kodos? I don't remember. Guess it doesn't matter now anyway. Oh well, once again I descend into a vat of cynicism.


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Actually, like most of the readers here -- you just sound childish.

Every new president does some military move early in the first term.  It's just geopolitics.  The "guys" convince him he has to show strength.  This lets rivals know they cannot push things too far.  It's like setting boundaries with your kids. 

Obama was seen as weak, so naturally the Chinese pushed too far and took over those islands.  Notice N korea started sabre rattling as soon as Trump took office.  This was a test, and China is their proxy.

59 missiles and only 3 casualties.  This is not even a wrist slap.  And it was done while Xi was over for dinner.  And Trump gave Xi the news personally.  No coincidence.  The message was, look what I can do to anyone that fucks with me.

Try to keep up with the men, who are playing chess here.  Or perhaps stay in your kitchen and bake something tasty like a good little wifey.

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Which millions?  If you play it right...

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No it will end, in a mushroom cloud, and white America will be no more, and nobody will care.

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What did Obummer say? "If you like your warmonger, you can keep your warmonger!"

We've been duped... Say hello to the New Muppet in Chief! Same as the Old Muppet in Chief!

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JFC sometimes you have to keep your dick in your pants

You fucked this one up Donald

We voted for you to stay out of this crap and they got you hook, line and sinker

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The Clinton Foundation is insanely illegal.  They walk.  Corzine walks.  Epstein walks. Pizzagate walks.

Trump is in with all of these people.

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Of course our allies praise the attack. Why wouldn't they?

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Satan smiles and gives his blessing

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Oh boy....
What are we doing?

Carl Spackler's picture

What we are doing is cleaning up Obama messes.


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That ain't good either.

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I said months ago that my greatest fear was that Trump would be fed whatever 'intel' the intelligence community wanted him to hear - and that 'what' they told him - or not told him - could be used to steer his decisions. My fear is coming true!

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From the same guys that said hookers peed on him in Moscow no less.

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He isn't that stupid.  If he is doing this because he believes that Assad is killing kids with chemical weapons, which is ludicrous to begin with because there is ZERO MOTIVE, then who is going to strike back for the half a million dead kids in Iraq?  They will tell him all kinds of things but he choses to believe the obvious lies because he doesn't have the balls to stand up to the NWO.  When he is done with this he is going to go and Kiss Bibi's ass again and then have dinner with his daughter and her Zionist hubby.  They are only two percent of the population but they all seem to be getting their kids hitched to them.  He knows exactly what is going on.  He lives in NY and he knows banking. 



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Trump is a traitor shit.

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masculine alldyke says that 500,000 dead kids is a small price to pay to make isreal great again....

4 wheel drift's picture

mean time.....

look a flying squirrel....    obama and cronies get away in the midst of....   threat of war....

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Let me get this. The neo-cons and democrats now like him. The Isis and Al-Qaeda love him. Can we say Whore!!

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He should be so proud now. 

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Mr. Trump - what are we trying to accomplish? Put an ISIS flag or an Israeli flag flying over Damascus?

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I hope everyone that voted for Trump now knows with certainty that they got played for a fool.  Trump is a scion of the NWO.  Call it what you want - Zionists, CFRers, Bohemians, what have you, Trump is at their behest.


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As opposed to voting for Hillary where none of this could have possibly happened right?

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See but that's been what I've been saying!  ANy man that thinks a POTUS will do anything for them is any idiot.  Any man that sits back and pulls the lever and thinks all their problems are fixed is a fool.  It doesn't matter if you vote for Trump or Clinton, Obama or Romney, McCain, Kerry, Bush, or Gore.  It doesn't matter - any person put forth as a candidate is a puppet of the NWO.


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We took a chance. Rolled the dice. No other alternatives. Rand had no chance. Would you have preferred Lyin Ted Cruz  -or Rubio? Better that Trump deconstruct the Republican Party  than those cretins. maybe this will wake up millions of Americans to the fact that the Deep state zionist banksters control both parties.