ISIS Attacks US-Led Base In Southern Syria, As Assad Said To Use White Phosphorus

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With the US now engaged in military conflict with, and targeting Syrian army forces, what the Trump administration has (un)wittingly done is provide support to Islamic State, al-Qaeda, and al-Nusra and other terrorist forces, all of which have been engaging with the Assad regime in a fight in which the Syrian president has gradually seen the tide of war turn in his favor. At least until last Friday's US cruise missile attack that is. 

Which is why it should probably come as no surprise that, emboldened by US actions, moments ago the WSJ reported that Islamic State militants attacked a US-led coalition base (at least we now have official confirmation that there are US military bases in Syria) in southern Syria on Saturday, "triggering a fierce fight that required coalition airstrikes to repel, U.S. military officials said Sunday."

The complex attack began on Saturday when Islamic State fighters detonated a vehicle bomb at a base in al-Tanf, a town in southern Syria along the Jordan border used by American special operation forces and Syrian rebels working with the U.S. coalition, the officials said.


Between 20 and 30 Islamic State fighters, including some with suicide vests, then attacked the base, which is a staging ground and training facility for the U.S.-backed Syrian rebels.

As the WSJ adds, Coalition forces and Syrian rebels engaged in firefights with the attackers and then called in airstrikes to repel the attack, officials said.

Luckily, there was no word of any American fatalities in the attack, although next time the US forces on the ground may not be so lucky, and the resulting media storm would prompt a full reappraisal of Trump's action which by weakening Assad implicitly and directly is boosting the relative strength of the Islamic State.

The Islamic State attack comes as the U.S. military is deepening its presence in Syria as part of an intensifying campaign to drive the extremist group from its de facto capital in Raqqa. For weeks, the U.S. military has been strengthening its presence along the Jordan-Syria border, according to U.S. and Jordanian officials.

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Meanwhile, confirming that the US is not nearly close done bombing Assad, on Sunday the Qatar-owned (the country which at long last hopes to have its gas pipeline cross Syria to Europe) Al Jazeera, reported that Syrian jets have bombed the town of Idlib using White Phosphorus.

One almost wonders what must have gone through the head of the Al Jazeera producers when told to report on such a story.

One thing we can imagine, however, is sequence of thoughts inside Assad's head: "Well, I just got bombed by the US and I will surely get bombed even more at even the slightest additional provocation that can be splashed across the front pages of western newspaper. So... yes, brilliant idea - I will use a banned, toxic substance - White Phosphorus - and hope it appears on all media channels around the developed world, just to make sure the next US airstrike aims right for my palace."

Sure, why not.

Expect to hear much more about white phosphorus in the coming days: it will be the "catalyst" for the next round of Syrian airstrikes. 

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johnwburns's picture

Have "high level talks" with Putin and claim oyu are now unified in destroying ISIS, don't even mention Assad. Tell that dumb bitch of a daughter to go play with her Ken doll. 

houseteam's picture

Just pull out and let them clean up their own mess. 

turing's picture

White phosphorus is not -NOT-banned for military use against military targets. It is banned for use against civilian targets. It was used extensively by Israel in Gaza and is stored by all armies. It has two purposes. It is a terrible weapon and it is used as a light giving flare. It burns at molten steel temperature and is poisonous. A clump it on a bare head will burn its way through the brain.

goldinpenguin's picture

I thought we used up our willy peter inventory on the Vietnamese. Maybe we had some left and sold it on ebay.

Savvy's picture

Kushner (face it, he's calling the shots now) probably thinks he's boxed in Putin. I wonder what happens next.

JesusUp's picture

Schlemiel the Great

Berspankme's picture

I have no idea of russian military strength but I can bet we are underestimating it.

HRClinton's picture

All will will be forgiven, if Putin buys 666 5th Avenue from Kushner.

Don Pancho's picture

Banned????  The US uses Willie P all the time...He's our homeboy...

pipes's picture


These journo-dupes repeat whatever stupidity they're fed, but have little grasp of the reality of things.

First off, WP rounds are used all the time via grenade, as weapon and as cover. 

Secondly, our "good friends" the Saudis used it offensively in Yemen...did that generate outrage?

Not so much.

This is nothing but an attempt at inflamatory propaganda.

Robert of Ottawa's picture

Oh noes! White Phosphorus. Next, It'ss be dynamite and bullets Assad dared use.

JesusUp's picture

we need to use rope
lots of it
and lampposts
tall ones

hooligan2009's picture

two (mis) steps from a hot war.

Trump crossed the Rubicon and it may be too late to turn back.

Cry 'Havoc,' and let slip the dogs of war;
That this foul deed shall smell above the earth
With carrion men, groaning for burial.

The chances of making friends with Russia, getting out of the Middle East and (becuase of the ludicrous US position) spending money on rebuilding infrastructre by printing fiat dollars OR blowing up the middle east and risking nukes is receding.

Plan accordingly.

Lostinfortwalton's picture

So, a hair trigger multiple cruise missle response to alledged use of chemical weapons that we said were not in the country to begin with, but no response to the alledged use of White Phosperous?

Bombshelter's picture

Very funny behaviour for WP.  Looks like the initial projectiles were launched from the top of a neaby building.  Certainly not delivered by air.  Generally shell or bomb-delivered WP will be much more widely dispersed in smaller particles, and burns out much more quickly than that.  Besides, the 'target' looks like an empty field - while if they were using WP to be nasty they would have targetted a troop concentration probably in buildings.  Drivers of vehicles nearby seem remarkbly unconcerned.  More BS!  More false flag.  But sadly we will see POTUS buy in to this BS again.

HowdyDoody's picture

The smoke isn't dense enough for WP. It has legitimate use as a battlefield smokescreen (excuse used by Israel) which that smoke definitely isn't. Someone mentioned grad rocket motors. Take the fuel from those and let rip? The terrorists certainly have plenty of grad rockets courtesy of the CIA arms suppliers



sinbad2's picture

If Russia stops American air support over Syria, US troops would have to fight on equal terms with their many enemies, that is unheard of.

Lost in translation's picture

Not since 1942 or perhaps '43 have US soldiers or Marines had to worry about air attack.

Wonder how they'll hold up once they do...

Thinkpad's picture

They won't so stop theorizing. Actually once Syria is leveled it would make a nice drone base. We spent good money on the last one we put in

comes in handy 

cui-bono's picture

Operation Cast Lead, winter 2008 -2009.  The cruel effectiveness of white phosphorus was demonstrated by God's Chosen People against the hostages in Gaza.  Consultaion and sourcing available to terrorists worldwide.  The framing of Assad continues as he stands in the way of the Qatar/Saudi pipelines to Europe.  

sinbad2's picture

The US uses phosphorus all the time?

Poopy's picture
Poopy (not verified) Apr 9, 2017 5:21 PM




as the 'nazi jew run media said the same shit about Iraq

Lost in translation's picture

WP is fine for us to use, fine for the Vatican's Crusader State of Israel to use.

But if anyone else uses it, whoa... CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY!!!

SMC's picture

The MSM cries about 'Russia hacking, influencing, arranging, speaking, contacting, etc...' made more sense than BS like this.

"Just Us" are pushing all their chips into the pot.
They must have a nice comfortable bunker to hide away in for a few decades.


Volkodav's picture

    AlJazzera new owners recent  

new guy's picture

Only Americans can use white phosphorus and depleted uranium munitions responsibly.

HRClinton's picture

You mean, go "Full Dresden"?

Be sure to drop humanitarian leaflets first, also available on social media. 

PN7's picture

White phosphorous bad.  Black phosphorous good.

goldinpenguin's picture

I thought we used up our willy peter inventory on the Vietnamese. Maybe we had some left and sold it on ebay.

Vido's picture

Israel uses it almost ailly on gaza playgrounds.

Robert Trip's picture

Just in!

Syrian troops are dropping babies out of incubators!

No shit!

lakecity55's picture

OMG, I heard the Syrians have captured a US female soldier, Jessica! We must rescue her!


moorewasthebestbond's picture

A pinprick snooze-missle attack resulting in 6 wasted planes and 6 wasted humans qualifies as "turning the tide"???


Who writes this shit?

Thinkpad's picture

As bait is my guess to spark a debate. Don't you just love a gloves off fight over a piece of dirt in the desert sans any oil? It all comes down to 2 opposing pipelines and their geography. Why doesn't everybody call it a draw and both Qatar and Iran build their damn LNG lines if they can get funding and call it a day? The money they waste fighting could be used for their proposed infrastructure spending. This never would have happened if these guys attended instead of skipped home economics in high school.

TRM's picture

I always wonder about that one too. Why didn't Asad okay both pipelines and collect double transit fees? I think his Iranian buddies got him to nix the Qatar deal promising him a larger set of fees to keep them out of the Euro market. Big mistake.

Thinkpad's picture

Well one is out of Iran pro-russia the other is out of Qatar pro-west which was also going to compete with the Russian monopoly on LNG in Eur. Iran/Syria/Russia was the most lucrative plus Putin likes to exercise his power and dominance by controlling your fuel. Turkey was eager to get out from under the clutches of Putin didn't work out so far.

hotrod's picture

WHEN THE LIES GET THIS BIG SOMETHING BAD IS COMING.  So Assad Doubles Down on the Chemical attacks.  Haahahahahlololololol



This was like Bush going on and on about IMMINENT THREAT. 

hotrod's picture

Syrians are fucking their mothers.  Trump do something

Stan522's picture

This is why the whole Assad story of him using chemical weapons story is hard to buy..... With new Trump administration in office, he essentially gave the green light to Assad to fight ISIS and the rebels. Why would Assad then use chemicals when it would probably bring USA back into the fight. But then if Assad didn't do it, then why was there not a huge public pleading by Assad and proof that he did not have these weapons and didn't use them?

MuffDiver69's picture

The real question is why the fuck is anybody defending Assad...The guys father was a killer and he's some nice guy...bullshit

hotrod's picture

Kushners dad is in jail too.

TRM's picture

Not defending him. Just refusing to buy the total bullshit "WMD" AGAIN and AGAIN.

Thinkpad's picture

What bullshit? Sarin is a banned munition

Benito_Camela's picture

Oh really....thanks for that newsflash, Captain America. Now when will the U.S. conceived, funded, and trained Al Nusra be turning over their "banned munitions"?