Life Expectancy Indicates A Nation's Overall Well Being - So Why Is America's Dropping?

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'Exceptional' America is seriously lagging behind in global life expectancy...

American Life Expectancy is Falling—But Why?

Some additional details...

Life Expectancy Indicates a Country’s Overall Well Being—So Why Is Ours Dropping?

  • The last time U.S. life expectancy declined at birth
    • 1992-1993: 75.8 to 75.5 years
    • Resulting from high death rates from AIDS, flu epidemic, homicide, and accidental deaths
  • After years of life expectancy gains, there is decline all across the board
    • 2014-2015: 78.9 to 78.8 years
      • Death rates rose for 8 out of 10 leading causes of death
      • Heart disease causes more than 4X as many deaths as the rest of the leading causes
      • Prescription opioid painkillers and heroin abuse are probably fueling increases in unintentional injuries
        • In 2014, the CDC reported 28,000 died due to opioid overdoses

In 2015, Obesity Related Problems Caused 10% of US Deaths

  • Obesity increases the likelihood of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers
    • 6 million or ? of Americans are obese
    • Being 40 lbs overweight cuts about 3 years off life expectancy
    • Being 100 lbs overweight reduces lifespan by about 10 years
  • The US has higher obesity rates than countries with longer lifespans
    • Japan 3.3%
    • Switzerland4%
    • Germany 20.1%
    • Spain 23.7%
    • United Kingdom 28.1%
    • Australia 28.6%
    • USA 33.7%

America is Seriously Lagging Behind in Global Life Expectancy

  • 28th globally in average life expectancy - dead last among industrialized countries
    • 1st: Japan, 83.7 years
    • 2nd: Switzerland, 83.3 years
    • 3rd: Spain, 83.3 years
    • 7th: Australia, 82.4 years
    • 19th: United Kingdom, 81.4 years
    • 22nd: Germany, 81.2 years
    • 28th: USA, 78.8 years

Richer Americans Live Longer Than the Poor and Middle Class

  • Men
    • 1980
      • Poorest—76.2
      • Lower middle—76.3
      • Middle—76.5
      • Upper Middle—79.9
      • Richest—82.6
    • 2010
      • Poorest—76.1
      • Lower middle—78.3
      • Middle—83.4
      • Upper middle—87.8
      • Richest—88.8
  • Women
    • 1980
      • Poorest—82.5
      • Lower middle—81.5
      • Middle—82.5
      • Upper middle—83.2
      • Richest—86.1
    • 2010
      • Poorest—78.3
      • Lower middle—79.7
      • Middle—82.9
      • Upper middle—83.1
      • Richest—91.9
  • While US wage inequality is only getting worse
    • 1979
      • Poorest 20%
        • Received 6.2% of national income
      • Richest 20%
        • Received 44.9% of national income
      • 2010
        • Poorest 20%
          • Received 5.1% of national income
        • Richest 20%
          • Received 51.9% of national

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GUS100CORRINA's picture

Title: Life Expectancy Indicates A Nation's Overall Well Being - So Why Is America's Dropping?

My response: SEX, DRUGS and ROCK'n ROLL.

America's diet is poor and Americans spend too much time amusing themselves to death!!

America is morally and spiritually sick.

StackShinyStuff's picture

Easy:  Those Mexicans and Muzzies don't live as long - bringing down our average

Skateboarder's picture

It's five simple letters:


Homegirl at the skatepark was telling me how she dropped her sister off at college and her freshmen friends were all Adderall addicts. Sweet girls just a year prior, now fvcked up for life. Apparently this was at the same place I went to - pepper spray dot edu, aka UC Davis. Now, I heard of people poppin Adderall once in a while when I was in college, but I guess it's now an epidemic.

These educational utopias sure know how to sculpt the minds of the next generation.

TBT or not TBT's picture

Remove Democrat plantation dwellers. You get a better number.    Having a sense of purpose and responsibility yields better habits and a longer healthspan.      

eclectic syncretist's picture

shitty dietary habits and stressful lifestyles.

Mr Blue's picture

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Ramesees's picture

Adjust for demographics among Industrialized countries and America is near the top.  We just have a lot of ethnicities with bad habits and genetically predisposed toward certain diseases.

Mareka's picture

Natural selection was still in charge in my grandparents generation.
Women died in childbirth.
Antibiotics had not been invented.

Every generation before the 1940s had been heavily culled by nature.

With the exception of my 89 year old mom, nobody in my family today would have lived past the age of 15 without modern medicine.

We are seeing the flip side of eliminating natural selection.

roddy6667's picture

Exactly. And those people who have never lived past 15 go on to have families of genetically challenged kids. Soon, a large percentage of the population is defective. The whole gene pool is begging for chlorine.

ThisIsMadness's picture

I don't think sitting behind a desk all day, and then sitting in front of a tv at night is all too stressful for most people. 

Lea's picture

Why look so keenly the other way?

It's not the "educational utopias" fault, it's the Big Pharma prescription guidelines that make dope so easy of access. It shouldn't escape you that Aderall is a prescription drug.

Is the misdiagnosing of society's ills an American national sport or something?

Megaton Jim's picture

Not to mention all those gangsta niggaz who get shot up!

MFL5591's picture

GMO seeds, Chemtrails, Big Pharmaceuticals all to blame and doing the work of Agenda 21.  Keep eating McDonalds and playing computer games, soon they will have completed their mission!

WernerHeisenberg's picture

Yes.  Also hopelessness.  Same thing that prematurely killed millions of Russians in the 1990s when their nation was being culturally degraded and asset stripped by hostile forces.

WernerHeisenberg's picture

So what troll dropped the down vote? 

What is disputed here, the Russian demographic disaster of the 1990s?  Sorry, it happened.

Or are we denying that Russia was asset stripped by foreign backed dual citizenship oligarchs in the 1990s?

Are we denying that the same machine that asset stripped Russia has asset stripped that USA, giving many people no hope for the future?

Freddie's picture


F**k the Jared Kushner lovers who downvoted you and skateboard dude.


Stalin killed millions by starvation and we are killing ourselves by over eating and over doseing.  It's amazing.

Teja's picture

More sex and more Rock'n Roll probably would help to reduce obesity. At least if both are pursued actively, not passively on TV.

Obesity epidemy has two causes - bad food and lack of exercise. As long as Americans drive to their Wal-Mart to buy pizza and lemonade, it will only get worse. I am claiming that as root cause of at least half of society's problems you will find the automobilized (or better auto-immobilized) society. Get rid of cars in cities, and you will be surprised how they bloom and how life expectancy will rise locally.

sinbad2's picture

Americans would drive their car to the toilet if they could, walk, are you kidding me.

Fireman's picture

God is not USSAN and is not impressed by hubris and global carnage.

land_of_the_few's picture

No, it's because they're post-Communist and that always happens :P  *dodges flying shoes*

halcyon's picture

Agri subsidies -> GMO glyphosate corn -> CAFOs-> industrial food-like production -> hyper-palatable taste engineered in labs -> insane amount of PR and advertising --> too much and too crappy food -> obesity and wrecked metabolism --> fatigue -> no self control -> drive everywhere -> sickness --> illness profiteering system --> over-medicalization -> chronic ilness ----> repeat ad nauseaum.

Americans are fat, lazy, stupid and unwilling to accept responsibility for their own predicament.

USA is soon spending 20% of GDP just to manage - not cure - all metabolism related chronic illnesses.

The system is NOT broken, it is by design. The 0.01% at the top are laughing at us all the way to the bank.

scintillator9's picture

While it is so very easy to point at the "obesity epidemic", and then go on to say that many people are leading a sedentary life, are not getting enough exercise, and so forth, is that really true?

On the surface, it would appear quite true, by looking at the data, or even looking at the numbers of morbidly obese people who require "mobility scooters" to navigate one's local whatevermart.

There is an aspect that most are overlooking however.

The "obesity epidemic" in pets.

Are pets, such as dogs and cats, not eating the same foods, more or less, that we are, when one really gets down to it (in reference to the various hormones that are pumped into chickens and cattle to have them "produce" or "grow", may have unintended consequences)

I could be quite wrong, but it does seem to be an interesting correlation.

kareninca's picture

Lab animals are becoming obese:  They aren't eating at the Cheesecake Factory, and they aren't getting less exercise.  It's posited that it may be a due to a virus, it may be endocrine disrupters, it may be change in environment (e.g. lighting).  Who knows.  In any case, something is going on in addition to our eating crap and sitting around, since those explanations don't apply to lab animals.

GeoffreyT's picture

What this proves is that "data journalists" can get top-tier distribution by writing clickbait horse-shit hyping a statistically-insignificant difference between two numbers.

Shit like this would never have had a chance of getting it through the original Tyler/Marla filters, but those days are well and truly gone: whoever they sold to is slowly but inexorably turning this place into BuzzFeed.

So much for tech tolling the death-knell for unskilled labour (data journalists, aand journalists generally, are unskilled - perhaps not relative to the population at large, but certainly relative to anyone with half a fucking brain).

Also shows that infographics are getting cheaper and cheaper.

I Write Code's picture

Live fast die young

Run over by a drunken Mexican shooting at another drunken Mexican and didn't see you there

And it's your fault for being so fat he couldn't miss you

His bullets kill another innocent bystander who was even fatter than you

And all the averages drift lower ...


Déjà view's picture

"Live Fast Die Young...

Have A Good Looking Corpse"...

~  James Dean Aged 24

strayaway's picture

The recent immigration of huge numbers of poorly educated impoverished third worlders who replace US workers with union health benefits might be playing into these statistics. 

whoisjg's picture

4 Millions Americans thrown to the gutter by the H-1B Genocide program

seataka's picture

yes, why don't we contaminate th entire food chain with a pesticiide called glyphosphate (c) (tm) MONSANTO

"Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature." Georgia Guidestones

Rich Stoehner's picture

American citizens are living shorter, but the mega American corporations are living forever!!

scoutshonor's picture

#4) unintentional injuries.  There is enough information about the danger of mixing opiates and fentanyl that this behavior needs to be called what it is--suicide.

Recently the health department in Conn. Issued an alert because the attempted ressusitation of patients had used up the areas supplies of narcan.

In the prison systems the CDC has mandated the immediate use of narcan at the housing level instead of the emergency treatment area.

There is nothing recreational about the deaths from opiates mixed with fentanyl--it is suicide and is going to get worse.

TruthHunter's picture

 attempted resuscitation...

They are trying too hard. You can't make the world idiot proof. Warn people then

let them play chicken with their miserable lives.

Fake Trump's picture

Caused by a new lethal virus called " Trump Virus". No known cure todate.

Grandad Grumps's picture

The answers for this are easy. But, just believe that it is what those in power want.

quietdude's picture

Why are we dying sooner? Drugs, hopelessness, and CARBS. The average Americant pigs out on massive amounts of carbs and suffers the consequence of diabetes, stroke, and heart attack. I cut out most carbs for an insurance exam and ate high fat, moderate protein . Lost 25 pounds, fasting blood sugar dropped from 104 to 82. Blood pressure from 140/70 to 120/65. A1C is 5.6. BMI is now 23.7 . Diabetes is rampant in my family but I am not diabetic at age 62. I did all this in about a month of not eating carb laden shit and fast food. 


The body will self repair if you do not wait too long.  






Farmerz's picture

I hear ya brother, similar situation here, feel so much better cutting out most sugar, and junk food, lost 20lbs or so also.  Amazing what those insurance medical screenings can do for you!

Bastiat's picture

Those are great results, congratulations.  But you  didn't mention you blood cholesterol numbers. 

All "carbs" are not equal--whole grains, complex carbs are not the same as sugar, HFCS, and flour.

Many have accomlished similar drops in the numbers you cite on a whole grain plant based diet with the additonal benefit of dropping cholesterol to 170 and LDL in particular under 100. 


DeaconPews's picture

On a serious note. It's online/ video game addiction. People are not living the way they used to. Sitting on their asses all day surfing the inerwebs or playing on their game consules

moorewasthebestbond's picture

I agree.


The gym I go to is mostly fatbodies playing on their phones.

meditate_vigorously's picture

Agricultural chemicals, food packaging, water treatment issues (fluoridation, inadequate filtration), processed foods probably account for a lot of it.

Pharmaceuticals for profit leads to drugs meant to sustain chronic conditions without considering longitudinal side effects.

Above all, our cultural is piling on increasing levels of stress that are unsustainable. Stress induced chemicals are meant to see the body through short term hardships. They will kill you if they are sustained.

Last of the Middle Class's picture

You want to see zombies? Go to Wal Mart and watch they're there putting processed blood sludge in their baskets slowly killing themselves. I ride a bicycle about 100 miles a month and I have people all the time tell me "you're gonna get killed" Americans are entitled and just do not want to engage with their environment in any way that affects longevity. Or, as the rest of the world knows us, they're fucking fat and lazy.

DistortedPictures's picture

Pigs getting prepared for slaughter. 

Expat's picture

Guns, violence, poor health care, poor education, willful ignorance about health and medicine, stress from the economy, continuous state of hatred and xenophobia.  All the things that characterize America versus other civilized countries.

Get rid of your guns.  Teach children that violence is not an appropriate response.  Teach science and humanities.  Remove religion from politics.  Stop Wall Street and Big Business from raping the people and the land.  Stop advertising aimed at children.  Stop advertising for unhealthy foods. 

Basically, change America entirely!

LOL.  good luck with THAT!  Frankly, the rest of the world is happy that you all die faster.  Makes us safer.

Expat's picture

Downvoting won't change reality.  But hey, get ANGRY at me!!! Maybe you will have a heart attack!

Sparehead's picture

Guns are our right and they stay. Violence is mainly a problem in leftist shitholes.

Socialism is a failed ideology and will only continue to make healthcare and the economy worse.

The left promotes hatred and division and xenophobia is a bullshit term.

The left has taken over the education system and has thoroughly fucked it to the point of turning out a generation of snowflakes. To your subsequent point, indoctrinating and propagandizing children is advertising aimed at children.

The left, through their unholy alliance with Islam, is the one injecting religion into politics. The UK has even begun allowing sharia courts, but I'm sure you're more concerned gender bending and attacking Christian business owners.

We got a taste of fundamentally transforming America, we didn’t care for it. The rest of the world is also turning to shit, is seeing the same health declines, and will be forced to reevaluate your socialist BS and it collapses. We’re watching the EU fall apart now and we’re happy to see it go.

UndertheDRADIS's picture

Mrs. UndertheDRADIS has lots of commentary from her relatives in the Socialist Workers Utopia of Venezuela. They have "socialized medicine", but one has to supply one's own sheets, medicines, and equipment, none of which are available in VEB toilet paper. One of her relatives recently died due to a lack of a medication that has a five dollar copay in the US. Every time she thinks about this, she does her Pissed off Chihuahua Imitation.

From what we can tell, the only thing that is "socialized" is the large number of imported Cuban "doctors" with their two-year medical degrees.