UMich Confidence Rebounds As Political Polarization Plunges To Worst Since Obama's Election

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Political polarization among Americans has swung to its most tilted towards Republicans since President Obama's election.

Source: Bloomberg Comfort Index

But this has not stopped the majority of Americans being more upbeat as UMich printed 98.0 for April (better than expected and up from March). Current Conditions are at their highest level since Nov 2000...

Notably, partisanship had no impact on the Current Conditions Index (Democrats and Republicans differed by just 0.4 points), but while respondents suggest the beginning of a convergence on the Expectations Index, with the figure for Democrats rising 7% and falling for Republicans by 7%; the gap still remained an astonishing 50.5 Index points.

A slow pace of convergence will make it more difficult to disentangle political fervor from what appears to be a growing sense among consumers that the economy will experience fundamental changes in the years ahead. It can be anticipated that optimism will commingle with uncertainty, causing uneven spending patterns across months. Moreover, differential price trends for assets, products, and imports will cause uneven trends in incomes, wealth, and spending across products as well as economic subgroups.

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Dr. Engali's picture

Worst since Lehman.

GUS100CORRINA's picture

To get that PRETTY UMICH CURRENT CONDITIONS CHART, America's DEBT went up by 100%. Really something to behold when one sees the visualization of 20 TRILLION in DEBT.

I am calling this the OBAMA and DEMOCRATIC led hangover!

Truly sad.

May the US Republic R.I.P.!

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Polarisation is a function of two different planes.  As far as I can see, the Neocon Party Plane is the only game in town.  I wonder if they have gold plated toilets too....

The herd must be tied up in mental knots by now.  Error, does not compute..... 


The only winning move is not to play.

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Polarization is simply space, so actually healthy.  The problem is that Americans are polarized about stupid shiyte like abortion or chicks with dicks using special bathrooms.  Meanwhile breaking up monopolies for the common good, the constitution, or accountability for authority are alien to American politics

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These are the dumbest people on the planet. I wouldn't bet on them being right.

I am Jobe's picture

UofMich just needs to close down. hey ahve outlieved their purpose. Also Mich is a dperessing place to live in 

orangegeek's picture

awesome - polarization is great - puts all this hidden marxist shit on display


nigga put the US on a low simmer and turned the country left as far as he could


the genius of marxism/socialism is the "free handouts" for the stupids who vote for this at the expense of their taxes rocketing


stupids can't add


....and Trump will spell all this fucking deceptive crap out  - bypassing the fake news in the process.

medium giraffe's picture

"Trump will spell all this fucking deceptive crap out"


now you're just being a zealot.  how many more dead syrians before you call it a day?

orangegeek's picture

oh fuck off you whiny cunt


Trump hit an army base - care to list all the women and children that were hit???


Mid east info is marginal at best and it's been going on since after WW2.


Want to know who pushes this??? Check Brussels, Geneva and Berlin /Paris.

medium giraffe's picture


"care to list all the women and children that were hit???"

Who was it invented the term 'collateral damage'?

You're one of those false dichotomy, head in the sand types.  Good work.

franzpick's picture

u mich confidence index would have been positive right up thru Oct. '29. posting their propaganda distracts from discovering what is really happening.

TheLastTrump's picture
Love it, want some more of it. "Sessions Border Plan Has Entire Political Spectrum Abuzz"


"Dale Wilcox, General Counsel of FAIR’s sister law firm, the Immigration Reform Law Institute, focused on the potential impact of Sessions’s directives on human traffickers, telling Breitbart News:

Illegal-alien smuggling became a billion-dollar business for the Mexican cartels over the last few years, accounting for a full ten percent of their annual revenues. We have former President Obama to thank for that. His nonenforcement and amnesty policies acted like a magnet for illegal immigration as well as a giant US taxpayer-funded subsidy to the cartels. With leadership fully committed to immigration law enforcement, however, that can and will change.


For his own part, Attorney General Sessions took to the airwaves Tuesday to reiterate the message he made in his Nogales annoucement, telling Fox New’s Sean Hannity that, “The border is not open. Please don’t come. You will be apprehended if you do come, and you will be deported promptly. And if you’re a criminal, you’ll be prosecuted.”

Crusader75's picture

Unfortunately history is crystal clear: most Americans are morons. Conclusion: sell everything.

Jason T's picture

it' an entirely different generation today Vs 2000.

The standards are substantially lower in this millenial generation.  

that they are content living with parents and not having a car is very telling.

shopping at walmart and watching youtube and netflix, playing video games.. life is good.

: /

canisdirus's picture

When your options are being paid peanuts to work your ass off with absolutely no chance of getting ahead or living in someone's basement playing video games and doing drugs, I don't know that I blame them.

Ricki13th's picture

Consumers confidence is what this fake eCONony and markets are built upon. Once that goes so does the markets.

KansasCrude's picture

Michigan University poll is a joke!  No wonder it is a component of the even bigger joke known as the ADP Employment report.   The ADP reports last release a week or so ago was totally absurd.   That like this pathetic joke should be laughed out of existence as its only a red herring for the ass clowns aka Central Banksters to manipulate the markets.   May they rot in HELL and the sooner the better

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The Dem's have lost their minds after the election, and their tactics are turning away more of the middle as time goes on.  "The Repubs suck, but the Dems are outright batshit" is the thought that non-partisans are getting now.