Pompeo Declines to Offer Proof that Assad Gassed His Own People, Say Putin is a Liar

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Our new CIA director, Mike Pompeo, made a few comments today regarding claims by both Assad and Putin that the chemical attack in Idlib was staged.

He declined to provide proof that could put this debate to rest, saying 'there are things that were used to form the base of our conclusions that we can't reveal.' Then he went on to discredit Putin, by pointing to previous instances when the Russian leader was less than forthcoming -- such as eastern Ukraine and the Malaysian airliner incident.

Pompeo also discussed Julian Assange's Wikileaks, saying: 'This absurd definition would have all serious media organizations (with the exception of state owned media) transformed into 'non-state intelligence services'- with the explicitly stated goal of stripping constitutional protections for publishers.'

Assange replied with a mic drop tweet.

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"Jared Kushner and his wife Ivanka Trump enlisted the services of Risa Heller, a New York City public relations figure known for her work with Democrats including former Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-NY), Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY), and Gov. David Paterson (D-NY),"


I realize this isn't like they are hiring Captain Pedomeister himself, but are you serious?  These little rich twits need to hire this whore?

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This has been going on all along - small world, heh?


" I received calls from Risa Heller, whom I had known as a spokeswoman for Democrats Chuck Schumer and Anthony Weiner, saying she now worked for Jared Kushner; and Matthew Hiltzik, Hillary Clinton’s former head of Jewish relations."

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So long as Trump sticks to the gas attack BS, he is on my dogshit list.

Next, look for an Israeli submarine to sink a US Navy vessel off North Korea coast.


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Russian diplomats run circles around the U.S. Neocon hacks:


BTW, Pompeo is a war-monger Reptile.  And Zakharova isn't some Stalinist toady.

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Pompous little prick!

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Now that successive governments and (consequently) CIA bosses have insisted that WMDs, chemical weapon, etc. MUST exist, the intelligence "groundlings" have learned to deliver (the only story the bosses want to hear). The whole "intelligence" community is believing their own lies, based on what they've taught the system to deliver. Intelligent isn't it? 

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Another "owned" flip flop and liar that Trump highly praised.  What a bunch of corrupt politicians.  It seems they just get worse every election.  We've been duped again and always will.  Can't trust anyone except.....ItsHisStory.com 

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Even if Trump is using tricks, he is dealing with Iran, the mother of all tricksters, the ones who did the unsolved Marine barracks bombing in Beirut. Iranian tricks are even more secretive than Israeli tricks. And here we also have Putin using his authority to cover up on Iranian tricks in Syria to prop up Assad.

Trump is not Obama. Obama was working with all the thugs to prop up Assad as Kerry admitted.

The Other Khazars

What people don't know is that the first Khazars to enter the Middle East were the Iranians/Persians, not the Israelis. They slipped south before Alexander the Great blocked the Caucasus mountain pass (now Georgia military highway near Tblisi) to protect the Armenians from Khazarian terrorism (this is recorded in Armenian history books).

There is no difference in bestiality between Israelis and Iranians: they are both Khazar terrorists, bandits. They also call them Gog and Magog, Gog being the leaders, Magog the followers.

They hate all humans, they are of their father, the Devil, the Synagogue of Satan.

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You're grossly misusing scripture to make an anti-Semite (wrong) point.

 Israel is neither Gog nor Magog, but both go against Israel and God himself steps in to defeat them so all will know HE is God.


 The ‘Synagogue of Satan’ isn't referring to the state of Israel or all Jews. Keep in mind all the apostles and Jesus were JEWS. Jews were teaching about Christ. Christianity came from the Jews who followed Jesus. The term Christian was/is term used to describe one who follows Christ; Jew or gentile. 


There's picture

President FlimFlam is a true Wizard... he can turn Chlorine into Sarin and come out smelling like a rose.

EMS workers not wearing protective gear to treat the victims is the clincher.

Yet another example of inventing a problem for which to provide a solution that the Republicans are so often foisting off on America. 

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Ponpeo's appointment proves Trump has failed.

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Govoernment: mostly corrupt, a small bit not, but we're ALL radioactive.

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Raw ambition rules with this dude.   Yeah number 1 from West Point during the middle of Vietnam who wanted to go to West Point then?  Last falls campaign featured he and his son bantering back and forth about his service in the HoR, military, etc.  Really a folksey spin not his M.O.   He is not a Kansan by birth from CA.  he moved here to start an aero space company... not sure what it does.   Wichita bills itself as the air capital as its the home of Cessna,  Beech, Lear Jet (Bombardia now)  Spirit (formerly Boeing) so lots of money in that arena (least used to be).    I questioned him on the TPP as he supported and got the typical its in (my) our best interest to have it.   Total BS!

He is a scary dude and no friend of the constitution or the truth IMHO

There's picture

And Kochs man in their hometown till picked for CIA

IranContra's picture

All Idiots Go to Heaven

God blesses and protects the biologically stupid. He took away their minds, so he gives them faith and takes them to Heaven, no questions asked.

However, for every ounce of intelligence we are endowed with, we shall be asked what we did with it.

The first and foremost question is: did you use your senses and mind to penetrate appearances?

Can you really imagine a transparent Trump surviving a single day in Washington?

If you only believe what you see, then get ready for Hell.

Angel Eyes's picture

"If you only believe what you see, then get ready for hell."

Ha ha. The road to hell is largely paved by what they see but don't believe.

Why do you doubt the evidence of your senses?

But the fool on the hill
Sees the sun going down
And the eyes in his head
See the world spinning round.

The man with the foolish grin is keeping perfectly still, grasshopper.

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Pompeo is allegedly brilliant. They tell me he was first in his class, blah blah blah.....

I remember around 8 years ago, the talk was all about this brilliant and gifted negro, obozo.

I'm not buying any more of the brilliant bullshit.

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uhhhhh....NO ONE ever accused Obama of being at the top of his class.  Quite the contrary.  HIDE his academic records before someone figures out that he can't pass a mass class!

The only thing I remember is someone saying he was "articulate' which was completely false.  The guy couldn't even formulate a sentence when confronted with a non-scripted question.

There's picture

Only dumb students make the Harvard Law review !

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

Biden said he was 'clean'. Can't top that!

Blackwatch's picture

The comments on ZH are notably anti-American, anti-West, and pro-Russia, pro-China, .This website seems to be designed to promote cynicism and mistrust of US and Western institutions, and to promote trust in Putin and Russian leadership. Ever since Trump took military action against Syria, the ZH "commenters community" are almost completely pro Russia, anti US. I am cynical about the honesty and intentions of all governments, and assume that both US and Russian governments are deceptive towards their own populations and those of other countries. It is curious to me how biased in favor of Russia ZH has become. It definitely supports the idea that ZH and similar sites are tools of anti West forces, and that the articles and particularly the comments are pro Russian, anti US psy-op propaganda designed to promote distrust of the US .

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US is using the same argument in Syria (i.e., weapons of mass destruction = chemical weapons) they used in Iraq.  It is getting a little tiring with no proof, now the 2nd or 3rd time.

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The comments on ZH are mostly pro-American (the population)

They are against corruption, deceit and lying at the 'top'. If you think that seeking truth and justice based on evidence is anti-American, it is, in fact, YOU that is anti-American.

Replace 'American' in the second sentence by 'humanity' and it still works.

ALL GOVERNMENTS LIE. It's how the games work.

Wake the fuck up.

Blackwatch's picture

I'm all for seeking truth and justice, and I definitely believe that all governments lie. What I am pointing out is a bias towards criticizing the US government, while subtly or not so subtly supporting the Russian government.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

Conventional stuffing from the Ukro-troll. Nothing special.

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

Had to look at his name again, thought it was Blackwater, which made sense  :-)~

KansasCrude's picture

One could get that opinion if one is naive to the ways of our brutish government.  The frustration with the continued obfuscation of the truth,  neglect of the constitiution, and illicit murder of citizens of the world causes the bitterness.  The arrogance of the lies.   Should we be flag waving hand pumping drones or try and look objectively at ourselves and our enemies?  How does one pursue the truth in the U.S.?  By what we are told by the media, the government.  Most of us here have watched and listened for years and got here because we could not connect the dots and come up with the official version.   How many times do you accept betrayal?

 My guess is few here think Putin is the second coming however compared to what we have he is certainly as step or two above.  AFAIK he is not starting war after war after war around the world.  Has only one or two military bases outside his country.   He has also avoided direct conflict with us on several occassions.    He has turned the other cheek.   

Blackwatch's picture

A perfect example of what I am saying . You are claiming that Putin is a step or two above. This is pro Russia position. Both governments are currupt, you claim Russia is less corrupt. Strange.

Ryan Langemeyer's picture

I gotta reply to Blackwatch....... Putin (and Lavrov, too) IS a step or two above most international diplomats. It's FACT, not opinion. Just watch Lavrov and Putin for a while and one wonders if the US will ever have people as qualified as they are to run the government. This is not pro-Russian, it's reality, something sorely missing in the US right now. 

Blackwatch's picture

A perfect example of what I am saying . You are claiming that Putin is a step or two above. This is pro Russia position. Both governments are currupt, you claim Russia is less corrupt. Strange.

TRM's picture

"promote cynicism" - WTF?? Where have you been for the last 2+ decades? Can you show me an instance of the gov being honest and telling the truth about a disputed international event in that time?

Zerohedge doesn't need to "promote cynicism". The gov has taken care of that repeatedly.

Blackwatch's picture

I am not challenging a cynical perspective towards national governments. I find it interesting that ZH comments side notably with Russia and Putin as being more ethical and trustworthy. Really?

SMC's picture

Yes. Really. Watch a few of his Q&A sessions and you may be a convert to "no bullshit" government. Being a leader does not mean you have to be a nice person, just take care of your nation first and deal with external problems as necessary.

And also, that which should be kept secret, stays secret.

Blackwatch's picture

I suggest you go live in Russia then. And maybe report back to us on your wonderful experience under this no bullshit government.

golden kafir's picture

Funny your name blackwatch amuses me as the canadian blackwatch are a perfect example of how rigid thinking and blindly obeying orders resulted in a massacre in ww2. For those who don't know, the black watch had a policy of never retreating so they bravely marched into machine gun placements and were mowed down like wheat.

SMC's picture

Zero Credibility.

There is a high price to pay when the fleas wag the dog...

Solio's picture

A used car sales technologist got a job at a gov. agency.

Sandmann's picture

Pompeo was a lawyer ergo Liar

CHoward's picture

Yeah - that's the type of job I need.  No accountability whatsoever, ability to hide any and all facts (or lack thereof) from the light of day under the mantel of "national security".


Fucking CIA.  What the hell is wrong with these people?!?

Sirdirkfan's picture

R U listening to the intel committee's grilling of Comey???

It's important that you do.

Comey has declined to answer on the basis of confidentiality/classified more tines than he has answsered!!!!!

Pompeo is right....why reveal their sources b/c ISIS/Iran/Assad will kill them dead.

As well, Assad has a habit of mimicking his crimes---and that means he has gassed his civilians before this latest one.

Get over your anti-Trumpism, you never had it so safe and good.

Northern Flicker's picture

Strawman argument - it's not about sources, it's about evidence, otherwise called proof.

logicalman's picture

Next time you get pulled over by the cops, when they ask for evidence that you are legally allowed to drive, try telling them you can't reveal whether you are or not 'because it's a secret'

One 'legal system' for some, another for the rest.

If brains were dynamite, I doubt you could blow your hat off.


IranContra's picture

Exactly. These trolls are in Israel or Iran. Safe from prosecution, but maybe not for long.

Yes we are safe, I would have never joined ZH under Obama or Hillary. I feel safe because I'm a patriot and have nothing to hide. When was the last time we had that?

Shemp 4 Victory's picture

The lunatic bleats at his sock puppet.

Omen IV's picture

Pompous Pompeo - we dont need no stinkin facts!

Reaper's picture

Emote USA, USA, USA.  Then believe Pompeo.   First in his class at West Point, saying yes to authority and no to independent thought.  He's living proof of data collection danger.  Exceptional morons "think," if I have nothing to to hide, I have nothing to fear.  Fear government hacks altering what was said to convict you. 

Where are the pictures of Russian tanks in Eastern Ukraine?  Where are the air traffic controllers' conversations hidden from the Dutch investigating Malaysian plane crash? Secret, too? 

Pompeo's fallacious argument:  secret sources; ad hominem; appeal to authority of a discredited CIA; no true American, emotion

Here's what's missing in Pompeo's education:    https://yourlogicalfallacyis.com/poster