Boeing To Lay Off "Hundreds" Of Engineers

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President Trump will not be amused. In a letter to employees, Boeing VP John Hamilton announces that the company will lay off "hundreds" of engineers as soon as this week, affecting Washington and "other enterprise locations."

As Bloomberg headlines show:


The timing is interesting as the Ex-Im Bank discussions hot up and comes just 2 months after Trump visited Boeing's South Carolina plant.

Standing in front of a new Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner passenger aircraft made at in North Charleston, Trump repeated his campaign promises to promote American production that partly fueled his dizzying path to the White House. He warned of a "substantial penalty" for companies that move jobs out of the United States.


"We want products made by our workers in our factories stamped with those four magnificent words — made in the USA," Trump said.

The share price is entirely unimpressed...

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Raffie's picture

This is a bit normal when Booooing is done designing a new plane for the ENGINEERING LAYOFFS.

It is part of the production cycle.

Bastiat's picture

And that's WITH the F-35 . . .

AVmaster's picture

This is nothing new.

I worked on the avionics for the 787 and it was pretty much an unspoken understanding that it was gonna be a 8 month show.


Low and behold, once the prototype had its maiden flight, me and 600 others were laidoff... But since we already knew about it, it was no skin off our back, unless you were stupid and thought you were getting a career out of the thing...

MalteseFalcon's picture

So what happened to you next?

Did you load up the truck and move to Beverley, Hills that is?

AVmaster's picture

Close, I actually ended up in Van Nuys, which is about 10 miles away.



PrayingMantis's picture


...  I wonder if Boeing's Moscow, Russia Research & Development office is affected >>> please refer to my comment posting on another thread about Boeing >>> 

Mr. Schmilkies's picture

Sounds like you were contract.  This article implies these engineers are full time employees. 

AVmaster's picture

Nope, employment was "at will".

hannah's picture

what is 'full time' and ma kettle worked for our employer our entire lives in 1936. full time doesnt exist in america. it is 23hrs a week or contract til the job is almost done...key word 'almost' so that the product will have lots of bugs

johnconnor's picture

To be replaced by Indians and Pakistani's H1B holders.... 

Ecclesia Militans's picture

That's what happens when the President Elect calls BS on the price of his next private jet....

doomchild's picture


a Smudge by any other name's picture

The MIC will re-absorb them. And Elon is still hiring right?

spastic_colon's picture

so new record highs for BA and the DOW imminently right?

homebody's picture

Many heading back to India.  That H1B  program works very well until Trump.  

carlnpa's picture

They will never go back.


Look at the numbers, 1.2 million H1B STEMS have stayed in the US over the years.


HelluvaEngineer's picture

Looking around I'd say there are that many in my state alone

Abbie Normal's picture

Isn't this a good thing?  Once they get green cards and eventually their citizenship, they're no longer eligible for H1-B visas.  Then they can join the ranks of the other unemployed STEMs.

Anteater's picture

If ICE wanted to deport overstaying Hindus, they'd get the Uber app and nab them like flies to honey, then roll around in the con fiscated cabs to all the flea-blown motels along the southern tier, and pick them off like rats at the garbage dump.

But they're more interested in deporting Christian Mexicans, who do all our hard labor, because the payoffs from the Mexican human traffickers are much higher than from Scott, Bezos and Zuckerberg for the Hindus.

Now we'll make a huge belly-flop in East Asia, so Apple can keep shipping China's iPhone 7s duty-free, while South Korea's Samsung gets hit with war-time shipping and insurance surcharges on Galaxy 8, which is far better build quality. Cell Wars.

I am Jobe's picture

I thought they wanted STEM guys in the USA. Apparently not What is neede din the USA are Blow and Hookers 

corporatewhore's picture

why don't they follow the HR advice and lay them off at Thanksgiving or Christmas?  You know, no one ever commits suicide near the holidays. /sarc

this is the bullshit advice HR spouts.

homebody's picture

Those are jobs no Americans would do.

VWAndy's picture

  Right after they finish trainning up the H1Bs.

whoisjg's picture

I have an idea, lets lay off our hardest working best and brightest americans, claim we have no unemployed and not extend unemployment benefits, and bring in 8 million curry eaters with fake degrees who are "just as good"

Has Trump done anything? Nope hes just a big pro business GOON!

wisehiney's picture

They could get a job piloting cruise missles a la Slim Pickens.

just the tip's picture

what about major kong? 

you do know that wasn't, exactly, a cruise missle.

L Bean's picture

Meh. Squirrel!

Northrop Grumman is hiring so many new people in my county that they can't find housing(well, "good" housing).  A realtor just went door to door with this story(to a few hundred homes in several adjacent gated communities), offering ppl cash for their houses(best school district, etc). And this is just an anecdotal snapshot. Raytheon and Rockwell Collins are also booming around here. And Harris Corp recently diverted a main road and "bought" part of a nature preserve for a new building and more of a security buffer.

Benito_Camela's picture

Does Northrup Grumman make passenger planes? Do they do anything besides DoD or other military related work? 

L Bean's picture

yeah. Squirrel! Boeing gets like $50(? or 30? anyway..enough) billion in defense contracts a year. The US squirrel airlines will downsize regardless, as few and fewer can afford the cost, hassle, and ultimate impracticality of frequent air travel - mostly for bullshit; unenjoyable vacations, pointless work seminars/conventions/dinners.

Bludklot's picture

Don't forget Space-X, Blue Origin, and Boeing up at Cape Canaveral. Lots of STEM activity in Brevard.

Icewater Enema's picture

See kids, get into STEM! Plenty of STEM jobs for everyone!

Elliott Eldrich's picture

"See kids, get into STEM! Plenty of STEM jobs for everyone!"

You mean "Plenty of STEM jobs for everyone from India and China!" Fixed it for you.

Posa's picture

Paid for by the governments of India and China

E.F. Mutton's picture

And how many are H1-B?  Yeah, thought so.

Global Hunter's picture

they in the civilian department?  Re-hired to military dept next week!

Stuck on Zero's picture

The Asian countries won't purchase Boeing products unless Boeing manufactures there and transfers all the technology to those countries. C'mon Trump, get a law passed to do the same thing to the mercantilists.

BlindMonkey's picture

Iran too wants Boeings for their airlines.

There are competitors in civil aviation from China and Russia but nobody beats the big two in terms of quality and support and it isn't even close.

EhKnowKneeMass's picture

Trump on twitter.

"Boe-out-ing. Very bad. Unacceptable. Silly. !MAGA. Seriously. Yuge. Bigly. USA. USA. USA."

allamerican's picture

welcome to walmart..

probably L5 engineers making 100+ only..


803Mastiff's picture

How soon will Tesla's market cap will exceed Boeing?

BullyBearish's picture

as soon as they announce their new self-driving aeroliner...tuesday i think...

doomchild's picture

foot soldiers or cannon fodder needed for the upcoming warzzz, no injuniyaahss not needed... 

NAVIGATOR0832's picture

Looks like they're trading B-2's for H1B's.