Homebuilder Confidence Dips In April

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After reaching 12 year highs in March, Homebuilder confidence dipped in April led by a notable decline in the Northeast and Midwest regions. All four underlying components dropped in April with future sales expectations back near post-election lows.

Current and future sales indices dropped as did prospective buyer traffic.

Of course, as Upton Sinclair pointed out so perfectly in this case, "It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it."

This index is not a leading index in anyway.

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Ignore. Buy stocks.

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It's no more POTUS,


Ginger, Orange, Mulato President of the United States

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Here in my neck of the woods, the most expensive property( one home once owned by Tyler Perry) in the City was bought and bulldozed for a new development.  Today construction has stopped and it is our newest eyesore.



Creative Destruction this was not.  Just a greedy City Council drooling over property tax dollars.

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Homeowners are bitching in Round Rock, Austin, Texas as Property taxes rise. I guess the party is over for homeowners. Wolf Street predicted that if you are not movable you are going to pay the price 

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Every fucking things down except wages and inflation.

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Two words...

Priced. Out.

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Im in land development, we have no confidence at these prices.  The ability to get a mortgage for buyers at these prices is fading, the land is far too expensive, everyone thinks they are sitting on a goldmine and trying to cash out and retire - newsflash, its just dirt until I improve it.  Im seeing people asking for 500% increases for the land from just 3 years ago, complete insanity out there.

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If the asking is more than $1,000 an acre, it's priced too high. 

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Must be the weather, right? 

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Not in Dallas, Texas

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In Dallas, Houston, Miami, SF, LA Denver, Boston, NY Philly, London, Paris, Tokyo, Moscow..... Everywhere.

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I love today's morning popup in stocks, it will make tomorrow's selloff worse, look closely at VIX the end of the day, it wont change the trend, its going down.  

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Hard data not buying this recovery, now soft data is rolling back, you know what happen next.

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My realtor sez now looks like a good time to buy.

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LOL.... I know you're joking but my realtor actually says, "Boy, if I was in the market for a house, this is the one I'd buy." She says it every single time. Of course we're not buying.... ;-)

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I strongly disagree - sales in las vegas are exploding


Gladi8tor's picture

I strongly disagree - sales in las vegas are exploding