Visualizing The Largest Armed Forces In The World

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In response to a U.S. navy battle group being sent toward the Korean peninsula at the weekend, Pyongyang has responded with a warning of "catastrophic consequences”, adding that North Korea is "ready to react to any mode of war desired by the U.S." With China supposedly agreeing that some form of action now has to be taken on its ally, Statista's Martin Armstrong looks at the countries with the largest amount of active-duty troops in the world.

Infographic: The Largest Armed Forces in the World | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

Should the increasing tensions with Pyongyang eventually equate to boots on the ground, the North Korean army is certainly not short on numbers. According to the International Institute for Strategic Studies (as reported by the New York Times), after China, India, and the USA, Kim Jong-un has the fourth largest amount of active-duty troops at his disposal.

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 Does anyone other then the war mongers care? Im over it.

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meh, im not even gonna bother with the stupidity of this article...

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This stats are useless. USA is not going to put all of its 1,3 million troops into North Korean action, meanwhile North Korean 1,2 million troops will be all in it, dug in and close to home bases.

In 1990's US DoD estimated that in case of North Korean invasion American military will lose 40 000 to 100 000 casualties (dead).

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A conflict with Iran would have similar stats. Only people that get a hard on with the thought of others dying would propose the insanity of war.

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They keep citing how easy US military defeated Saddam Hussein. Except no on mentions that 9 of Saddam's top generals were bribed with huge sums of money and fled abroad at the right moment.

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Or that the US had starved the Iraqis for a decade before attacking.

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Hundred Billion trillion heavily armed man; 1000's of high powered sub marines, 500 million war ships @ 1 trilliion each, thousand million companies living of the "security" narrative, a billion satelites hanging in space looking into your ass hole, hundreds of thousands of civil servants bowing for war and destruction in far away places they canot even pronounce......

and in 2001, 10 guys with box cutter @ US$ 8.89 each brought America to their knees

Stupid fucks.

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And with 1 dumb comment you have reduced many here on ZH to tears.

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"You live by the sword, you die by the sword", Fool. Now dont come cry-baby again áfter a similar 911 attack.

With almost every person (in)directly working for the US military while being CCTV-ed, snooped upon and listened to, you can't even find Facebook killer Steve Stephens in his white Ford Fusion even if he had a blue flash light on his car!!!


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Don't hesitate to up your meds. Its okay. You can take as many as you want. 10, 12 it won't hurt you.

finametrics's picture

not really dipstick. that guy may be somewhat less than eloquent, but his point is 100% correct.

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911 is how ISRAEL commited America to endless war in the middle east at their behest all for Greater Israel and the stinkin Zionists

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they could have been well paid, fat, happy and every troop at peak and Iraq would still have gone down like a two dollar whore in a back alley... motherfuckers had no air cap, when that happens planes and missiles have free reign... the Road of Death wasn't inflicted by a large number of US troops, it was a handful of A10s with free and clear skies at their disposal... just one example of many...

"but but boots on the ground"... that's only needed for *** occupation *** not whooping your ass... easily, I would add...

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The Russian Central Bank, like all “emerging market” central banks are treaty bound to print local currency only in a prescribed ratio to their “hard currency” reserves. The latter are the USD, the UKP, the EUR, the JPY, and now the CNY.

As IMF treaties are considered International Treaties, they stand above the law of the land.

These treaties are the instruments whereby the US’ IMF-USD $ystem keeps the dollar in demand, and extracts value from the “3rd world” which are thereby forced to sell raw commodities to print enough currency to develop their internal economies. Of course, they can never really sell enough, and so they stay where they are.
So, when the USM buys some insanely expensive aircraft carrier, or fighter aircraft, the rest of the world pays for it. In turn, the US uses that same carrier or aircraft to enforce the treaties. A self-reinforcing arrangement that allows the US and its allies to enjoy all the benefits of thievery over honest toil. “Extraordinary privilege”, DeGaulle called it.

The Russian Central Bank is doubly constrained by virtue of its (American authored) constitution which all but prohibits its restructuring.

You can read a rather lengthy, but eye opening treatise on this subject here:

thisandthat's picture

Actually, Russia was working to reinstate supremacy of national laws over international treaties.

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That's how you win wars; bribery, spying, misdirection. You want a fair fight? Don't be naive.

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McCain must have a real throbber now.

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"...the North Korean army is certainly not short on numbers."

They are short on food. Not bullets.

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Oh, dead... i thought by "lose" you meant misplaced. Ok

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If there was a purely conventional war then the North Koreans would be wiped out.

To start with they would devestate the south Korean capital, but from that point onwards they would be losing, the main problem is logistics, the North Korean economy struggles to feed itself at the best of the times.  Add to that their airforce is antiquated, as Rommel noted, any army operating without air superiority is like a group of cavemen.  Precision strikes on the front line and B52's carpet bombing rear areas with impunity will roll any armed force over.

Even worse when you consider the type of mongs they are fighting for, I'm sure quite a large percentage of the north Korean population know they are poor, anyone who has any inkling of how badly their government has screwed them over won't be laying their life down for the fatman running the show.

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Article I Section 8 authorizes Congress to raise and support Armies, "but no Appropriation of Money to that Use shall be for a longer Term than two Years."

It's been a long two years.

Aegeas Du'Augloth's picture

It may seem non sensical right now but it's 3:00 eastern time....

The biggest, largest, throbbing army ever just declared war on the gently asleep mother nation. I'm not sure of the morning ramifications, but I'm sending in the special little swimming special ops forces as we speak....

My sneak invasion has been repelled... My intercontinental satellites have been hacked, the mother ship refuses to be docked by my intruding vessel.

Foiled again....

Perhaps I'll reinvade tomorrow.

Update v 2.o  3:15 ~ after diplomatic diplomacy and reminding the mother nation of who finanances her countries deficit spending, she has decided to review her previous retraction and has formidably decided to allow little soldiers to be stationed at her harbor port canal in the morning.

A win , win for the world ! Through diplomatic measures, everyone always gets a even fair deal !


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There you go...

"Birth of a Nation"

Now, in soft porn.

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What could possibly go wrong when we get suckered into WWII style "infantry wars" in China/Taiwan, NK, NATO nations and the middle east?  TPTB will have to draft everything with a pulse.  And what will happen when Russia starts taking a beating?  A sudden nuclear attack. Fear porn?  Maybe...but I've already seen the surprise attack in advance.  Lots of people are going to die.  Many millions...probably billions.  

07564111's picture

And what will happen when Russia starts taking a beating?

Covered in this document, signed by Pres V.Putin, and which is in effect until 2020

EddieLomax's picture

No politician today will let their western country get sucked into a ground war with an equal opponent, if there is any war then expect a lot of airstrikes and missile strikes.

Ground forces would only be deployed if the enemy was already beaten, the reason being that there is nothing in Asia worth a large casualty number.

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n what amounts to a surely shocking bit of news for the PC hardware industry, Intel has announced it has cancelled IDF17, and terminated the Intel Developer Forum program altogether. Intel had previously announced there would not be an IDF in China this year, but now the cancellation appears to have gone global and permanent.


war ....  

sinbad2's picture


You don't think that it might have something to do with China now being more advanced in CPU design than Intel?

The_Juggernaut's picture

Right? The Chinese haven't invented anything on their own since gunpowder.

Battlefield USA's picture

Best case scenario? China and Russia persuade Kim to not respond to U.S.A. belligerence for awhile and the "God-Emperor" Trumpf is hoisted on a Rainbow Fart spewing Unicorn in a Ticker-Tape parade to boost his ego and hailed as a 3D Chess Ninja. And hopefully, he'll put his penis pump away.

HockeyFool's picture

Yep, and if only Hillary had won things would be so much better on the foreign policy front, right? You stupid fuck.

Bockerglory's picture

NK army is a conscript army & those that join do so for food. There will be a core of hardened soldiers but when it all kicks off the NK soldiers will desert (just like Iraqi army when Isis took control).

NK was always going to be a military situation. So let China & Us fix. Sanctions do not work - the sanctions just create entrenchment and starvation. Sanctions are a form of siege warfare and to win you have to take out the leader militarily.

It is that simple.

Belrev's picture

If it is that simple, then go on betting sites and bet according to your analysis. Genius. You will be rich.

HockeyFool's picture

Because betting sites are the crystal ball to the future.

sinbad2's picture

People get very patriotic when foreigners try to invade, ask the Vietnamese.

Thom Paine's picture

I think you will not only find overwhelming NK troop numbers against US troops, but quite a number of Chinese and Russian advisers with all their military equipment neccessary to defeat US tech.

AND it is guaranteed that US boots will see NK giving Seould a great deal of colateral damage.


Should the increasing tensions with Pyongyang eventually equate to boots on the ground, the North Korean army is certainly not short on numbers.

sinbad2's picture

Some years back, South Korea complained that NK interference with GPS was causing SK airlines to go off course.

The fact that the US GPS system is now the plaything of many countries, is probably the worst kept military secret in history.

The US military is totally dependent on GPS.

East Indian's picture

 giving Seould a great deal of colateral damage.


That is the whole idea. Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria are small. Now the NWO needs even bigger countries to lay waste. 

Thom Paine's picture

In the modern world, you don't need a big army or be a big countr, unless your expansionist.

You just need lots of nukes and nobody would dare touch you.

Everyone is lying's picture

MOABs kill everything in a 1 mile radius.


Line up C-130's and hit the Nork end of the DMZ, and also hit where Lil Kim was last reported.


The Nork Army would just as soon get rid of the Lil Fukker.


Turn the mess over to the Nork Army, with China supervising the cleanup.

UnschooledAustrianEconomist's picture

And you think those guys sit on the top of the hill cheering at the incoming C130? They had 60+ years to dig themselves in.

TheMagician's picture

Rednecks like EIL are used to talk and scream before they think. It's their way of life. You can´t change that.

TheMagician's picture

C-130, meet S-400. Game over. Russians have their required feedback for further development. North Korea have the nicest war propaganda for 24/7 TV about the "superior" NK defense system. Trump has...nothing but another fuck up.

HockeyFool's picture

Please say hello to your pay master, Beelzebub Soros for me.

StarSoul's picture

You forgot to add...NK has a Military First Policy. Which means, every NK is trained in some form of weapon usuage from the age of 12 to 70. When called for fight. You are looking at around 10 to 20 million force. Every one in NK knows how to shoot. 

American Elite knows. They would only engage with NK to fulfill Bible Propeshies. It would be the end of time as America decides to go on war with NK. 

Centerist's picture

That'll be 10-20 million starved carcases.  They're barely nourished in peacetime.  They'll be staggering about and passing out within a couple of days, and their weapons won't have any ammo.

sinbad2's picture

You keep hearing about how Koreans are starving, but they all look pretty healthy in the pics.

Maybe they keep 20 million well fed for propaganda purposes whilst the other 5 million starve?

Or maybe the west uses the North Korean famine of the 1990's for propaganda purposes?

You know the US refused to allow Korea to buy food during the famine, and gloated over the deaths?