Trump Mulling Reneging on Another Campaign Pledge, Thanks to Ivanka and Jared Kushner

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The global warming activist democrats in Trump's White House, led by Ivanka and Jared Kushner, are trying to convince the President to reneg on yet another campaign pledge, against the advice of Steve Bannon.

According to Bloomberg, a pro Paris bloc in his administration, which targets greenhouse emissions, is recruiting energy companies to lobby the President to remain in the controversial agreement that he specifically said was a waste of money during the campaign.

Liquified natural gas producer, $LNG, is an ardent supporter of the agreement, obvious reasons.

"Domestic energy companies are better positioned to compete globally if the United States remains a party to the Paris agreement," Cheniere wrote. The accord "is a useful instrument for fostering demand for America’s energy resources and supporting the continued growth of American industry."


Additionally, Exxon Mobil, Royal Dutch Shell Plc and BP Plc are pro agreement. This is classic crony capitalism. By erecting environmental obstacles, the above energy giants will, effectivley, create a moat around their businesses. No one actually believes BP or Exxon cares about global warming, right?


Both Steve Bannon and EPA head, Scott Pruitt want out of the agreement. But, since Trump's fashion designer daughter wants to keep her liberal NYC friends, the President is said to be weighing his options.

Trump is nearing a decision on whether he will fulfill repeated pledges to withdraw the U.S. from the accord he previously derided as "bad for U.S. business." The White House postponed a planned Tuesday meeting of senior administration officials, including Pruitt, Tillerson, Kushner and Bannon, to go over the pros and cons of staying in the agreement, according to an aide citing a scheduling conflict.
The administration will decide what to do before late next month, when world leaders gather for the Group of Seven summit in Italy, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said.
Not every energy executive is on board. Coal baron Robert E. Murray has been outspoken in criticizing the deal, arguing it’s "just a way for other countries to get American money."

Sec. of State,  Rex Tillerson, warned that backing out of the deal might cause the eurofags to retaliate by boycotting US businesses.

The Paris agreement, formed under Obama, commits America to cut emissions by 26% by 2025.

"The Paris agreement is designed to undermine American self government over the long term because the whole point of it is to put the United States inside a political pressure cooker" and influence domestic energy policy, said Marlo Lewis, a senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute. "The coal companies and oil and gas companies that are flirting with the Paris agreement don’t understand the existential threat that they’re buying into.”

We eagerly await the outcome of yet another Bannon v Kushner battle.

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atthelake's picture

Trump is in office 3 months and all these fear porn articles arent worth spit, until they are.

aloha_snakbar's picture

Swamp creatures are cute when they are babies... especially when they are related to the president...

silentboom's picture

The agreements are nothing more than wealth redistribution.  If he bends on this, I and many other will join the left in tearing him down.

HardAssets's picture

Well, this is one of those 'might do' articles.

Guess we'll have to wait & see what he actually does.

Rabbitnexus's picture

Indeed. It may yet be the ONLY promise he does keep.  Keep the faith brother.

jomama's picture

The left isn't the only imaginary demographic who loathe our current puppet.

IranContra's picture

Putin agreed with Trump about expelling Hezbollah and all Iranian militias from Syria and Iraq. According to Iraqi webite, Kushner set up measures to cleanse Iraq from thousands of named Iranian officers who are sabotaging the fight against ISIS among other things.

Kushner de-Iranifying Iraq

The De-Iranification of Arab lands has started since Trump took office. Arab-hating racist Obama gave all Arab lands to Iran. Trump is reversing that. Obama also gave Afghanistan to Iran.

Many Israelis were complicit in helping Iran take over Arab lands and develop nuclear weapons. Kushner is loyal to Trump, and Like Netanyahu, is no longer accepting the neocon lie that Iran can be trusted by Israel and the Arabs.

Lucky Leprachaun's picture

Kushner is loyal to his Tribe and to Israel. Trump and the US are just tools in furthering their aims.

highwaytoserfdom's picture

We carbon taxed some Goyim folks.


very apparent that Mossad, Saudi intel  and Pakistani intel did 911 for police state.

Jarad Ivanka and grand children were given a little Scalia style pillow talk.  The 50b to Bibi has to stop. When is next election there?

"War is peace", "Freedom is slavery", and "Ignorance is strength"


bardot63's picture

Fake.  Coming from Bloomberg, no reasonable credibility.

Insurrector's picture


So you are more credible than Bloomberg?

Prove it!

Stud Duck's picture

LMAO at the fly this morning! The big bad Trumpanzie finally seeing the light! Please deag up some of your blogs before the election and possibly learn how fucking ignorance you really are.

Lostinfortwalton's picture

If coal is so non-competitive why was it necessary for the EPA to kill it with dracionian regulations? If coal is so un-economical why must these regulations stay in place?

MFL5591's picture

Who the fuck voted for Ivanka and Kushner?  

VangelV's picture

Funny how conservatives are finally beginning to figure out that Trump is what he always has been, a social democrat who shared many of the same ideas as the Clintons believed were true.  Kushner and Ivanka are out of their element because they are clueless about the science and have fallen for a claim of a false consensus.  That makes them scared that they would not be popular and that they might be ridiculed.  

Mike Masr's picture


Trump has already betrayed us. He sold out to the deep state and the neocons. Notice how ALL of the media attacks against Trump have STOPPED!!!

Now he is a puppet of the neocons and George Soros!  

Never ending wars, regime changes, color revolutions and the world's policeman cost us trillions and make us hated and great!

Make the Neocons Great Again!

Fuck him!

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

seems the folks at the EPA, have lost alot of regs with Trump's executive orders..

maybe some of us here might want to remember that..

Coal miners back to work, might just make this" sky is falling "thread a little premature?

ya think?

decades of DC killing our mines and industry cannot be overturned in 100 days, much less 4 yrs..

He is the only politician who has hit DC with actions he can do as president in rolling back immigration orders, h1b visas, and giving ICE power to follow our laws..

some of us want it all..well folks he ain't the king. he is only the president.. what can't you understand?

Insurrector's picture

Decades of DC killing our mines?  What a bunch of hogwash - you're tipsy on Trump Kool Aid my friend.

Market pressure has dethroned King Coal.  Natural gas and new ways of extracting oil have made coal uncompetitive.  Facts have a way of disrupting alternative realities.

The Gray Man's picture

Kushner is a pompous, arrogant little fop. He's a weakling, not even a real man. Get him out of the fucking WH.

Lostinfortwalton's picture

You mean letting your convict Daddy buy you a slot at Harvard with a large donation is a sign of being a total little shit? Who knew?

Wahooo's picture

A l'Orange one minute, Peking Duck the next, never an American. Orange Guy is a member of the global elite. It's that simple.

AlbertthePudding's picture

These people in Trumps cabinet are largely lefties or fellow travelers for whatever reason....globalist greed I guess.

Where have the Libertarians and sceptics gone? The thing with the family may be a ruse to isolate them..they may not be as bad as this article makes out but the whole deal looks more and more like a setup. And this level of disappointment may turn out to be worse than having the criminals in power.


Not one of the people in the cabinet is reporesenting the people's interests..except the earlier version of DT and the increasingly silent Steve Bannon.

ronaldwilsonreagan's picture

Don't feel so bad Trumptards it is not like Trump was an obvious con with warnings from anybody that ever did business with him, Oh wait he was obvious and there were plenty of warnings. You fucktards should go back to masturbating to penthouse pets and leave politics to people that have brains. 

pine_marten's picture

Hillary Clinton lost the election.  That will keep me happy forever, and apparently have you eating sour grapes forever as well.

AlbertthePudding's picture

I think you mean different magazines!

Opinionsareus's picture

LOL!! I love all the Trump suckers on this board who are just now starting to "feel the con". Enjoy, suckers!

Is-Be's picture

Listen up knuckleheads,

Not everyone buys into your American USA,USA. USA Paradigm that every problem be broken down into Republican versus whatever the opposition is called.

We don't give a flying fuck about your self-imposed angst.

Climate change is real and we caused it. How do I know! Because the Ice is melting. ( Hate fuckimg ice anywhy) I hope you like whatever passes for food over there.

The wheat belt of the Midwest is unstable. Sometimes it is Forrest, sometimes desert. At the moment it is in between. 

"It's not my fault" pouted dindunuffin.

No one cares who is to blame. What we care about is getting enough food. And not having the Atlantic in the Attic.

Damn but you people are fodder for Mr.Darwin. Grist for his mill.

Think damn it!  What is Detroit good at? Large spinning machinary. Windmills fucknuckles! Join the dots that are crawling all over your walls

Kiss your fantasies of working down a coal pit goodbye.. The high grade anthracite is all gone.

Coal is yesterday's dream.Its not going to make a big comeback.

Its as dead as Elvis.

Andre's picture

AGW is bullshit. Between siting errors (placing most recording station in known keat islands like airports, for exmple, numerous examples of cooked data (hockey stick, anyone?) and rgw facr rge use of "renwables" is both more costly and less effective, I'll take a coal plant with scrubber stacks over bird-killers any day.

detached.amusement's picture

it'd help if the AGW-brainwashed could actually recognize that, without a comprehensive solar model, ALL long term GCM predictions are GARBAGE.

Abaco's picture

The last major ice age ended about 10,000 years ago.  We were still in the stone age and had no possible impact on the climate. The previous ice ages accurred millions ago before humanity existed. Tell me again how you "know" we are causing climate change. Fucking dumb ass.

Koba the Dread's picture

You said, "The wheat belt of the Midwest is unstable. Sometimes it is Forrest, sometimes desert." Shouldn't that be 'forest', a non- capitalized noun meaning a whole big bunch of trees close together? Or is Forrest a person? Is it 'desert' or does Forrest want some dessert, like some pi or kake.

When you say "the ice is melting," how do you know? Did you go out and measure all the ice in the world? Or are you relying on ice experts. Let me tell you about the ice experts: They're all nerds like Jerry Lewis in The Nutty Professor. If they don't say 'the ice is melting', they don't get laid. Ever! Because it's trendy to believe the ice is melting. It's cool! It's fashionable. It's a la mode!

Question: Is the water from all that melted ice (call it the Atlantic), is it in anyone's attic yet?  Or let's be more conservative here. Is it spilling over into anyone's bathtub yet?

Shoot! I can go on with this mild mockery until the cows come home. Oh! Wait! Here come the cows. I can just see their horns above the water line. Glub-glub-glub!

Playtime's Over's picture

Because the ice is melting........well, thanks for clearing it up for all of us who don't have all the data as you obviously don't.  Open your mouth some more and make a bigger ass out of yourself millenial POS.

orangegeek's picture

Ivanka is on the road to becoming POTUS - if she doesn't become a stupid fucking cunt.


Careful Ivanka.

Abaco's picture

That horse is out of the barn.

Koba the Dread's picture

She has already been inducted into the Valkyries, SFC.

lakecity55's picture

....and, in the end, the Americans discovered Trump was, in fact, a New York Jew.

Hammer of Light's picture

ewwww... harsh... but fair. The worst kind of Jew you'd ever want to deal with. How about... get the FUCKING JEWS OUT OF DC? How about we create a nice little mass deportation and send them all back to their sand in the dessert.

This is and has gotten far too disgusting. Filthy maggot JEWS running every aspect of America as in AMERICAN politics, BANKING, MEDIA, FILM... we are an invaded nation and hierarchy overrun by the filth of Zionism which in my opinion should be eradicated like a cancerous rot.

America... what a fucking joke. LONG DEAD under the Proxy state of Rothschild.

Free Man's picture

"Sec. of State,  Rex Tillerson, warned that backing out of the deal might cause the eurofags to retaliate by boycotting US businesses."

Now that's a fight the Eurofags won't win.

We'll be fine without their business, they're screwed without ours.


Bear's picture

Just another way to get American money ... Yes ... Just tax energy and sent it to Africaso they can build dirty powerplants.

TRM's picture

Hey why not? While you're at it Donald maybe you can get your buddies (the Clintons) to show you how to setup a foundation and collect bribes. It is obvious to everyone that TPTB have the goods on you so go ahead. It's not like you really ever meant any of the things you said and actually cared about all those people who put you into office against all odds.

Go for it. You are just another sellout politician like all the previous one.

PS. What do they have on you Donald? Pictures of you having sex with kids? Goats? Sheep?

EvryInternational's picture

Though I voted for this guy, I'm running out of patience for this piece of shit. It's just about time to roll over the entire federal govt and force American freedom again.

Come get me.

Playtime's Over's picture

Same here.  The Tomahawks do not look like 5d chess, just looks like the Neo's got to him plain and simple.  The betrayal is tough for many reasons.  Best being there is no political civil alternative. The tribe really has it locked up and owns the most powerful nation on the face of the earth.  I hope Russia scorches the middle east and sends the Imam's packing. All hail Vlad.

LibertyVibe's picture

Trump didn't "give in" to appeasing daughter Ivanka's Global Warming lobbyists friends. He postponed the discussions until late May. In other news, Trump is masterfully stroking China's Panda fur (who incidentally happens to be obsesssed with Trump's daughter Ivanka), while he partner's with them in a "coalition of the willing" in a critical miliatary operation against N. Korea, and  most likely Iran.

Hammer of Light's picture

Yes... let's destroy the two nations NOT run by the State of Israel!

Wahooo's picture

Drumpf is obsessed with his own daughter. And fuck the MIC.

Rjh's picture

Thanks for the sane post. Everyone is usually such a doom and gloom crybaby in this site.

Thomas Paine's picture

This site has become infested with scammers and Media Matters cockroaches...last couple of weeks especially.