A Ukraine On The Verge Of Disaster Benefits No One

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Authored by Federico Pieraccini via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

In the past three months, the lines of contact between Ukraine and the forces in Donbass have seen an escalation of considerable tension. Both the republics of Lugansk and Donetsk have suffered violent attacks at the hands of Kiev’s military forces. Of course all these violations are in stark contrast to what was established in the Minsk II agreements, in particular as regards the use of certain weapons systems.

In addition to the military issues between Donbass and Ukraine, Kiev faces important internal struggle between oligarchs regarding economic issues. Symptomatic of this were the clashes in Avdeevka, then the attempts to capture the water filtration plant in Donetsk, and finally the blockade of coal transit from Donbass to Ukraine. All these have further deepened divisions between the components of the Ukrainian state’s power. The consequences of these events have led to greater instability in the country and decisive moves by the nationalist fringe alongside the Ukrainian SBU and other components of the military, who are the authors of the blockade of the railway lines between the Donbass and the rest of Ukraine. Intensifying the divisions within the country, the meeting between Tymoshenko and Trump has further increased tensions, with Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman defining Timoshenko as the source of all problems, both economic as well are regarding corruption. Ukraine is politically divided, exacerbated by disputes between Poroshenko and Timoshenko, and these divisions are being exploited by foreign actors like Israel and Turkey, propping up the nationalist and banderist fringe within the National Guard battalion.

External pressure is clearly exerted indirectly on the Poroshenko administration in order to force it to keep the extreme factions of the nationalist battalions under control. For his part, Trump, by meeting with Tymoshenko, has sent a clear signal that in the case of excessive chaos in Kiev, the succession of power has already been decided. In the same way, the IMF exerts pressure on Kiev, slowing down the funding necessary for Ukraine to survive.

The danger that Western planners see is at the same time simple and delicate. On the one hand, there is a need to avoid a failure of the Ukrainian state, and nearly $18 billion of IMF aid serves that purpose. On the other hand, the withholding of IMF funding is applied whenever there is a need to get something done by the government in Kiev. An example can be easily seen with the escalation in Avdeevka that indirectly led the IMF to reduce the overall aid package, with the justification being that corruption remains high in the country. The goal was actually to avoid a complete breakdown of the Minsk II agreements and put a halt to the Ukrainian operation on Avdeevka. Even in the meeting between Tymoshenko and Trump, the strong signal sent to Poroshenko was clear: stop the nationalists and their provocations or there will be consequences.

The subtle game that is being played in Ukraine sees many components involved, often with diverse objectives and methods. The nationalist component hardly responds to the oligarchs in Kiev and to the central authority. They are often the first to receive training and weapons from western colleagues serving in NATO. American and British instructors have for more than two years provided their services to this component in the country. The National Guard received the blessings of the neoconservative factions of American power, as confirmed by the presence of Lindsey Graham and John McCain in Ukraine a few months ago. In addition to support from the Atlantic networks and the local Ukrainian intelligence service (SBU), these battalions have Turkish support, which involves Islamic extremists in the National Guard. Moreover, they receive both political and economic support from infamous oligarch Igor Kolomoisky. Going straight to the problem, one can see that the National Guard, despite strong political and economic support is not able to deliver a decisive blow to the Donbass and inflict any significant damage, let alone organize an efficient offensive. The problem is therefore clear that the alliance between nationalists loyal to NATO/neocons, Turkish extremists, and Israeli oligarchs like Kolomoisky enable the nationalists to carry out provocations but not to organize a serious military offensive against well-fortified and organized positions of the Donbass republics. To attempt an offensive of this kind would at least need a real army that is well organized and motivated.

Ukraine is back to the usual problems that emerged in 2014 and now plague military planners in Kiev. The Ukrainian army, essential to achieving a real push towards Donbass, lacks the motivation needed to fight. These considerations were already clearly known three years ago at the beginning of the infamous anti-terrorist operation (ATO) Kiev carried out in the east of the country. Two years later, Donbass is much stronger. Thanks to a variety of military acquisitions from Russia, as well as targeted training and an important fortification of their defensive positions, Donbass now has a defensive capability that must be taken into account.

In this situation, there are multiple dangers that can unfold for Kiev. Poroshenko must give the nationalists and international networks connected to them the ability to operate virtually without restrictions in Ukraine. He was put in power exactly for that purpose. When this does not happen, as seen in Avdeevka and with the water-supply center in Donetsk, where National Guard battalions had to pull back, there are consequences. In his sense, the National Guard blockade on Donbass is, other than being part of the usual provocations between oligarchs, an explicit message aimed at Kiev, causing considerable economic damage. No wonder Poroshenko sent the army to remove the blockade, which, unsurprisingly, did not actually change the situation.

The blockade actually obliged Kiev to buy coal from Russia, which was ironically left the only supplier. This fact was exploited by the same nationalists who created the blockade in the first place, blasting the Kiev government for buying coal from their enemy. In this mess, the Kiev government and Poroshenko should be aware of the consequences of excessive provocations against Donbass by the National Guard battalions. The ability of the Donbass to provide a firm response to any further aggression should be pondered by Kiev, even as tensions within Poroshenko’s inner circle continue to rise. The Ukrainian president is forced to support the nationalists and their rhetoric against "terrorists in the east" to ward off new Maidan.

At the same time, he needs to by all means avoid a military response from the two separatist republics. Kiev is aware that it does not possess the capacity to conquer the Donbass in terms of personnel and equipment, and is also aware that if the conflict got out of hand, with the complete collapse of the Minsk II agreements, the DPR and LPR would have the capability to extend their boundaries decidedly to the south, setting their sights on the Ukrainian coastline along the Black Sea.

Realistically, this scenario would be a nightmare for all the actors opposing the Donbass, especially for NATO and Poroshenko. Mariupol and Odessa appear to be the likely targets of a hypothetical new advance of the Donbass should the Minsk II agreements collapse. The Russian Federation and Donbass have made it amply clear that any new aggression from Ukraine will be met with a firm response. While this would not involve a direct attack on Kiev, it would establish a larger buffer zone that could include Mariupol and maybe even Odessa. This posture intends to create the necessary awareness in Kiev, and even in NATO, that it is not in their interests for an all-out war to be waged against Donbass.

The consequences of these actions call directly into question the NATO strategy in the Black Sea. The ultimate purpose of NATO is not to save Ukraine from a non-existent Russian threat but rather to put continuous pressure on the Russian Federation in every possible way. The objective is not even to reconquer Donbass, something that is also unfeasible for the military planners in Brussels, but the continuum of tension on Russia’s borders, occupying the attention of Moscow and continuously creating hotbeds of tension on its borders. In this regard, the Ukrainian access to the Black Sea is fundamental for NATO. The continued presence of NATO ships in the Black Sea to carry out joint exercises with Ukraine violates the Treaty of Montreux and is done to exert pressure on Russia from the sea. To bypass the Montreux convention and have a semi-permanent presence, the United States intends to donate a couple of ships to the Ukraine Navy in order to change the flag of the vessels, thus ensuring NATO’s legal permanent presence in the Black Sea without violating the Montreux Treaty. The port of Odessa is central in these calculations and it is of no particular surprise that in the event of a Novorossiya offensive following a Ukrainian attack, both Odessa and Mariupol would be difficult to defend for the Ukrainian army. Already in 2014, both Mariupol and Odessa had been calculated as possible targets of a wider strategy to liberate the cities from Kiev’s forces.

The bottom line is that the Kiev government is between two fires. On one side, the oligarchs battle each other, without regard for the life of Ukrainian citizens or the residents of Donbass, solely focussed on enriching themselves. On the other side, the western components in Ukraine (known as neoconservatives) fan the flames of conflict with military trainers and equipment banned by the Minsk II agreements, providing them to the Azov battalion, the most extremist wing of the National Guard. At the same time, Germany, and especially Russia, is gravely concerned over a possibility of the Ukraine economy defaulting, and of what that could mean in terms a huge wave of migration towards both countries, a situation Berlin would struggle to digest after all the migration coming from the Middle East over the last two years.

A potential default of the Ukrainian economy, and resulting destruction of the country, overshadows any struggles between oligarchs, and even the battle against Donbass. Options for Putin, Trump and Merkel all seem to be on the table with economic (nationalization of industries in the Donbass, slowdown in lending by the IMF), political (Trump meets Tymoshenko, a rival of Poroshenko) and military pressure (strong Russian presence behind the two separatist republics) applied in every way to prevent an all-out war in Ukraine.

The main danger is now clear to everyone involved - to Russia, the Donbass, NATO and Kiev. A new war between Donbass and Ukrainian would result in the defeat of Ukrainian forces, with consequences for NATO, since Donbass would hardly stop outside Mariupol and would instead proceed to Odessa. Kiev has a very weak capacity to mobilize motivated forces ready to sacrifice their lives for what are deeply corrupt oligarchs. This situation would cause an internal dilemma for NATO as was the case in 2014. Would NATO deploy its forces alongside those of Kiev to defend the ports in question, especially Odessa? If doubts where high three years ago, hardly anything has changed in recent years. NATO will not rally to the Kiev’s side. And the reasons remain the same, namely the risk of a direct confrontation with Russian troops, although Trump's recent actions in Syria have raised much concern in Moscow in relation to the Ukrainian situation. A war against Donbass could easily lead to a wider conflict between superpowers, something impractical for even the most hyped warmongers on the Atlantic sphere. Realistically, Donbass troops, after repulsing Ukrainian aggression, would go on the offensive, and enjoying clear superiority in the region, thanks to Russia as well as to a higher level of motivation, would probably make their way all the way up to Odessa, securing the entire coastline.

The consequences of such a defeat would lead to the collapse of the central authority in Kiev, to an open war between oligarchical factions, to an end of loans from the International Monetary Fund, condemnation from European and American politicians, and to a definitive collapse of the Ukrainian economy. This would spell the end of business for Poroshenko and other business oligarchs, both in Kiev and in the West. Again, no one is interested in seeing such a scenario coming to fruition.

It is also important not to underestimate the partial unwillingness of Moscow to support an open war on the offensive by the Donbass army, especially given the political and economic consequences that the West would visit on Moscow.

The economic assistance that the Donbass would require from Moscow is another important consideration and something that the Russian Federation would prefer to avoid. It should, however, be stressed that in the unlikely event that Ukraine does not hold at bay its eagerness to wage war in Donbass, Moscow would openly side in favor of the Donbass, and the consequences for Ukraine and NATO would be disastrous, as we have seen. There would be enormous concern in such a scenario from Moscow, and the Russian Federation would take every step to avoid such a scenario, but if things got worse, Putin would be ready to support the advance of Novorossiya up to Odessa in order to secure once and for all the republics of Donetsk and Lugansk.

All the provocateurs in Ukraine should be aware that playing the nationalist card can be dangerous and can even result in a defeat that, when compared to 2014-2015, would be dramatically worse, condemning Ukraine to an economic, social and political crisis without precedent or a way out. It literally could be the beginning of the disintegration of Ukraine as we know it today.

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Troy Ounce's picture


Wrong. It benefits George Soros, his social engineering of mixing races and cultures (except one of course) and at the end the golden pot: a world government. CACHING!

Destabilisation by means of the "Critical Theory" as developed by the Frankfurter School, the spread of this theory by subsidising journalists, magazines, prizes, NGO'S and writers in order "to create a vibrant society" (yeah, right...YOUR society), the subsidising the transport of refugees to other (mainly EU) countries, the subsidising (in)directly of universities, think tanks, other Foundations (Rockefeller , Clinton, Google, McCain, thousands of others) and institutions (of course as long as their narrative is climate schmange, gender, non racialism and non Western lesbian studies) and in line with the "Critical Theory"

Its called social engineering. It's a big club, but you ain't in it!

WernerHeisenberg's picture

Ukraine is a fraud.  It is not a country and never will be.

If a nine-region Novorossiya extended southwest from Kharkiv through Dnipropetrovsk and Odessa to Ukraine’s border with Moldova and its own pro-Russian separatist province, Transdniestria - that would be a fine country! And with historical precedent.

If the cultural shithole of Galacia went back to Poland where it belongs, if Transcarpathia went back to Hungary where it belongs ... Then the landlocked Kiev dominated rump state of Malorossia would be well Finlandized and a threat to no one, just like it used to be.

Haus-Targaryen's picture

Agreed, to an extent.  There are Ukranians, who are distinct from Russians.  Does that distinction justify a completely new nation, a different discussion for another time I suppose. 

However should Ukraine fail, you're going to see the "trusted friends and allies" Poland want to get Lviv back (I don't blame him, I hope the Polish get it back -- its theirs) and then the Hungarians will want a little of Ukraine back as well.  The Nationalists will be fighting on all fronts, the morons. 


HowdyDoody's picture

Here is the center of Lviv now. The looting oligarchs haven't left enough to pay the garbage collectors. Lviv used to be a tourist attraction. The Poles are welcome to it.


Déjà view's picture


Bessarabia back to Romania...


Volkodav's picture

      raise volunteers to help give Lviv back would be easy

Caught_Fish's picture

The nationalists will be fighting on all fronts alright. I recently spoke to a friend from Yalta, she is still in contact with her neighbours. There are sufficient numbers of disgruntled people in the Odessa, Mariupol regions whom if align with the rebels will have sufficient numbers to turn the tide in their favour.

You must realise the pensions on the crimean peninsular have gone up and gas prices are stable unlike the mainland where pensions have halved and gas prices doubled.

Teja's picture

There are Ukranians, who are distinct from Russians.  Does that distinction justify a completely new nation, a different discussion for another time I suppose.

Thank you. Please leave this decision to the Ukrainians. There used to be a time when a handful of powerful nations decided if other nations had a right to exist. When those lesser nations were in overseas, this was called "colonialism". Starting with the liberation wars of the U.S. and other American nations, this changed a bit in the last 250 years. Russia with its imperialist thinking is a bit behind the times, as usual, but other former great nations, like Spain (vs Catalonia), England (vs Scotland) and the U.S. have similar, if smaller, issues, too. They need to get over it, for the best of their own people.

Volkodav's picture

     yeh about right...

     just throw away Lviv Rivne etc would fix much

     Everyone we know Kiev to Black Sea want Kiev criminals kicked



Volkodav's picture

     Ukraine has never been a sovereign nation in any true sense.

     Ultimate control has always come from outside its borders.


Teja's picture

Ukraine has always been short-changed by their neighbours, especially Russia. Very similar to Poland, by the way. But with the occupation of Crimea and Donbass, Russia actually has formed a real nation out of the former soviet republic of Ukraine. Ukrainians will never forget the lesson that trusting outside powers and giving up the nuclear weapons they inherited from USSR with the same right as Russia was a grave mistake.

Putin's greatest fear is that the Russian people will look over the border in 10 years and see a successful Ukraine, comparing it with their own country robbed by their own oligarchs and get angry. His only hope is that the Ukrainian oligarchs will keep the upper hand in their country. But historically, most ex-Russian countries, at least on Russia's western border, have been able to get rid of the socialist-authoritarian structures, if you look at Finland, the Baltics, Poland. Negative examples are Belarus (did you hear about the starving kids in their orphan homes?) and Moldova / Transnistria, all still dominated by Russia. I believe Ukraine will be able to make it, especially as they have both good agricultural lands and industrial expertise.

I will never understand why a highly cultured nation like Russia has always suppressed its neighbours and their own people, stifling any long term development not based on extraction of raw materials. Russia without oil = nitchewo.

qomolangma's picture

Are you living in a parallel universe, and created your own reality? :-) LOL

Ukraine is a failed state, survived only by the infusion from IMF, the moment it stops, the Ukraine will collapse!

Teja's picture

Are all people who differ from your slanted world view living in a parallel universe? Maybe you should check in which universe you live. One-dimensional universe I guess.

Of course Ukraine is getting support and would be in a difficult position without it. In WW II, Great Britain was getting support from the US, and would not have survived without it. And was that a bad thing?

Volkodav's picture

      Since Soviet defunct and independent, Russian Federation has subsidized

      Ukraine 320 Billion USD equivalent, and that is not include billions gas stealings

      Ukraine overall left with top assets was basic set for better achievements than

      Russian Federation with wide removed lands to care for

      Ukraine west regions badly voted wrong leaders

      East Ukraine alone would have made progress more as has Russian Federation

Badsamm's picture

Take it in the teeth Ukraine. You picked a bag of dick for your partner, suck it!

Theta_Burn's picture

With what Germany has put with lately as far as immigration, I'm surprised good looking, hard working, decent,  WHITE Ukrainian nationals  would be a concern..

Temple of Truth's picture

Hardworking whites are not welcome in Germanistan. Most ukrainians leaving are going to their slavic neighbors Poland and Russia anyway.

Volkodav's picture

      Many Germans left for live in Russia since immigrants threat

      There are many Germans in Russia for generations

      Great Katerine brought many Germans   search Volga Germans in US Midwest

      My Lady's family, Bankers were among those invited

      Kept to themselves, She a full blood German    full habits and keep German order of home

      Viktor Kress five term Govenor of Tomsk Oblast is German and many others

      Some of Russia find more true German blood than average of Germany today.







poeg's picture

Try Canada. In my home town are 50 families that have arrived over the last 5 years... Doesn't sound like much, sure, until you factor in my township's population is 2200 people and that this is happening all over rural Canada. They're going from making pennies on the dollar in the Ukraine to $25/hr and couldn't be happier. When they poll on immagration here in Canada, they're the new Canadians us old ones are thinking of when saying its a very good thing. You never saw anyone try harder to become Canadian and add to their new community.

07564111's picture

The main danger is now clear to everyone involved - to Russia, the Donbass, NATO and Kiev. A new war between Donbass and Ukrainian would result in the defeat of Ukrainian forces, with consequences for NATO, since Donbass would hardly stop outside Mariupol and would instead proceed to Odessa.

HaHaHaHaHaHa > That's the least of fucking NATO problems.

land_of_the_few's picture

Sure, and where's the downside? Odessa and Mariupol are occupied anyway, they protest as best they can without endangering themselves. The latest horribility is that a battalion of about 500 Islamists fresh from terrorising Syria have been placed under a Kiev officer in Mariupol to guard the port, anmunition etc. The port is involved in illegal weapons trading including chemical weapons.

07564111's picture

There is no downside in taking Odessa and Mariupol, it's only as it should be.

The dangers is in the things that the artcile does not disscuss. The Pig leaving Ukraine is the biggest and most dangerous problem that NATO face, and like HT points out above Poland wants back what is theirs and Hungary will never let go of a land bridge to Russia. Then we got Moldova and Romania ;) NATO problems are more numerous and dangerous than we read in the story.

fockewulf190's picture

Not for nothing but if it's child's play to break through and snatch Odessa and the other areas, and the problems are all on NATO, why hasn't this already happened?

07564111's picture

No one said is would be easy, not the article and certainly not myself.

I disagreed with the author assessment that  The main danger is now clear to everyone involved, clearly is is not. The Pig leaving and the resultant open war between the factions and the uncertainity of the outcomes is the main danger.

What do you say to Yulia Tymoshenko taking control in Kiev, given her statement that nukes should fall on Russia. ?

Remember that blog posts such as these do not contain the same depth of analyis as that which would be given to the Chiefs in NATO and Russia.


Volkodav's picture

     Yulia is terrible  

     but not exact stupid





Teja's picture

The article tries to create fear, to threaten like a school bully. For me it is a sign of weakness - dogs that bark don't bite. Putin's calculations regarding Trump have failed, and the Ukrainian army is gaining in strength. I would expect the paid pro-Russian analysts got a hint to turn up the flame a bit.

qomolangma's picture

THEN who paid all the propaganda articles about Ukraine carried out by all the mainstream media?

Is it George Soros? Victoria Nudelman (Nuland)? Neocons? MIC? CIA? Washington??? The Deep State? Or combination of all above??? :-)

Teja's picture

??? your keyboard seems to get stuck when entering question marks ??? And to mistype a name on purpose is not a sign of argumentative ability.

If you read some "mainstream media", you would also find out that they report very openly and often very critically from Ukraine. But of course all wrong, according to RT, the only media you are following, I assume.

silvermail's picture

Facebook blocks the sending of this URL link on this article through the Facebook messenger!


richCat's picture

For the EU/Brussels (then serving Catherine Ashton as foreign Affairs), it's all gone into a horrible flop. Brussels should have never gotton involved.. As for Hunter Biden's expanionist oil ideas ? The whole involvement stinks.

bankerssuck's picture

It couldn't happen to a better bunch of foolish people and their "government".

ogretown's picture

It is dog-dick simple to sort out this mess. Use the Dneiper as the border. To the east the robust and freedom loving republics are free to flourish and become stand-alone client states of Russia, or flat out join the Russian Empire.  They all speak Russian anyway.  To the west of the river, the downtrodden and drab louts can settle for being part of a rump country that is beholden entirely to NATO and the IMF.  They will be what they have always been - a vassal state of layabouts and poseurs.  As to the fate of the hot babes in the country - the vast majority of them come from the east.

Volkodav's picture

     include most SW below Kremencuk

     right now Kherson, Krivoy Rog, Zaporozhye very tired of Kiev

     Kharkiv is Russian city

HowdyDoody's picture

Zakarpathia to Hungary, Lviv to Poland, south coast (including PMR) and east as Novorossia. Those who persist regarding the Ukrainian dialect as a separate language can have what remains around Kiev as their Ukraine.

Teja's picture

Howdy, how would you like the following - Texas and New Mexico to Mexico, Oregon and Washington to Canada, Florida back to Spain, Alaska to Russia? Those who persist in speaking English can have what remains around New England.

Not that I would propose the above, but always remember what you do to others, they might want to do to you.

Volkodav's picture

       Poltava Ladies

       stand and watch walk by  

       better than western supermodels

       of all cities include Russia best percentage beauty there

       but no disappointment elsewhere 



qomolangma's picture

Hit the search engine with "poltava ukraine ladies" pops up lot of beautiful faces claiming as single lady ready for marriage :-) the war on Ukraine may have put them on desperation seeking an immediate outbound ticket... poor ukies... biting the poisonous cookies from the wicked Victoria Nudelman proves to be disastrous!

Jambo Mambo Bill's picture

Ukraine is the appendix pain of Russia... CUT IT OUT ! Split it to 1000 pieces and burn its elite with any neocon fuckface in it...

That is how you deal with cunts like that... and the worst is that technically, most of Ukrainians are Russians... the Neocon takeover alone is a defeat to Russia influence big time, and shows how Russia motherland itself can be balkanised, I think that is the end game idea for the NCs. Russia needs to make an example of Ukraine and later on have them beg to rejoin Russia, otherwise Russia will fuel internal separatists.

HowdyDoody's picture

The major part of NeoCon plan was to claim Crimea to deprive Russia of its major Black Sea port. The second part was to put NATO in. Russian Crimea has now rejoined mother Russia - the Crimeans have requested independence since the indeopendence of Ukraine so it is not a new thing. The Ukraine thing will sort itself out with dismemberment of Ukraine into more coherent pieces with parts returning to Poland and Hungary, more aprts joining Novorossia, leaving a rump Ukraine around Kiev. Russia will end up with a strong independent country on its border that is definitely not going to join the Nazi Aligned Terrorist Organization. How is that a defeat for Russia?

That aside, who gets to pay all the 'loans' the IMF has been making to Ukraine contrary to its charter? The loans have gone largely directly to the oligarchs. Maybe the IMF loans should be defaulted on because they were made illegally?

quasi_verbatim's picture

Ukraine disaster benefits no-one? Oh yes it does.

  -- Porky.

HowdyDoody's picture

Plus the Privat Bank was nationalized. When the books were checked, $500 million had gone missing. Kolomoisky got out to the US just in time!

land_of_the_few's picture

But of course it continues operating in the Eastern EU untroubled as if butter wouldn't melt in its mouth. Anything belonging to, or done by the current Kiev regime is all good.

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

The Ukrainian leadership who sided with the Jewish cabal of Victoria Nuland & Co, were in fact permeated with Jews, sold out the Ukrainian people and there assets. Just ask Vice President Joe Bidens' son. lol  The gutting of Ukraine assets, loading her with debts, imposing austerity, then weighing her under World Bank/IMF bail out loans, placed against her last state owned assets is the GO-TO play in their offensive play book.

Let's be honest, when the Ukraine/Russia overthrow of a democratically elected president happened, how many people supported Russia? HARDLY ANYBODY! A few of us 10% called it from the beginning and boy, did we have a fucking hard time for the first 2-3 weeks on the far-right forums convincing them of what really took place, despite the media and .gov propaganda.

It was some of the best debates I had in a very long time. Even some of the most rabid pro-white, anti-Jewish, politically astute people, couldn't see the hidden hand at work. But what was most disturbing, was some of the Stormfront mob, was willing to choose sides at the very beginning, siding with the Ukraine, over Russia. That was the most disturbing trend for me. Media lies are powerful.

DeeZ_nutZ's picture

that is a stupid ass article.  they are closing the coalmines in donbass because kiev is not buying their coal. russia does not need donbass's coal because 70 kms east of donetsk is rostov coal field which russians shut down at least 8 years ago.  why the fuck would they need donbass coal now if it is the same as rostov coal?  ukraine used to subsidize donbass coalmines for year because there was no alternative employment for 800,000 miners.  needless to say, locals stole more than half of the money for their own benefits.  

donbass was living off selling coal to kiev and now with the blockade, they can shove this coal up their collective russian speaking ass.  the only way out (same as in 2014) is to stir up the pot, start the war and blame ukraine for doing it.  why the fuck ukraine would attack these dudes and the author says in the same article that ukraine has no motivation or capability to attack?  it sounds like someone wants to start the war and this someone is not ukraine.

on top of everything, nato does not give a flying fuck about ukraine.  if they did, they would provide them with weapons and whatever else that they were asking for.  if everyone talks about how ukrainian army is so weak and will be defeated immediately, why would they even start an offensive that everyone is talking about?  or nato is so stupid to send them to war unprepared? 

dudes, use your heads.  there are contradictions all over this article.


HowdyDoody's picture

Ukraine used to subsidize Donbass coalmines? Maybe Ukraine also used to subisdize Russian gas production too? I guess that explains why at least two Ukraine thermal power plants have closed down for lack of fuel now the UkroNazis have imposed a blocckade against Donbass. A nuclear power plant, being converted to Westinghouse design fuel rods (hah!), has also closed down. Even the garbage collectors in Lviv in the far west are not being paid. Somebody is screwing Ukraine and it ain't Russia or the Novorossians.


Shemp 4 Victory's picture


I guess that explains why at least two Ukraine thermal power plants have closed down for lack of fuel now the UkroNazis have imposed a blocckade against Donbass.

At last count, five power plants have now been closed due to lack of coal.


European life, high quality and free is Ukraine after the Maidan. We see every day.

Too bad they can't burn Nuland's cookies for fuel.

land_of_the_few's picture

Correct, five coal stations now down, they only had seven total. And freaking cold spring this year. The neighbor countries are getting nervous in case they do something unsafe with nuclear power plants.

WTFUD's picture

Why not just burn that CUNT instead, she must be worth around 300k Metric Tonnes of Gas?

Volkodav's picture

    I think largest steel plant shut furnaces cos lack fuel

    that is likely total loss...so difficult to restore once cooled


land_of_the_few's picture

Is *the West* "so stupid to send them to war unprepared? "  of course, that's what they have done for years.

You don't think the West actually care about Ukrainians, do you?

They are down to conscripting 50yos now. Most of the younger ones are either dead or have run away to Russia, Poland, Baltics etc. or have moved and changed ID etc.