Russia Bans Jehovah’s Witnesses As An "Extremist Organization"

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Russians will no longer have to dread the doorbell.

On Thursday, Russia's Supreme Court ruled that Jehovah's Witnesses was an "extremist" organization after the justice ministry applied for an order to shut down the group's national headquarters near St Petersburg, Russian TASS news agency reported. Russian authorities had put several of the group's publications on a list of banned extremist literature, and prosecutors have long cast it as an organization that destroys families, fosters hatred and threatens lives, a description the organization says is false.

In its lawsuit the Justice Ministry mentioned various violations, exposed by a snap check of the organization’s activities, including those of the federal law on resistance to extremist activities. The Justice Ministry wanted the organization and its 395 local chapters to be declared as extremist and outlawed and its properties to be confiscated.

The Administrative Center of Jehovah’s Witnesses told TASS it found this affair very worrisome, because a future decision would concern 175,000 practicing believers. ACJW spokesman Ivan Bilenko said the organization was prepared to seek protection of its rights in courts of any instance.

A court in Moscow on October 12, 2016 warned Jehovah’s Witnesses over what it ruled was extremist activities. Under Russian legislation the religious organization in question is to be closed down if it fails to eliminate the exposed violations within the required deadline or if new evidence of its extremist activities come to light. The Moscow City Court on January 16, 2017 upheld the warning over extremism handed to Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses group in Russia has said it will appeal against the court’s ruling.

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Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Good for the Russian Federation.

I put the Mormans up there with them and the "Book of Langley" followers of George Soros!

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Jon Huntsman is mormon, and now ambassador to Russia. That would explain the exemption. 

There was some official pushback a couple years back v Mormons, who adopt a lot of Russian orphans, to restrict US adoptions. It was in response to BarryO sanctions. 

Mittens could have been SOS if he had have just kept his yapper shut during the election. Bain capital woukd have been in fat city. Could have made the Clinton Global Initiative look like walking around money. 


Akhenaten II's picture

Excellent move. JW are both extremist and anti-Christian. They are a subversive group, controlled by Freemasons, designed to control people and destroy true Christianity.

Now for Islam.....

Red Pill's picture

Excellent. There are some seriously fucked up people in that cult, speaking from experience with a friend... tore his entire family apart... He knew everything better.. no reasoning possible with him.  He didnt care, as the 'end of the world was near' . 


A. Boaty's picture

The Russian Orthodox Church does not like competition. Vlad has close relationship with the Eastern Church as they help each other maintain stability.

Mike Masr's picture


I am Russian Orthodox and an American citizen. Plenty of competition here ey?

The papalists, Lutherans and Baptists are in Russia. I don't know any Russian people interested in this.

I have no desire to join the papalists, nor any of the 28,000+ protestant sects (2010 US Census) that refer to themselves as Christian! 

We are not "the Eastern Church" we are the Orthodox Church!


Akhenaten II's picture

Orthodox are the true Christians.  Roman Catholics are actually following the whore of Babylon.  When the dust settles Orthodox will remain.

man of Wool's picture

True Christians? Yeah right. Like the Jews are Gods chosen ones

JWs are harmless. Narrow minded Russia.

youngman's picture

And those Watchtower die for....

1.21 jigawatts's picture

These Jehovas are totally insane, BTW.  Once they came to my door and asked to talk to my roommate's FIVE YEAR OLD DAUGHTER!!!!!

zippedydoodah's picture

But she had already been got at years before, no doubt by some other cult of christians which he believed in.

Mike Masr's picture

Good move Russian Federation! Hoorey!

Next they should ban all the US Tele-heretics!

Fuck these JW fucking morons. Too bad we can't ban them in the US as well.

When they come to my door I tell them to GFY and I slam the door in their faces!

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

Just hang an upside-down cross on you front door and hand them some Satanic literature.  They will never bother you again!

milo_hoffman's picture

Yeah those Jehovah's always blowing themselves up, and their constant waging Jihad.  Good Job Russia.

WTFUD's picture

No more committed sex-worker than a J-W girl hooking, especially if she washes down her med's with a bottle of vodka.

To Hell In A Handbasket's picture

Apart from their stance on donating blood, I do not have a bad word to say about Jehovah Witnesses. The Ruskies are wrong on this IMO.

Consuelo's picture



The comments regarding this incident here are nothing short of arresting...


Unfortunately, these are not sentiments which are compartmentalized towards a specific group of people, rather the true inner workings of a mind which would turn his fellow citizen in a heartbeat if it meant his next meal or tank of gas.




WTFUD's picture

Try spreading this doctrine in Saudi and you'll be stoned to death . . . in the grand-scheme therefore . . .

cornflakesdisease's picture

This guy said he would get rid of Jehovah's Witnesses too, but it didn't work out too good for him.



Lady Jessica's picture

I would prefer to have been informed about what exactly characterizes the JWs as extremists.

That said, their activities are restricted in several jurisdictions (China, some Islamic nations).

Cougar's comment about the Orthodox church may hold water.  Their influence is considerable.  Like Serbia, the motives of the Orthodox Church in Russia align closely with nationalism.


Consuelo's picture



BINGO!!! LJ & Cougar.



Brazen Heist's picture

If its Cult-like and proselytizing, then its probably not good.

Hannibal's picture

All religions (must believe our way) are "cults",...

ogretown's picture

Ah yes, behold the Ninny in all of its glory  - the weakest of the weak. I am not sure who is deserving more of ridicule and disdain, the simple idiot who actually does believe in the zero-concept and has picked his franchise accordingly, or those who prey on the simple idiot. a.k.a. the religionist franchise holder.   That being said, picking exclusively on the JDub franchise seems fairly cruel. The term 'going after low-hanging fruit' comes to mind - for as minor franchise, the seem for the *most* part fairly harmless.

Perhaps this relatively obscure zero-concept franchise could safely be ignored, and more attention be paid to the Sunni or Shia franchises of the zero-concept construct.  Bloodthirsty, rabid and disrespectful to other religionists and their idiot followers.  I do not care a whit if one franchise shouts Saulie's Snack Bar whilst the other shouts Molly's Crack Bar, both are an insult to anyone with even a modicum of intelligence.       

Hillarys Server's picture

Good riddance.

Jehovah's Witnesses lie and kill.

Save this URL link on on your smart phone.

Youths Who Put God First, Awake 1994

The cover of this Awake magazine proudly shows faces of dozens of children, and the articles explain that blood transfusions were the only way the children could live, but they chose death over necessary blood transfusions.

Your conversation with the JW will go like this.

"Hello sir. Would you like this Awake magazine?"
-- Thanks. Could I ask a quick question first?
-- Do Jehovah Witnesses let their children die when transfusions are the 'only' way to live?
"We are at the forefront on new therapies and safe alternatives to blood since blood can transfer disease, hepatitis and..."
-- I'm sorry, you appear to have a hearing problem. In those cases in which there's no alternative do the parents let their children die?
"There's always an alternative, sir. We value life and..."
-- Look here. [Pull up the 1992 Awake copy on your phone with the photos of the dead children who chose to die.]

Mass murders just murder strangers and put them in the refrigerator and eat them. ISIS just burns strangers alive.

Jehovah Witnesses look at their own small children. Their children who want to some day ride a bicycle, learn about the world, become an astronaut and someday have their first kiss.

And then kill them and weeks later worms are crawling through their child's eye sockets several feet under the earth.

The Bible says "Don't partake of blood" so that short verse must absolutely be followed even if you have to kill your child.

But Paul's epistles often end with the similar command "Greet each other with a holy kiss."

Not if you feel like it. It's in the command, imperative form.

But that's uncomfortable and embarrassing.

Killing your child to follow the blood verse can never be ignored.

But the kissing command is just "Who cares, it's just a verse. Don't bother me."

Hillarys Server's picture

My favorite verse to share with Bible literalists (so called Bibliolators), is

"Let her breasts satisfy thee at all times."
Proverbs 5:19

Not most of the time. But all times. All means all.

So when I knock on the Pearly Gates I expect Saint Peter to come out and roll out a blackboard.

And like the guy in Glengarry Glen Ross say with a piece of chalk in his hand

"T.I.T.S. Let breasts satisfy the at ALL times. Lets breasts satisfy the all TIMES. Put that coffee DOWN. Coffee is for T-T lovers."

And then proceed to the next verse.

My favorite verse is "The letter killeth but the spirit giveth life."

When people follow the letter instead of the spirit, the first thing they do is kill their own children. Nasty stuff!

bshirley1968's picture

You are right about JW but you are wrong about the Bible.

Just because some cult uses the Bible to fool others doesn't make the Bible wrong.  There are numerous examples I could give of people misusing something for their motives and gain.  Like say sex.  You don't think sex is wrong do you?

Now, don't make me have to re-design this line of logic with you again.  Learn to think. 

Hillarys Server's picture

I love the Bible too! Me too!

I just meant to say it's good to follow the spirit. Didn't express it well maybe.

UmbilicalMosqueSweeper's picture

How many versions of the New Testament bible are there...each with its  own interpreation? Is the original version written in Aramaic or Greek? What were the contemporay meanings of its words in those days. It has been said that the Ethiopians are the oldest Christian sect. Is that true, and do the really have the Ark of the Covenant in their posession? Is it "Thou shalt not kill," or, "Thou shalt not murder?"

Rikky's picture

Sounds like you won't be seeing any pearly gates there buddy.  Better get your speedo on you're going somewhere else it seems.

wally_12's picture


Jehovah's Witnesses believe in Creationism. God created man 6000 years ago according to the bible and no amount of scientific reasoning will dispel that belief. Evolution is a BAD principal.

I pointed out that carbon dating is accurate up to 60,000 year dating and there has been much scientific evidence that man is more than 60000 years old. Also, there has been at least 13 mankind species up to this date.

My reasoning was met with hostility.

bshirley1968's picture

Because your reasoning is flawed.

I don't agree with JW either, but carbon dating has been proven wrong on many occasions.   Only idiots stand on the evidence of carbon dating, because it's easy to use on idiots.

wally_12's picture

Carbon dating is based upon the half life of the isotope carbon 14 which exists in all living organisms. Since time is also measured by the Atomic method, please enlighten me on the flaws of carbon dating.

Akzed's picture

If the item being tested was underwater for any length of time (and how would you know) it affects the outcome. You can look it up.

zippedydoodah's picture

I know about Carbon dating and it's limitations. Anyway, I looked it up to see what Mr Google has to contribute.

I would hazard a guess that you only read religious websites to see what you want to believe, and disbelieve. Those same websites will likely tell you that evolution and fossils are not what they are scientifically claimed and proven to be.

So carry on, bury your head in the sand and the horrible truth will become invisible to you.

Rikky's picture

Carbon dating accuracy has more holes than swiss cheese sorry buddy.  I've seen things a few months old dated at 18,000 years.  Diamonds can be naturally produced under certain natural conditions in a matter of years.  Plenty of evidence contrary to popular evolutionary theory.

We humans have this nasty habit of thinking we know everything and fill in the gaps to support the theory.  My favorite is assuming the environmental makeup has been constant since the earth was formed.  Big fallacy.

logicalman's picture

God created the world around 6 pm on 22 October, 4004 BC


zippedydoodah's picture

You failed to factor in that he took a day off.

silvercity's picture

I love stories like this on ZH as it exposes the vast majority of ZHers as Statists who totaly support the State's(any State)deciding who and what can be said and heard and practiced. Not more than one or two in a hundred believe in freedom or free speech for the other person; only freedom and free speech for themselves. FYI Jehovah's wittness are anti-state.

MrSteve's picture

I'm not sure the majority of ZH'ers are statist but the anti-state position of the JWs got them blacklisted by Nazis and thrown in the camps to be put to death. So Kremlin, welcome to a pretty exclusive club with your German National Socialist comrades!!

Duc888's picture


JW's, like all religions are nutterz.

In their defense they don't saw peoples heads off or bomb peoples in far away lands.  I can tolerate them, most times a garden hose with cold water keeps them off the front stoop.

cornflakesdisease's picture

I noticed that too.  One of the main reason I left kitco forums.  Bunch of greedy broken down old farts.

TheOpposition.'s picture

I agree with this ban whole-heartedly BUT to ban these retards and not Islam believers who think there Allah will ride a flying unicorn and start lobbing ppl heads off on the worlds end, is phucked up.

I would take it a step further and make all religious places of worship pay a %60 tax, that they cannot recruit/brainwash others, print copies of their "books" and ban any/all practices that harm others.

Religion literally poisons everything and it is has perverted mans intellect.

"Man will never be free until the last king is strangled by the entrails of the last priest"- Denis Diderot

Brazen Heist's picture

Problem is, Russia has a fairly large Muslim minority, around 10-20%.

And they coexist fairly well in Orthodox societies, I've noticed, as opposed to Catholic/Protestant ones. Perhaps that's due to Russia's authoritarianism in part.

TheOpposition.'s picture

They coexist cuz the mooselum k ows that Putin aint gonna tolerate thier bullshit. They coexist for now anyways, until that population grows & the Russians are a much more intolerant society against their particular views and they have no problem stating that & acting on it. Therefore the muslim animal is kept in check.
Western nations font fair to well though cuz with a 3-5 % in pop....societies have been destabilized and in turmoil.

Brazen Heist's picture

I take the cultural and historic view. Russia and the Balkans have had historic exposure to Islamic civilisation (and brutality), so they have remnants and descendants of Muslims of a higher magnitude than the West's 2-5%. They thus coexist "better" and the culture and lifestyle is better assimiltaed, has more in common and has been around for longer, than in the West. 

I've done a fair bit of travelling and talking to people to notice the reality on the ground.

Librarian's picture

Also, the worth of the individual over the collective (ie snowflake value) just isn't recognized in Russia as being more valued than the rights of the many.

The Russians would not hesitate to shoot a hijacked plane right out of the sky before it reached a metropolitan area.

The Russians also have considered a 25% casualty rate to be a favorable outcome in a hostage rescue situation.

It doesn't completely eliminate terrorism.  Because the terrorists are fanatical wing-nuts that cannot be reasoned with.  But it does up the ante considerably against terrorists.  All the other Russian passengers know the score.  To some degree this is also true after the 2011 hijackings.  But in Russia, this social formula is ingrained at the outset.  If the hostages can't take care of the terrorists then the Russian govt definitely will.

You can either feel safer or less safe with this knowledge combined with your knowledge of statistics and your own religious beliefs.

besnook's picture

i guess they are tired of jws knocking on their door all the damn time to spread their faith.

wisehiney's picture

So many socialist cult members pointing fingers.

HenryHall's picture

Jehovah's Witnesses are no more extremist than Ahrar al-Sham for goodness sake!