Freedom Caucus May Be Ready To Flip As New ObamaCare Bill Sports "Significant Changes"

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Representative Dave Brat (R-Va), a Freedom Caucus member who voted against the first TrumpCare bill, appeared on CNN earlier this morning to suggest that he may be ready to support a new version of the bill that allows individual states to opt out of certain components of Obamacare that require minimum coverage levels and restrict insurers from charging more to patients with pre-existing conditions.  Per The Hill:

"It's not really a new bill — it's the same fundamental bill, but a few pretty significant amendments to it," he said during an appearance on CNN's "New Day."


He said the new plan, the text of which has not been written yet, would lower the cost of health insurance and return responsibility to individual states.


Changes to the new bill would let states apply for waivers for certain ObamaCare regulations, such as a provision preventing insurers from raising an individual's premium based on that person's health.


"It just allows states to opt out of some of the [regulations] to bring down price. And so those are two of the big pieces. A couple little pieces on the regulatory framework, and then I think we can all get to yes," said Brat, who came to Congress after defeating former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in a primary.


Meanwhile, Trump, who is increasingly anxious to post some wins in his first 100 days, implied on Thursday that he was optimistic that Congress would be able to hold a vote on healthcare next week, as well as prevent a government shutdown.  "We're doing very well on healthcare,” he said at a news conference. "We will see what happens, but this is a great bill. There's a great plan, and this will be great healthcare. It is evolving."


All that said, Democrats will undoubtedly argue that the recommended changes could make it more difficult for some people to get healthcare, and GOP aides have said the changes may make it difficult for centrists in the GOP conference, who also opposed the first bill, to back this one.

Of course, one should never underestimate the Republican party's uncanny ability to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  As John Boehnor recently pointed out, Republicans always seem to find a way to act as their own worst enemy.

"In the 25 years I served in Congress, Republicans never, ever, not one time agreed on what a healthcare proposal should look like.  Not once.  The perfect always becomes the enemy of the good." 

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Trump is channeling Flipper the dolphin

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Freedom caucus?


Nothing free about this bill.

Stop doing for others what they could and should do for themselves! doing for these people what they could and should be doing for themselves, our government is intentionally preventing these, "descendants of slaves," from ever being truly free.  As Lyndon Johnson supposedly said, "I'll have those niggers voting Democratic for 200 years."

Our government was not supposed to be a charity.

Many Americans, like Mr. Muzik, clearly believe they and their Mamma are entitled to free food, housing, public utilities, transportation, healthcare, education, and, "that shit."  For a black twenty-something like Mr. Muzik, I imagine that much of his life has actually been that way.  The thought simply may not occur to him that either he, or his mother, should work at a job to provide things like food for the family, rather than rely on others to provide for them, as my livestock rely on me for food, shelter, veterinary care, etc.  

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U.S. electorate = dangerous livestock

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Donald Trump (not verified) Chief Wonder Bread Apr 21, 2017 4:07 PM

Freedom Caucus will flip to Trump? Maybe the finger ! 

Trump is not gaining much support for his plans:

Ryan Hints Tax Reform Will Get Pushed Back AGAIN

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Stpo upvoting the spammer, regardless of content.


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Trump just kick it to the states and walk way.

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Patriot Act

Freedom Caucus

See how that works? No caucus, either.

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Apparently the rich and evil haven't found the fountain of youth yet. They have found the substance that can turn your skin grey and eyeballs bloody red in essense make you look like a dead corpse walking, but not the substance of their dreams of making one into a eternal god.

roddcarlson's picture

John Boehner looks like he has been taking a bit too much colloidial silver and then exposing himself in the sunshine? At least some critter has been exposed. Total Argyria and looks like Papa Smurf II. Good thing he is exempted from Obamacare for us taxpayers. Unfortunately, the best of the best doctors decided to have him sip on the silver nitrate tap. Between that and his baby blood he looks like a corpse just like David Rockefeller.

As far as health care bill I'm afraid we were all shoved under the bus a long time ago. Nothing ever gets any better in Washington.

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Looks like Ryan has been working on his poker face.

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So what was the campaign line again... repeal and replace? 

Now it's compromise and contradict?

Just saying, it's a simple thing lost on politicians *which Trump is now* that is making good on their word.

For the record, if I was elected by the people *you're supposed to represent* I would shut the whole fucking thing down until I got what the people wanted, that's how it's supposed to be.

Sorry, draining the swamp will not be funded in this year's record breaking tax collection by the non governmental international banking mafia know as the FED.

Fucking suckers always getting hoodwinked.

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Only niggers are poor, all white people have insurance and make six figures. Even though 41% of food stamp recipients are white and 25% are black. But fuck the facts. I don't mind race shit but when black or white start pointing fingers about shit like welfare I wonder what kind of fucking box these fucktards live in. 

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Looks more like an evil possession than channeling.

Trump admin. wants to resume munitions sale to Saudis: Officials

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Trump is possibly of Jewish extraction himself. He has 2 children married to Jews and another daughter is dating a Jew.

Obamacare is yet ANOTHER wealth transfer from US, the White populace, to the people of color. At the same time .gov is, effectively, killing off the Golden Goose, i.e. White America. I tell you there is a METHOD to their MADNESS.

Go down the list, Trump has KEPT TPP just renamed it and did not take away the IMMIGRATION INVASION aspect of it:
EPI Identifies Poisonous Immigration Acceleration Ingredients In Trade Agreement

Since the GOP leadership proposing to try again next week this essay is imperative reading for Immigration Patriots.

The authors point out that the poisoned chalice is not the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) (about which assurances that immigration is not effected have been given) but something called the Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) about which there has been silence.

…there is little doubt that it will constrain the future ability of the United States Congress to regulate U.S. immigration policy. In fact, deregulating the U.S. work visa system, and therefore opening it up to foreign corporations that provide services (as opposed to goods) is the explicit purpose of an entire annex (section) in TiSA, entitled “Movement of Natural Persons.” The text was heretofore secret until Wikileaks published it on its website last week.

The proposals include elements which would

…prohibit member states from “maintain[ing] or adopt[ing] Economic Needs Tests, including labor market tests, as a requirement for a visa or work permit” in the sectors where commitments are made. (In other words, U.S. laws or regulations limiting guestworkers only to jobs where no U.S. workers were available would violate the terms of the treaty.)

They conclude

TiSA has been written in secret by and for major corporations that will benefit greatly if it becomes law. If the House of Representatives grants the Obama administration the fast-track trade promotion authority it seeks, the authority will be valid for six years, which means TiSA (like TPP) would also get an up-or-down vote in Congress without any amendments—making it very likely to pass and become law without the necessary democratic deliberations on immigration that such major changes should have. The leaked TiSA text makes it clear that contrary to the claims by proponents of fast-track trade promotion authority, the reality is that those voting for fast track are ceding key powers to make immigration law and policy to an unelected group of corporations and foreign governments.

They are absolutely right. This Fast Track legislation is designed to smuggle in the Immigration Acceleration aspect of the Gang of 8 Bill. That is why President Obama wants it.

There is a laundry list of things Trump has reversed himself on, but he was ACTING during the campaign. And now his base, the White voters, are left squirming.

All we asked for was the REPEAL of Obamacare...

"Disputes among groups, classes and nations can and should be settled by free discussion, negotiation and compromise when—but only when—the disputes range within some common framework of shared ideas and interests. When the disputes arise out of a clash of basic interests and an opposition of basic ideas, as is from time to time inevitably the case, then they cannot be settled by negotiation and compromise but must be resolved by power, coercion and, sometimes, war."
Suicide of the West James Burnham (New York: John Day, 1964), p. 130

The Battle(s) of Berkeley – Someone is Going to Get Killed. Where is Trump?

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Yeah! No one should ever negotiate and therefore never ever get anything done!

That's the ticket!

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i wish everyone would stop calling it a health "care" bill...........its a f**king health "insurance" bill

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Public opinion tires of the prejudice against orange-colored people.  Freedom fries for everybody!

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Fuck them... I am not playing their healthcare three card monty game any more. I have not been to a doctor in over two years, and would rather die than play any more of Uncle Scams games...

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Negotiate an upfront cash price with your doctor.  He'll gladly take it.  Get your blood pressure and cholesterol checked--one of the keys to longevity.  

ceilidh_trail's picture

Most docs are now part of groups where this option is not available.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

Two years?  ROOKIE

Haven't been to a doctor in 25 years.  Where's my rebate?

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I can beat that, I haven't been to a doctor (for treatment or any other reason) since I was 4 years old - 55 years ago! I have been to dentists, of course, but not a medical doctor. Maybe I'm just lucky but I never broke any bones when young, never had any major sickness that my mom couldn't treat. I had a close call with tonsilitis when I was 14 or so - they swelled up bad enough to almost cut off my breathing. My mom had me lay down and when I got up later, I was fine (could've also died, but didn't).

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You are probably better off staying away from doctors and hospitals. They have all been indoctrinated by big Pharma. They diagnose the problem and prescribe a pill that costs you $500 per month and you have to take it for the rest of your life. Then you come back in a month for another pill to counteract the side effects of the first pill. Before you know it you have more bottles in your medicine cabinet that cost more than your monthly mortgage payment and your health is essentially no better.

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This means Granny can't get any more free birth control pills.

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Robots work for more than McDonald's.

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lmao!...and nuns!

Gawd what a crock of shit ObamaCare was. So what has everybody been doing with that extra $2,500 a year you've been saving?  ;-)

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How about being able to purchase insurance across state lines?

BigFatUglyBubble's picture

I think Obomber care already allows for that, but Insurance companies don't want to do it because it is not worth the administrative cost.  taxes probably have something to do with it as well.

I'm not an expert on the matter, I have just seen a lot of people on ZH post about it.

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If you want free health care, go to med school. You don't have a "right" to other people's time and money.

Ecclesia Militans's picture

The insurance industry is regulated at the state level, not the federal level.  That's why the annual reports for insurance companies (aka "Blue Books") vary in their disclosure requirements from state to state.

Innorder to sell insurance in any single state, that insurance provider must be registered to sell in that state, which means they must disclose their annual reports to that state AND fall under the purview of that state's insurance regulatory authority.  It's beyond simple administrative costs, it's a nightmare for insurance providers to operate in multiple states when the risk of not being able to maintain loss liability capital is too high.

Bigly's picture


It is what kills the free mkt concept. 

First get ok'd to sell in state, then craft plan designs with all state mandates, get ok from state for your pricing.  Voila!  3 companies with essentially the same offerings,  similarly priced.  Duh

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What does that do for anybody?

RagaMuffin's picture

Betcha nobody reads the damn thing......

orangegeek's picture

wrong - only stupid fucking niggas would do such a thing

RagaMuffin's picture

Damn, I just got a promotion....on a Friday  afternoon    ;-)

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Nobody gets to read it....not before they pass it anyway - get with the program mate.

orangegeek's picture

Meanwhile, Trump, who is increasingly anxious to post some wins in his first 100 days....


bullshit Tylers.


Trump doesn't give a fucking shit about this 100 day crap - 100 days is a fake news narrative.


The fake news hates Trump no matter what - fake news will always lie about Trump.


So why bother quoting CNN???  Oh right, for the fucking pizzagaters and snowflakes that visit this site - traffic is traffic - I understand.

Jayda1850's picture

You are almost as bad as The LastTrump in your pathetic attempt at making excuses for Trump. Trump spents hours on the campaign tour touting that exact 100 day point. How many times did I have to listen to that fucking con artist talk about all the shit he was gonna do on day one or immediately upon his election. The only thing he has accomplished in his first 100 days is prove what a complete fraud he is to the Trump supporters who actually have the ability to be objective, unlike yourself. Like the LastTrump, your only fallback is to call people names like snowflakes and pizzagaters, which is barely above the level of calling people paid leftist shills like your comrade. Sadly, you will be the last to know we are all laughing at you as you try to ignore the fact everyone sees the Trump cum dripping from your lips. Name calling is an obvious sign of someone with a very weak argument.

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They voted on the Trump care bill ?? When was this ??

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Health insurance at gunpoint. Fuck You.

NihilistZerO___'s picture

Still no insurers competing accross state lines?

Bigly's picture

See my comment above. There needs to be a federal base plan sold in all states SANS state mandates....

Saratoga's picture

If the COSTS are not dramtically reduced you are wasting our time.

slobbermut's picture

Be sure to hold your breath....

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when do we see the grandma ad from pukes ? Losers ! Sad !!!!