Two Manhattan Subway Trains Stuck In Tunnel After Power Loss

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In a nightmare for New York commuters, two subway trains became stuck in a tunnel as power blackout caused delays and service disruptions on several lines during the Friday morning rush hour. According to CBS2, an E train got stuck about halfway through a tunnel at the Seventh Avenue and 53rd Street station. A D train was also stuck in the tunnel. Luckily, passengers from both trains were disembarked without incidents.

CBS adds that as of this moment:

  • No B train service between Brighton Beach Avenue and Bedford Park Boulevard in both directions.
  • Some D trains are running on the C line between West 4th Street-Washington Square and 59th Street-Columbus Circle in both directions.
  • Some northbound D trains are terminating at 34th Street-Herald Square.
  • E trains are running on the F line between West 4th Street-Washington Square and Jackson Heights-Roosevelt in both directions.
  • There is no M train service between Chambers and Forest Hills-71st Avenue in both directions.

Assuring even more productivity is lost in the world's financial capital, subway riders can expect delays on the A, B, C, D, E, F, J, M, N, Q and R trains. LIRR is crossing honoring at Sutphin Boulevard-Archer Avenue, Kew Gardens-Union Turnpike, Forest Hills-71st Avenue, 61st Street-Woodside, and 34th Street-Pen Station.

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Leatherneck59's picture

The elites dont care, they dont ride the subway.

nmewn's picture

They went into the tunnel so the solar panels quit working   ;-)

froze25's picture

Clowns to the left of me, Jokers to the right. Here I am stuck in the Tunnel with you....

Hope no one cuts serous ass. The air circulation is probably down too.

Doug's picture

Go ahead and crack some ass. People will think it's the homeless guy at the end of the car.

Shemp 4 Victory's picture


Putin did it

Russian HaX0rz from Iran!

...Sneaky Putin®

JusticeTBuford's picture

Operation Gotham Shield, practice run?

IridiumRebel's picture

Being in the tunnels would be as safe as possible but the zombie horde would get you eventually.

Big Twinkie's picture

Yes, and the massively fake, over-hyped, sci-fi bullshit EMP that will bring the entire country to a grinding halt.

detached.amusement's picture

++some people need some edumucation on frequency & wavelength, lol

Big Twinkie's picture

And now this: "Massive power outage hits San Francisco, shuts down businesses, BART station, traffic lights"

junction's picture

And it begins, the system in collapse.  Wednesday, the entire #7 IRT line shut down at 5PM, a stalled train.  Trial runs for shutting down transportation in the Big Apple.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

"Begins" lol.  Lived here 15 years, this is same sh!t / different day.

Slow news day for Tyler.

nachochan's picture

The best sign of system collapse came a few weeks back when some vagrant crackheads caught the I85 bridge on fire in Atlanta.

CheapBastard's picture

8 years of Bush neglect and another 8 of Soweeto's neglect to repair/replace ANYTHING has consequences.


Trump is 100% right about infrastructure; you go to Dubai, China or Singapore and there's huge wonderful ariports. The USA gives you smelly dindu TSA agents in newark and JFK and horrible service at the others.

Antyone else notice how the media has fiercely fought off any attempts to how a photo of the cop who dragged that little asian guy off United? If it had been a white cop, it would be headlines for days and probably a handful of riots here and there esp if the victin was a dindu.

HRClinton's picture

Tunnel of Love, or tunnel of push & shove?

Nobody For President's picture

And I don't give a shit either, being on the other side of the continent.

However, in the 'it will never make ZH news', my outlet to the south, Highway 101, is slid out, which yields a 5 hour detour to highway 5 to get anywhere more than 15 miles south of my local area.

(Guy that took the aerial photos is a neighbor of mine, the pilot was my instructor.)

More rain coming Monday, lot's of luck with clearing that slide...

Just think, a little power outage and vast inconvienience. What happens if the shit really hit the fan?

Shitonya Serfs's picture

Uh oh...we all know what's Black on the top, White on the bottom.

Dr. Engali's picture

Fucking Putin hacking the subways now!

Giant Meteor's picture

Lack of power, that was their dilemma ...

Chippewa Partners's picture

Another day in paradise if you recognize what is coming.

thecondor's picture

PFFFT. Just imagine all the people wo get tired of holding in thier farts after a while. 


Goldbugger's picture

I wouldn't want to be on that stinky subway.

jimmyfromminny's picture

crumbling infrastructure exhibit 230981-b.  Trains in China dont break down.

syzygysus's picture


We got a 747 coming down in the night There's no power, there's no runway lights Radio operator try to get a message through Tell the flight deck New York has no lights There's no power, what do we do A 747 coming down in the night Try to get a message through  We were strangers in the night Both on separate flights Strangers in the night Going nowhere We were strangers in the night Both on separate flights Strangers in the night Going nowhere This is Scandanavian 101 Flight from Hawaii coming out of the sun Kennedy, you should be in sight We can't see a thing here in the night Navigator says we're on the flight path There's no radio, no sign of life This is Sandanavian 101 For Gods sake get the ground lights on  'Cause we were strangers in the night Both on separate flights Strangers in the night Going nowhere We were strangers in the night Both on separate flights Strangers in the night Going nowhere  There's a 747 goin' into the night There's no power they don't know why They've no fuel they gotta land soon They can't land by the light of the moon They're overshooting there's no guiding lights Set a course into the night Scandanavian 101 For Gods sake get your ground lights on  We were strangers in the night Lost on separate flights Strangers in the night Going nowhere We were strangers in the night Lost on separate flights Strangers in the night Going nowhere Strangers in the night We were strangers in the night Strangers in the night We were strangers in the night  Strangers in the night Both on separate flights Strangers in the night Going nowhere  We were strangers in the night Flight 101 Strangers in the night going nowhere!

Citizen_x's picture


So...when the train lost power, it did not fail-safe to a complete stop, similar to a "dead-man" switch in the operator compartment ?  Let me guess, Syria did, Iran did, Russia did, Aaron Hernandez did, Oswald did it ?

A. Boaty's picture

No casualties, therefore, no nightmare. Seriously, quit reporting local news.

barysenter's picture

This weekend starts early in NYC.

Land Snark's picture

Typical Deep State bureaucratic bungling. Operation Gotham Sheild doesn't start till NEXT week you fools!

JailBanksters's picture

Did the Russians hack it


BendGuyhere's picture

New York City is a total con and America's raging shithole.

Hollywood lures people into this urban hellhole deathtrap with fantasies about unicorns and rainbows then they are slowly digested as their vital energy is bled off to feed the oligarchs in their towers.

Insane cost of living, triple income taxation (federal, state AND city), filthy, rude and everywhere you look the worst jews and colored people on the planet...


THE_WATCHER's picture

NYC is having 20 mile high nuke detonation EMP excercises, <for real. Lets turn the power off and simulate loss of the power grid...

onwisconsinbadger's picture

Nobody know more about trains than me, Drumpf said. He is the only one who can fix it. Loser ! Sad !!!! He is too busy with idiot Palin.

reTARD's picture

They went into the left tunnel. And aren't blackouts racist? ;-)

esum's picture

how many levels of bureaucracy do you need to manage a fucking subway...

maybe less politicians might make things work

The New York City Subway is a rapid transit system owned by the City of New York and leased to the New York City Transit Authoritya subsidiary agency of the state-run Metropolitan Transportation Authority(MTA).

MTA operating revenue totaled at $6.5 billion, amount to only 50% of the $13 billion operating expense.

the subway delivers over 1.76 billion rides, averaging approximately 5.7 million daily rides on weekdays and a combined 5.9 million rides each weekend .... it has 50000 employees most making over $100K...