The Most Important Question That No One Is Asking...

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With every mainstream media orifice chock full of prognosticators speculating on what Trump must have done given the anonymously-sourced reports about Comey, Russia, and Cock-holsters; there appears to be one question that very few dare ask...

If Trump indeed asked Comey to end the Flynn probe, why was Comey so silent about the meeting for two months?

One such American who dared to ask the question is infamous neocon Rep. Peter King (R-NY), who told Fox News tonight that he has "real questions" for Comey...

"If Director Comey in any way thought that he was being intimidated or the president was trying to interfere with an investigation, I believe that Director Comey had an obligation to report that, report it to the Justice Department, to tell those around him," King said.


"Because that could be considered a crime, and as director of the FBI, he had an obligation to make that known."

He added that Comey also had an obligation to share that information with the House and Senate intelligence committees when he testified before them.

King said he is not aware of Comey speaking to anyone in Congress about any interference in any ongoing investigations into Flynn, Russia or the Trump campaign.

"If this was as serious as it's now being made out to be, why has Director Comey been so silent for the last two months?" King said.

Next week's Comey hearing could be more exciting than we thought as the answer to those questions is unlikley to be covered by the standard "that's classified" response.

We note that King's comments - somewhat defending President Trump - come shortly after Senator McCain's Trump-defending comments... did Trump 'cross the aisle' to the neocons?

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If Comey fucks with Trump and if Establishment Republicans abandon Trump (which they are doing) and if Trump is impeached and relieved of the Presidency, there will be a civil war.   And I'll grab my gun.

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 Trump is potus. If he says jump? The mfn USMC jumps!

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It is my understanding that is a crime for Comey to not report what he sees as a crime.

Trump has the power to declare all of his notes and records unclassified and let him go into the hearing naked.

Maybe the real Hillary story will emerge.

VWAndy's picture

 When you are the boss ya best act like it. This whole thing is BS on that one aspect alone. When you are the Boss! You must act like it. Why has Trump not acted like a boss. I could understand Obama not acting like a boss. He never been one. But Trump has for decades. When your the Boss you dont take shit offa nobody. Do you know how many people I would have shipped off to the north pole in the first two weeks? Bummfuck Egypt would be the hottest realestate market in the world.

Keyser's picture

Kind of hard to stay out in front of the curve when you have 5 highly funded and deep-seated entities out to get you at the same time... Especially when they control the media... 

VWAndy's picture

 He can bitchslap the media all day every day without ever busting a sweat. Just mention Debbie Wassername at every press conf.

AltRight Girl's picture

Question or no question, all the RINOs mentioning impeachment should be voted out of office ASAP. 

We know who they are, let's retire them

The Trump Army is Writing Down the Names of the Treasonous Republicans that are Suggesting Trump Should be Impeached

jeff montanye's picture

the day will come, imo, when "the resistance" will rue their extremist reaction to trump's election.  it will eventually give him gravitas and shear him of some of his most unserious habits, not to mention bring on massive change to the deep state's world much sooner than otherwise would have been the case.

had they instead mocked his many peccadillos and offered sage advice, vigorously opposing his policies in a cogent fashion where they were most vulnerable, letting the russian phobia be more background noise about trump's naivete and gullibility, they'd do a lot better in the next two elections than they are going to.

jcaz's picture

True.  The day will also come when "the resistence" realizes that they are nothing more than dupes, lined up to serve as a diversion.

"The resistance" is nothing more than a Clinton shell game, designed to perpetuate their pay-for-play money grab.  The Clintons were forced to advance this agenda in order to appease those who have dumped SERIOUS money into Hillary, and expect some real ROI-

This ain't gonna be it.

meta-trader's picture

she was a waitress in a cocktail bar now she owns a jet...

hootowl's picture

The more effective Trump is in enacting his agenda to prosper and strengthen the USA the more danger he will be in for assassination by the Ashkanazim/muslime/globalist "Deep State" and the international banksters.

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

wake the fuck up. Its 2017. To become POTUS is to become an employee, not da boss.

What's so telling about the political climate and success of the propaganda is that even if Trump said to comey 'pls drop the investigation'  everyone assumes Trumps motive was 'we have something to hide', not 'this whole thing is baloney and  distraction and im trying to get some real work done here and i cant because of this unending feakshow circus'


VWAndy's picture

 Something to think about. Excelent comment.

Pft's picture

Trumps never been the boss you think. The Mafia,his Dads Trust Fund, Creditors and Feds all owned him. He has always had to dance around bankruptcy, Rico/jail and a mob hit.

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If true, then Trump has even more experience than I even originally thought. That kind of experience could very well keep him on his toes and increase the odds in the grand poker game with the other side.  I am not even going to disgrace the name Democrat by calling those people democrats. They seem to be autocrats. Push a button and they have public meltdowns and make declarations of impeachment.

Got The Wrong No's picture

Well let's see, a five week poster bad mouthing Trump. Still bringing up the Bullshit puke you tried to use during the election. Get some new material, Troll

ducksinarow's picture

That is tough talk for some one who has never worked in a giant bureaocracy before. The day Trump through his hat in the ring he had to start fighting first 16 other candidates for nomination, no one thought it was possible he would get it. I certainly was looking at the possibility I would not participate in the election last year. Whe the stuff started floating about Cruz, the sign was on the wall that Trump actually could defeat those RINO's.  When Comey came out with his little announcement about Hillary not being charged for anything relating to the email scandals, the handwriting was even bigger. My guess was A, there is something worse to be investigated bedsides emails, like serial murders or Comey's life was being threatened. I still lean towards the conspiracy to distract is a component of clearing Trump's name and saving Comey's life in one fell swoop. It ain't over till the fat congress person sings.

VWAndy's picture

 We aint talking about working in a bureacracy. We are talking about running one. Two completely different things.

hootowl's picture

Why the Hell is Trump loading his administration with Ashkanazim?  Jerod Kushner is today's version of Mandel House who "handled" Woodrow Wilson into instituting the evil FED, the evil IRS, and WWI.  God save us from these Ashkanazim reptilians.

political_proxy's picture

Read that and a visual of Trump sitting there (near him) saying, "OK, that's declassified" askin to a line item veto as to not jeopardize other legit info.

zhandax's picture

We already know from the Hildabeast investigation that HSBC alum Comey wouldn't recognize a crime if it bit him in the ass. He just knows how to throw shit and cause problems (wonder what got him fired?)

jcaz's picture

Exactly.  What was Comey doing the moment he got fired?  He was giving a town hall fluff speech- WTF???  You don't have REAL work to do, James?

I would have fired his ass at that moment, too.

Anarchyteez's picture

I wish he'd clean the halls of con-gress with the USMC.


sleigher's picture

1 to 3 million american men.  The US.  1 year later Canada.  Then Mexico.  Meanwhile enlisting their nationalists.

We move to Europe.  


Just imagine, white men can be men again.  Ignore your wives.

Socratic Dog's picture

Don't ignore them. If they need a good beating, give them a good beating.

barysenter's picture

Ignoring them is more effective and there's no downside. The worst she can do is ignore you back.

CNONC's picture

You haven't met my wife. Redhead.

barysenter's picture

Learn to duck. 3-5 children will help.

sessinpo's picture

Abandon Trump? They were nevrr with him and I include Pence. I see a PP in the future. 

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BeanusCountus's picture

And who is the McFayden (sp, cant remember exactly) guy, also deceased, working with Rich according to Fox News? Anybody on that one?

joego1's picture

Podesta and the Clinton crime family thats who.

Tall Tom's picture




Perhaps James Alefantis killed Seth Rich. Perhaps Seth Rich discovered what was going on at Comet Pizza and that gave him the incentive to leak those emails..

Oldwood's picture

They say he was shot. Nothing about being sodomized.

Wild tree's picture

Good to see ya back TT. Glad to know that you are still beating the bushes to scare up the quail. Blast away.

barysenter's picture

Where was Comey between midnight and 8am on July 10, 2016?

Anarchyteez's picture

Taking it in the butt from Bill and Obummer.

barysenter's picture

That's not going to hold up. They are suspects too.

grekko's picture

Like Josey Wales, they're easy to follow.  They leave a trail of dead bodies everywhere they go.

political_proxy's picture

at least we know who killed Vince Foster...when he shot himself twice in the back of the head

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

and Senator Nancy Schaeffer. She shot herself and her husband in the head while she was asleep.

That's one talented bitch.

S Spade's picture

Which just so happens to be the last time the FBI director. William Sessions, was fired, the day before Vince Foster's body was found in Fort Marcy Park. The investigation was subsequently (intentionally?) bungled by the Park Service (vs FBI) such smoking gun associated with Comey firing.

Got The Wrong No's picture

Let's not forget  Antonin Scalia,. You know they had a hand in that as well. 



HRClinton's picture

The Russians killed poor Seth, to cover their tracks, after he leaked to Wikileaks.