Comey Admits Under Oath That Obstructions To Investigations "Never Happened"

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As we detailed earlier, next week's James Comey hearing is certainly setting up as a 'grab yr popcorn' moment with Democrats lining up for their 5 minutes of fame to ask the question that 'proves' Trump deserves impeachment. However, it appears there is no need for the hearing as Mr. Comey already confirmed - under oath - that "he has not been pressured to close an investigation for political purposes."

Testifying under oath in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee on May 3rd, Comey states that he has not been pressured to close an investigation for political purposes, "not in my experience."

COMEY: Not in my experience. Because it would be a big deal to tell the FBI to stop doing something like that -- without an appropriate purpose.


I mean where oftentimes they give us opinions that we don't see a case there and so you ought to stop investing resources in it. But I'm talking about a situation where we were told to stop something for a political reason, that would be a very big deal.


It's not happened in my experience.

Caught on tape?

Some have pointed out that Comey is responding specifically to a question whether someone at the Department of Justice or the Attorney General had ever asked him to halt an investigation.

That is true, however, his response is not specific. His response is general...

" it would be a big deal to tell the FBI to stop doing something like that -- without an appropriate purpose... I'm talking about a situation where we were told to stop something for a political reason, that would be a very big deal... It's not happened in my experience."

It seems like ANY "pressure" to stop an investigation is a "big deal" and that's "not happened."

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So if he says there was in his testimony next Wed.,which he won't,, . What should happen to him?

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What Comey has done is so seriously wrong that I do think some top criminal lawyers in the DOJ have to review it all and I hope they have the goods and the guts to prosecute Comey.  

He and his cohorts were trying very hard to bring down this nation and that is criminal behavior. He and the others have to be held accountable or we will continue on with this multi level "system" of justice which will eat us alive.

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Liar, liar, pants on fire! FUCK YOU, COMEY!

Shit's gettin' serious, ASSHOLE!




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CASE DISMISSED....! Now, let's get on with business.....

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Comey: hope you're a fire eater, cocksucker.

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I wonder what is true in 'his experience."

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Well, Comey has shown himself to be a lying weasel. He might have lied about his too.

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But it was (((Real in My Mind)))...

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In case you missed it, Trump is winning

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I love Comey, I hate Comey. Typical Drumpf swamp water kool aid drinker. Sad ! Deplorables Losers !!!!!

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You are one of Colbert's cock holsters.

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Thank you for giving me the oportunity to observe your interactions w ith other fight club members. I've watched your comments for quite a while now and have built a psychological profile on you. How close am I? 

Abandoned by father before age 8,  abused by mother, small build, medium intelligence, poor eye sight, never joined sports in school,  it would appear you were picked on a lot, extreme introvert with trouble relating to the opposite sex, found message boards and comment sections allowed you to interact while remaining anonymous. 

My advice? By a dog and take up backpacking. Get out of the house.

Trust me, you'll thank me later.

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Comey, Clapper and that punk ass Mnuchin, poster boy cunts for the deep state. Plain as day...

Of course they are stooges for those pulling the strings.

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Why do they keep leaving the 'd' out of James Comedy.

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So what's the point with these hearings if they don't even hear or remember what these people that come to testify before them have been saying.


Now that it turns out that Comey already have clarified  this issue long time ago, i suggest the crazy mob with witch hunters quells their thirst for blood and keep their mouth shut. An apology to Trump is demanded. 

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Ask him if he ever investigated the likelihood of the constitution being destroyed by a fifth column right before his eyes.

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Comey is a lying cunt. It's so deep, the shawdow government will kill him. 

NSA Never Busts israelEver! - YouTube

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Demoncrats live in the sewer

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Being under oath means nothing, just ask Bill Clinton.

Atomizer's picture

The irony is that the strawman did it. Central banking. Point finger at think tank objective. Charter motives. Complete obstacle, succeed mission as duly reported within MSM sound bites. 

Same old bullshit. Wash, rinse, and repeat. 

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Open the floodgates for starved US investors ..

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Comey is an enemy of the state. Someone should kill him and collect a nickel from every patriotic American.

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Miss the Zerohedge family, taking a break. I still love you. It's better to stand back and evaluate the situation. Then tear down the installer of lies. It's coming. Be patient. Sorry that been absent. I still love my family. You have to analyze all angles of information. Then, go full throttle. 

I love Zerohedge Family. Never forget. I'm in deep web forums. You have to connect the information in a logical manner. It's unfolding slowly. Not good for Democrats and corporate TV. I stop there.

The shit you see in deep below is incredible. But, you still have to check the facts. 

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Federal Prosecutor: Comey Obstructed Justice Not Bringing Memo To Congress. Doug Hagmann breaks down the ongoing war between Trump and the deep state,

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Vatican masonic order of jesuits Illuminati rule the world for centuries, they are building theirs New World Order - one government, one religion, global socialism-technocracy, depopulation(because overpopulation destroying biosphere) - check Georgia Guidestones also who has funded it, "order out of chaos"- they create a crisis and than they resolve it towards NWO.

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I've got a book that accuses the Jesuits of sinking the Titanic. Did you write it?

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One reason why mueller got the boot does not know anything about IRS investigation!

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Press is Trying to Create a Stock Market Crash to Get Rid of Trump

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Bla bla. Seth Rich bitchez!

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Anyone know how many of Comey's kids and/or grandkids the Krime Family is holding hostage during his testimony?

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Bill Hughes, "The Secret Terrorists and The Enemy Unmasked

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KoRnFeD's picture


Oh my goodness! More facts to show there is no collution, or obstruction!

Obviously we are not looking hard enough!

Hire a special whatever! He will dig the truth outta them!

mary mary's picture

So, Comey testified under oath that President Trump never attempted to obstruct any of his investigations, and a week later publicly released a memo stating that President Trump did attempt to obstruct one of his investigations. 

This same Comey is a lawyer, a "brilliant" lawyer, a lawyer so "able, effective, and respected" that he was given the job of FBI Director of the USA.

SwaziRed's picture

So Fat Ass Donny Two Scoops asked  Comey to drop the investigation into Flynn and the G-Man told him to go fuck himself. Ergo, no obstruction occurred because Comey wouldn't countenance it. Ask Comey instead about attempted obstruction and I expect the answer would be different.

Nice try at obfuscation, though. Keep on flailing.

Victor999's picture

Did your mother drop you on your head as a baby?  Telling someone to stop an investigation is placing an obstruction in the way of an ongoing investigation.  It doesn't matter one iota what the response to that order (or request) was - it still represents an obstruction.


You think you've made an intelligent observation - you're SO wrong.  I've just placed you on my Idiots list.

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Send him to the hospital to remove a blowfly maggot ibraib infestation.

any_mouse's picture

Did Comey say this before or after Lieberman became the front runner for his old job?

Is Lieberman a rook or a knight? I don't think he is a queen.

Lieberman may be that character that is on stage early in the first act (9/11), then doesn't appear back on stage until late in the third act.

Makes me think of another aged New England pol who popped into the national spotlight during the 2016 campaign.

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Aw, why doesn't someone just kill me...

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USA is run by Zionists

learnofjesuits's picture

lies, USA is run by vatican jesuits Illuminati masonic order, same as other countries

Victor999's picture

All of whom were created by Jews.

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US is run by Commie Rag Heads.