The Russian Obsession Goes Back Decades

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Authored by Jacob Hornberger via The Future of Freedom Foundation,

Just consider the accusations that have been leveled at the president:

  1. He has betrayed the Constitution, which he swore to uphold.
  2. He has committed treason by befriending Russia and other enemies of America.
  3. He has subjugated America’s interests to Moscow.
  4. He has been caught in fantastic lies to the American people, including personal ones, like his previous marriage and divorce.

President Donald Trump?

No, President John F. Kennedy.

What lots of Americans don’t realize, because it was kept secret from them for so long, is that what Trump has been enduring from the national-security establishment, the mainstream press, and the American right-wing for his outreach to, or “collusion with,” Russia pales in comparison to what Kennedy had to endure for committing the heinous “crime” of reaching out to Russia and the rest of the Soviet Union in a spirit of peace and friendship.

They hated him for it. They abused him. They insulted him. They belittled him. They called him naïve. They said he was a traitor.

All of the nasties listed above, plus more, were contained in an advertisement and a flier that appeared in Dallas on the morning of November 22, 1963, the day that Kennedy was assassinated. They can be read here and here.

Ever since then, some people have tried to make it seem like the advertisement and flier expressed only the feelings of extreme right-wingers in Dallas. That’s nonsense. They expressed the deeply held convictions of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the CIA, the conservative movement, and many people within the mainstream media and Washington establishment.

In June 1963, Kennedy threw down the gauntlet in a speech he delivered at American University, now entitled the “Peace Speech.” It was one of the most remarkable speeches ever delivered by an American president. It was broadcast all across the communist Soviet Union, the first time that had ever been done.

In the speech, Kennedy announced that he was bringing an end to the Cold War and the mindset of hostility toward Russia and the rest of the Soviet Union that the U.S. national-security establishment had inculcated in the minds of the American people ever since the end of World War II.

It was a radical notion and, as Kennedy well understood, a very dangerous one insofar as he was concerned. The Cold War against America’s World War II partner and ally had been used to convert the United States from a limited-government republic to a national-security state, one consisting of a vast, permanent military establishment, the CIA, and the NSA, along with their broad array of totalitarian-like powers, such as assassination, regime change, coups, invasions, torture, surveillance, and the like. Everyone was convinced that the Cold War — and the so-called threat from the international communist conspiracy that was supposedly based in Russia — would last forever, which would naturally mean permanent and ever-increasing largess for what Kennedy’s predecessor, President Dwight Eisenhower, had  called the “military-industrial complex.”

Suddenly, Kennedy was upending the Cold War apple cart by threatening to establish a relationship of friendship and peaceful coexistence with Russia, the rest of the Soviet Union, and Cuba.

Kennedy knew full well that his actions were considered by some to be a grave threat to “national security.” After all, don’t forget that it was Guatemalan President Jacobo Arbenz’s outreach to the Soviets in a spirit of friendship that got him ousted from power by the CIA and presumably targeted for assassination as part of that regime-change operation. It was Cuban leader Fidel Castro’s outreach to the Soviets in a spirit of friendship that made him the target of Pentagon and CIA regime-change operations, including through invasion, assassination, and sanctions. It was Congo leader’s Patrice Lamumba’s outreach to the Soviets in a spirit of friendship that got him targeted for assassination by the CIA. It would be Chilean President Salvador Allende’s outreach to the Soviets in a spirit of friendship that got him targeted in a CIA-instigated coup in Chile that resulted in Allende’s death.

Kennedy wasn’t dumb. He knew what he was up against. He had heard Eisenhower warn the American people in his Farewell Address about the dangers to their freedom and democratic way of life posed by the military establishment. After Kennedy had read the novel Seven Days in May, which posited the danger of a military coup in America, he asked friends in Hollywood to make it into a movie to serve as a warning to the American people. In the midst of the Cuban Missile Crisis, when the Pentagon and the CIA were exerting extreme pressure on Kennedy to bomb and invade Cuba, his brother Bobby told a Soviet official with whom he was negotiating that the president was under a severe threat of being ousted in a coup. And, of course, Kennedy was fully mindful of what had happened to Arbenz, Lamumba, and Castro for doing what Kennedy was now doing — reaching out to the Soviets in a spirit of friendship.

In the eyes of the national-security establishment, one simply did not reach out to Russia, Cuba, or any other “enemy” of America. Doing so, in their eyes, made Kennedy an appeaser, betrayer, traitor, and a threat to “national security.”

Kennedy didn’t stop with his Peace Speech. He also began negotiating a treaty with the Soviets to end above-ground nuclear testing, an action that incurred even more anger and ire within the Pentagon and the CIA. Yes, that’s right — they said that “national security” depended on the U.S. government’s continuing to do what they object to North Korea doing today — conducting nuclear tests, both above ground and below ground.

Kennedy mobilized public opinion to overcome fierce opposition in the military, CIA, Congress, and the Washington establishment to secure passage of his Nuclear Test Ban Treaty.

He then ordered a partial withdrawal of troops from Vietnam, and told close aides that he would order a complete pull-out after winning the 1964 election. In the eyes of the U.S. national-security establishment, leaving Vietnam subject to a communist takeover would pose a grave threat to national security here in the United States.

Worst of all, from the standpoint of the national-security establishment, Kennedy began secret personal negotiations with Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev and Cuban leader Fidel Castro to bring an end to America’s Cold War against them. That was considered to be a grave threat to “national security” as well as a grave threat to all the military and intelligence largess that depended on the Cold War.

By this time, Kennedy’s war with the national-security establishment was in full swing. He had already vowed to tear the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the winds after its perfidious conduct in the Bay of Pigs fiasco. By this time, he had also lost all confidence in the military after it proposed an all-out surprise nuclear attack on the Soviet Union, much as Japan had done at Pearl Harbor, after the infamous plan known as Operation Northwoods, which proposed terrorist attacks and plane hijackings carried out by U.S. agents posing as Cuban communists, so as to provide a pretext for invading Cuba, and after the Cuban Missile Crisis, when the military establishment accused him of appeasement and treason for agreeing not to ever invade Cuba again.

What Kennedy didn’t know was that his “secret” negotiations with the Soviet and Cuban communists weren’t so secret after all. As it turns out, it was a virtual certainty that the CIA (or NSA) was listening in on telephone conversations of Cuban officials at the UN in New York City, much as the CIA and NSA still do today, during which they would have learned what the president was secretly doing behind their backs.

Kennedy’s feelings toward the people who were calling him a traitor for befriending Moscow and other “enemies” of America? In response to the things that were said in that advertisement and flier about him being a traitor for befriending Russia, he told his wife Jackie on the morning he was assassinated: “We are heading into nut country today.” Of course, as he well knew, the nuts weren’t located only in Dallas. They were also situated throughout the U.S. national-security establishment.

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winged's picture

"Kennedy didn’t stop with his Peace Speech."

Trump stopped the Peace Speeches a while ago.

MillionDollarButter's picture

Learning the truth about McCarthyism will tell you all you need to know about the Democratic Party, the communists, and the media.  Basically, after watching this video, you may be surprised what you didn't know, and what has come to light since the fall of the USSR.  You will also see that on a completely different day, it was still the same shit.


Four chan's picture

im watching dr strangelove right now.

befuddled's picture

i.e., a great movie but ancient history.

Russia Then  is very different from Russia Now -- same with us. Shared or overlapping interests in many areas point to a need for strategic cooperation quite often. Russia as an ally is potentially far more important to us than the hapless dolts in Brussels. There will always be antagonism because there always is. The EU should be shitting itself. You too, probably.

AltRight Girl's picture

It goes back to when the Leninites/Trotskyists kikes were kicked from power in URSS: STALIN's purge.

That might be the reason why zionists financed Hitler to go against Stalin. They wanted to kill two birds with one WorldWar.

Since then the kikes are desperate to get their claws back on that rich country.

But, White man, BEWARE, they come in many shapes and forms:

The Crypto Jews: Deceit and Double-Think in Britain’s Hostile Elite
HowdyDoody's picture

In 1941, the US and UK signed a treaty over intelligence sharing about the Soviets. The treaty emphasized a military approach rather than a diplomatic approach to dealing with the USSR. That was the start of the so-called 'Cold War'.

By 1943, The UK Field Marshall Sir Alan Brooke had concluded that Soviets were the next enemy.

Aldrich, Richard J. (2001) The Hidden Hand: Britain, America and Cold War Secret Intelligence.

ThaBigPerm's picture

And why stop at Russia?  Remember in 1980 the only reason Reagan won was that he colluded with the Iranians to have them not release the hostages until after the election.  Of course they didn't say that until Carter actually lost an election he was practically "guaranteed" to win (all the polls showed it going into the election!).  TREASON!  When they win, the people have spoken.  When they lose, we wuz robbed.

fleur de lis's picture

Sen. L.T. McFadden (R-PA) warned about the culprits behind Russia's destruction and was murdered for it.

His death was never (publically) solved, although more than a few of the Swamp dwellers know who did what and how. 

Scroll down to the 4th paragraph for the Russia reference --

McFadden recognised the newly established Federal Reserve as a racket and tried to expose it.

He exposed the money trail and the death, destruction, and chaos it created everywhere.

Read the 1934 Congressional hearing transcripts that exposed the Federal Fraud Reserve --

For his valor Sen. McFadden was first destroyed politically and then after at least two previous attempts, murdered.




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Mr. Kwikky's picture

We all know who did JFK and this kike Hornberger doesn't convince me. Read Michael Collins Piper, killed for exposing the truth:

Final Judgment: The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination

And the letters to Ben Gurion regarding Dimona

Anarchyteez's picture

Goes back to Albert Pike and the three world wars letter.

Link: oh crap wtf? If so we're all doomed.

RiverRoad's picture

While George Bush Sr. was his VP, they attempted to assassinate Reagan for his policy re Detente with Russia.  George missed the Presidency by an inch.   

presterjohn1198's picture

The obsession dates from 1917.

Tallest Skil's picture


The plan was to keep the world focused on the Soviet Union while they slowly replaced Europeans with blacks and mussulmen. Now, Russia has become a gigantic problem. If Russia is intact when the European Race Wars start, they will not simply sit by and watch a second middle east with 3000 nuclear warheads form next door. They will intervene and we will crush the browns with their support. Russia has to be destroyed for their plan to destroy Europe to succeed. This is where the push for war is coming from.

Ace006's picture

Now that is a damn interesting theory!

Jack Oliver's picture

You are right - Russia becoming a world economic 'player' - well - it's the Zionist's worst nightmare !

Russia has become a REAL competitor !!

Ordinary average guy's picture

You are exaggerayting. Russian economy is still quite modest and depends heavily on oil-gas and other fossils exports to fund gov. budget. US is still the the great power. Despite the Chine rising. Russia has very bad governance to raise its economy fast. And we (I'm Ru) already missed good chances to develop smthg good. But it is our (russian) inner problem and it doesnt threaten any other country

geno-econ's picture

Very insightfull Ruski chlovek.  Russia is much smaller population and economy compared to US mainland, not counting financial influence of petrodillar, and certainly not a military invasion threat.  But the territory and natural resources of Mother Russia is the envy of every hungry industrialist. By definition holding back intrusion from the West also holds back economic progress for Russia.  It's Globalism vs. Nationalism.  China, in contrast, became global back in the late seventies trading off a huge cheap labor force in order to achieve modernization ---in retrospect a good bargain so long as they can control the population and not lose a National identity.

Ordinary average guy's picture

And dont forget if you answer me. Your American Big Brother is watchin you. You'd better piss yourself and be quiet. Or you will be treated as a traitor of America. 

Now all turned upside down. 

Russia is the land of Free. And America is a totalitarian state now. So better keep silense my friend.


I can afford this for myself. You - not. Or you can reveal me your top and awfull american secret. Then you become under investigation )) So calm down buddy

Ordinary average guy's picture

When writing this mess I missed a good point to enter a position long. All this political issues is a shit and it spoils trading. 

Have a good day

RiverRoad's picture

Recall when the US was over there helping Afghanistan fight Russia.....

J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock's picture

Yes F. Seeker,

Reasonable content but there are a few gaps and selective pickings from the list, and I would have expected some drawing parallels of the past with not only D. Trump, our Great Orange Pumpkin, but also the Great Bloated Sickly Purple Berry & her syphilitic handbag, and the family of lower plant life collectively known by their receding stature from 'poppy' all the way down to the 'shrub'.

Only 4 points on the author's discussion list, but on the original 'flier' there are many more gems to be mined.

I liked point #5 "He has illegally invaded a sovereign State with federal troops". Have we lost count of how many times this has been enacted by the United Snakes presidents since 1964? And noted that more than once invaded the same sovereign State. We came in peace, shoot to kill, shoot to kill!

What about point #6, the "...Aliens and known Communists abound in Federal offices". Immediately I think of 'close' "personal" assistants to the ever sickening Purple Berry. What has become of the brothers who ran rampant through State security and had loverly deals on the side? And it goes all the way to the top with much discussion still about the 'alien' status, legal or otherwise of the Irish Kenyan and the heavenly bath house, eh Barry?

Look at point #4 "He has given support and encouragement to the Communist inspired racial riots". The emphasis may not be as stong on the Communists but I suppose the surrogate Sorros is in his own way of the old school and still using the old methods, endless struggle and revolution against the oppressors, lackeys, lap dogs etc etc. And the racial riots persist to this day across the world, made manifest now in countries that had little recent cause or issue, with comfort and support, aided and abetted by way of mock 'refugee' plans. The Purple Berry and Badass Brown Barry have a lot to answer for, and for no good reason are still persisting and being lauded with 'speaking' engagements and enough cash for an hour of guff to keep five or more families living a good life for a full year.

Blame & shame old 'whitey' is the new 'black'.

Keep digging people, there's a lot more here.


J. Peasemold Gruntfuttock


Anarchyteez's picture

Duh. Our .gov/MIC must always have a boogie man.

If one is lacking, invent it.

L Bean's picture

An actual cold war era thinktank, CSIS, has been renovated and is now spewing "policy", testifying before Senate panels, etc.  Everything RUSSIA goes through this dinosaur filter before it makes it to Buzzfeed/CNN.

The US deserves whatever fuck-fuck comes their way, just for being retarded.

ebworthen's picture

Trump - watch out, C.I.A. gunning for you.

No coincidence that right before J.F.K. Eisenhower warned of the Military Industrial Complex (M.I.C.).

This is the deep state, the shadow government, that runs D.C in collusion with Politicians, Central Bankers, and Corporations/Banks/Insurers.

If you believe your CONgress Critter works for you, think again.  They serve the deep state, which is why they hate Trump and torpedoed Bernie Sanders in favor of Hitlary.

any_mouse's picture

Too bad Eisenhower did not do much about the Deep State during his eight year tenure in the Oval Office.

A verbal warning as he left to play golf full time.

Thanks, Ike.

Thanks for the Dulles Bros.

Thanks for the Shah of Iran.

Thanks for Batista and mob run Cuba.

Thanks for Richard Milhouse Nixon and Kissinger.

Thanks for not controlling the CIA when you had the chance. So thanks for Dallas 11/22/1963. Your hands have blood on them.

Thanks for ordering the production of the propaganda film which created the Holocaust meme. [simultaneous payback and pay forward for the White House?]

Ike was warning the USA about the system he had served since West Point. He had a rather interesting military career path on his way to Supreme Allied Commander of the Greatest Generation.

Burn for Eternity.

Just another brick in the wall.

Just drop the "Eisenhower warned us" meme already.

HowdyDoody's picture

The recent video of the interview with the ex-Deep State banker Ronald Bernard was more revealing.

LetThemEatRand's picture

The speech is worth watching if for no other reason than to notice the lack of security around him.  There are people just milling around.  No guys in dark sunglasses watching the crowd.   The President was just an important guy giving a speech.  This is before the imperial presidency.  Ironically, it took JFK's death at the hands of the deep state to convince the public that the president needs to be protected from the public by the deep state.

dunce's picture

This USSR was a communist political entity, Russia is not and most ofthe USSR has been returned to independent countries. Conflating the two negates the argument by abandoning the facts of the matter.

Ace006's picture

There are some who think the implosion of the USSR was a dception operation. IKYN.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

A controlled implosion, maybe.  The real deception involved the Soviet emigrants that left the country in the decade or two before the dissolution of the USSR. 

Vladimir Lenin's mother was Jewish (by Jewish law this would make Lenin Jewish).  Trotsky's real name was Bronstein. Lev Kamenev...  Joseph Stalin, original name Dzugashvili (which translates as Son of Dzugash, or Son of Jew, take your pick). 

Back to the emigrants, in the history books they call it 'aliyah':

"In 1968, 231 Jews were granted exit visas to Israel, followed by 3,033 in 1969. From that point on, the USSR began granting exit visas in growing numbers. During the late 1960s and the 1970s, some 163,000 Soviet Jews emigrated to Israel; mostly between 1969 and 1973.

While many Jews emigrated to Israel, others chose the United States instead. Known as "dropouts", the emigres applied for US refugee visas while waiting at transit centers in Austria and Italy. In March 1976, the "dropout rate" rose to over 50%. Most of the Soviet Zionists who wanted to emigrate to Israel out of religious and/or ideological reasons had done so by 1973; from then on, most Soviet-Jewish emigrants were mostly motivated by economic concerns. Many were non-religious and saw themselves as Jews by nationality only, and thus they had little religious or ideological motivation to move to Israel, which they saw as having fewer opportunities than the United States."

There were different factions in power at different times.  Yeltsin being part of a strongly pro-Western faction, and Putin being from a Russia-first faction (which is different than Soviet Union-first, faction, it should be noted).  The Western media hates Putin for going after Russia's (((oligarchs))).

Yen Cross's picture

  This event isn't even a conversation.

   Journalism is dead. So is Fox News.

simulkra's picture

The Cold war was the invention of the MIBHC. BH= banking/hollywood. Stalin followed Lenin's socialism in one country line and was the one who put the internationists back in their box. Russia was no longer the promised land after 1936. Eastern Europe was spoils of war not stategic objectives. The MIBHC lured Russia/China into Korea by stating it was not within the US sphere of influence. The MIBHC outfit named the CIA consistently lied about Russian military strength, the bomber gap/missile gap etc when the truth was always that Russia was in catch-up mode and still is.

Segestan's picture

This article is a cheap propaganda attempt. Just shows the means of communist/Un influence.

HominyTwin's picture

Please enlighten us with your historical research and deep knowledge that supports your point of view. Thanks!

onmail1's picture

Trump must start a new policy initiative
in which Russia is no longer an enemy
rather a friend in war against terrorism
junk the wolfowitz doctrine

but alas the zionist demons have taken over USA
'The smell of burning flesh & spilled blood pleased the YHWH' says their Torah

land_of_the_few's picture

If he wants to do that he needs to root out and defund some brownshirts in NGOs and politics. Many are women. Their family history is the clue since they have no independent opinion or unique personality of their own apart from inherited racist hatred.

Some are literally trying to build a nose-in-the-trough career purely on the basis of having a nice rack and spouting fashionable hatespeech about Russia. That's it, they have no other skills.

Yen Cross's picture


Vote up!

Vote down!

0 new onmail1 May 19, 2017 12:23 AM

Trump must start a new policy initiative, YES!!!

 Selling $350 billion[bombs] to Saudi isn't a good start.

 JFK and Trump, are apples and oranges- in Trumps favor.  Seize the moment Donald.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Allow me to sum up the BIGGEST DIFFERENCES BETWEEN 1962 and 2017...

1962 United States of America

1) oil and other energy CONUS dominate producer as of that year
2) World slayer in every major commercial technological innovation up to that year
3) Head at the table of the most important Central Bank in the World that still owned everything CONUS and much of Western Europe with USD as "KING" and still had "SOUND MONEY"
4) World military super power dominant and matasticizing in it's greatness and the DEBT to keep it going in the Cold War it locked itself into with the Soviet Union and China

5) STILL OWNED ITSELF even with it's growing debt to facilitate it's military power and economic influence wherever it wanted to be"

6) Cutting edge technology making the U.S. one of the most sought after weapons producers in the World 1960s through the 1980s

U.S. of A. in 2017
Number 1 - 6 for the United States of American ALL GONE!... With an accumulated debt the largest in human history with $20 - $24 trillion in debt + ($162 trillion in unfunded liabilities) with no buyers of it's debt other than it's EU/NATO members WHO ARE "TIED TO IT"!... AND NO ENERGY POLICY THAT IS CAPABLE OF CONTROLLING THE WORLD'S ENERGY RESOURCES WITH THAT U.S. DEBT!!!!

2017 Russian Federation
1) #1 in the World in gas and oil with it's Iranian and Syrian partner(s)
2) #2 in the World in uranium deposits
3) NO DEBT post-Soviet Collapse even with U.S. sanctions
4) has it's own credit payment system for it's banks replacing the Western CBs Swift
5) Most superior military weapons producer in the World BY FAR
6) Ruble is AND WILL CONTINUE TO BE the ONLY SOUND MONEY with China and Iran a distant 2nd.

If you had to decide... Just which one of these two would you pick in 2017 and the next 100 years?!!!

Son of Captain Nemo's picture


The United States was a liar, cheat, looter and "mass murderer" in 1962 just as it is in 2017, but it still controlled it's own destiny even though it made the worst choices politically, economically and militarily 50 year from that year on!

Now all the U.S. has left is "what might have been" had they opted to dissolve NATO after the Berlin Wall Fell in 1989, withdrew their troops from South Korea and reunited North and South as they did Germany!

What a different and more valuable treasure the World would have been had the U.S. MIC not sent funded and trained mercenaries to places like Yugoslavia, Chechnya in the 90's to destabilize Eastern Europe and what followed with the U.S. Government's facilitation of the Al Qaeda/Daesh/ISIS/ISIL "factories" that followed after "9/11"?!!!

Déjà view's picture

Mr. Market...
Not concerned with debt...AMAZON also NEVER made a profit!

Yen Cross's picture

 Nemo you're a fantastic poster on Z/H.

Akhenaten II's picture

Yes, well sadly Trump is no Kennedy and the #deepstate is now far more powerful.  #secretspaceprogram

learnofjesuits's picture

Vatican masonic order of jesuits Illuminati rule the world for centuries, they are building theirs New World Order - one government, one religion, global socialism-technocracy, depopulation(because overpopulation destroying biosphere) - check Georgia Guidestones also who has funded it, "order out of chaos"- they create a crisis and than they resolve it towards NWO.

Important people in a society works for them, they are giving careers for obedience, we are living in a social pyramid system managed by jesuit masonic order.

Just learn why jesuits were suppressed for 200 years in western countries and were allowed to return only a few decades ago - also in USA (there is pattern easy to recognize). They escaped to Russia and Columbia and created in an underground Illuminati masonic sect.

Society of Jesus was the most powerful intelligence agency - of Vatican - and they still are, all national intelligence agencies are controlled by jesuits, rest is a theater and actors.

First Rothschild Nathan was rescued by jesuits from a camp and they made him theirs banker, he was not a smart Jew that become extremely rich, but he was just working for most powerful intelligence agency, also Soros is Christian Knight of Malta same as Rothschilds, Rockefeller, Brzezinski..., and Bush and Clinton are Skull and Bones - it is also an jesuit organisation and jesuit symbol.

Jesuit masonic order works by an undercover organisatios in order to hide.

learnofjesuits's picture

Bill Hughes, "The Secret Terrorists and The Enemy Unmasked

"The Rothschilds were Jesuits who used their Jewish background as cover their sinister activities.

The Jesuits, hands Rothschilds and financier Nicholas Biddle, sought to take control over the banking system of the United States. "


Napoleon Bonaparte; 1769-1821; emperor of the Frence

“The Jesuits are a MILITARY organization, not a religious order. Their chief is a general of an army, not the mere father abbot of a monastery. And the aim of this organization is power – power in its most despotic exercise – absolute power, universal power, power to control the world by the volition of a single man [i.e., the Black Pope, the Superior General of the Jesuits]. Jesuitism is the most absolute of despotisms [sic] – and at the same time the greatest and most enormous of abuses…”


Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865; 16th President of the United States

“The war [i.e., the American Civil War of 1861-1865] would never have been possible without the sinister influence of the Jesuits.”


Marquis de LaFayette (1757-1834; French statesman and general. He served in the American Continental Army under the command of General George Washington during the American Revolutionary War.)

“It is my opinion that if the liberties of this country – the United States of America – are destroyed, it will be by the subtlety of the Roman Catholic Jesuit priests, for they are the most crafty, dangerous enemies to civil and religious liberty. They have instigated MOST of the wars of Europe.”


Edmond Paris (Author of the book The Secret History of the Jesuits)

“The public is practically unaware of the overwhelming responsibility carried by the Vatican and its Jesuits in the starting of the two world wars – a situation which may be explained in part by the gigantic finances at the disposition of the Vatican and its Jesuits, giving them power in so many spheres, especially since the last conflict.”


R. W. Thompson (Ex-Secretary, American Navy)

“[The Jesuits] are the deadly enemies of civil and religious liberty.


Fyodor Dostoyevsky (1821-1881; famous Russian novelist)

“The Jesuits…are simply the Romish army for the earthly sovereignty of the world in the future, with the Pontiff of Rome for emperor…that’s their ideal. …It is simple lust of power, of filthy earthly gain, of domination – something like a universal serfdom with them [i.e., the Jesuits] as masters – that’s all they stand for. They don’t even believe in God perhaps.”


"The Jesuit Order, therefore, stands before us as the embodiment of a system which aims at temporal political domination through temporal political means, embellished by religion, which assigns to the head of the Catholic religion - the Roman Pope - the role of a temporal overlord, and under shelter of the Pope-King, and using him as an instrument, desires itself to attain the dominion over the whole world."

Count von Hoensbroech, 1911, German Noble and ex-Jesuit


Pope Clement XIV (Who had “forever” abolished the Jesuit Order in 1773)

“Alas, I knew they [i.e., the Jesuits] would poison me; but I did not expect to die in so slow and cruel a manner.” (1774)


“Above all I have learned from the Jesuits. And so did Lenin too, as far as I recall. The world has never known anything quite so splendid as the hierarchical structure of the [Roman] Catholic Church. There were quite a few things I simply appropriated from the Jesuits for the use of the [Nazi] Party.

Adolph Hitler (1889-1945; Nazi leader and chancellor of Germany from 1933-1945)


"The Fuhrer had come to power, thanks to the votes of the Catholic Zentrum, only five years before, but most of the objectives cynically revealed in 'Mein Kampf were already realized; this book, an insolent challenge to the western democracies, was written by the Jesuit Father Staempfle and signed by Hitler. For—as so many ignore the fact—it was the Society of Jesus which perfected the famous Pan-German programme as laid out in this book, and the Fuhrer endorsed it."

Edmond Paris, 1965 French Historian The Secret History of the Jesuits. Page 138


“The Jesuits wrote the first 25 rites of Scottish Freemasonry in then College de Clermont in Paris in 1754”

The True origin of Scottish Rite Freemasonry According to the Masonic 

Quiz Book: Ask Me Another, Brother by William Petersonás

Obedience to Rome

After receiving a message from Pope Benedict asking the Society of Jesus to affirm its fidelity to the magisterium and the Holy See, the Congregation presided over by Nicolás responded, "The Society of Jesus was born within the Church, we live in the Church, we were approved by the Church and we serve the Church. This is our vocation... [Unity with the pope] is the symbol of our union with Christ. It also is the guarantee that our mission will not be a 'small mission,' a project just of the Jesuits, but that our mission is the mission of the Church."

sinbad2's picture

The Vatican and Jesuits are Catholic, and the Masons are Protestants, but don't let reality interfere with your psychotic outburst.