"I Wanted To Kill Them" Times Square Driver Tells Police; Was Looking For Suicide-By-Cop

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Update 3: The driver that killed 1 & injured 22, was apparently high on synthetic marijuana K-2, and according to the Post, he was out for blood, and looking for a suicide-by-cop.

The Bronx man who plowed his car into a Times Square crowd, killing a teen tourist and injuring 22 others, wanted to commit murder and then wanted cops to kill him, police sources said. “You were supposed to shoot me! I wanted to kill them,” Richard Rojas, 26, told police, according to sources cited by the Post.

The killer, who’s been arrested twice for DWI, wasn’t drunk when he went on the rampage in the heart of the Big Apple, a high-ranking police official said. Rojas is currently being tested for drugs, as he appeared to be high, according to sources.He served in the US Navy from 2011 to 2015, and was not honorably discharged, sources said.

A friend said Rojas was never the same after he returned from his military service, and took up drinking to cope with the stress.  “He finally came home, and it was hard for him to find a job,” said Harrison Ramos, 30. “He was having a lot of bad nightmares. He was talking crazy. He was acting strange.”

Ramos added he would buy alcohol “to forget about all that stuff.”

“He should’ve gotten professional help,” he said. “He would talk about demons and devils and conspiracy theories.”

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Update 2:  Speaking at a Times Square press conference, mayor Bill de Blasio says "There is no indication that this was an act of terror."

Separately, the NYPD says that the 26 yr old driver, identified as Richard Rojas from the Bronx, was traveling South on 7 Av made u-turn onto West sidewalk. Went 3 blocks on sidewalk before hitting pillar.

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Update: in a separate incideint, Breaking911 reports that 5 People were just struck by vehicle, 1 DOA, 3 likely to die / very critical on Broadway & Castleton Ave. It is unclear if the two incidents are linked.

* * *

A car jumped a curb and plowed into a busy sidewalk in Times Square during the lunchtime rush, killing one person and injuring several others on Thursday, sources said. The driver is in custody and being tested for alcohol. One person is dead, and at least 13 injured.

Reuters witnesses said that the driver's actions "appeared intentional" and that the vehicles "drove against traffic" and onto the sidewalk, striking pedestrians.

The crash happened at Broadway and West 45th Street at about 12 p.m., officials said. FDNY said 13 patients were being treated at the scene.

According to NYPD, the driver is 26 year old Richard Rojas from the Bronx.

The vehicle that struck pedestrians was a red sedan and the driver has been arrested and removed.

The arrest of driver shown below:

And yet despite the immediate arrest, in the past 30 minutes the NYPD has already figured out that the incident was not terrorism:


A video of the arrest below:

A live feed from Pix 11 below:


According to the NYPD, the car lost control on 7th Avenue between 42 and 43rd streets, and an investigation is underway.

The New York Police Department closed off the area. A Reuters witness said at least 10 people were being treated for injuries on the ground after the collision at the Midtown Manhattan tourist site.

While the NYPD is initially claiming that the incident was not an act of terrorism, in a clear bid to preserve calm, we would recommend waiting for a definitive conclusion.


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U4 eee aaa's picture

If you think there are problems now, just wait until google introduces the semiautomatic car

south40_dreams's picture

Drunk drivers are everywhere today 

U4 eee aaa's picture

How do they know this wasn't just your typical NY cab driver

Secret Weapon's picture

Guessed wrong again.  My money was on it being an asian woman behind the wheel. 

Jethro's picture


Did you see the documentary on ancient Chinese chariots by any chance?  i kept thinking to myself what a load of shit it was because none of them looked wrecked.

robertocarlos's picture

Those bollards do a good job except when you cross the street.

whatswhat1@yahoo.com's picture

Driving is difficult when you're drunk and texting.

hutnela's picture

Was he colored? That driver looked colored. I'll bet he was one of them colored people.

Sandmann's picture

So, it was one of those "driver cars" we used to hear about !

UdderContempt's picture


All cars go online.

All cars are hacked simultaneously; full acceleration and brakes disabled, but steering is enabled just for human behavior studies. 

It could happen, right?


Walking Turtle's picture

"It could happen, right?"

Mr. Michael Hastings' evident murder-by-wire sure proved that point long ago. 

His being deeply engaged in finalizing a summary of his investigative findings re rogue intel agency sponsorship of international terrorism ("ayesisss" etc) for Rolling Stone magazine was only a coincidence of course, as was the First Responders at the scene all witnessed by passers-by to be speaking aught but Yiddish and/or Hebrew amongst themselves.  Nothing to see and it's all over now and never ever really happens to anyone anyway (what is WRONG with YOU?) so move along now there's really nothing to see and y'betta' shaddup about it too.

So this new generation of upcoming (and all too likely to be mandated) Very Shiny self-driving cyber-guided automobiles is really really cleaner, greener and safer than human-piloted ones? 

NOT!  Merely a wee adjustment of the Virtual Ownership of the thang is all it takes.  Deadly to accept!  And that is all.  0{:-|o[

chosen's picture

Stop at 9 second on the last video.  Dead girl, poor cop can't do anything, big sign saying "Come Together".  Ironic.  How much longer are we going to let these sandniggers stay in the US?  I say deport all of them, and all their relatives now.

Homie's picture

Dont test for alcohol

Test for goat sperm

Arnold Babar's picture

If only there were a way to regulate cars.  For example, registering them...and make drivers get license.  That would make us all safe.

Sparehead's picture

I'll bet he blew a 72 on his Islamalyzer test.

Jeremy Roenick's picture

Let's see, here are the facts....

1. The location was a popular, tourist, hi populated location (target)

2. The driver was a young male

3. The soup-de-jour for Islamic terrorists the past year has been plowing vehicles into crowded pedestrian areas


Nope, definitely not a terroist incident.  NYPD can professionally make that claim 30 mins after incident.  Insert eye rolls here. 


It's only a terrorist incident when they want it to be to invoke fear in the masses and get rid of more freedoms. 

JoeTurner's picture

The mayors office is terrified that any impact on tourism will devestate NYC, especially this Summer...

CaptainMoonlight's picture

What is it this time... illegal? Illegal turned jihadi? 


Had enough yet?

AllStarInvestor's picture

Sanctuary City - If he's illegal Mayor de Blasio will handsomely reward him for his trouble

ipso_facto's picture

Don't worry, it's not 'terrorism'; just a little 'Illegal Alien Hijinks'.

nevertheless's picture

wrong, if it were an illegal alien crime, the MSM would never report it!

JoeTurner's picture

Doesn't Ramadan begin next week ?

khakuda's picture

That passenger compartment looks completely in tact.  "The Honda Accord.  Top IIHS crash scores.  Keeps you safe while you mow down infidels"

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This was NOT an act of terrorism. I was eating a McMuffin, and sending a text, and dropped a cigarette in my lap. Accidents happen. I am a victim too. You should see my car. Now I find out "accident forgiveness" doesn't include mowing down pedestrians. Fuck my life.

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so... where's the video of the Turkey Secret Service beating the shit out of americans protestors??

Bryan's picture

Washington Establishment False Flag Event (WEFFE).

TorKane's picture

Is Richard Rojas an alias for Red Dick?

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Only If you are having a bath house encounter with Barky Soweeeto..

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Watch out Carlito!!! It's Benny Blanco from the Bronx!!

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If you dont like the way I drive... stay DA FUCK off of the sidewalk...

aloha_snakbar's picture

The bald guy in the last picture/video looks VERY suspicious; I think we need to find him and waterboard him... see if he knows anything...

currentsea's picture


aloha_snakbar's picture

Its not terrorism; I heard the guy is just despondent because he found out Barky Obortion is having sex with his goat...

headless blogger's picture

It sounds like it was done purposely. He did a u-turn on a one-way street and then went up on the sidewalk for 3 blocks.

It doesn't have to be a Muslim to be a terror attack. This guy sounds like a Hispanic, from his name, but there is no reason not to suspect terrorism. The Liberal Media is sure racist.

jenniewadeguy's picture

Spic.  Not Hispanic.  Spic!  How many times do I have to tell you?!

Manipuflation's picture

The brakes where not the problem.

robertocarlos's picture

Gloabe and Mail reports he is a former Navy vet.

headless blogger's picture

Bull shit. This is a terror attack. It was done by a protected class, an Hispanic. If it was a Muslim, they would be saying it like it was.

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LIEberman new FBI director...get ready bitches the jews now have full control! Trump is their bitch too


they are moving all the players into place...

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If Lieberman is appointed new FBI director, I will join the Democrats to have Trump impeached.  (I voted for Trump, but I now realize he hoodwinked all of us.  He is just another sucker of jew cock, like all Washington DC politicians).

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Looks like Trump may be the Jew's bitch.  His daughter had to become Jewish just to marry into Kushner family.

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just an olde fashioned american psycho,

move along sheep.

Anarchyteez's picture

So there were two attacks and immediately it's not a terrorist act?

Liberal cities are insane.

Liberalism IS a mental disorder and the only pill to fix it is cyanide.

dexter_morgan's picture

Used to be motor City madhouse, now sanctuary City shithouses.

dexter_morgan's picture

CNN says not terrorism. So, we know it actually is.

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The DMV is a terrorist originization.

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George Webb (all round amazing guy) was nearby as it happened :/ 


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This is the beginning of the "human hunt" - humans will hunt each other, murder each other, to fill the existential emptiness of a broken modernity.