Stocks Sink As Big Banks Stumble Deeper Into Red

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US equity markets have given up most of their early gains... Trannies and Nasdaq are holding gains financials fade...


As the big banks roll over hard..

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Temporary..... Like all things with the stock market

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hopefully they will do more than stumble.  Like fall into the cesspool of their own making and drown in the sewage they have created.

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I dont think a 5,000 year old plan is crumbling anytime soon.
At the main intersection of every city, town and village the banks rule the skyline and people.
Those cunts are buying up everything.

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"Financials" fade.

LMAO.  Let's call them what they really are FFS:  Insolvent social welfare recipients !!!!

Fucking banks, lol.  They are licensed white-collar criminals in our midst yet no one will do anything to fight CRIME.  The populace is simply too apathetic and too addicted to credit.

END the FED and we end this financial repression.  Many will then have a real life, not a slave life.  If you think your slavery index ( I mean, credit rating ) is something to be cherished then you've bought into the grand financial lie these big banks are peddling.  Continue being a good slave at your peril.

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Couldnt happen to a better bunch of folks.....



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Why dont we buy bank stocks and ride the devils train until the collapse.
Im buying gold and my moms has made her wealthy. Her fucken dividends pay her out $15k a yr for doing nothing

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Somehow i find This bullish. For stawks.

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Eh? The XLF was around $23 in January, its around $23 today. Doesn't sound very bullish to me.

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Banks should be boring and conservative. Gambling in derivatives will create another crisis eventually.

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Hookers and blow are not boring my friend.

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You know the deal BTFD 

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where is this sinking you mentioned??? un-f**king uncanny the timing of this "article"

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zerohedge uses the same words, crash, sink, for markets wether they fall 0.3 % or 10 %. They got an issue here.

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or whether they're up 100 like right now.

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i'M sMARt WId sTWacks, I bU y deM!

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I lost a lot of money so far today.  Actually not because I didn't buy or sell.

I am being destroyed in Silver, Gold and Platinum today.  Not a big deal.  This is as static as I have seen PMs in a lot of years.  I really don't want prices reflecting market value right now.  Who has it?  The more time the better the deal. 

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I'm in the same boat as you. I see where silver peaked at $18.91 and then in one quick dive went down to $18.43. A descent of 48 cents or more than two percent. Same as it ever was. Do you get the impression that someone important does not like silver or those of us who insist on buying it? I could be wrong, but I swear they are trying to kill positive sentiment for monetary metals.


I actually foresaw today's beat down in silver late yesterday afternoon when the mining stocks took a pretty big dive late in the session. I think someone knew what was coming today.

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Yesterday's "official" meme for the up day in precious metals was that the Trump presidency is in peril. Today, the prices get hammered and - what? - Trump is no longer in peril? America attacks a soverign nation (again) and precious metals ... plummet. For the record somebody has to point these things out.

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You'll know that the end has arrived once I'm unable to pay my monthly expenses. Once that day arrives I'll let you know. It could happen before the end of this year. I'm a canary in a coal mine.

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Been a good day for me today. Thankfully I was prepared for this drop because of this guy I follow. He had called this drop a long time in advance. Definitely recommend checking out what he has to say.

Check this out

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God damn it.  I could have made some good paper digitz, if I had sold yesterday.  Well, you know, it is all ruined know.  How about mining with some Canucks? 

I might as well go headlong into a housing boom on the west coast.   

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Fantasy Fuckers of the FED RESERVE must keep the banksters in those Hampton homes, mansions and yachts

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Realreason the market is tumbling because Yahoo decided without telling anyone to stop supporting historical data which alot of people using for modeling with python, excel or R. Genuis Yahoo.! No wonder you are failing. There must be thousands of people who depend on the data. Quants do not know when to buy the dip anymore.

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I would observe there are no more buyers to support the corrupt banking establishment ponzi is time for the over leveraged derivatives markets to unwind and crash..

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Bail me out bitchez, I don't think so Central Banking Cartel. Go fuck yourself. 


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oh look they brought out the elastic again

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ATTENTION ATTENTION! We now have a FED induced Banker induced FED FUCKER rally! up over 140 points! See? BUY THE FUCKING DIP!   COLLUSION AMERICA WORKS! We got the best ponzi game in town!

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Wait, what? All my shits green. BTFD works again. Woohoo.

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It's important to know that SPX fell to exactly where it could without breaking upward momentum.  As it now stands, this was a backtest.  And, VIX's spike went exactly as scripted.