Trump Advisors Reportedly Urged Him To Hire Outside Lawyer: NYT

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According to the latest story sourced to the usual "several people briefed on the conversations", the NYT reports that "several White House advisers and personal associates of President Trump have urged him to hire an experienced outside lawyer" to assist on issues arising from the Russia controversy. The recommendations reportedly came even prior to a special counsel being named on Wednesday to lead the Russian collusion probe.

More details:

Mr. Trump has signaled he is likely to hire a new lawyer, but has not yet made a decision, according to three people who have spoken with him. Aides to Mr. Trump did not immediately comment on his discussions. Mr. Trump is said to recognize that he needs help beyond the White House counsel. But he is deeply cautious in selecting people he trusts, and he adds new people to his orbit slowly.


Other presidents have hired personal lawyers suited to an investigation by a special counsel or special prosecutor in the past. For instance, Bill and Hillary Clinton hired David E. Kendall during the summer of 1993 as they were grappling with a Justice Department effort to subpoena business records related to their Whitewater real estate holdings.

Of course, Trump already has an army of existing lawyers: a personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, and a tax lawyer who worked on his business issues before he went into the White House, Sheri Dillon. Daniel Petrocelli, an alumnus of the O.J. Simpson civil trial, was the lawyer to whom Mr. Trump turned when he was dealing with a class-action fraud case against the defunct Trump University.

At this point the NYT story deviates from the topic and hand and speculates about the picture of gloom inside the White House, saying Trump staff members "are grimly aware that they will likely have to hire lawyers of their own as the special counsel probe takes shape — a circumstance that can drain the finances of presidential associates. And special counsel investigations can begin with one issue and refocus on another, as was the case with the Whitewater investigation that ended up with Mr. Clinton’s impeachment after disclosures of his affair with Monica Lewinsky."

It is not clear when and how Trump will progress issue, however it is quite likely that once Trump does hire outside representation this will promptly be spun as definitve confirmation the president is clearly hiding something.

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FrozenGoodz's picture

New lawyer, new son in law, new press secretary, new kelly anne alt facts CONway ... in that order

38BWD22's picture



Trump needs someone who would tell him whether now or later is the time to use HIS awesome powers to go after his Slimy Swamp Thing enemies.

Croesus's picture

Better than that, Trump needs a citizen's revolt, that doesn't stop until the last career politician is strangled to death with the intestines of the last banker.

Ghost of PartysOver's picture

"Reportedly"?  "Anonymous Sources"?  Hope you  peeps are not taking this seriously.   Isn't it apparent that there is a Soft Coup underway in this country?  Anyone familiar with the term "Psy Ops"?   Anyone familiar with the term "Culture War"?   Until hard evidence is shown substantiating all the allegations then this is all a Colossal Crook of Simmering Cow Crap.   Although it is taxing on the nerves and is killing Trumps agenda which in turn is killing econmoc growth, jobs, healthcare, taxes ....

For the Dimms, who are incapable of Logical Decision Making therefore resort to Emotional Decision Making, all thses allegations makes perfect sense to them.

knukles's picture

This fucking media circus has to stop.
This is a Conspiracy to Overthrow the Government.

MalteseFalcon's picture

"According to the latest story sourced to the usual "several people briefed on the conversations", the NYT reports that ...... "

There are no "stories" or leaks or memos from Comey.

The NYT and the BezosPO are simply making things up.

It's just like that imaginary friend the retarded kid in your neighborhood had.

And printing outright lies and propaganda was made completely legal not too long ago.

It happened during the administration of Obama or W (the retarded kid I referred to earlier).

StagStopa's picture

Fuckin a. Let the games begin..Pence the last president?

JRobby's picture

They are saying "fuck you" to 60 + million people, many, many of whom are heavily armed. What is that saying?

Croesus's picture

@ Ghost:

ZH is just covering it, because the predictable Leftards will seize on it, as usual. Grasping at straws, know what I mean?

It's sourced from the NY Times, so it's obviously worthless.

Killtruck's picture

Oh baby, you are sweet-talking me with that one. 


Got The Wrong No's picture

Croesus, I'm all for that. Can we include the Paid Trolls like FrozenGonads in that purging? 

shizzledizzle's picture

He filled his cabinet with Squid! Did you fall asleep or something? 

Got The Wrong No's picture

That's no reason to impeach him over made up Bullshit. 

shizzledizzle's picture

And I didn't say it was. I'm just poiinting out that draining the swamp is a pipe dream.

JRobby's picture

All one can assume is that if Goldman was to be broken up or eliminated completely, that some very, very bad threats would be made good on.

I for one, would like to see it. We need to know why Goldman must always have a seat at the table. This is in many, many countries as well. not just the USA.

IridiumRebel's picture

Feel free to find a new website. Your shit has gotten way old.

NoDebt's picture

They won't pay him to post elsewhere.

ZH, even with all it's faults (and let's face it, there's a lot of them), is considered a "thought leader" in the media heiarchy.  In other words, they punch way above their weight class.  Maybe not the highest number of clicks, but those that read it carry the influence elsewhere.  Infiltrating it is, therefore, always going to be somewhere on somebody's priority list.


Haus-Targaryen's picture

I think ZH has gained so much influence so quickly because its dealing with things that actually matter -- money.

Its not like arguing ideology like you get on 95% of the other political commentator crap.  ZH says "this, this and this is bullshit because X, Y and Z.  Here, see for yourself at the following link to the Fed."

You might not like ZH's opinion because it doesn't jive with your own -- however you cannot say its incorrect.  

Croesus's picture

I think ZH grew the way it did, for the same reason other alternative news sources did:

People kept (and keep) hearing MS propaganda that completely contradicted what they saw and experienced firsthand in their daily lives.

So, they looked elsewhere for information.

vulcanraven's picture

Yep, that's how it started for me.... I found out about ZH in '12 on the Daily Paul boards

auricle's picture

He's the leader of the free world. I'm sure he has enough lawyers counseling him already. In fact too many. 


Trump played Comey. Baited him when he asked his advisers to leave the room and insisted Comey drop the investigation against Flynn so he could get on with his agenda, MAGA. Comey declined, showing he's a never Trump and was fired. I'm sorry but a personal memo is nothing more than a diary entry, an unelected officials word against the President. Trump played Comey and won, bigly. Trump will use this to scewer the deep state, as he already is with showing they are on a witch hunt with their assignment of a 'deep state' prosecutor. 

JRobby's picture

It's about clogging up the comments section and slowing the spread of useful ideas and links that certain parties woud prefer not be spread to larger and larger numbers of people who then spread them to larger and larger numbers, etc.. If you look at it in that light, you will avoid responding to the TROLLS. I fall for it when I am triggered sometimes. Down vote them, by all means.

Bill of Rights's picture

He was one of the biggest Loud mouths here when Trump lobbed a few bombs in the desert, hes nothing but a paid goon. And if not paid, just a fucken moron.

null's picture

Kelly seems pretty cool.
Fashion envy?

Gead's picture
 FrozenGoodz  - "New lawyer, new son in law, new press secretary, new kelly anne alt facts CONway ... in that order" I VOLUNTEER for the son-in-law job!!! But, yes Oh Great Cheeto-Don please do get a lawyer. One that actually is capable of doing something beyond licking your boots or advising you on your assets. Hire that Kimberly Guilfoyle, please, please pretty please. Keep ol' back-alley hooker Conway for the ol' tried and true when you're drunk as hell in need of a sloppy b.j. But, absolutely do dump the pretty boy son-in-law and go goy. While you're at it - lose some weight.... Melania just doesn't deserve the flubber sweat-drippins you put off. And last - please, do something about that hair. Like shave it off. It just looks stupid as hell.
WillyGroper's picture

too bad...cohn's dead.

khakuda's picture

"Close friends of many old ladies report that Trump has tried to push said old ladies into oncoming traffic.  This alone cries for impeachment, along with him having 2 scoops of ice cream."  So ridiculous.

IridiumRebel's picture

He ate a bald eagle once too.....inside sources said it.

khakuda's picture

I saw that, too.  He said just like the "washed up has-been old ladies who should stop wasting space that hotter, younger women could occupy, that bald eagles should step aside to make way for hotter, younger eagles with a full head of hair."  He then called on all Americans to push old ladies into oncoming traffic and eat bald eagles.

Atrocious.  It's like he grew up in Queens.

Soul Glow's picture

I figured out who the leaks are.  Gary Cohn and Steve Mnuchin, the Goldman Sachs boys.  They just leak false reports, BTFD, and then the leaks are disproven and stocks go up.  So easy a banker could do it!

null's picture

And the problem is?
How does one expect POTUS to misldirect the opposition when he is outnumbered literally 1000+:1 ...

If the problem is their buddies profiting, there must be some law that prevents this type of financial hackery.

Cabal Watch's picture

Maybe Donnie boy should give Robert Bennett a call.

Killtruck's picture

Or maybe Charlie Bronson.

AlexCharting's picture

Trump impeachment could lead to civil war....... and the Republicans got all the guns.

1stepcloser's picture

Not according to Chicago and Baltimore 

2ndamendment's picture

a .25 caliber Raven Arms pistol isn't going to help the Chicago / Baltimore thugs in a civil war scenario. 



Soul Glow's picture

There's no way this will happen.  Republicans are soft footed.  They talk a big game but would never start a war.  A civil war will never happen.  It's the ghetto neighborhoods that riot, but they always loot their own stores because their bus passes can't get them to and from nice neighborhoods easily.  If Trump is impeached - which he won't be - Repubs will complain and drink their beers.  Nothing will come of it.

But Trump won't be impeached.  He may not run for a 2nd term due to all the scapegoating, but he won't be impeached.

38BWD22's picture



Good observations, LH!  

I mean SG...

But, armed Republicans in their own neighborhoods would likely unwelcome rioting hordes....

Minack's picture

Times have changed. Many people have nothing left to lose and the anger levels have risen too high to just simply go back to normal. The media have given up every pretense of being independent. Our justice system has revealed itself to be corrupt. Enough people now realize that voting and other peaceful means of correcting our problems are no longer going to work.


The gun shops are full. Ranges are crowded. All it takes is a spark.

Mroex's picture

SPOT ON, I don't know what form the spark will take, but you are 100% correct this attack on Trump now makes people feel voting and peaceful protest do not work any more. We are a powder keg waiting for a spark.

Kefeer's picture

If voting worked we wouldn't have a criminal in Hillary running nor a Trump; it was called the "Presidential Reality" show for good reason.  

Oh - and hell do you get a Kenyan in the White house for two terms under the original US Constitution?  

You don't - but we did; that is how badly abused and ineffective the Constitution has been rendered.

Mroex's picture

Soul, I'm 64, I never have seen this level of hatred and insanity as I see now. The dislike of Nixon was nothing compared to what I see today. This country is a powder keg waiting for a spark. You have most people fed up with SJWs, antifa, BLM, and snowflakes destroying freedom of speech.  I really think this time, law abiding silent majority is going to say "fuck it" and go to the cartridge box. I agree with you on Republicans, but now it's way past the usual circus of Dems vs Repubs, you can feel the level of hatred. I don't know what the spark will be exactly but our nation is a powder keg 

Mroex's picture

Spot on Alex, I think the probability of a civil war is very high if people feel Trump was unjustly removed. Fuck, imagine if Trump feels he is going down and decides to make an appeal to his fellow americans that the republic is under attack!  SHEEEEEEEET 

This country is already a power keg waiting for a spark thanks to SJW insanity, BLM, snowflakes and their scumbag faculty destroying free speech, and antifa rioting and destroying property. Yep we are just a spark away from total chaos and death

man from glad's picture

Not a bad idea considering Trump appears to be surrounded by back-stabbing leakers.

NAVIGATOR0832's picture

He has the power to suspend habeus corpus and send in federal troops, as Lincoln did to the South.  

JLee2027's picture

It's time to do just that. Open war on the media, lock them all up, and shut down WashPo, the NY Times, CNN, MSNBC, and this stuff stops overnight. Oh, I forget, round up the pedos running all this fake stuff as well.