Comey Agrees To Testify In Open Hearing Before Senate Intel Committee

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Former FBI Director James Comey has agreed to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee in open session, Senators Richard Burr and Mark Warner announced on Friday. In a statement released late on Friday, the committee said the open hearing will be scheduled after Memorial Day.

Sen. Richard Burr, committee Chair, said “the Committee looks forward to receiving testimony from the former Director on his role in the development of the Intelligence Community Assessment on Russian interference in the 2016 US elections, and I am hopeful that he will clarify for the American people recent events that have been broadly reported in the media."

Committee Vice Chair Mark Warner added that he expects the former FBI director to "shed light on issues critical" to the committee's investigation and that Comey "deserves an opportunity to tell his story" and that the "American people deserve an opportunity to hear it."

Since the hearing will take place after its original scheduled date next Wednesday, it will take place after Trump has returned from his global tour next weekend.

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He was required by law to take that right to the AG to give a depsotion as to the undue infuence he believed Trump was putting on him.   And he couldn't just have said that but would have had to write and sign a very thorough statement about all that went on.

Comey is a lawyer and knows all about what one has to do if found in that situation.   Now he is going to have to explain just why he did not follow the law.   Just wish Trey Gowdy was on the Committee.




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I'm going to go out on a limb and make a prediction:

Comey will say there is no actionable evidence against Trump

The Democrats will once again do a 180, and declare Comey biased/incompetent/a Trump stooge/etc.

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Don't you believe it!! That overgrown POS will sing like a canary
His resentment for the Don is ingrained in his DNA.

Hikikomori's picture

In order to sing like a canary, he must have evidence.  We shall see.

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"Upon the advice of legal counsel I am exercising my fifth amendment right to remain silent."

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The Deep State - IMO: Just a rabble of Ignorance and misplaced ego and vanity of a Collective of incompetent thieves and killers who believe that they are "John Wayne" and or comic book gueardians of the galxy. Nothing but masturbation and blowing bubbles. From: Language, Thought, and Reality (1956), Benjamin Whorf states: "We cut nature up, organize it into concepts, and ascribe significances as we do, largely because we are parties to an agreement to organize it in this way -- an agreement that holds throughout our speech community and is codefied in the patterns of our language. The agreement is, of course, an implicit and unstated one, but its terms are absolutely obligatory; we cannot talk at all except by subscribing to the organization and classification of data which the agreement decrees." It is pretty clear to me that "The Deep State" is not a group of powerful individuals that Objectively plans to run the USA and the World as they particular feel is the objective of their Intellectual abilities; This idea is IMO far from the truth. I question firstly that there are any "Intellectual Abilities" behind what is going on, and I doubt that anybody has any plan for the World and the USA. Closer to the truth is the result of Culture and too many of Hollywood's Cowboy movies. More likely the wealthy just want more money while sating their ego and vanity with booze, cigars, women and children (Paedophilia). The Big Influential Bankers; the same as above. Most Generals and officers from bird colonels up want skirmishes and little wars so they can scam medals and money while stroking their ego and vanities. The Finance guys want money and run on adrenaline; booze and women, fast cars are added necessities. The Big Bureaucrats want Power but only for the purposes of getting into real wealth; lie, cheat, steal, screw, it doesn't matter So, it is the brainless Collective that aimlessly runs the Deep State; Language, Class, School Fraternity. Dad's friends, etc., but the Collective has its own agenda which is, to survive at all costs, and no matter who is called the Big Chief, President or General. The Collective is numeric; it demands numbers and its enemies are all other Collectives; the more the assets and resources, the greater the chances for survival. Hannah Arendt gets  it right. Only the Collective uses Evil against Humanity; only the Individual can achieve Virtue. The USA ruling Collective has become focused on Tribal Nationalism (the Collective) by the decades long  rule / influence by the Trotsky neocons, Zionist Israeli who appear to control all sides of all committees throughout the administration of the USA Government both Federal and State.and the pre-conscious bureaucrats, MSM journalists and all that hangs off them in a state of Emotional Contagion. This is the default mental state brought about by being of the Collective known as "adaptive Unconsciousness' or as Eric Hoffer identified, The True Believer. A Thoughtless Automaton and citizen of the devolving Empire brought about by Induced Fear into the populace via the Media. Please note that  "the adaptive Unconsciousness" is the same as Freud and Jung's Collective Unconscious. And they all suffer this disease in Government and all attached thereto, and here is: The Deep State. Fact: ~95% of the World's population is essentially pre-conscious (without consciousness - Indeed) where 5% are emergent Conscious' all of which are Demographically expressed. States of Consciousness: 1. The proto-Human is pre-conscious  2. The next state is emergent conscious or Subjective Consciousness 3. The optimum state for the Human Being or Accomplished Man is Objective Consciousness or of Intellect. This is evolution: Modern Man and the Birth of Consciousness began about 4000 BCE so we are, today, an extremely Primitive Mammal by all counts. while we probably have millions of years to evolve. The next Epoch appears to be right in front of us, with the emergence of the Internet and our Technological advances. Once we conquer "Energy", Man will colonise the Universe. But first, we must approach the Affairs of all Peoples, Objectively for the benefit of all Humanity and its Infinite Future. IOW, we need to dump the Garbage, and create an Objective, non-Collective form of Government across all Cultures, as diversity is our greatest resource. Share these words, as you like, as prepared under Creative Commons Fair Useage. 
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Don't be supprised if Comey is involved in an unfortunate long weekend accident.  Most people that have dirt on the Clinton's end up pushing up daisies under suspisions circomstances.  Weird really.  They must have very unfortunate "friends".

Enjoy your weekend

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Grab the popcorn....we'll see if there are still more "Trump tape bombs"....


Comey was said to have made MULTIPLE MEMOS of conversations with Trump that made him uncomfortable.  So far we have heard about JUST ONE.


Not to mention all the Comey records that the FBI is supposed to be submitting by next week in response to Congressional request.


Trump may not be fit to be President, but WOW the sheer "entertainment value" of his Presidency would be a "huge loss" to the country if he were impeached.  He's turned the whole country into a kind of chaos reality show.

Wild E Coyote's picture

He? Trump? He turned the whole country into a chaos reality show?

You must have a memory of a fat potato sitting on a couch watching reality show. 

The US is in a fucking mess with 20 Trillion in debts, and Trump did not create them. 


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What another Senatorial hearing for Comey?  This time he has to stay on script, get the questions beforehand, and provide "hard" evdiece that Trump said :"this" or "that".

This is obvious. Comey exonerated Trump last week , this week....he'll get the script from Donna Brazille.... or RINO equivalent.

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"After Memorial Day"


Anything they say they'll do later, and with no specific date, is a red herring. It's a diversion and/or distraction.




Real events come without warning and happen before the media reports on it.

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All this controversy surrounding Trump is absolute bullshit, deliberately orchestrated by the deep state using the MSM and the alternate media to deflect attention from their ongoing Zionist, and now Trump-led, regime-change operations in the Middle East and to keep the brainwashing the public that Russia is a threat which it is not. So long as Trump is a good little boy and keeps doing the bidding of the Rothschild's they will ensure he continues in power.

Michel Chossudovsky, who founded and runs the Global Research site, is of Jewish decent but he is not a Zionist, nor does he approve of the plundering by the Rothchild-US-Israeli empire.

Non-Corporate Entity's picture

So now he gets a chance to use some legalese to "set the record straight" and correct our understanding and use of certain words and phrases?!?

Last of the Middle Class's picture

By all means, bring your memo's you dumb lying fuck.

Harry Paranockus's picture

"I can't answer that as it is classified." "I can't answer that because of ongoing investigations." " Yes, I like vanilla ice cream but trump only gave me one scoop, so impeach the bastard."

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Weasels deserve no less than to be executed.  Guillotine, noose or firing squad.  Fuck him.

thebigunit's picture

Are there any manly men on this committee, or are all the questions going to be wrapped in condoms and submitted by Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuckie Schumer?

Wild E Coyote's picture

The real enemy of US are the leaking Intel organizations, Congress and Media which are sowing doubts about the US Government. 

The amount of filth spewed by this organizations makes America look weak and pathetic in the eyes of the world.

If you have any fucking evidence just show it and take action. This Continued investigation without any evidence is attempt to overthrow an elected Government. This is treason.

Trump is not showing any teeth. He has the money. He has the Power. he had the talk. Now show us the action.    

Stop whinning about the attack. Start Attacking. Declare National Security. Start a special team to investigate those who work against US interest. 


Von Berger's picture

It's called lie...f Jim .......but not as we know it.

moorewasthebestbond's picture

Watching paint dry will be more entertaining than this hearing.

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Comey will be asked leading questions like " Is President Trump on the Russian payroll?" and Comey's answer will be "Well, I am not allowed to comment on an ongoig investigation", and "Did the President have a golden shower with prostitutes in Moscow?" "Well, I can't comment on that as it is part of the investigation." Ad nauseum.

Tom Green Swedish's picture

Who thought this whole bit up? It's such marvelous distraction. Bravo. On a side note we have not seen any bizarre mass murder.

Charvo's picture

Comey is now on the payroll of the globalists.  Remember that he leaked the memo to the NY Times which is a globalist mouthpiece since it owned by Carlos Slim.


Comey undoubtedly will be saying all sorts of negative stuff about Trump during this hearing.  I wouldn't be surprised to hear him say that he thinks he got fired because he was pushing too hard on the Russian investigation especially with the Flynn angle.  I dare to say that Comey will be fed lines that will be boldface lies, but he will say them anyway.


This market is toast with the uncertainty.  Jeremy Seigel said this market would rally 1000 points if Trump resigns.  The question would be from where?  Trump is dumped.  The market leading up to Trump getting ousted will be a nightmare.  The day he gets kicked out would be the bottom.


There are already people getting pissed off at the continual media scrutiny and globalist campaign against Trump.  If civil war happens, I wouldn't be surprised, and that means any stock market bottom would be temporary.  The dollar is going to get destroyed.