Mapping The World's Population

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At the end of olast year, there were 7,418,151,841 people on our planet, and while many in America still believe the world revolves around them, this map shows the world resized by each nation's current population...


Source: BofAML TransformingWorld Atlas

The five most populous nations are China (1.4bn people), India (1.3bn), the USA (324mm), Indonesia (259mm), and Brazil(206mm). BofAML sees four key 'people'-related investment themes emerging from this - Asia, Aging, Millenials, and Urbanization.

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Ya, but which on has the most psycho's? Ya you guessed it? It begins with U has an S in the middle and ends with a A.

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After Israel, Gibraltar has the highest ratio of Jews to non-Jews. The ratio on Gibraltar is 1 in 48, compared to 1 in 53 in the US. This has absolutely nothing to do with it being a center of financial shenanigans.

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"After Israel, Gibraltar has the highest ratio of Jews to non-Jews. The ratio on Gibraltar is 1 in 48, compared to 1 in 53 in the US. This has absolutely nothing to do with it being a center of financial shenanigans."


1 in 53 (in the US), is 1.88%. Call it 2%.


But then, those numbers in NYC Metro area (banking, media); Washington DC Metro area (Federal Government, Legislature, Political Lobbyists, Activism, Surveillance, NSA/CIA); and Los Angeles (entertainment media social & liberal activism) run upwards of 9%.


- Banking


- Political Activism

- Jurisprudence

- Intelligence


I guess nobody wants to make pastrami anymore since pizza became more popular.

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Pastrami + Swiss +honey mustard + hero roll (served hot) = delicious

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Did you see that the Spanish parliament gave all Jews a right to return and citizenship in Spain?  Gibraltar is one of the biggest tax havens in the world, what a surprise.   These Jews now are able to flee into Andalusia before Gibraltar falls.  It will be a repeat of the fall of Christianity to the Moors due to Jewish treachery:

"Legend has it that some of the Jews who were exiled by Nebuchadnezzar (586 BCE) settled in Granada. Even the Moors recognized this ancient tradition by referring to the city as "Granada of the Jews." But the earliest extant evidence of a Jewish presence in Granada is a reference to Jews helping man the garrison, built after the city's conquest by the Moors in 711. "

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Yes, losers, your lame life is not your fault. The Jews did it!!

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Maybe some are not guilty, certainly some are.

All will protect  the Mossaid agent when asked.

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My Gram just died last week, so the actual number will be an even 7,418,151,840.

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No, that would go to China.. Have you seen the news that comes out of that Place?

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What the world needs is a war between China and India.

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That is what America is striving hard for.

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Well technically India is often in conflict with most of its neighbors.  Kinda funny for a country full of supposedly peaceful socialists.  However, China likes to 'create' Maoist rebels to attack their south asian neighbors (not that India didn't pull the same shit with Tamils in Sri Lanka).  And like the US was chicken to admit that they were fighting the Chinese in Korea, China's neighbors are scared to point fingers and keep towing the 'terrorist' line as well.  No idea what the fuck a Maoist could even mean these days, but I guess if China can't come up with a better lie than something 70 years old, no one else will.

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World is full of **it...long TP-FIAT!

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China and Indian have gotten really fat since the last time I saw them mapped....

Those fuckers will do just about anything to suck-up and curry favour with Trump (pardon the pun).

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Your comment reveals deep ignorance with respect to South Asia. Hindu nationalism has much more influence in India than "peaceful socialism." The Maoist rebels have real grievances. They would have no reason to rebel if .gov were to treat them fairly.

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& make sure indonesia gets involved

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Hey look a deliberately misleading infographic!

Or maybe it's just from a future where Mexico conquers everything between Colombia and Texas? Ever in pain order machine has, since been in right ass invented getting time was things the.

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Best comment ever. Totally incoherent

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Education, learning to live in areas that supports with enough food the population that lives there.

When I traveled to the cradle of mankind in Africa, some say the starting point of people as we know I

believe that in that arid area the population grew too big to support all those whe were there.

Some were sent away to find other homes and in different directions they left. ( the seven tribes )

After many years , knowledge  and leadership created the different groups of mankind.

Now we again have met yet greed has blinded us to the fact that we were all related.

Those in power were though lessons able to create history books such as the BIBLE.

The Vatican Vaults  may have records maybe proving this.

Thats what I believe.....

Power is in the masses....We  need to stop the Money Changers and their Minnions.

Why have we not ever found peace on Earth?

The Puppetmasters don't want it.


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"Why have we not ever found peace on Earth?" 


Simple....humans are annoying creatures. There are few I know that I can tolerate for more than an hour or two at a time.  The few I found tolerable enough to marry still managed to outstay their welcome.


Give me a loyal dog over a shifty human any day.

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"Why have we not ever found peace on Earth?"


For there is not a just man upon the earth, that doeth good, and sinneth not. Ecclesiastes 7:20

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Russia's Huge. It's not fair they got's all the land while i have to listen to my neighbours bowel movements. Boo hoo!

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Russians are kind people. Ask them and they'll gladly sell you some acres of their taiga, there is no one except bears and squirrels.

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Okay, that is the current situation. What is more important are the trends in terms of population size and demographics.

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Build that wall.

And please hurry.

Live Hard, We Are All Rats On This Ship-O-Cheese, Die Free

~ DC v5.0

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Fat Italian boot.

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BoA investment keywords: "Asia, Aging, Millenials, and Urbanization"?

I do not think so - 1) the Aging in Asia need no investment, they invest everything in their Young ( it's a cultural thing), 2) there are no millenials in Asia, because they respect their parents (it's a cultural thing), 3) Urbanization ?, LOL, like cramming ten more million people into a single 100 sq ft apartment ?

BoA probably meant Russia, not Asia...

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Russia is 'giggling' - 1/6 of the planets landmass would suggest they should have 1.25 billion people ( if the world population was evenly distributed) !

They only have 140 million people PLUS a large percentage of the worlds resources !

No wonder they are in the 'crosshairs' !!

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Russia is huge but its population density is not sny lower than places like Norway or Sweden.

Most of their land mass is not a place where migrants from Africa would choose to live....or could survive.

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Why do a billion Africans get to pick and choose which white country they want to invade?

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Russia looks like the country that could use immigrants. Too bad it's russia.

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The predominantly white countries are the smallest... Ya'll better get out there like rabbits before you go extinct. I suppose "women's rights" has a lot to do with this. As soon as women found out they could use sex as a control device, they began inadvertently condemning their race to extinction for the sake of gaining more stuff.  

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I'm guessing women are the ones most responsible for wrecking families by being the initiators of divorce. Men would rather stay married.

hutnela's picture

All you got to do is look at the correlation between rise of womens rights, the divorce rate rise, and fertility replacement rate decline... that should answer your question.

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You forgot to add misogyny males is what caused women to stop breeding with certain population of morons. The more misogyny men are the more women will just say no especially those that has their own job security.

Men can bitch and moan all they want, blame their entire worlds fault on women but at the end of the day women will not choose misogynistic men when given rights to jobs to support themselves without relying on men.

Of course women just can't win with anything they do, even when hey choose to rely on their abilities instead of being a non-productive aka housewives men like you will still blame women for something right?

Mr. Universe's picture

Wah Wah Wah. Women should have stayed home and not gone into the work force, then again we should still mostly be farmers. However this little ditty exposes your misogyny and misandry...

Of course women just can't win with anything they do, even when hey choose to rely on their abilities instead of being a non-productive aka housewives men like you will still blame women for something right?

Being a houswife (or house husband) is non-productive? Wow. If more people stayed at home with their kids, everyone benefits. Allowing childcare and the scool system to raise your children is exactly what has gotten us to this point today. This might be one of the most ignorant posts I've read on ZH. 

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Hillary, is that you? I ask because your post is basically a restatement of her sarcastic comment that some thought she should just stay at home and "drink tea and make cookies".

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you left off "women make less than men"....blah, blah, blah. 

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Well eventually the rest of the world will breed out white people, then it wont matter who takes the blame I guess. May as well just let it happen, because thats better then using data to show where the problem lies, and from there trying to fix it... right? Anyway, if you're not guilty, then no need to be defensive about anything. 

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You should be grateful that most women will be selective in their mate thus next (most of) generation will be smarter than the last. Too many babies equals too future workers that compete for limited number of jobs.

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We need a global one child rule because you people are incapable of regulating your numbers.

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The white western world already has a declining population. Any growth comes from immigration. White people are less than 11% of the total world population and declining.  Africa, year after year astounds and surprises demographers at their constant growth. They were not supposed to continue to grow, they were supposed to decline like the rest of the planet. Even China now has a declining population. Africa will be 4 billion by the end of the century and will be constantly sending its people to western countries as a way to solve their demographic problems. Anyone that cares for the environment should be in favor of an immigration moratorium and dropping ten billion condoms over Africa.