Putin Warns Of "Hot War" And Nuclear Holocaust: "I Don't Think Anyone Would Survive"

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Authored by Mac Slavo via SHTFplan.com,

With tensions among the world’s super powers mounting in places like Ukraine, Syria, North Korea and  most recently Qatar and Iran, it may only be a matter of time before someone pushes the red button.

When they do, all bets are off, and as we’ve learned from the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in June of 1914, once the trigger is pulled there’s no going back and hundreds of millions of lives, perhaps billions, will hang in the balance.

Considering that Russia is closely allied with Syrian President Assad, has a direct interest in maintaining control of Ukraine’s former Crimea region, and its ties to Iran, ignoring the possibility of a global war in coming years could be a devastating oversight.

We are, in fact, at war right now. But just as was the case from the 1960’s through the end of the 1980’s, it is a “cold war.” There have been no direct troop engagements that we know of between the Russians and the United States. But look to cyber space and it should be clear that there is a battle taking place on a daily basis. Moreover, as we’ve previously reported, nuclear war may well be on the horizon, because the confrontations taking place on the geo-political stage are no longer just talk.

Action has already been taken by both sides:

Putin and the Russian people believe the U.S.’s actions are going to lead to a nuclear conflict initiated by the United States.  The leadership of the U.S. is made up of politicians who began their careers as Marxist-Socialists.  Traitors now have their fingers on the triggers of the nuclear warheads, aided by “yes-men” of the general staffs who will not remember their oaths to the Constitution of the United States and the American people.  They will ignore that these charges take precedence above any orders given by a petty, dope-smoking, Marxist community organizer of dubious citizenship who was “emplaced” into office to destroy the country.


Instead of statesmen and diplomats, we now have self-interested, politically-motivated belligerents backing Russia and other nations into corners and pushing them toward war.  How long the war of words will be continued is unknown; however, when the missiles begin to fly you can be certain of something.  You can rest assured that the men who spoke those words will be in bunkers and other safe places and out of harm’s way…paid for by the American taxpayer.


Full Report: Nuclear War Is On The Horizon: “This Is Not Just Talk… Action Has Been Taken”

Indeed, those who push the buttons will likely be in bunkers well before the missiles hit their targets. That’ll likely be the case on both sides.

For the rest of us?

Vladimir Putin has made clear how it will play out:

The Putin Interviews between the Russian leader and the Oscar-winning director, which will be screened on Showtime, were shot between summer 2015 and February this year and give an extraordinary insight into one of the most powerful men in the world.


Stone asked Putin whether the US would be ‘dominant’ in the event of a ‘hot war’ between the two nuclear powers.


‘I don’t think anyone would survive such a conflict,’ Putin said.

Earlier this year the hacking collective Anonymous issued a frightening warning about World War III, highlighting the fact that while we are all busy enjoying the good times, elite Deep State insiders are planning for what comes next:

All the signs of a looming war on the Korean Peninsula are surfacing… we’re watching as each country moves strategic pieces into place… but unlike past world wars… although there will be ground troops the battle is likely to be fierce, brutal and quick.


It will also be globally devastating on the environmental and economic levels.



This is a real war with real global consequences… With three super powers drawn into the mix… Other nations will be coerced into choosing sides.



The citizen will be the last to know…



And because the citizen will be the last to know, now may be a good time to review your nuclear war preparedness strategies and stock up on survival essentials that should include FDA approved anti-radiation pills and NBC rated tactical gas masks.

The elite will have plenty to go around in their bunkers, but you can be 100% assured that none of the supplies they’ve been stockpiling for the last decade will ever make their way to the general population.

Prepare accordingly.

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Newsboy's picture

It's the Russians who prevented nuclear exchanges twice already in history, when thos radar glitch things happened. Vlad ain't bad.

Art Van_Delay's picture

Somehow I need to see it before believing it.

Can we test it in the Middle East?

Plenty of good targets starting with ISISrael

Why Saudi Arabia ‘Punishes’ Qatar and the Possible Outcome


blueyefinity@yahoo.com's picture

Sooner or later we'll need it.

Even if just to cull the herd.


erkme73's picture

Ahhh...  My daily dose of fear pr0n delivered just in time.  I feel much better now.

Automatic Choke's picture

Vlad -

please hush up for awhile and leave us alone.   we have a swamp to drain, and the pumps have just gotten started.

DownWithYogaPants's picture

Sure some people would survive.  But they would be in the Amazon long from any place were we ZHers hang out.

Tall Tom's picture





Nobody will survive. Nobody. It is an Extinction Level Event.


It is not the Radiation to which you will succumb.


You will suffocate no matter where you are located. Read below.

Manthong's picture

Well, the bright side of that scenario is that most everybody in DC will be in hell.

Yes, it’s a sideways move for them but consider them all tenured career positions at that point.

Escapeclaws's picture

Saying that no human would survive--I wish Putin hadn't said that!

That's like throwing red meat to the Neocons!

jcaz's picture

I dig the Vlad-  straight shooter.

Can you imagine Barry trying to answer the same question?  "Some folks would be certainly find themselves in less than optimum circumstances, and we'd have to send them some cash-  big bundles of it, on pallets, late at night....."

peopledontwanttruth's picture

Can you imagine Barry trying to answer the same question?


el buitre's picture

Wonder where that $10,000,000,000,000 that Rumsfeld partially reported on in a press conference 16 hours before the 9/11 “attack?”  Makes a good coincidence theory.  A lot of it went into deep underground cities - not bunkers.  The elites, who hold admission tickets, thought that they would survive and emerge into a world devoid of us teeming human cockroaches whom they hold in such contempt. .  Perhaps even have 10 hot women for every man - as Dr. Strangelove suggested in Peter Sellers most amazing performance.  There are persuasive rumors that these DUMBS are being nuked by anti-Cabal powers, creating Richter 4+ earthquakes in areas previously stable.  Elites may now be cut off from there hidey holes and scurrying like roaches in a spotlight.  Psychopaths are immune to empathy but not to the emotion of their own fear.  They are cowards and they are afraid.

Beowulf55's picture

Ahhhh...it was 2.3 Trillion dollars that Rumsfled talked about...........

You need to stop making outlandish claims.........show me the data of the DUMBS being nuked causing 4+ richter earthquakes.

If you don't provide links then it is BS.

Endgame Napoleon's picture

The threat of mutually assured destruction works to avoid a World War, not so much for these quagmire wars.

consider me gone's picture

It helps but by how much is the question. Human stupidity is also a large looming factor.

ali_baba's picture

"The end is nigh!"

ZH is a place is for the old bastards. Get yourself a snowflake girlfriend and see the positive in the world, instead of hating evverything!

Cue the hateful comments... :D

Got The Wrong No's picture

What are you doing here???  

Snowflake girlfriends melt when they meet someone other than a Pussyboy. 

Other than that, Peace, Love, Bro. 

ali_baba's picture

I'm old. It's a habit. And I'm stupid so it's taken me this long to start realising what an utter waste of time 95% of the articles and comments on here are. It's become a business model for ZH. There is 5% truth interspersed within the hate and fearmongering but mostly this is just an arm of the tribe owned MSM to keep people occupied. They cover ALL bases.


No shit sherlock! Meanwhile, outside, in the real world, snowflakes are having the time of their lives and I'd rather be part of that. Guess what? They know about the world order too, but they're getting off their arses and trying to change it. Unlike my generation, under who's watch this shit went RADIO!!!!

Stay strong and stable. #SnowflakesMeltingOnMyTongue

el buitre's picture

The USA and its purported western allies cannot win a conventional war against Russia, or even Iran.  The first rule to winning a conventional war is to have total motivation of both the troops and its underlying population.  Half the people in the USA would like to see the DC swamp nuked if the rest of the country were to be left alone.  (A 130 years ago DC had a huge malaria problem in the summer).  The Russian people and military will do whatever it takes to defend their countries.  The psychopaths know this and actually it makes the situation that much more dangerous as they know they would have to go strategic nuclear or suffer a yuuuge military defeat.  Part of the anti-Trump nothing burger was to drum up anti-Russian hysteria, but it has only worked with snowflakes who don’t know one end of an assault rifle from another.  Or McStain, whose war record was to partially destroy USA aircraft carriers.  Their main talent is play dough.  Interestingly, all the predictive programming media has Denver as the new capital of the USA. The Hunger Games is an example.   I lived in Denver during the construction of the new “airport,” and have no doubt that there is a huge DUMB under it.  Ever see the satanic murals on the walls?

seataka's picture

The local Indians wouldn't even live there.

Tall Tom's picture

I have not been to Denver International but I have seen photos of the Murals and they are disturbimg


My bet is that behind one of them is a door..


They will walk into a tomb. There will be no Oxygen for Millions of Years, if ever.



Tall Tom's picture



Vlad is not starting it. We are provoking it.


It does not matter who starts it because it finishes all of us.

Internet-is-Beast's picture

It seems more and more evident that a nuclear first strike is the only military option left on the table for both the US and Russia. In Russia's case, it is because of US missles stationed along their eastern borders, for instance, in Roumania. These missles can strike Russian targets such as Moscow and St. Petersburg within 10 minutes. Although it is claimed that these missiles are not supplied with nuclear warheads, evidently the warheads they have can be easily exchanged with nuclear warheads. This, by itelf, gives Russia no alternative but to launch a first strike. Perhaps they are just waiting for sufficient provocation, eg, if the US attacks their assets in Syria directly. It is clear, in any case, Trump's rhetoric notwithstanding, that the US is continuing to wage war against Assad, as was verified by Southfront as recently as May 27, where US assets were attacking Assad's troops along the Jordanian border.

At the same time, the US appears not to be in a position to defend against a first strike by the Russians, which in turn makes a US first strike the only military option.

Thus, since military considerations make a first strike for both parties a virtual necessity, the only thing left is diplomacy. That means that on the US side, we are utterly dependant on the good faith of the Neocons, unless this country experiences a military coup--probably the only way of stopping the Neocons at this point of no return.

el buitre's picture

Putin loves his country and its people.  The neocon-libtard alliance hates the USA.  It is very unlikely that Putin would ever order a first strike.  His strategy is to construct his nuclear forces so that a retaliatory stike would be almost as damaging as a first strike.  He hates the Romanian missle installations because it is forcing him to invest a greater proportion of the Russian budget in a second strike which could go to more productive purposes.  Additionally these installations give Western pyschopaths the illusion that they can "win" with a first strike, which makes the situation more dangerous.

north island kiwi's picture

yes Tom and he,s been saying it for awhile now

you all must know by now if he keeps getting backed up by your fuckwit leaders

out of the blue he will strike, it will be devastating,

Tall Tom's picture



...and then we are all cooked....regardless of location.


The only hope that I have is in God Almighty as our fuckwit leaders provide none.


Best wishes?


I do not know if you are one of the faithful but prayer and meditation seem to be the way...for me at least. In that way I maintain my sanity even if some believe that I am in a state of denial.


But I just cannot fathom the purpose of a Universe without self awareness..

DoctorFix's picture

That swamp will never drain fast enough or in time before the much needed nuclear reset lands on top of DC.  At which point nobody is going to care or give a shit.  I just hope that enough bullets are stockpiled and ready to unload into those fuckers who brought it all about.  That to me is the only justice they deserve

open calender's picture

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JRobby's picture

It is a poor quality article. 

Clearly the Tyler's have resigned. 

It's not that I don't think a nuclear exchange is likely.  I do.

But the usefulness of this site to get the needed message out has fallen way off.

peopledontwanttruth's picture

Plus 100

Clearly the Tyler's have resigned.

Or most likely $old it.

dark pools of soros's picture

They're cashing in their bitcoins they bought from all the gold ad dollars you stackers flock around.... how do you make money on gold? Put up a stacker porn site and use the money you make to buy bitcoin.... profit/retire

JRobby's picture

I mean, we are in a situation where the most insane are running the asylum. It has been building up to that for years. So I am not surprised. I have this sentimental belief that I hold close that humans can survive adversity. But that is waning recently. And I do admit that I have been insane since I became aware of the "concept" at around 8 years of age.

I participate in Zero Hedge because I liked the quality of the contributions and the like minded commentors. But as we see, everyone sells out eventually.

besnook's picture

still believing bs? trump filled the swamp with more swampettes. you cannot escape the swamp.

Alfred's picture

Me too... I'm just frightened enough to give away some civil liberties. I dunno, maybe I'll stop saying,

His name was Seth Rich

Should I stop saying,

His name was Seth Rich?

Wait, what? I thought the Rooskies were the good guys?

Contents of Major Kong's Survival Kit

In Dr. Strangelove, the B-52 is approaching the target.  Major T.J. King Kong (played by Slim Pikens) does a check list of the items in the standard-issue survival kit:

"Survival kit contents check. In them you'll find:

- One forty-five caliber automatic
- Two boxes of ammunition
- Four days' concentrated emergency rations
- One drug issue containing antibiotics, morphine, 
  vitamin pills, pep pills, sleeping pills, tranquilizer pills
- One miniature combination Russian phrase book and Bible
- One hundred dollars in rubles
- One hundred dollars in gold
- Nine packs of chewing gum
- One issue of prophylactics
- Three lipsticks
- Three pair of nylon stockings.

Shoot, a fella' could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff."

I need some of that stuff...

His name was Seth Rich

Eyes Opened's picture

The lipstick & nylons wouldn't suit u...... (orrrr... wud they ?? )   lol

Volkodav's picture

     repeated stupidity


Oh regional Indian's picture

Nuke bumbs are fake as fuk. A joo dream, "invented" by joos to frighten the world with another HOLLOW-Cost. Both the Hollow-costs are huge lies.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki were fire-bombed. Do some research.

Proves that Putin as is much a schmuck as the rest of them, laughing as the world cowers in the face of a threat that does not exist.

All they know is fire and brimstone.... like the white phosphorous raining down on Raqqa as we speak, of which there is no mention by either this putin guy or obviously drumpf.

Think about all the armchair prognostications that go out the window if what I'm saying is true...

Fake as fuk!

peopledontwanttruth's picture

Nuke bumbs are fake as fuk

Heavy drinking on a Friday night???

Oh regional Indian's picture

Looks like you and handle belong to the same sub-group of humanity...

peopledontwanttruth's picture

I'm only assuming from your sign in name and information on yourself you are Indian

Your comment speaks of it, as you must think you are in the Brahmin class in your social caste system

Me you put me in the lower sub human class of Shudras

Your caste idiotologies of superiority won't save you when the mushrooms start forming. Don't order a meatless pizza when you see them

Oh regional Indian's picture

Haaahaaa, total misdirection there....all I meant to say was that you are amongst the people who do not want truth.

But it's much easier to misdirect with the tired old caste system pretard that your press and texts have sold you....

And yes, I am a brahmin....

Mr Poopra's picture

I'm no expert, but it doesn't seem to me like you possess the 8 virtues of a brahmin...

Tall Tom's picture

Looks like you are in denial.


It may be a good short term psychological defense mechanism but it does not serve you well in the long term..


Would you care to discuss the properties of Critical Density of a Plutonium Sphere in an Extreme Geometry?


I enjoy the Math of the dodecahedral implosion method for achieving the supercritical state..

Manthong's picture

It’s Saturday…

..a good time to go fission.

Escapeclaws's picture

Oh regional Indian needs to be re-educated in an American fusion center.