Hillary Clinton Explains The Way To Stop Terrorism Is To "Understand" Other Cultures & Their Food

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Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Infowars.com,

If you thought Hillary Clinton would stop talking any time soon then think again.

The defeated presidential candidate told a fundraiser for a youth program that the best way to stop terrorism was to “understand” other cultures and their food.

Yes, really.

Hillary defended London Mayor Sadiq Khan, the man who once represented 9/11 Al-Qaeda member Zacarias Moussaoui, called moderate Muslims “Uncle Toms” and said terrorism was “part and parcel” of living in a major city.

Clinton said that Khan, who has called for Donald Trump to be banned from entering the UK for a state visit (while actual terrorists from Syria are free to return), had shown “steady, determined leadership”.

Hillary said the best way of combating terror was to “reach out to the world” in order to “understand” people living in foreign countries.

“Getting to know one another. Learning about the experiences, the lives, the cultures, the religions, the food,” she added.

One wonders what kind of “cultures” Clinton is referring to? Maybe the ‘culture’ of Bacha b?z?, where elderly Muslim men dress up young boys as girls and then rape them? Or could she be referring to female genital mutilation? Another expression of Islamic ‘culture’ now endorsed by imams living in America.

“This is not a time to lash out, to incite fear or to use tragedy and terror for political gain,” said Clinton.

A comment obviously aimed at Donald Trump and anyone else who has correctly identified political correctness and tolerance of Islamism as creating a fertile ground for terrorist attacks in the west.

Maybe Hillary is right.

Maybe we don’t need to arrest the thousands of jihadists who walk our streets.

Maybe we don’t need to stop terrorists who have fought alongside ISIS in Syria and Iraq from returning to the west.

Maybe we just need to get a better grip on the dietary habits of Muslims.

Who knew it would be this easy to stop suicide bombers, rampaging knifemen and jihadists who plough vehicles into crowds of people?

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Jessica6's picture

I fail to see why it is always us Westerns who are expected to learn about and understand other cultures if we aren't the ones moving or travelling abroad. The implication is that others are too lazy, stupid or ignorant to be able to learn Western ways.

Muslims really should understand, for example, some Medieval history and why it is a cultural norm for us for everyone to show their face in public. I often wonder if a lot of the tension between immigrants and locals arises because they don't learn local social norms or manners; the biggest complaint people have is often about rudeness (bad enough when locals are badly brought up). Differing non-verbal communication and emotional reactions also play a role, I'm sure. Westerners travelling elsewhere should respect the customs of any country they visit, but it should work both ways. There is only so far anyone is willing to always be the accomodating one.

sheikurbootie's picture

Muslims have failed at self governing in every former colony, unless it was a dictator.  Democracy is not an option to a true believers.  They're too filled with hate. 

Just like the democrats.

Caleb Abell's picture

According to Hillary:

"the best way to stop terrorism was to “understand” other cultures and their food."


According to medical science, symptoms of advanced stage syphilis include:

Problems controlling muscle movements

Vision problems 


Able Ape's picture

Well, why didn't she go to dinner with Gaddaffi rather than having him killed?; Libya would have been much better off...HRC is a crazy, old, fat pig... who would listen to her tripe?...

aloha_snakbar's picture

Stupid rat cunt old whore...pray tell how do dead babies in the ME taste as opposed to American ones

40MikeMike's picture

Terrorism is part of living in a city?


This is how stupid and dangerous Democrats are.


Hillary be advised that America hopes your only daughter Chelsea and her children have their throats slit by the subhuman muslims you sponsor.


America really does want this.


You are elitist scum completely out of touch with the he'll you create by your virtue signaling idiocy.


You are a menace and hope you have a seizure and die...but not before your daughter and grandchildren have their throats slit by subhumans.


I pray your daughter and children are slaughtered by the people you support.

_SILENCER's picture

A great way to stop terrorism is to terminate the import of incompatible third world animals into western society.

And, of course, shoot the ones that are already here.


Vilfredo Pareto's picture

Lol.  Hillary had her taco bowl moment

Kat Daddy's picture

I'll have the Haitian Pizza with Walnut Sauce!

dogitydog's picture

Oh you mean the Jerry Epstein special? Throw a hot dog in there too.

libertysghost's picture

Watson should start his own media company.  He's much more clever than Infowars. 

FoggyWorld's picture

I understand FGM and I don't like it.   I understand beheading and I don't like that either.   Same goes for giving people a thousand lashes for saying something the government doesn't like on the internet.   And I want my eggs with bacon and don't want to lose my life for it.

Hillary's understanding of different cultures revolves around currency translation, IMHO.


ChaoKrungThep's picture

Don't forget that FGM is a Christian custom, too.

myopinion's picture

Spoken from one of the main causes of terrorism herself. How bout' just stop dropping bombs on people and destrying their lives that forces them to immigate.  Where's the leather jacket today?...you know, the 'I'm one of you' fashon statement?  Priceless.  Who buy's this smack anymore?

Froman's picture

"Cocaine is a hell of drug"

Sandmann's picture

Noone understands US Culture or Food in 2017. With Shakedown in The Park and Griffin and assorted Nobodies pretending to be Terrorists noone quite understands the USA.

ConnectingTheDots's picture

We should bomb them, drone them, destabilize them, overthrow their elected leaders and yes, and the "food" she speaks of should come from Monsanto.

Hillary's words do not match her actions.

Anon41485's picture

Precisely. A simple look back into her and Bill's political decisions regarding other countres is evidence of this.

DaGov's picture

Hasn't Hilly learned anything from the news? Eating other cultures' food is cultural appropriation and thus verboten by the SJW police.



DaGov's picture

Hasn't Hilly learned anything from the news? Eating other cultures' food is cultural appropriation and thus verboten by the SJW police.



The Gladiator's picture

But,but,but......."We came, we saw, he died. HAHHAHAHAHA!!"

ChaoKrungThep's picture

Silly me. I guessed that terrorism's caused by blowing folks up, starving their kids, destroying their land, but it's really about not sharing their falafel. 

dogitydog's picture

Oh, like the CNN reporter that ate human brains. I wonder how Hillary liked the Lybian food when she reached out and tried to stop terrorism by getting to know their culture. And finally, you can't mention Hillary without saying....................here it comes..........................Benghazi!  OMG! When I think about how that was the alternative if Trump had lost! Oops I just peed a little.

911bodysnatchers322's picture

Saying nothing about Trump, every day that passes I'm glad this woman is not our president.

VegasBob's picture

The stupid bitch gives new meaning to the phrase 'dumb cunt'...

commiebear's picture

Why doesn't Hillary Clinton try to understand the American people first, before suggesting how to understand other cultures.  She has nothing in common with people living in her own country.

deplorable nation's picture

Hildebeast, just stop fucking talking already! The media has deserted you, the demorats have deserted you, your libtard base has deserted you. You are not going to get another shot at it. They're grooming your replacement; a nice half-breed freshman senator from Kalifornia. You are finished...go back to Chappaqua to your rapist /sex deviant husband and your bottle of Chardonnay.

Drop-Hammer's picture

What a stupid c*nt!