Infowars, Breitbart, Drudge Could Soon Face An FEC 'Inquisition' Over Russian "Collusion"

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Authored by Alexander Paul via,

Conservative news outlets like Infowars, Breitbart and the Drudge Report could soon be facing an inquisition from the FEC for coordinating with the Russians to blitz the realm of social media with deceptive anti-Clinton stories that effectively could have influenced the 2016 presidential election.

This could happen if top Federal Election Commission Democrat, Ellen Weintraub, is able to get her way during this Thursday’s FEC meeting.

The Washington Examiner reports:

The plan, set for discussion at Thursday’s FEC meeting, could open the door to political subpoenas targeting the websites, their editorial news decisions, and their owners, maybe even Matt Drudge and Alex Jones, according to an expert analysis.


In her effort targeting foreign influence in federal and state elections, Commissioner Ellen Weintraub would probe spending by overseas sources and even partially-foreign-owned U.S. firms on campaigns, including their media buys. Foreign influence is illegal in elections.


She said that tackling foreign influence in elections could be the FEC’s finest hour, adding, “I believe that this Commission can indeed rise to the challenge of understanding what happened in the 2016 election and plugging any legal or procedural holes that could allow foreign actors to interfere with our future elections.”


Politico recently reported that “Weintraub’s interest was piqued by an article published last week by Time magazine that revealed intelligence officials had evidence that Russian agents bought Facebook ads to disseminate election-themed stories. It also indicated that congressional investigators were examining whether Russian efforts to spread such content were boosted by two U.S. companies with deep ties to Trump — Breitbart News and Cambridge Analytica.”

The Time Magazine article which influenced Weintraub also pointed to Russian ties to conservative ownership and funding as a potential target of investigators. The report reads, citing McClatchy, “FBI counterintelligence investigators were probing whether far-right sites like Breitbart News and Infowars had coordinated with Russian botnets to blitz social media with anti-Clinton stories, mixing fact and fiction when Trump was doing poorly in the campaign.”

The FEC will decide at this Thursday’s meeting whether or not to investigate websites like the Drudge Report, Infowars, Breitbart, and others on the right for violating election spending rules by allowing advertising on their Facebook pages by Russian entities.

“It’s pretty easy to see how this quickly becomes an inquisition into conservative media outlets,” an elections laws expert and critic of the Weintraub bid told the Washington Examiner.


“Commissioner Weintraub appears to be laying the groundwork to subpoena people at Breitbart, Drudge, and Infowars – maybe even Matt Drudge and Alex Jones themselves,” he added.

Infowars founder Alex Jones responded on Tuesday to the news of Weintraub’s actions by saying that he is under a “criminal espionage investigation by the FBI,” and denied ever taken any money from Russia.

“I have never gotten one scintilla of money from Russia. I’ve never got any directives from Russia,’ Jones said. “This is outrageous! I mean, they want us shut down.”

On his Tuesday Broadcast, Jones was correct to point out that this Russian election tampering narrative that will not go away in Democratic circles has been, as CNN’s Van Jones put it so eloquently, a “nothing burger.”

According to Jones, Infowars is almost exclusively funded by sales from their online store which sells books, water filters, and nutritional supplements. The rest of the funding is transparent, according to Jones, who said his organization receives funding from third party ad generators like Google and AdBlade.

The Infowars founder said that he would be willing to testify publically before Congress.

Ellen Weintraub has been a big opponent of the Citizens United decision expanding corporate political spending and foreign ownership in politically active U.S. firms and in the past has denied claims of targeting or regulating the media or internet sites. She was part of the FEC commission who targeted Fox News in 2015.

In her proposal, she wrote, “the American public is justifiably alarmed by the reports of foreign attempts to influence the 2016 U.S. presidential election.” She added, “This is an all-hands-on-deck moment for our democracy.”

“It is this Commission’s duty to do respond, and to respond forcefully. Whether a hostile foreign power provided anything of value in connection with a federal, state, or local election goes to the very heart of the Federal Election Commission’s mission and jurisdiction,” the proposal continued.

The possible FEC Inquisition is coming at an interesting time, as it has been recently revealed that the U.S. actually has a big problem with foreign influence in its election; that is, in the form of noncitizen voters.

The research organization Just Facts in New Jersey has taken a fresh look at post-election polling data and concluded that the number of noncitizens voting illegally in U.S. elections is likely far greater than previous estimates.

The group found that many as 5.7 million noncitizens may have voted in the 2008 election, playing a large role in the election win of Barack Obama.

The work of professors at Old Dominion University in Virginia also found that as many as 2.8 million noncitizens could have voted in 2008.

For 2012, Just Facts said that 3.2 million to 5.6 million noncitizens were registered to vote and 1.2 million to 3.6 million of them voted.

The suspicion over illegal votes being cast in U.S. elections sparked the Trump Administration to create a commission on election fraud to investigate voter fraud and voter suppression.

Trump has alleged that some 3-5 million illegals voted in the 2016 election, robbing him of a better result in the popular vote.

The commission had given states until July 14 to provide data including names, birth dates and partial Social Security numbers of voters but has since delayed the data turnover as the Administration awaits the ruling of a lawsuit filed by the Electronic Privacy Information Center in Washington.

While the mainstream media railed against any claim that noncitizens voted in 2016, all it takes is a turn to the evidence in North Carolina where an independent and bipartisan agency that oversees elections in the state found hundreds of illegal votes, including votes cast by felons and non-citizens, double voting, voter impersonation, and irregularities that affected mail-in absentee ballots.

With an estimated 11-12 million illegal aliens roaming the Unites States and the lax voting controls in many areas, it seems very foolish to deny that non-citizens voted in 2016. It is even more foolish to continue to case Russian influence in the election when it is clear that the vote count in the U.S. may have been bloated due to the lack of border security and voting legitimacy.

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DaGov's picture

This same goofball on the committee keeps threatening this kind of stuff, but nothing ever comes of it. 

PitBullsRule's picture

There's a prepondrance of evidence against Trump that could convict him in a civil trial, but not in a criminal trial.  

And after all, Trump is a criminal, and treason is a crime, so it would have to be a criminal trial.  And in a criminal trial, there is not quite enough evidence to get a conviction, a preponderance isn't enough.

So what is America to do?  Does it let Russia take control of its government? Does it just forget about the trillions spent on the cold war, fighting the Communist, and just ignore the hundreds of years of freedom we have enjoyed, and sacrifice it all because it made a mistake and elected a con man criminal for president?

Probably not.  

Its not likely 370 million people will forget about a couple of hundreds of years of progress by their ancestors dying and strugling, and forget about the millions of good people who died to make the country.  They won't just throw all that away because there was a weak moment and a bad person was elected to president.

Thats not likely to happen based on America's history.

Whats more likely is a real American will take the lead.  A real American patriot will appear, recognizing that the government is disfunctional, like always, and that only a patriot can solve this problem, because the government can't.  

And in spite of what all the little boys and little girls talk about on the internet and the news media, the patriot will put the right size bullet in this traitors head, and put him down because the country is more important than talk and sensationalism.  

And even though they will lock that patriot up, and some people will say terrible things about him, he will always be our hero, and he'll be a hero in American history forever.



iconic's picture

"Does it let Russia take control of its government" ... Might not be a bad idea. It would substantially reduce the population of jews in government, banking, media, education and the courts. Plus, Putin is an avowed Orthodox Christian, who signs laws that prohibit the promotion of all things homosexual (the root) and its associated gender psychosis to anyone under the age of 18.

Additionally, Russia is not communist. America is. The jews controlled the soviet union. Since their system relies on blood sucking off of others, once they lost the support of the U.S.A. in the late 50s early 60s, that was the beginning of the end, as the soviet union essentially ended up cannibalizing itself. Seeing the writing on the wall, the jews fired up the neocon machine and began to loot the U.S.A. in earnest. It was easier to take over Russia, with their bolshevism morphed into atheist communism, than the U.S.A., but the writing was on the wall, so they closed up shop and focused on looting America.

Putin kicked the jewish 'oligarch' looters out of Russia, and is actually rebuilding the country, developing a synergy between church and state, to support all efforts to help its people take the high road and have the moral compass pointed to true north. Any talk of communist bogeymen from Russia is the ramblings of an idiot.

You speak of a 'patriot' who puts a "bullet" in the "head" of a "traitor". A traitor to what, exactly? You version of 'patriotism' sounds a lot like a bolshevist lunatic who wants to put bullets in the head of the 'proletariat' and the 'bourgeoisie' to pave the way for the ascension of the state.

370 million? I think the population of the USA is closer to 320 million.

Progress? What is your definition of 'progress'? The only one can objectively note is after Lincoln's war on the south, the states became emasculated and the federal government started in earnest down the path to what we see today as a monolithic gargantuan, utterly invasive and toxic supersized monstrosity, stripping every inalienable right that gets in its path, sucking the body politic dry with its counterfeit money, sending mercenary forces all over the globe to kill millions for a handful of people's very narrow special interests, at our collective and extraordinary expense.

Socially, things are so twisted, there appears to be a growing number of people that look between their legs and can't tell you what their sex is, to the absurd extent that wherever government forms ask for the sex of the applicant, they have a third option for 'other'. Is this the 'progress' envisioned by the founders (assuming your 'patriot' theme) that their vaunted principles enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights would someday, hopefully, lead to a group of lunatics who think there is a third sex dictating policy to the nation?

And what of the pharmaceutical industry? After 1986, the vaccine rates skyrocketed, as well as the number of vaccines administered. Where as once they were given to kids at around 7 years old, 2 shots, now they come after your child with a vaccine to prevent sexually transmitted diseases when they are 12 hours old, and by the time they are 4 months old, have injected the baby with 30 shots of 69 different highly toxic strains.

The result? Well, I suspect you, who are a mainstream sort of person with little depth and a breathtaking lack of knowledge on just about everything (at least you have an honest pic, it suits you), you would fall in line with the CDC and say that the autism rate, with was zero prior to 1930, which is the year vaccines were first administered, which then became 1 in 10,000, and as we moved into the 1960s, 1 in 400 or something, and the once we hit the 1990s 1 in 200, and (from the CDC's website) today it is 1 in 46 - a completely exponential curve - is only a coincidence and that there is no 'proof' that vaccines cause irreparable harm, like autism, and even death.

Either way, for something the medical industry tries to write off as something people are 'born' with, and that it is 'genetic', how is it there was never a single case reported in all of history prior to 1930? After all, if it is genetic, and people are 'born' with it, why did it never exist before vaccines, but once vaccines are introduced into the population, suddenly this 'genetic' condition arises? And it just 'coincidentally' skyrockets with the skyrocketing administration of 400% more vaccine toxins in infants?

Patriot? You? Hmmm ... From the balance of many of your vacant posts, I hope you keep your gun in your closet. I doubt you know the difference between Salem and Charleston, the Pilgrim's purpose in 1621, and the jewish avarice of 1607, and precisely on what foundation the principles of 1776 et seq were built upon, given the two choices.

Trump underlined on the 4th of July that our inalienable rights indeed come from God. This is not the god of the jew/masonic kaballah, which is lucifer, the spirit of evil, death, doom and destruction. No, Jefferson must have had another 'God' in mind when he penned the Declaration of Independence, a God that grants the opportunity to pursue Life, Liberty, and Happiness, whoever and whatever this 'God' is.

Your demented and twisted logic is indicative of a person who is a product of the modern age, feeding at the trough of the institutions of brainwashing - the modern media and 'education' systems. Why you waste your time posting is hard to say. Nothing you have ever posted has been of any value. You might want to take a break for about 10 years and get a real education. Maybe then you might have something worthwhile to say.

PitBullsRule's picture

You would sacrifice our sovereignty to our cold war enemy because they have similar paranoia about homosexuality that you have.  That makes you a traitor, which is treasonous, and punishable by death.  So basically, under the right circumstances, you could be put to death because you are afraid of men that like to have intimacy with other men.  You may want to reconsider your priorities.  After all, if a man wants to take some comfort with another man, how does that hurt you?  Oh, asshole, let me help you with that one, it doesn't, it has absolutely no effect on you, but you somehow think thats reason to join up with the United States' enemy to the death, ... bizarre.

And golly gee you're an anti-semitic fucker!  Who would have guessed that?  But, I think giving up your country to our cold war enemy because you think Putin hates the Jews, like you do, means you have gone over the edge, and that again, you need to take a fresh look at your priorities.

Who said anything about autism?  Where the fuck did that come from?  You seem to have trouble, staying on topic.  This is about Trump, the Russians, and the good old USA, no one said anything about pharmaceuticals, except one of the voices inside your head.

Lets see, is my gun in my closet... come on over and I'll show you where it is!  You were mentioning homosexuality, well I have something we can stick up your ass!  That will be LOADS of fun, I may even pull the trigger.

Thats probably enough to get your blood boiling, isn't it deplorable?  You know, I kind of like it when you deplorables give me a down vote, it shows me you care, you really care... so thanks honey!


shadow54's picture

Lay off with the traitor nonsense. A nation has to be at war, and a person in it help the enemy for it to be treason. We are not at war with Russia, and the US via Trump just made a peace deal regarding Ukraine and Syria with the Russians. Also, the Cold War is over.

Redneck Makin-tosh's picture

Law of Treason has been in existence since (at least) the time of Romulus, first King of Rome. Technically, a republic is itself treason so best solution for US might be to petition Rome to make Trump King with added benefit of removing the irrational fear of the masonic kaballa since, as Royals, the Trump family will be defacto servants of God.

redmudhooch's picture

Whatever makes you feel better man.


iconic's picture

"sacrifice our sovereignty" That is an exaggerated non-sequitur. For the astute observer, the sovereignty of the U.S.A. has long been co-opted by jews and their goyim operatives. The idea is to take it back. I make a tongue and cheek reference to handing over the USA to Putin because he was able to help Russia regain its sovereignty and take it back from the jews. That is an observable fact, as we know these jewish plunderers were ousted from the country, and now they are back in in israel, or maybe New York, licking their wounds.

"cold war enemy" ? I think you are a little behind on your headlines. The Soviet Union collapsed over 20 years ago. The cold war ended then. There is no objective facts to show Russia is an 'enemy', only the hyperventilating of jewish controlled media's say so.

"paranoia about homosexuality" The choice to engage in homosexual behaviors is a manifestation of an underlying mental illness. Promoting it to vulnerable children is a very bad thing. Once that person takes of the forbidden fruit, they become permanently morally compromised, and irrevocably lose standing. Given that the vast majority of the population does not make that choice, despite the fanfare in the jewish media, which is the central force promoting homosexual practices, the reality is most people will not take heed to what a person who is bound to homosexual behaviors has to say. In other words, at a time when someone needs to stand up and speak to the power and against the darkness, that person will never be a homosexual practitioner, because they are totally compromised, and, as evidenced by their behavior, arguably on board with the darkness, and part of the problem anyway. It is not 'paranoid' to oppose a socially destructive agenda. It is sensible.

You talk about 'treason', but you have failed to define the standard upon which the loyalty is based. I think David McCullough says it well in the forward of his book John Adams, that the essence of American patriotism, and the foundation of every American principle - at least viewed through the lens of Adams - is "Love of God, Family, and Country". When Adams was penning the states' constitutions, a 'family' did not consist of two people practicing homosexuality, and/or who can't determine what their sex is. 'God' was, for Adams, a God, Creator of the Sublime Perfect good, which he gleaned from the better pages of the Christian bible, and not the jews bizarre talmud and kaballah, and most certainly not from the Quaran. A 'country' was a region, a geographical locale, generally what later became known as a 'state', where the people shared the same cultural habits, values and traditions. Despite whatever you might read about the 'masons' who were at the negotiating table in 1787 in Philadelphia, the fact is, if you read Tocqueville's first hand account, out in the country among the people, those cultural values, habits and traditions were Christian. A 'traitor' then would be someone like you coming along and promoting the god of this world (the jewish god Lucifer), and all the evil things that spring up from that (like homosexual practice and all the gender insanity), which would wreak havoc in an otherwise heretofore stable society. In those days, that sort of treason, that type of utter breach of the social contract would put you in mortal danger. In other words, I don't subscribe to your values, and I do not have to be loyal to them, and I find it a matter of personal pride that I purposely reject them, find them destructive and offensive. Remember, we, the Christian people, of the stable society, landed first. You, the usurpers and interlopers, with your luciferian spirit, came long after. That makes people like you the traitor to the original idea and cultural paradigm. And right now, there is a war between those that align themselves with the original and the lucferians, presumably, like yourself. To learn more about the luciferian link to American society, as it is delivered through judaism and its talmud and kaballah, please read Holy Serpent of the Jews, by Texx Mars.

As for "anti-semitic", that is a misnomer. Jews are not semites. The jews have been a substantially destructive force in the world, and I am opposed to this. You should know better if you were an educated person. In terms of policy, so as not to make it too personal, the best way to attack the jews is to attack the things they control and promote. In practical terms, that means no more aid to Israel, and legislating the federal reserve counterfeit money system out of existence. There are other things, but those are the two most fundamental America wrecking items. If you want to talk about treason, you might want to focus your ire on any and all, for whatever reason, use their power and influence, no matter how great or small, to perpetuate the support of israel and the zionist central bank.

I raised the issue of autism as an example to challenge your notion of "progress". It turns out, the 'progressives' are the ones who are behind forced vaccines. Just look at California and New York, two 'progressive' strongholds. They have passed very aggressive laws to force children into taking vaccines. These people are totally evil, and it is only one example of many how totally insane the 'progressive' is. My point was, we have not seen 'progress' since Lincoln made his war on the south. It has been all downhill from there. I would argue evidence of a 'traitor' is someone who doesn't understand that.

As far as suggesting placing a gun like that reflects poorly on your character. Basically, what you are attempting to do (lamely) is redefine what 'patriotism' means from what has been the standard definition for a long time (God, family, country) to the 'progressive' version (luciferianism). What gives you away is you provide no definition of what a 'patriot' is. Basically, you are saying you want to kill people that follow God (as defined above) in the name of lucifer. This is pretty much what the bolshevisks did in Russia in 1917 et seq. The Russian peasants were not prepared for it, as they were by and large unarmed. However, here, in America, if you want to join lucifer's army and start a war against the good people in this country, you might soon wish you hadn't. You will surely be on the losing side.

Finally, I know for sure you are someone who chronically engages in homosexual behavior. No normal man will refer to another man as "honey". That is totally faggoty for sure. And it comes as no surprise, because the banality of your posts reflect the weakness of your mind and arguments, so polluted and compromised as they are by your deviant (statistically) behavioral choice.

As I said, stop wasting your time posting. Not only do you make no sense at all, but you lack credibility, and therefore standing.



runnymede's picture

You bots are almost starting to sound human. Oh, and there's a new improved bot taking your spot Aug 1. Sorry.

runnymede's picture

Yeah, you're right; we should have elected that patriot McMullin. I don't know there's enough rock on Mt. Rushmore to fit that mega-mind head though. 

Thanks for setting me straight. 


shadow54's picture

Secret service will probably be visiting you soon for attempting to promote assassination of the president via political proganda post.

Singelguy's picture

A preponderance of the evidence? What evidence? There has not been one concrete shred of evidence brought to light in the 9 months that every major news outlet, FBI, and Congessional committees have been investigating. It is all speculation, innuendo, and mostly false news. You must be one of those blind followers of CNN, MSNBC, NYT, and the WaPo who believes all their bullshit. You need to put down the kool aid, take two steps back and engage the critical thinking part of your brain, assuming you have one.

Gravatomic's picture

The USA would have to be officially at war with Russia for a treason charge to go ahead. Also, has anyone told you that your writing makes you come across as a condescending arrogant prick?

Don't give up your day job, and if this is, think again. You're not that clever.

Yen Cross's picture

  Hypocrites---   Commissioner Ellen Weintraub would probe spending by overseas sources and even partially-foreign-owned U.S. firms on campaigns, including their media buys. Foreign influence is illegal in elections.

 Probe APPl, MSFT, GOOG off shore holdings!

iconic's picture

"While the mainstream media railed against any claim that noncitizens voted in 2016" ... TRANSLATION: Millions of noncitizens must have voted in 2016 :)

Cordeezy's picture

Shouldn't Facebook be implicated here as well?

Ross123's picture

Will they be looking at the funding of anti fracking groups by Russia which has been reported in recent days ? Hell no -- those groups will be all lefties.

DirtySanchez's picture

This malignant jew, weintraub, should be incinerated in an oven and then sprinkled as fertilizer on some manure farm.

headless blogger's picture

But its ok that Mainstream Media: CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, NPR, NYTimes, GUARDIAN, ET AL....colluded with the Bush Administration and Obomber Administration to deceive the American people regarding all the illegal invasions and slaughters done in our name and with our money. To this day they fucking know that 9/11 didn't happen as the mainstream narrative states (which their narrative of the event was up on their fake news sites by noon that day and has never changed since....nobody would have the facts that fast).

And then they blatantly took sides with the Banking Cartel in 2008.

pawn's picture

Excuse me ZeRo HeDGe they didn't mention you, oh wait your anonymous

pawn's picture

Excuse me ZeRo HeDGe they didn't mention you, oh wait your anonymous

DeusHedge's picture

what does the enlightened loki say? Trump should tell them not to,, HAHAHAHAHAHA

John_Coltrane's picture

Maybe Ms (((Weintraub))) should examine other nations who have interfered in our politics. Examples that come to mind are:

1)Sinking a US warship to influence a proxy war against Egypt

2)Stealing nuclear secrets to enable construction of an atomic bomb in violation of international law.

3)A timed explosive detonation of a skyscraper on US soil to induce a proxy war against Iraq.

I could go on, but perhaps Ms (((Weinbraub))) should enlist the help of Oliver Stone to help her. I think he can ferret out the culprits and maybe make a Hollywood blockbuster with his findings and your connections to the tribe that runs Hollywood.

And by the way, there is no bad publicity, there is only publicity. Drudge and Info Wars thank you for the increased readership in advance of your proposed hearings.

Youri Carma's picture

Next: Putin accused of collusion with Russia.

C9H9N's picture

Alright-Its certainly time now for the few remaining men to start standing up to those who are eating away at none other than the foundations of Liberty.
These folks are easily identified-angry women, whimpy betas,-are being used by the GLOBALISTS AND ZIONISTS. We must shine the light on their lies at every opportunity, defund them in any ways possible, use social media to destroy them, stop taking their pills, eat for health, WAKE THE CITIZENRY UP..We must set the example of what real men are here to do- provide wise balanced guidance, protect women and children and then the village as a whole from the likes of these people and the weakening effects of their activity. In short- it's time to ACT-and do so by setting great examples to our women and children. Use forums like this to stay informed/ build opposition.
The C9H9N Team

artichoke's picture

It's an "all hands on deck moment" because the Dems think they can suppress all dissent.  (Soros money is OK because he lives in Katonah NY, though.)

I think the FEC is 3 Dems, 3 Republicans.  Today will be important.  If they let this inquisition happen, holy shit.

Mzhen's picture

Since this article was written, Mohammed bin Salman has moved up in the world.

"As MEE notes, the Petra News Agency published on Sunday what it described as exclusive comments from Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman which included a claim that Riyadh has provided 20 percent of the total funding to the prospective Democratic candidate's campaign."

dogismycopilot's picture

Roger Stone is on fire today on the Alex Jones show (12 July show).

"Eric Swalwell who is Pelosi's bitch."

shimmy's picture

Better include ZH and every other site that dared to point out facts regarding killary. Russian stooges!

I don't like killary and talked bad about her in comments so I guess I have been paid off by the Russians. 

Gravatomic's picture

They started with the 'list', the 200 websites that reported on Wikileaks, That's all this is, silencing the truth tellers so the Democrats have any chance at all in 2018.

Ryan Langemeyer's picture

"Foreign influence is illegal in elections."

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha......... couldn't catch my breath on that one.

1stepcloser's picture

Honeetly this will just bring more people to those sites.  The dumbycrats are idiots

oncemore's picture

Foreign influence on elections?

Possibly she talks about illegal foreigners casting  votes.

Abaco's picture

Alex Jones and the Breitbart people should file civil suits against the individuals who are laucnhing the attack.

JD59's picture

The COMMIE KKK HATE FILLED JIHADI DEMOCRATS will stop at nothing to stop CONSERVATIVE views from being discussed in America.  

They are PURE EVIL and they want us literally dead.

All of the CRIMES that the Democrats did the last 8 years and NOT ONE INVESTIGATION OR CONVICTION OF BLATANT CRIMES. NOT ONE!

redmudhooch's picture

What a fucking joke our country has become.

This is gonna backfire big time on these puppets.

Atalanta's picture

History proven. Scary nonsense news is the lifeline for men with a agenda, hidden. In time this hidden will popup closing a circle.


RedDwarf's picture

The NeoCons are really getting desperate.  They have realized that they must kill off free speech because they cannot win the debate.  So they push this Russian narrative to do it even though the majority knows it's stupid.  Even if it is true they 'conspired' to push a narrative the correct response is to debunk them, not to silence them.

Drop-Hammer's picture

(((Weintraub))).  As they say, EFT (Every F*cking Time).  Jesus, Mary, and Joseph, get the Christ-killers out of every elected, appointed, civil service position in our federal government.  There must be a solution to this problem.  Any suggestions?