If Everything's So Awesome, Why Are Investors Surging Into Tech-Stock Hedges?

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Tech stocks are up once again - for the 5th day in a row, the longest streak since May - as the business media celebrates FANG's rennaissance (again)...


There's just one thing that is 'odd' about this rally, traders are piling into downside hedges on every uptick in prices...

As Bloomberg notes, options markets suggest a lack of confidence in the rally.

The cost of bearish over bullish contracts in the $13 billion Vanguard Information Technology exchange-traded fund rose to the highest level since late May, even as the fund pared most of its losses in the slump following an all-time high reached in June.

Gaining 20 percent this year, S&P 500 technology companies trade at 17.7 times projected earnings, compared with a five-year average of 15.

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If Everything's So Awesome, Why Are Investors Surging Into Tech-Stock Hedges?

My response: Because everyone knows that the CHANNELS ARE STUFFED FULL WITH PRODUCT in order to continue to report FANTASTIC RESULTS.

Everyone knows it! So who is buying??? Answer: Central Banks using FIAT currency (Other people's money).

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The answer yee seeks is THE FED DOESN'T KNOW WTF THEY'RE DOING and hence will do something monumentally stupid probably sooner than later... tick tock to the pop!

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degenerate fools wasting their money would be my guess.

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Just a few more pennies   before that steam roller hits.

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I am more like surging into precious metals and crypto. Bye bye!

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Why? PM have gone no where but down... sure insurance and all big deal.

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The difference is I am holding it for 30 plus years. I also have done lots of research and I do not want to hang on to fiat currency.

Pms do not go anywhere. It's the value of fiat going up.or down. In many currencies PM's are up.

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Those hedges will disappear into nothingness once a bit more SNB money flows in to push it over the all time high marker. Then all those hedges will instantly transform into fuel for a faceripper rally.

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because yeah it isn't awesome forever?





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make or break this earning season

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