NEOCONS GET IN HERE: Tucker Carlson Just Humiliated Max Boot on National TV

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Over the past 30 years, the neocons have presided over the worst foreign policies in American history -- pursuing their Trotskyite schemes of war that have accelerated to an ebb tide that peaked during Bush the Idiot's reign.

Men like Max Boot, Paul Wolfowitz, Donald Rumsfeld, Bill Kristol, Richard Perle, and many others, have attached themselves to the republican party like a cancerous tumor -- transforming it from a checkered pants, cigar smoked room, boys club into a satanic cult out for the blood of the indigenous.

At the root of the neocon "plan", being disciples of Trotsky, is the destruction of "Mother Russia." It's in their blood -- because they're still mad at Stalin. This has been a constant since the 50's. It was only after the Berlin Wall fell and there was a detente between the United States and Russia in the 90s did these revolutionaries affix themselves to the GOP with real energy.

The net result of neocon led foreign policies have resulted in thousands of dead Americans, the entire middle east reduced to rubble, millions of civilians dead and/or displaced -- and they have the stones to call Putin evil.

Pray tell me, who has killed more people in the world over the past 30 years, America or Russia? Moreover, how has America benefited by these wars, which has bankrupted the treasury and led to an enormous spike in commodities, helped produce a housing bubble and subsequent financial meltdown and the ruin of countless people -- worldwide -- all because they had to export America democracy in order to "make America safe"?

How has that worked out so far, Max Boot? Have you taken a look into Rome, Munich or Paris recently?

This heated and contentious debate with the former defense policy adviser to Mitt Romney, Max Boot, and Tucker Carlson, should be archived and saved for the sake of posterity. I will not transcribe it for you -- because you'll miss out on the essence of this verbal and intellectual beat down. The world is a dangerous place. At the vanguard of that danger are respected 'intellectuals' like Max Boot -- trying hard to promote a demonic brand of foreign policy that will kill your sons.

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Just scanned Mad Max's Twitter feed.

Reading that will give me nightmares tonight.

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Repeating stupid words coined by an avowed American socialist cheapens any arguement you make, and displays your ignorance. 


Just call them ashkeNAZIS.....because NAZIS ARE WHAT THEY ARE!

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neocon is just fine you autistic retard. Most normies think "neo-nazis' when hearing it. Hence, the negative connotation. I advise you to chimp out over something else.

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At 6:36 in:

"I'm I wrong Tucker? I'm I wrong?"

Yes Max. Not only are you absolutely, Irrefutably, completely Wrong Max.

You're nothing more than a Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Seditious Globalist Psychopath Max.

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That guy is the Conservative equivalent of a SJW.  I didn't realize just how bad NeoCons were.

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Both promote the Debt-Money Monopolist (DMM) agendas in their own way.

One key DMM agenda is to make Trump, a guy given $2 billion in free BanksterStream advertising, a guy who lauded the Big Banks in a debate, and a guy who would eventually put a Goldman Sachs hatchet man as chief puppet in the Treasury, appear as though he's an outsider.

Why? So the DMM can surreptitiously maintain control over government while simultaneously managing the major discontent in society, and, equally importantly, MAINTAIN THEIR TWO PARTY FALSE DICHOTOMY WHEN THE DEBT-MONEY BUBBLE IS IMPLODED AND BLAMED ON TRUMP.

It is gonna happen. And Trump knows it, and he knows his role.

Trump made a deal, but not with ordinary people. He made a deal with the Debt-Money Monopolists.

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That's right DMM. Your minions have everything under control. Crawl back into your hyperbaric chambers. Shipments of untraceable children for your amusement, longevity transfusions and satanic rituals will resume shortly.

All Risk No Reward's picture

When a group controls the money, they can pretty much manifest anything they bounces around in their mind.

"Power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely."
~Lord Acton

"The issue which has swept down the centuries and which will have to be fought sooner or later is the people versus the banks."
~Lord Acton

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Tucker wants to know where Max Boot gets his demented ideology from. He was born in communist Russia (USSR) to Jewish parents Tucker, that should answer your question.

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It strikes me that this is evidence of serious panic on the part of the neo cons.  I have seen peters before on fox and he came off as an arrogant assh..e but not the trace of hysterical panic that we saw in this clip-he truly came off as a hysterical wacko, completed deranged.  Neocons never have to say they are sorry but peters should be ashamed to say he is a retired us army officer who swore to uphold the constitution when he was commissioned.

Max Boot is a traitor, israel firster, and has nothing but venom and hate to offer.  CFR should be proud as he publishes at least once a week the same tired and hysterical garbage.  Any war for the benefit of israel is tops on his agenda.

Good for tucker for exposing these israel firsters.

GhostofBastiat's picture

Max Boot, Max Headroom...whats the differnce?  Both were/are talking heads, with their best years in the 1980's!

Looks like Max can add himself as another personal attack guest no longer invited onto Tucker Carlson Tonight!

Adam Schiff, Fired professor Lisa Durden(Memorial Day BLM rant) and Max Boot!

Those videos are all over Youtube...a greatest attempted hits on Tucker, so to speak!

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Council on Foreign Relations....hey look, a Deep State guy finally crawls out from under the snake he was hiding beneath.

NuYawkFrankie's picture

 NeoCON-Bolshevik Boot that military moron belong in a freekin mental instsitution - SERIOUSLY!!!

They are too fcking dangerously deluded too be out in public!!!!



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Max Boot - born September 12th, 1969

Fall of the Berlin Wall -  November 9th, 1989

Standard Disclaimer: Max, what did you do in the Cold War? Nothing, right?

Max, you should just be grateful there are some people that haven't developed a terminal disease yet. 

One less neocon on the planet is a good thing.

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There are people in America, that are Americans and their goal is to destroy America.  Say hello to Max Boot.

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Another Banker Boot Licker sent out by the CFR to disseminate false information. 

Fact - ISIS is murdering Syrian civilians.

Fact - USSA is funding ISIS.

Yet, this clown blames Russia for the crimes proven to have been committed by ISIS.

SidSays's picture

That explains a lot......

Tragedy and Hope 101

blindfaith's picture


This is the kind of person advising our government?  Now, everything is crystal clear.

Reaper's picture

Needs institutionalization: Manic Paranoia involving Iran, Russia, Assad, and Syria presents. Manic delusion claiming Russia and Assad are mass murderers, when his cronies have murdered many thousands more.

9 out of 10 neo-cons need trial as accessories to war crimes. The tenth needs a strait-jacket immediately.

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NATURAL ALLIES. You stupid soppy TWAT!

Younger Dryas's picture

First Tucker lays into Peters then this guy! Thought i was dreaming. When have these guys ever been truly challenged like this?

How many failed states overun by lunatic islamists can the world survive?  I think it was Peters that stated the Kurds would run Syria after Assad had been deposed, WHAT?

These guys are more dangerous than Isis.

how_this_stuff_works's picture

"These guys are more dangerous than Isis."

All while frittering away the lives of other people's children.

If these two "guests" are so gung ho to tackle Russia, I'll be MORE than happy to contribute to the cost of their tickets to the ME.

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Never. Peters is one of the house propagandists at Fox but none of the talking heads ever challenges him.

Keane is the middle-of-the-road generic propagandist. McInerney comes across as being the older, wiser, most conservative and sensible one of the bunch. Peters comes off as a foaming at the mouth rabid lunatic.

I was really glad to see Tucker rip into him. First time I've ever seen anyone attempt to engage him in dialogue instead of just passive listening.

Both Peters and Boot are supposed to be right-wingers, but when push comes to shove the only thing that comes out of their mouths is the same Alinsky-ite personal attacks and deflection the lefties utilize. Lights are on but nobody home.

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Whom ever it was that thought that putting this guy Max Boot, on the air to speak for their position was a good idea, should be fired.

strannick's picture

Pray for Tucker Carlson, calling out murderous liars in high places, like a Prophet. God bless you Tucker 

PleasedToMeatYou's picture

Yes, and he may find a paucity of willing, influential interview guests when he keeps creaming people like Boot-in-the-Mouth. 

espirit's picture

Tucker Carlson has my vote to become the next Whitehouse Spokesperson.

But I think he's having too much fun...

PleasedToMeatYou's picture

I couldn't help thinking that this Max Boot and his ilk need to be eliminated.  They are mouthpieces for the agenda that is an existential threat to Americans and any semblance of a future for our people. 

King of Ruperts Land's picture

What was the criteria for "drone striking"?

TheReplacement's picture

The key thing Boot said was "that's not our goal".  Well, Max, what is "our" goal?  I only ask because it sure as hell is not my goal to depose regimes that pose no realistic threat to the American people and our country.  It is obvious to me that you wish to spend American blood and treasure on some goal is other than protecting the American people and our country.  So I repeat to you, Max, what is "our" goal? 

If we don't have the same goal then it is idiotic to argue about the means we are using to achieve it.


King of Ruperts Land's picture

The neocons need to be destroyed.

Duc888's picture



This guy is nuts.  Every single thing this this dick-bag Col. accuses Russia of doing.... USA DOES!

evoila's picture

He's a desk Col. He hasn't seen a day of fighting in his life. He wouldn't have these views if he spent anytime in Vietnam.

gmak's picture

And these types of clown set policy for the USA and help run the country? No wonder the empire is failing.

HalinCA's picture

Too many retired people will nothing useful to do and too many bills to pay.  They all end up as talking heads. 

Cthonic's picture

4:10 "...maybe you should choose another profession like selling insurance, house painting, something you're good at..." purely awesome. Thanks Real Fly.

Mustafa Kemal's picture

Tucker, you have outdone yoursefl, yet again. Thanks!

HillaryOdor's picture

Yeah most of the time when people post these videos talking about how Tucker destroyed some SJW communist it's a pretty disappointing petty argument with a bunch of talking points.  But this guy... this guy got really and truly annihilated.  That was humiliating, and I loved it.

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Putin is as bad as the Hollywood rendition of Hitler where he was so genius and scary that he would try to take over the planet, but was defeated by barely armed peasants that the Soviets told to fight or the Soviets would shoot them.

This whole narrative from the Jews is simply ridiculous, and you can be sure Bill Kristol, a Neo-Con icon is a Jew that supports that narrative.

These people are all liars and con artists.

I would recommend everyone go educate themselves on what Hitler was truly like, and what he really did. Also examine how the Communists had seized control of Germany in the months leading up to his appointment as Chancellor. The Bolsheviks had seized control of Germany and were pushing to turn it in Soviet territory.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Also Bormann.  According to Reinhard Gehlen, he was a Soviet/Bolshevik spy all along.

There were bad guys on every side, there were also good guys, heroes, on every side.

Now Nazi is just what any nationalist gets called.  Its beyond absurd, and the word will soon be played out, just like 'racist' and 'anti-semite'.

NotApplicable's picture

You may not have noticed, but those words are nowhere near "played out" yet.

We're barely in the early stages of full-retard, unfortunately.

NidStyles's picture

Two things:

Why would the Communists whom already had power in Germany for months cede power to Nationalist forces after the fact? I mean, that's literally what he is saying.

Why would anyone trust a person that turned on his own people after seeing what the US and Soviets did to German civilians? Do you think that sort of person wouldn't lie?

aardvarkk's picture

Yeah.  It's the joos.  When you guys just get back to pointing the finger of blame on individuals rather than groups, let me know.  Until then you are as bad as the Democrats.  It's the whites!  It's the males!  it's the Christians!  It's the straights!  It's the "cisgendereds"!

NidStyles's picture

I clearly was commenting on a video that did involve Jews. You seem confused about the topic of this article and video, which Putin is the Hollywood version of Adolf Hitler.

You can't discuss Hitler without also talking about the Jews, unless that fact was lost on you. Jews hate Hitler, the rest of the world pretty much loves the guy.

PleasedToMeatYou's picture

" Jews hate Hitler, the rest of the world pretty much loves the guy." 

Wow, you pretty much just broke the Stupid Meter there Nid! 

Editing, son, editing. 

NidStyles's picture

There are entire stores in India an the rest of Southeast Asia where he is celebrated. In Hinduism, he's considered a demi-god representation of Shiva.

You guys really don't know anything.