Italy Threatens EU With "Nuclear Option": Give 200,000 Migrants EU Visas, Sending Them North

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Two weeks after Italy reacted with anger to Austria's deployment of troops and armored vehicles to the border between the two nations, while reactivating border controls at the Brenner Pass over concerns that Italy will be unable to handle the roughly 85,000 migrants and refugees who have entered the country so far in 2017, the Italian government has threatened to retaliate in way that assures an imminent migrant crisis as well as an escalation of tensions between the two EU nations.

According to The Times, an Italian minister and a senator have threatened to issue temporary EU visas to thousands of migrants in an effort to "resolve" Italy's escalating migrant and refugee crisis, which would then allow the refugees to travel north. The move, which has been described as a 'nuclear option,' would allow the nearly 200,000 migrants currently stranded in Italy, to travel across Europe using a Brussels directive loophole.

Paolo Gentiloni, the prime minister, is livid that the rest of Europe has refused to take its fair share of migrants and that they have closed ports to rescue ships as the number of refugees attempting the treacherous crossing from Libya to the Continent has surged.

Italy previously called on its EU neighbors to help with the escalating humanitarian crisis but it has been disappointed by their complete lack of action. The face off prompted former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi to shock the European liberal establishment, when last Friday he released excerpts from a new book in which he said that "we need to free ourselves from a sense of guilt. We do not have the moral duty to welcome into Italy people who are worse off than ourselves" adding that "we need to escape from our 'do gooder' mentality."

Migrants disembark from the Medecins Sans Frontiers ship Vos Prudence after
rescued at sea, at Salerno's harbor, Italy, on Friday

Renzi also warned last Friday that Rome would look to curb funding to EU nations that had refused to offer help. "They are shutting their doors. We will block their funds," he said, sounding suspiciously like Turkey's Erdogan who has so far prevented a new refugee crisis in Europe by gating some 2 million migrants inside Turkey's borders.

One week later, not even Renzi's dramatic reversal has prompted a reaction from the EU, leaving Italy in the same place as before, which as a reminder is that due to its geographic location, Italy has been one of the first entry points  for people fleeing from the south to reach Europe. More than 86,000 migrants have crossed the Mediterranean to Italy already this year, leaving the nation scrambling - and struggling - to cope with the huge increase of people fleeing north Africa.

Meanwhile, hundreds of asylum seekers are packed into overcrowded centers - dubbed 'human warehouses' by locals  - scattered across small villages throughout the country.  Mattia Toaldo, a senior analyst at the European Council on Foreign Relations, told The Times: "If migrants continue to arrive and Italy decides to give them papers to cross borders and leave Italy it would be a nuclear option."

And since "Italians have lost any hope of getting help from the EU" they may say, "If you won't make it a common challenge, we will" Toaldo added.

This is precisely what some in Gentiloni's government are already doing: Mario Giro, Italy's deputy foreign minister, and Luigi Manconi, a senator with the ruling Democratic Party, told The Times that issuing migrants with temporary visas was under discussion. Giro believes that Italy can exploit European Council Directive 2001/55, developed after the Balkans conflict to give temporary European entry permits to a large number of displaced people.

Needless to say, if Italy pursues this course of action, and ultimately activates the "nuclear option", support for the Schengen scheme, which allows all EU citizens to travel freely across the Continent, may be in jeopardy. Worse, since for most of the migrants the final destination will be Germany, it may rekindle the same migrant crisis which at the end of 2015 saw Angela Merkel's approval rating plummet as her countrymen slammed her "Open Door" (since shut) policy.

The Italian rescue ship Vos Prudence arrives in the port of Salerno carrying 935

migrants, including 16 children and 7 pregnant women on Friday

The move will also drastically escalate tensions with not only Austria, but neighboring Frace, which have used dogs and the threat of armoured vehicles to push back migrants who try to enter through Italy's northern border. France 24 reports that perhaps in anticipation of such a move, vast white tents erected in a former military zone on the outskirts of the tiny village of Conetta, house some 1,400 men from across Africa, packed onto endless rows of bunks.

"I used to call this place a modern lager," Cona mayor Albero Panfilio told AFP, referring to concentration camps. The commune of Cona includes the little village of Conetta. "After two years this is (still) a place where human beings are squashed in together, with no hope for the future."

"Now I call it a human warehouse. The migrants arrive, they don't know where to put them, they have a warehouse, they dump them here." He added that the asylum seekers were treated "like garbage."

Meanwhile, 10 kilometers away, in Bagnoli di Sopra, 700 migrants are crowded into another former military base surrounded by barbed wire fences with no access to journalists. 

Finally, a question emerges: with Europe helpless to prevent Italy from pursuing this path should Rome choose to do so, will Brussels activate its own "nuclear response" in retaliation. Recall that in 2011, a "united Europe" and the ECB removed then-PM Sylvio Berlusconi almost overnight when the former premier threatened to exit the Eurozone, by sending yields on Italian bonds soaring above 10%. While this time Italy's economy is (relatively) sound, should Rome proceed to dump 200,000 unwanted migrants in Europe's lap, the one certain response would be a financial one, with Mario Draghi sending a very clear message if not to his native country, then certainly the current government, which will immediately be blacklisted by Europe, with any and all measures taken to remove it.

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thedespised's picture

Hot damn.  I love that's it's a procedural loophole. That's usually their move!   NICE DO IT MONDAY.

BarkingCat's picture

They may find that regardless of agreements, that visa and probably an Italian issued EU passport will be worthless at some of the Borders.

I hope the refusal to accept those documents starts at the Austrian border.

yogibear's picture

Send the to Germany. Merkel loves them. The Germans keep electing to destroy themselves.i

HRClinton's picture

Austrian CBP (in an Arnold Schwarzenegger accent): "Papers plees! 


Zese are not zee Visas we're lookink for.  Next!"

Arnold's picture

Thank you Godfather.
I return your favor.

HRClinton's picture

Make the Invaders an offer.

"An offer they can't refuse."

Vageling's picture

He... Wut?.... Wha? What's this bullshit?! AS IF! 

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The Italians are just tyring to culuturally enrich the rest of the EU.


My guess is that most of those Globalist leaders like Juncker have safe places already built in NZ and similar to escape to while they leave their "everyday citizens' back home to get raped and blow to pieces by the north african muzlim rapefugees.

Of course, the prudent response from Austria would be to mobilize their troops and shut their border completely. Ditto with Switzerland and Slovenia so their only route can be thru france, which is already a cesspool.

Cluster_Frak's picture

Wonder why elites set Europe on autodestruct mode? Hitler tried to make Europe more European, Merkel is trying to eradicate Europeans at all cost. Who benefits?

Arnold's picture

Used to be tentacles of the Squid.
Now it is the strands of the Silk Road.

Vageling's picture

Perhaps. Who knows. In reality we all almost all spoke Russian or German now. The European bad kids. All nations did shit and the influences are there to this day, There is a flaw among us westerners. Naive. Start being responsible. We let them. And we do this shit again. 

Singelguy's picture

The answer is simple. The elites in Brussels want a united states of Europe, however, the lanuguage, culture and history of the member countries of the EU are too diverse. By flooding the continent with african and middle eastern migrants, they hope to dilute all nationalism so that all member countries are homogenized and the super state will be possible. However, I think they overplayed their hand and they are in the process of creating a huge backlash that could end in civil war.

eclectic syncretist's picture

The elites are trying to distract the attention of the populace away from the fact that the EU political structure is not democratically legitimate and is not run by individuals who are in any way committed to a better future for European people. 

By diluting the existing cultures of European countries and stimulating strife and crises, whilst calling patriotism racism and xenophobia, they hope to consolidate their control and more perniciously parasitize the masses.

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Police ‘Bribed’ the Media to Cover Up Frightening European Immigrant Crime Statistics
DrZipp's picture

Why not just send them back?

Clycntct's picture

Alex I'll take all things Soros for 500.

earleflorida's picture

FWIW Dept.:

1.5 Billion Muslims today and growing

Son of Loki's picture

THAT, we know for a fact---that Soros is funding a large portion of this destruction of Europe and western civilization. He is even funding many local elections in the USA of sjw.

waspwench's picture

That would be the sensible thing to do.

me123me's picture

Good idea. Send them to Germany. They deserve it. 

OutaTime43's picture

Looks like Gaddafi called it. Obama and Hillary started this mess...

peter4805's picture

I prefer the "send the fuckers back from where they came" option.

Laughing.Man's picture

The question is, why don't they?  The cost of fuel and manpower is nowhere near than letting these 'migrants' into Europe.

rf80412's picture

by sending yields on Italian bonds soaring above 10%. While this time Italy's economy is (relatively) sound, should Rome proceed to dump 200,000 unwanted migrants in Europe's lap, the one certain response would be a financial one,

Italy could always default and render its bonds worthless.  Blowing holes in bank balance sheets all across the EU and the world would again turn Italy's problem into everyone else's problem.

medium giraffe's picture

Well that's going to happen regardless.

Paracelsus's picture

  I saw this down under in Oz. Leaking ships set out from Indonesia, wait until an

Aussie Navy ship sees them, then take a hammer to the motor and an axe to the

hull. Never any life vests or rafts issued by the people smugglers.

Oh, and everyone rips up their passports and documents, and dumps them over the side.

One time (SIEV-X?) the Navy search just missed them, the entire lot drowned, and the

relatives contacted Customs because the ship was several days overdue.

They were expecting a cell phone call which never came.

The majority are muslims from Afghanistan or Iraq and they think that Oz is

the promised land. Same as the EU, the family reunification process comes into

play. As with many migrants,one ends up having ghettoes as in Holland,Sweden,

France, everywhere. Multiculturalism is a dead issue in Oz,even though they need the workers

due to an aging population.

This is the result of nearly thirty years of bombing by the US. Time for a new plan....

Did they actually expect Italy to resettle them all?   ROFLMAO.....  

mary mary's picture

And their sisters back in North Africa, the Middle East, and other Islamic countries are still pumping out 7 babies per mother.

"Hey!  They got terrible poverty, crime, and disease over there!"  "Really?  No fair!  We need terrible poverty, crime, and disease here.  Let's import them?"

Arnold's picture

The Detroit model, with cultural modifications.

Yars Revenge's picture

"is livid that the rest of Europe has refused to take its fair share of migrants"


Europe's "fair share" of rapefugees is ZERO. 


Rick Cerone's picture

The Austrians love Africans. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ogretown's picture

It would be no different than unlocking the cages full of diseased vermin while catapulting large packets of cheese over the Italian border. How on earth could Italy unleash legions of near-people upon their neighbors and still think of themselves as civilzed and enlightened members of the EU??  The only country that seems to welcome these things with open arms are the remnants of the once-great Germany.  C'mon, Italy give this deplorable action another thought before such action makes you the laughingstock of the world.    

Xena fobe's picture

But the Northern European nations all voted in liberals.  They want more invaders

brushhog's picture

Right, they should swallow the poison that Merkel made to spare their neighbors. Fuck that.

mary mary's picture

Q: How many divisions does the Pope have?

A: More every day.  Just watch the docks in any Italian port.

Vageling's picture

Humm... Perhaps intersting to know. Some European guys crowdfunded a ship and have one mission. Expose the "legalized" human trafficking, breaches of international law. Their mission. Oh boy ;) I hope they succeed. Italy (high on the fund stealing from the membership pot chart) is being a snowflake. 

I've said this before. APPLY THE LAW! Chain those damn ships and sue the fucking captains for crimes! DON'T FUCKING MAKE THAT LACK OF ACTIONS THE REST OF US OUR PROBLEM! 

mary mary's picture

Great idea.  This invasion must be included among history's greatests perversions of "charity".

I keep thinking, maybe jobs is the thing to hammer on.  Surely there is unemployment in Europe.  Whose jobs are they going to give to the immigrants?

Love that quote, "When I feel the heat, I see the light".

BarkingCat's picture

Oh jail the crew and ex keep the captain on the spot. That's after taking the human cargo back to where it came from and scrapping the ship

That is the least I would do.

If that didn't sell the problem quickly enough I would sink every fucking ship as soon as it left ashore of whatever the fuck shit hole it was coming from.

Tommy_Peters's picture

Folks, this is a tribute to Kalergi, Schiff and Warburg whose Pan Europa (embryo of the EU) is coming home to roost. Underneath the white noise, we are looking at Kalergi’s 100 year old manifesto, Praktikal Idealisme, and his “mongrelization of Europe” is going linear, abetted by the Charlemagne Prize, a smokescreen that filters out his ardent proponents, Merkel and (Pope) Francis inclusive.

On the other hand, Eurabia is no longer a cliché simply because the on-going Hijra, is policy. The 1400 year-old migration construct coincides with the appointment of Saudi Arabia (a Zionist entity in disguise) to the UN Human Rights Council. Saudi moolah has changed hands with the UN brass, that mandates migration quotas for governments, to abide.    


Dumpster Elite's picture

Italy, you don't understand. We WANT refugees in Europe (because we want a permanent underclass that we can control). We just don't want those human vermin anywhere near US. Now, be a good EU lackey, and do as you're told. -Signed, Brussels

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And to all the muzzies and niggers from all over the world we send you a nice middle finger, and our salute, ALOHA SNACKBAR, MOTHERFUCKERS.

YourAverageJoe's picture

Maybe these migrants, who find themselves treated as garbage, should realize they should have stayed home.

I don't think they are looking for a better life, because they don't assimilate, rather they are weaponizing themselves by their mere presence, in host nation.

mary mary's picture

The way to a better life is to look for ways to be more responsible.  This is the irresponsibility of Islam, for all the world to see.

YouJustCouldnt's picture

You only have to look at the evidence to back up your comment.  You can see hundreds of cases where these invaders have literally raped and battered citizens of their host countries.  It is happening all over Europe, white kids getting battered in the streets, at school, and not a thing is done.  The Swedish people have just become frogs in the pan.  They are raised in a culture that is the absolute opposite of most of these savages so they are not equpped to fight back.  I put money on Sweden being the first European Country to topple.  

BarkingCat's picture

I hope the new occupants of Sweden we'll enjoy the Swedish Winters once the society collapses  and the living conditions revert back to the 1800s.

If the niggers were dying of hunger in Africa they will certainly thrive in a place that becomes snow and ice for months on end each year.

mary mary's picture

This is how the EU visa dies.  Good riddance.

MrBoompi's picture

I used to believe people who were staunch supporters of the second amendment were nuts.  Not any more.  

are we there yet's picture

The middle east is scum and trash. The worst of humankind. Thousands of years of predatory tribal thinking by genetically low IQ parasites filled with predatory thinking from a perverse predatory insane religion. There I said it. Allah does not exist except as a fantasy bad myth. Mohammed had sex with his own biological daughter and wrote a stupid evil book that corrodes a billion people with evil predatory thinking. Avoid any entanglement with the middle east. Insane cultures just like insane people will suck you into their evil if you let them. Europe is absorbing this poison at their own peril.
Those are my thoughts as long as free thought still exists.

TBT or not TBT's picture

Mo, piss be upon him, was illiterate most likely.   But there were people around who could write.   

Much of what he supposedly said wasn't recorded until a few decades after his death.  

Rubicon727's picture

Here's the inside story that only informed Italians can relay to you:

First of all, you have to understand the main reason for why thousands of migrants have moved to Europe:

Two years after Merkel was cheering this movement on, the quota of low wage servants has been filled. Ditto for France, and other western countries that welcomed them. All stopped.

But George Soros & his ilk wants to make more $$$ so using these NGO ships, the immigrants keep coming and Soros keeps making money. Thusly the heavy stream of folks into Italy.

But the central reason WHY you have the Italian Democratic Party up in arms is BECAUSE in the last several months, they've been defeated in most every national/regional election. NOW, ALL OF A SUDDEN, you have these corrupt politicians screaming like hell because the immigrants are stuck in Italy. France, Germany, Austria, etc. don't want any more. Guards, troops line the borders to ensure these folks remain stuck. 

Meantime, Italy's poverty/unemployment rates are skyrocketing. They just got stuck with paying for billions by the bankrupt Italian banks. In essence, Italy is in terrible economic, social shape. So they've gone out and voted against the Democratic Party.