The Race Against Time

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Authored by Jeff Thomas via,

For decades, in discussing the ever-increasing hegemony of the world’s principal governments (US, EU, et al.), I’ve been asked repeatedly, “When will the governments understand that this obsession they have to become all-powerful is not in the interests of the people?”

The answer to this question has also remained the same for decades: never.

Although most all thinking people will readily admit that they regard their government (and governments in general) to be both overreaching and corrupt, they somehow attribute political leaders with a desire to serve the people. This is almost never true.

In my own experience in working with (and against) political leaders in multiple jurisdictions, I’ve found them to be remarkably similar to each other in their tendency to be shortsighted, self-aggrandising, and almost totally indifferent to the well-being of their constituents. Indeed, it’s a real rarity to encounter a political leader who does not fit this description.

Therefore, we should take as a given that all political leaders will continue to pursue their own power and wealth, at the expense of their citizenries.

This, then, begs the question: “If they won’t stop themselves in this progression, is there no other outcome than eventual total slavery to the government?”

Well, here, history informs us that this is not the case. All governments will tax the people as much as they can, regulate them as much as they can, socially dominate them as much as they can, and remove as many rights as they can. However, they rarely totally succeed and, even when they do, the clock is ticking against them.

In 1999, I began to warn that the US military would steadily increase its warfare against other nations and would only cease their military expansion if and when economic collapse made it impossible to continue the expansion.

In 2008, I began to warn that the US, EU, and other jurisdictions would eventually attempt to eliminate the use of paper currency, or “cash,” and force all people to rely almost totally on electronic transfers of money. (I had pictured plastic credit cards being used—I hadn’t imagined at that time that smartphones would make such transactions even easier.)

In addition to the above abuses, I projected that these jurisdictions would become more collectivist, would increase legislation to dominate their citizens socially, and would eventually come to resemble police states.

But, at the same time, I projected that, although I believed that all these developments would increase steadily, both in magnitude and frequency, they would reach a peak point, then begin to unravel—and would do so more quickly than they had been implemented.

This would happen for two reasons, and neither of these reasons come from some crystal ball. They come from history.

As has always occurred, for millennia, such rapidly expanding excesses cannot be created by governments without creating debt. The more rapid the level of change, the greater the debt necessary.

Today, we’re witnessing the greatest level of debt the world has ever seen. As always in history, this is a ticking time bomb.

The second reason is that such rapidly-expanding excesses cannot be created by governments without creating resentment. The more rapid the level of change, the greater the resentment.

Taken as a whole, what this means is that all of the increased hegemony, of every type, rises to a peak, then collapses—often all at the same time.

We can see the economic warning signs as the financial institutions have run out of new measures and are now relying on band-aid measures. This tells us that we’re entering the final years (or possibly months) of the debt mania. Consequently, the only remaining measures will come under the heading of abuse to the consumer within the system.

Militarily, we see the end nearing, as the world becomes ever more resentful of the US as the self-imposed world policeman. (This is particularly acute outside of the US, as those who live outside the reach of the US media understand that the US has, for years, been inventing its excuses for warfare where there was no real justification.)

For many years, I’ve said that we’ll know that the unravelling will be very near when the creators of the abuse begin to realise that the hegemony is nearing its end and is due for a reversal.

Recently, two events have occurred that suggest that this part of the process has begun.

First, the EU has launched public consultation to get the pulse of the people of Europe on their War on Cash programme (which they term, “de-cashing”).

The findings, even though the questions were phrased to make it difficult to oppose the concept, indicate that more than 99% of respondents see no benefit in de-cashing. Further, 87% regard the use of cash as an essential personal freedom.

Although the people of Europe have tolerated one hit after another from Brussels, de-cashing may well prove to be their Waterloo.

As this was occurring, across the pond in the US, the military performed a study to learn how much further they can push the world with their present level of aggression and have determined that “the status quo that was hatched and nurtured by U.S. strategists after World War II,” and has been dramatically expanded in recent decades, “is not merely fraying but may, in fact, be collapsing.”

It’s often assumed that empires tend to expand until a point at which they subside, but this is not the case. Very much like a market bubble, they tend to reach a dramatic peak just before they collapse. Almost invariably, those who are the last to understand that the end is near are those who are at the very apex of power. Therefore, rather than back off their programme of hegemony, they expand it right until economic collapse destroys it. Like heroin addiction, greater amounts of the drug are injected, right until the fatal overdose takes its toll.

What this means to the reader is that, although he may either live in or in some way be under the control of one of the current empires, his lot is far from hopeless, but he must be wise enough to keep his powder dry until the collapse is under way.

From the present day until the collapse, the empires will increase taxation, increase regulation, increase warfare, increase social dominance, and remove the rights of their people in ever more dramatic ways.

Those who seek to sidestep this process might well pursue international diversification as a bridge to freedom. In this race against time, nations will make it increasingly difficult to escape, and freedom will only be realized after the collapse. The greater the preparedness today, the greater the likelihood of coming out the other side in several years with wealth and freedom intact.

*  *  *

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Moe Hamhead's picture

"International Man",  what is that supposed to be?

hxc's picture

He's a world traveler. Ancap (which means 0% globalist)

Moe Hamhead's picture

Well, that's not so bad.  I thought maybe it had something to do with Goerge Soros.

armada's picture

For the UMPTEENTH TIME in history, a Western Empire will go down in flames because of one tiny, shitty country.

Mazzy's picture

Not a country, but a malicious and conniving ethnic group that can't leave well enough alone after 3,000+ years of utter hatred and disdain toward all others.

new game's picture


the Messiah( has been here right in front of the believers! Imagine that...

Xredsx's picture

But how free are they actually from the British throne? Some would even say that the declaration of independance was more like a surrender too. Could a very serious crime of corruption from a very high level  of organised crime be enough for the Crown to take back control? The Rothschilds are British and Brexit has killed all of Britain's arch enemies. With one vote too, may i add. Who knows, but it would be very good story for the history books.

WTFUD's picture

The Rothschild's are mutants who appear throughout history in Every major western (other) country's Political or Banking Establishment. They're neither British nor French or . . or . . , they're mutants.

Clock Crasher's picture

Good read.  Effective tax rates are 50%.  Neo feudalism is here.  The internet was a project of DEFENSE Advance Research Projects Agency DARPA. The operative word being defense.  Tyranny and global debt both are slave to an eternally ticking clock.  For everyone one that aligns with evil two are defecting to good.  Its over.  They are going to fall and fall hard.  No doubt they are going to take as many down with them as possible but their days are numbered. 

Humanity will survive. After that humanity will merge with technology and spawn a new race of hybrid mankind.  This quantum jump in evolution will likely see the emergence of Resource Based Economies and a new golden age.  These future civilizations will not only be cashless but money-less and will have engineered most crime out of their systems of organization.  Evil will always be eternally present in the hearts of man but perhaps artificial intelligence can help design systems of human interaction that can nullify almost all of that evil from manifesting.

Jacque Fresco likely one hundred years before his time.

brushhog's picture

Then the alien monkey men will likely attack, seeking to mine the last of our Incredinum. We will repel them with self driving cars and robot super-soldiers.

Clock Crasher's picture

and holograms of Michelle and Obama reading from a telepromter.

Luc X. Ifer's picture

Actually we have been lucky to have Jacque Fresco at the right place and time. Jacque was a brilliant mind and human, he consciously dedicated his intelligence and talent to unravel to the cattle an alternative vision of reality without lords and serfs but with real, free and independent human beings fully empowered to exercise their human condition as defined by the thinkers of Humanism. Jacque could have been a multi billionaire, maybe the 1st trillionaire, he could have been the reference forward thinker and innovator of the century before Gates, Jobs or Bezos if he would have chosen to join the dark side. Let's celebrate Jacque's memory giving him the merited recognition of the architect of the world which is going to replace this one sooner or later if we don't dive into a full scale nuclear conflagration. The laws of natural evolution say that everything evolves and transforms so empires fight a fight lost from the moment of being started, empires can't fight the time and the natural evolution of things, the only danger is when the empire extends on a planetary scale in it's death agony it may drag the entire planet with it, hopefully there are still enough good people able to stop it.

Mazzy's picture

Yep, and after people pay their taxes they can pay their rent to the landed gentry.

You're lucky if you "only" have to pay property taxes to reside upon "their" land.



Xredsx's picture

Oh, yes. The story of the illuminati, who broke from the vatican to continue science. Who later developed a plan to transform the human race into machines to finish their plan for a NWO where Science is God in their religion of technology... Yeah it's real and the clock is ticking too. But they made one big mistake though. Its the same mistake that everyone else has made who is chasing the grand prize in the game for world domination. They turned that backs on Jesus. Well except for one. Honestly, it is no accident that Christian Bible prophecy is being played out. The illuminati are waiting for an event just like everyone else. Then they will try to carry out their plans for Africa. But......

lasvegaspersona's picture

Hey!!! Pass it ...don't hog it....

brushhog's picture

Alot of assertions with no links or references to back them up. Nice pep talk though.

Moe Hamhead's picture

Having travelled a lot over the years, I'm not too keen on up-rooting myself again.  I tend toward a plan of localization, and not international diversification.  But that's a personal choice.  I'm not sure I'd sleep well, not trusting some foreign bank or international trading platform.  But that's just my bias.

Latitude25's picture

How will you be able to access your international assets after a crash?  If you can't answer that question then you're better off keeping them within your immediate control locally.

Dragon HAwk's picture

First thing we have to do in this war.. is gain back a Free and Honest press.

New_Meat's picture

Above the motto of the Romans before the first Punic War.

sheeesh. c'mon.

AGuy's picture

"Humanity will survive. After that humanity will merge with technology and spawn a new race of hybrid mankind. This quantum jump in evolution will likely see the emergence of Resource Based Economies and a new golden age."

There are 440 Operating Nuclear power plant reactors that will almost certainly meltdown. Probably not much of Humanity will survive. After the fall of the Western Roman Empire it took over 1000 years for humanity to match its technological and economic capacity. The problem with future Resource based economies is that the current civilization is depleting most of it at a rapid pace.

hxc's picture

NO, the problem with "resource-based" economies is that




Clock Crasher's picture

That would imply that the United States dosen't fucking work.

New_Meat's picture

kinda' the pont of the lead article, don't cha' think?

Clock Crasher's picture

The article says that it works all the way until a peak point then grows so big it has to fail not to be confused with too big to fail. 

I don't defend socialism. RBE should never be confused with socialism and similar systems. I also don't advocate an RBE be attempted. Perhaps once quantum computers have been well established and humans have fully integrated and upgraded their physical bodies and brains with high technology (hundred(s) of years in the future).


Kprime's picture

that pretty much nails it

Clock Crasher's picture

Globalization increases production. Consider the quantity of steel and cement China has produced in the globalized world. More concrete produced within a handful of years that the United States produced as nation all time. Its insane. Even at seven billion humans the earth has a lot to go around. Resources are finite yes. But renewable energy is infinite as far as we are concerned.

These nuclear plants need to be de-cominshioned and their fuel quarantined. of 440 plants only 1 had a melt down due to human error. Thats not bad. I agree its actually more a threat to us than global monetary crash.


lasvegaspersona's picture

Too bad the Chinese mixed it weak with cement and now the concrete crumbles in shit construction and ghost cities built to make a buck and no doubt of thge same structurally weak stuff.

The Chinese have redefined 'malinvestment' in a way that won't ever be that they have wasted the resource.

Akzed's picture

> This, then, begs the question: “If they won’t stop themselves in this progression, is there no other outcome than eventual total slavery to the government?”

(No, this RAISES the question. To BEG the question means to use circular reasoning. It's a formal debate term, e.g. in a debate about whether chocolate or vanilla is best, if you said, "Vanilla is best because it tastes better," you'd be begging the question: you haven't proved anything. Philosophy 102.)

How many govt employees would it take to kill all of the gun owners who would resist enslavement?

Ask yourself that question the next time you want to ask the one you asked.



turkey george palmer's picture

I see nothing that would benefit me sending great amounts of wealth to a distant place. But I'm not greatly endowed with wealth so there's that.

New_Meat's picture

one might surmise that you are not greatly endowed.

CNONC's picture

You had to go there, didn't you? Kind of like that low curve ball over the plate, it's just begging to be hit out of the park.

Hikikomori's picture

Clearly, it's the end of the world as we know it.

HRH Feant2's picture

The running out of money, thing. Yeah. I can see that happening.

passerby's picture

We must suck dry and destroy the world to root out the evil doer.

dlfield's picture


Refreshingly Pessimistic

TheVastRightWing's picture

Kind of an advertisement isn't it?  The real call to action here is how to stop this.  The article left out the fact that collapse is often violent, either finally brought on through violent uprising or violence erupts because of the collapse. If you are not already armed, you would be wise to do so now, if not just for self-defense.  There are a lot of entitled people around these days and they tend to get nasty when they perceive they are being denied.

Anyway, in the new world order, central banks should never be allowed to form.  I pray that is the one lesson that will be learned, at least for a millennium or two.

NAV's picture

"Tlhe global marketplace has become the world's new 'closet dictator.'" --Wolfgang Sachs, the German social critic

We must let our lobbyist-elected politicians know that we will no longer accept their unpopular demand for the abandonment of American sovereignty.The election of Donald Trump proves that in the people's mind the nation-state is not dead. We are not Frenchmen! We will decide our own destiny.

BandGap's picture

Time to drink 'em if you got 'em.


Korprit_Phlunkie's picture

In California we just found out where I work that the state says we don't have the right permit to mix cow poop with dirt to spread on farm fields. Does that count as increased regulation?

CRM114's picture

It's about controling their monopoly - only the State is allowed to be full of Sh!t.

ClownBaby's picture

Was it California that tried to stop people from having rain barrels a few years ago, or was it Colorado? Either way, the government thought they owned the rain.

moorewasthebestbond's picture

We have met the enemy... and he is us.


The South was right!

NAV's picture

If you want a look at what a global economy looks like, cross the river from El Paso Texas, into Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, where  a vast spectacle of human congestion and poverty – jammed together like a junkyard for abandoned shipping crates -- supplys the labor for 300 maquiladoras (assembly plants) –  a city “now absorbing more new industrial real estate space than any other North American city (NY Times 2007).” These global manufacturing giants include America’s premier companies, having ranged from General Electric, Ford, GM, GTE, Sylvania, RCA, Westinghouse, Honeywell, and low-wage payers such as Commscope, Eaton, Foxconn and Lexmark, paying as low as $30 per week.

Couple this with “unsafe working conditions, sexual harassment and discrimination” and you have the future of America within your sights.

According to the AFL-CIO, “Juárez accounts for well over 10% of all such exports from Mexico.

“Mexican authorities seem to be content to continue to do business as usual. These repressive practices continue those that have characterized Mexico's export manufacturing sector [for] over the sad 20-year history of the North American Free Trade Agreement. If the TPP is approved, it will double down on the failed policies of the past by favoring exports based on poverty-level employment and the everyday denial of workers' rights in Mexico, destroying even more good jobs in the United States than the hundreds of thousands that already have been eliminated.”

Business Insider reports that “the Mexican government raised the country's daily minimum salary at the beginning of January, boosting it from 73.04 pesos to 80.04 pesos — or from about $3.52 to $3.86 based on exchange rates at the time.”

In short, "the global economy is running downhill—a system that searches the world for the lowest common denominator in terms of national standards for wages, taxes and corporate obligations to health, the environment and stable communities,” says William Greider. “Left unchallenged, the global system will continue to undermine America’s widely shared prosperity.

Prepare to downsize accordingly.

silverer's picture

Face it, you were all born too late. The US peaked in the late forties to the mid 60's. After that, its been in decline and accelerating. Won't be long before it gets ugly.

Umh's picture

Being the only manufacturing nation in the world will give you an edge for a while. I think that bombing the rest of the world for seven decades is just a bit much to retain that edge.

headless blogger's picture

I've always thought that Corporations are only a couple steps away from collectivism. They may still be part of "Capitalism", but it wouldn't take much for them to reorganize in socialist manner. Currently, they are ushering in a new Modern Day Feudal system. You're just a little serf when you work for one. As they continue to marry up with the government, it gets harder to see anything capitalist about these things.

francis scott falseflag's picture

                      THE RACE AGAINST TIME

“... the race is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong,

neither yet bread to the wise, nor yet favor to men of skill;

but time and chance happenstance to them all.”

"In 1999, I began to warn that the US military would steadily increase its warfare..."

 In 2008, I began to warn that the US, EU, and other jurisdictions would eventually attempt to eliminate the use of paper currency..."


In 1948 George Orwell warned at the us what Oceania, the Anglo-American alliance, became at the finale and it was

grim outlook for the future of the last two hegemons, and perhaps a more accurate picture of the future than your

pair of predictions.


But Orwell neglected to describe what life would be like in Oceania's two adversaries: Eurasia (Russia) and

Eastasia (China).  When reading  '1984' it's easy to assume that life in those other realms is just as ugly

as it is in Oceania, but that may not be the case.  Both the US and the UK at the end of the 20th century

had peak natural resources and if there were a difference in the standard of living in these three divisions

of the world, life in Russia and China might be somewhat more acceptable in our race against time.


It may behoove you to become fluent in Russian or Chinese and then consider taking your families there

before life in the evil empire of the unethical ex-hegemons becomes intolerable.


Just a word to the wise.


headless blogger's picture

Why don't you try it out and let us know how it goes?