Baltimore Chaos - Ceasefire In "Violence-Plagued" City Starts Today

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A ceasefire between Baltimore “gang leaders, drug dealers and others linked to the violence” has been agreed on and will come into effect on Friday.

This is an act of desperation from a community that is currently experiencing a homicide rate doubled of Chicago’s and a murder count higher than NYC. The ceasefire aims to stop the killings for at-least 72-hours, starting on August 04-06.

The slogan selected by organizers gets right to the point: “Nobody kill anybody”.

Violent crime in Baltimore has flourished over the past few years, due to the “Ferguson Effect”, along with the death of “Freddie Gray” that triggered Baltimore’s April 2015 riots.

According to the EconomistBaltimore may see more than 400 murders this year. This would indicate 2017 will be the deadliest year ever on record.

August homicides are already in full-swing leading up to the ceasefire.

Yearly data projects many more months of violent crime for the city.

Mapping out the 208 homicides across Baltimore City looks like battleship.

If nothing else comes from the ceasefire, such gestures were a first step in helping residents feel that they were regaining control of neighborhoods, said Cassandra Crifasi, deputy director of the Johns Hopkins-Baltimore Collaborative for Violence Reduction.

“Even if it ends up being only one day without a shooting, that’s going to be good for the city,” Crifasi said.


It’s highly unlikely that Baltimore “gang leaders, drug dealers and others linked to the violence”  will take a 72-hour loss in profits and give up their corner where drugs are peddled from.

Baltimore is a chaotic war zone and it’s time we start treating it like one.

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Who cares. They are both more useful as food anyway. Both are planetary contamination. 

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Who cares. They are both more useful as food anyway. Both are planetary contamination. 

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If "If" isn't if, and could, should and would can't be considered, then does your question make you a hypothetical moron? 

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..........Looks like they will have to call in U N peacekeepers......luv it when a plan comes together...................

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The well of human stooooopidity has no bottom.

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Police has to tweak the statistics for those three days, or report the numbers later and the goal wil be easily achieved.

On the other note, some time, like arround 199y

I read a report on from usaf mil academy research projekt. It basically lredicted the situation, as it is. My impression is, that somebody at the controlls reads those reports and stears te society such direction, to fullfill the report predictions.

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america has "no go zones" they all seem to be in big dem controlled cities..

progessive whites - know about them, and avoid the getto ..yet cannot figure out how us white racists have ruined the black getto, cause you know it's all the conservative crackers in fly over land who caused this genocide..LOL

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Sure this will work.  Dindus are known for following rules.

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Bah! Just start some midnight basketball leagues.

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5 year plans for smart (sarc) Stalinist Russians .... 2 day plan for Baltimore niggers .... it's all the same socialist pie in the sky bullshit .... free markets engender truth and reality ?

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The only people that won't be shooting are the good guys.

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When they were shoving The Great Society down our throats 50 years ago, I seem to recall they promised us a slightly better future than having to beg the welfare state recipients not to murder.

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I'm quite looking forward to when all enforcement is done by robotics platforms. I suspect crime rates will drop as quickly as the populations of these cities. Thought scanning and genetic data collection and instant administration of consequences (never mind justice). Artificial sentience becomes real sentience... then all the beef (humans) are equal and measured only in usefulness to the MWO. Machine World Order. 

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Black African culture is the same all over the world.  The murder rate in Lesoto is the same as Baltimore. 

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As quickly as our society is crumbling, I would have guessed we would go in the direction of the movie "The Purge", rather than this.