Trump Threatens North Korea With "Fire And Fury Like The World Has Never Seen Before"

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Speaking at a press event at his golf resort in Bedminster, N.J., President Trump offered a stern warning to the rogue dictator of North Korea, Kim Jong Un, saying that he "best not make any more threats to the United States" or they "will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen."

"North Korea best not make any more threats to the United States.  They will be met with fire and fury like the world has never seen."


"He has been very threatening beyond a normal statement.  And, as I said, they will be met with fire, fury, and frankly power, the likes of which this world has never seen before."


All of which spooked markets...though we're sure a 'Buy The Fucking Fire & Fury Dip' rally will commence shortly.



Of course, first thing this morning we reported that according to a 500-page report by the Japanese Defense Ministry, North Korea may now be in possession of a miniature nuclear warhead. That said, the report did not move the market because the Japanese report was largely inconclusive and did not claim with certainty that this is the case.

Shortly thereafter, the exact same narrative escalated when the WaPo echoed what Japan said, only it "confirmed" that North Korea had successfully produced a miniaturized nuclear warhead that could fit inside its missiles, "crossing a key threshold on the path to becoming a full-fledged nuclear power, U.S. intelligence officials have concluded in a confidential assessment."

As the WaPo added, the analysis completed last month by the Defense Intelligence Agency came on the heels of another intelligence assessment that sharply raised the official estimate for the total number of bombs in the communist country’s atomic arsenal.

“The IC [intelligence community] assesses North Korea has produced nuclear weapons for ballistic missile delivery, to include delivery by ICBM-class missiles,” the assessment states, in an excerpt read to The Washington Post. The assessment’s broad conclusions were verified by two U.S. officials familiar with the document. It is not yet known whether the reclusive regime has successfully tested the smaller design, although North Korean officially last year claimed to have done so.

Key seems the President has had some extra time to catch up on Game of Thrones during his vacation...

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Erwin643's picture

North Korea has always been a proxy for China. They pretended that they were impartial when N. Korea invaded the South in 1950, right up until our troops reached the Yalu River.

Dilluminati's picture

The hate America first, blame America first crowd will howl.

I hope his little terrorist nuclear ass gets flatened.


Jayda1850's picture

Fuck your hooray. It's people like you that keep the MIC in business and us at perpetual war.

Nockian's picture

Yellen: The data indicates some instability in the economy which may induce further monetary accommodation resulting in the replacement of the dollar for something shinier and far more competetive in terms of Yuan.

canadian shenanigans's picture

Looking forward for this... Got North Korea ten years ago in a end of world sweepstake. So finally I may win something :)

Pinefox's picture

War with NK will never happen.  Little Kim will be taken out before anything happens.  Taking action against the US would be suicidal for NK.  Others in NK know this and they will act if and when the time comes.  Little Kim suffers from the short man conplex, always needing attention.  I believe he will be quietly "gone" soon.

unplugged's picture

you mistakenly think he runs NK

he's just taking orders

tripletail's picture

When Trump randomly erupts on volatile issues like this, it's difficult to discern if he's speaking for himself, the US or Israel. I suppose he could be speaking for all 3 parties. If so, we're surely fsck'd! /s

two hoots's picture

Trump should be leary now of any setups coming from the intel community.  What a national security nightmare the IC has created with its leaks and failure to follow and work with  the leadership of the President of the US of America.   There are systems and procedures to follow if things go array,  political payback at the expense of the nation is putting us in grave jeoparday along with harming our ability to use diplomatic avenues, house cleaning time.   AG should step up and in. Thanks to SoS Tillerson for standing tall and honorable.

chindit13's picture

When I come here I like to pick out a particularly ignorant comment and respond. Today, you win.

Your comment is complete nonsense, based on an absolute lack of any actual information.

First, the leaks are coming from the White House for the most part. The IC is more disciplined, and has much more experience.

Donny's idiotic statement today, written by Steve Bannon and Steve Miller, increases the likelihood of violence. Tillerson tried to play the adult a few days ago, but with the orange babe on vacation, nobody can control him.

Trump has one of his goals deflecting focus away from Russiagate and his miserable poll numbers, so he tries to play 'warrior'. The adults who actually serve the nation continuously have to cover for Trump's idiocy.

Here we go again.

poland spring's picture

Very glad that this was said.  We need that tough NY mindset.

ironmace's picture

pfffffft.... tough NY mindset...

I'm going to ban the AR15 and all hi-cap mags.

"Oh, OK"

I'm going to subject you to red light cameras deemed unconstitutional in other states.

"Oh, OK"

Now I will impose some of the highest taxes in the country

"Great! We deserve it!"

You will see it in the potholed roads and bridges built for model T's

"super! We loved getting shafted!"

redmudhooch's picture

Whats the real news? Are they about to indict Hillary?

Seems evertime Lil Kim starts acting up, Seth Rich, 0bama, Awans are about to be headline news.

I thought we learned a lesson with the Iraq WMD bullshit? No? Ok nevermind.

DJZZ's picture

Stupid games win stupid prizes.

unplugged's picture

gave McCain a boner

Mineshaft Gap's picture

Let him strap in and ride-'em-cowboy on the way down. Apotheosis for the old fucker.

0Theorem's picture

Lol Slim Pickens style, Dr. Strangelove, eh?

Erwin643's picture

Right on Mr. President. Get some.

Besides, I've been waiting for something to make SVXY drop down to its 20-week moving average.

Mineshaft Gap's picture

Trump isn't kidding. Those payloads? The accelerant is the same chemical in Anderson Cooper's anal waxing spa!

yaright's picture

Fuck dude I almost spit coffee on my desk damn that was funny.


As others said here....whats the other hand doing?

JustPrintMoreDuh's picture

Well there go my late summer N. Korea vacation plans ... 

Dorelei's picture

Whatever the war game NK  loses badly but with China's help they might pull an improbable victory ...

Here is my totally hypothetical scenario in a context where the USA are already weakened by economic and political strife …

Despite crippling sanctions NK keep up its provocations with ICBM launches and and underground nuclear tests .

Savior of the free world America decide enough is enough and strike first destroying  their critical research and nuclear weapons manufacturing infrastructures ...

As soon as the attack take place medias in NK and China crank up their propaganda machine depicting the attack as a blatant meddling into a state sovereignty  and proclaim the conflict a regional affair.

North Korea retaliate heavily on South Korean targets.

For whatever the real reason China sides with NK setting up a no flight zone over Korea and declare that any meddling in the conflict by foreign armies is a casus belli.

Given the threat the US and Japan decide it's not worth the risk of a war with China.

Without crucial external support the SK army gets destroyed after both side suffer massive casualties ...

Having shown its muscles and determination China becomes the leader of the "new world" while NK gloriously parade across Seoul ...

Alternatively the US and Japan ( India might join the barbecue) decides it's worth the risks ,ignore China's warning ,plunging the world into a abyss of destruction...

Or more probably china tries to invade as quickly as possible the north to create a puppet client state at the risk of fighting with the SK army for the remains of NK...

Anyway whatever the scenario, use of lethal forces will degenerate into a completely unmanageable situation.

So no one has any interests to do anything at the moment, better let the situation rot further, waiting for an unorthodox miracle ....

Surveyor4Pres's picture

What, are you insane?  China is a joke.  China's economy is a bigger joke.  Rehypothecation.  Learn it.  Ultimately, the great commie-statist-economy experiment will wither and die.

Dorelei's picture

China may be a joke but America is not far behind …

 In case of major economic or political crisis their leaders might be able to maintain more composure than let’s say Trump to deal with the situation ….

ssgredux's picture

Bring it - tired of these fuckin' norks threatening my family.  El Presidente - You have authorization from me to unload on this midget fuck.

Maestro Maestro's picture

Fuck you piece of shit American. May you die a horrible death and tell others around you what you just said and that this why it's happening to you.

May all you Americans experience what you have done to human beings, which none of you are.

Dancing Disraeli's picture

Do illegals and Indians count as 'Americans'?

We got millions and millions of those, too,  you know, and they're quite interspersed with everybody else.

Phillyguy's picture

Since the 2016 election, the entire economic/political situation in the US has become increasingly chaotic and dangerous. This is being driven by the continuing economic decline of the US- a direct consequence of multiple tax cuts for the wealthy, job outsourcing, financial deregulation, and further exacerbated by astronomically expensive wars in the ME and looming strategic disasters in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. The State is now doubling down, pursuing an even more reckless and bellicose foreign policy. Hardly a day goes by when Trump, Congress or the Pentagon is not threatening a foreign country with new economic sanctions (aka financial warfare) or direct military action- take your pick- Russia, China, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, North Korea and sometimes even our ostensive “allies” such as Germany – to quote President Trump “the Germans are bad, very bad”…..“See the millions of cars they are selling in the U.S. Terrible. We will stop this,” (Link:

Both Democrats and Republicans are in complete agreement in their zeal for war- exhibit A being the unanimous passage of the recent sanctions bill, which is little more than a declaration of economic warfare against Russia, Iran and North Korea. (See: US committed to path of conflict with Russia, tensions higher than in Cold War – Paul Craig Roberts 30 Jul, 2017; Link: Trump and Congress want to start a new war on the Korean Peninsula, also directed against Russia and China. There is a very fine line between economic sanctions and military confrontation. Does the American public want to be incinerated in Trumps war? This will not end well.

NoWayJose's picture

Pray for the civilians in South Korea!

bunkers's picture

Pray for civilians, everywhere.

cherry picker's picture

A friend of mine in his 80's was driving his alcoholic son who was in his 60's home.

"I wish I were dead," the son told the father.

Father swerved off the road onto the shoulder and almost hit the ditch.

"You almost killed us, are you crazy!"

My friend looked at his son, "You said you wanted to die didn't you?"

The ZH fight club, many commenters remind of my friend's son.  "Nuke em, we got to show them a lesson, we are the most powerful, those chinks haven't got a prayer".  Easy to say from a couch until reality stares you in the face.


Give Me Some Truth's picture

If any war does go nuclear and involves China or Russia, I would say about 95 percent of us are within 45 miles of a major military base and/or a weapons plant. Folks, these are targets. What's the blast zone of a nuclear blast. How long does it take the radiation to drift to your house or business?

In other words, we can make jokes about this, but if what we think could happen does happen, nobody is going to be laughing.

0Theorem's picture

Fallout maps are easily accesible online. Scary shit.

bunkers's picture

Unattended American nuclear facilities will kill more Americans than anything another country could do to us.

Farmerz's picture

Living just a few miles from Beale, there will be no "the road" in my future......

Give Me Some Truth's picture

Cue the North Korea scary talk. They are going to get us ... so we got to get them first, people.

Works every time.

Cutter's picture

Sounds a lot like George Bush's "shock and awe" at the beggining of the Iraq war. It was beautiful for one night. We all know where it went after that.

0Theorem's picture

Not even for one night... 

War is sweet to those who have no experience of it,but the experienced man trembles exceedingly at heart on its approach.-Pindar

Cutter's picture

Well said.  The bravado and flippant, uneducated, attitude from some on here is outrageous.  As if they have never read history.  I hope they will own up to it, after 4 months from the begginning of the war there are 35,000 US casualties and climbing fast, over 1 million South Koreans dead, calls for a new draft, and the Chinese have just entered the war against us.  

This idea we are just going to bomb from above, with no cost to us, is simply ridiculous.

dirty fingernails's picture

This place is thick with neocons. Conservatives my ass.

Mr Hankey's picture

Paleocons  sacrifice their children to neocons. Authority worshipping impotent slaves.

veritas semper vinces's picture

If you think that war of aggression ,based on disgusting lies,with 2 millions Iraqi killed,millions displaced,5000 americans killed, was beautiful for one night,you need to seek help.

This  country will receive what is long overdue for it and then,all Americans will see how "beautiful "war is.When brought to them

European American's picture

So, it's alright for the psychopathic decision makers of the USSofA to have as many nuclear weapons as there are people on the planet, have armed thermonuclear devices in the 83 US bases in SKorea aimed at NKorea, threaten a country that haven't attacked anyone in 200 years, make up fallacious stories about the leader of NK so as to brainwash the malleable mushed minds of the American masses to believe he is a total nutter, but when N Korea doesn't play by the rules of the foaming-at-the-mouth Satanic Zionists, then laying waste to innocent men women and children is OK, i.e. keeping our flawless foreign policy intact through the spreading, ad nauseam, our toxic form of Freedom and Democracy to another sovereign country?

dirty fingernails's picture

Yeah, looks like you summed it up pretty well. Empires and Emperors can go suck a dead donkey dick. 

veritas semper vinces's picture

No.It's not OK for me.

But it's the American way

kbohip's picture

Let me see if I can predict the future here.  Tomorrow the stock market wil be up and there will be no war with NK.  Yeah, that's about it.