Spanish Sunbathers Shocked As Raft Full Of Migrants Paddle Up And Run Ashore

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Families at a popular Spanish beach were shocked yesterday when an inflatable raft carrying dozens of migrants from Northern Africa suddenly washed ashore.  As can be seen in the following onlooker's video, the migrants fled the boat before it reached dry land and ran inland in an effort to evade authorities.

According to the Daily Mail, the migrants arrived in Cadiz in Southern Spain and managed to disperse before being captured by police.

Footage shows the migrants leaping out of a black inflatable dinghy and dashing across the sand on beaches at Cadiz in southern Spain, after crossing the Strait of Gibraltar.


Carlos Sanz, who shot the video while on vacation in Cadiz, said the group quickly vanished and police only arrived some time later.

Local newspaper Diario De Cadiz reported that many of those on board quickly changed their clothing to evade the police, who carried out searches to apprehend the suspected illegal migrants.  Many of the group were collected in vehicles after landing, according to the paper which could mean that those driving the vehicles could potentially face human trafficking charges if caught.


The incident comes as the International Organization for Migration warned on Thursday that Spain could overtake Greece this year in the number of migrants arriving by sea, using boats and even jet-skis.

According to the IOM's latest figures, until August 6, close to 8,200 migrants had arrived in Spain so far this year.


That is more than triple the number who reached Spain at the same time last year, according to Joel Millman, a senior IOM spokesman, and already more than the total arrivals in 2016.


While the figure pales in comparison with arrivals in Italy - where more than 96,400 have landed so far this year - Spain is catching up with Greece where 11,713 have arrived by sea in the same timeframe.


'It's possible that Spain will outperform Greece this year,' Millman told AFP.


'If so, that's a big change.'

The southern shores of Spain are roughly 20 miles from the north African coast.


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AG17's picture

Merkel should have been there to weolcome them with open arms.. 

BetaGap's picture

Merkel will guide them to Germany

Mr 9x19's picture

tanger to malaga... where is the problem, it's all the same population...

Mareka's picture

Slow motion Normandy style beach invasion.

Handing over Europe without firing a shot.

Radical Marijuana's picture

That is exactly what I thought too, when I watched the video.

charlewar's picture

muslim troops arriving ...

Sudden Debt's picture

I've already seen 3 times that trucks driving in front of me open up suddenly and dozens of migrants jump out of them and run in every direction.

In the harbor at night, you can see them allover crawling in and out of trucks.

The police doesn't want to catch them here because most move on to other countries and if you catch them you have to hold them for 6 months.


So why would the Spanish police want to catch them? 

And they all have the adresses of sweatshops where they can go to (mostly turks and Iraqi's) who give them a roof and food for only 12 hours a day of work 7 days in a row.

It's the muslims who profit from it the most. They get pretty rich by it.

A small appartment rented for 600 euro's can be subrented to 20 of those blackies for about 7000 euro's who live in it like sardines.

Planet Israel's picture

Aren't you from Belgium?  Is that in Brussels?

Xena fobe's picture

Yes, same with other groups in LA.  It''s how they establish large colonies.

The Ram's picture

The arms that should have greeted them: AR-15, AK-47, M-60 machine gun, 9mm Baretta, M-4 carbine.  As Julie Andrews once sang: 'These are a few of my favorite things.'

Disgusting how the west has just accepted invasion.


RattieNomNom's picture

it's only men! that's like proper invasion descent already!

Placerville's picture

They would have all been caught if they landed on a nude beach.

c2nnib2l's picture

lol no border policy is a bitch... 

no coast guards ? no border patrol lol nothing !

I guess this youtube video will encourage another few hundred thousands to give it a shoot

Vageling's picture

Coast guard... You mean Frontex? That EU scam... Yeah don't get your hopes up. Seems the Italian Coast Guard had it. Seized a ship. They should seize moar! But it's political sensitive, eh? Frontex is another criminal org that should be brought to court for complicity of human trafficking (ILLEGAL!). But that fucking EU, eh? 

Many European nations send out a navy vessels to map the streams. And they did. Silence... Because the facts are brutal. They KNOW! Believe me... THEY KNOW! And yet... They DO NOTHING! 

Best part. It's creating friction between member states. GOOD! Because the EU is bullshit. 

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No applause? No warm welcome? WTF? These are the brave young men who will keep the European welfare systems afloat! /s

Intelligence_Insulter's picture

And surprise surprise....they are all niggers.....where are the machine guns?  We really need wood chippers.

Rjh's picture

I like how you think, man. Upvoted

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Some kikes already down voted you.

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Yes Yes

invade the west

they have become impotent

then multiply and takeover west

Teach the white man a lesson



Western pirates must be paid back now

End the white man's rule

Those who divide, loot & bomb ur nations

eclectic syncretist's picture

I always wondered what ever happened to all those starving African kids that my donations saved.

BeepBeepRichie's picture

All by design so we slaughter each other and homogenize the population. Brought to you and I via the UN and the Catholic church agenda 2030.

Bare witness

headless blogger's picture

This is what progressive cities like Portland are doing with their blacks. They just leave out the part that they don't really care that these people know someone in another city or not.The people talking about humanity and compassion are the first to ship these people to other neighborhoods.

Azannoth's picture

This is what a sea-landing invasion looks like, too bad there where no MG-42 to "greet" them

SmittyinLA's picture

EU citizens have to be more proactive like those anti whalers, they need to start blowing up and sinking smuggler's ships, holding hostage captains and killing NGO refugee smugglers.

Chop off their heads and mail them to the EU human rights commission.

any_mouse's picture

throw them back!!!

Vageling's picture

The good news is the smugglers are resorting to that now. Guess these sand fleas threw their smuggler overboard. Ain't that a bitch. 

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

I much admire the will of those boat people.

But that doesn't mean I'd welcome them.

Vageling's picture

But they will harras you for money. They go full beggar. The increase I've seen. Annoying pricks...

"Brother, do you have some spare change. I'm homeless and all"... No you're a fucking illegal! That's why you beggin

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dont forget asking for cigarette, if denied steal something from the evil denier ....

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True. Accept I quit smoking. Confusing for them. Like I abandoned a religion/cult or something. But yes. I get your point. And as for the stealing part...

Let me entertain you. Muslims should not be stealing from muslims.... Right? Allah said so! Steal from the Kufar. Well... It's those Aldi/Lidl wannabe muslim stores that go full paranoia on bags and shit. I'm there to buy stuff (They have cheap rip offs which are just as good, just comes with arabic language. Master counterfitters). But theft seems to be dominant. The Irony! 

nevertheless's picture

It does say a lot about people who hate the migranst the WARS WE CREATED caused to migrate. 


Who was it that destroyed Libya, and yet not a peep from the fools who are now so concerned about migration. 


We have allowed the very worst Zionist filth to rule this country, playing on our fears and our bigotry, while our borders remain wide open...

Gunter's picture

I am in Germany and just in case you don't know: About a week or so Merkel has again declared:

"There will be no upper limit for the number of refugees we allow into Germany!"

I can see before my inner eye how that message spread on every mobile phone in the jungles of Africa, and those who were still hesitating will have packed their stuff now for the long journey.

Also the video in the article will get millions of clicks in Africa, and help them realise how easy it is.

Still from Spain to Germany it is a long way - but what would you be willing to do if at the end destination there is a place awaiting you where you will never again in your life need to work, always have sufficient food and a roof over your head?

tuetenueggel's picture

Monkeys don´t belong into Germany.

The should be taken back to jungle.

JimmyRainbow's picture

thats what she says. but with european legislation the country of first arrival has to care for them. so it is pretty save to state in germany "no upper limit" with only a small seastrip in the north of europe. After arrival and registration no european state wants them and euro bureaucrats are happily discussing their fate till the end of times. sounds good, looks good and heartfully but luckily for all has no effect or ending.

european partners love her for that snake tongue.....

Joe A's picture

The EU suspended the Dublin agreement but they are now sending back migrants to Greece. In small numbers. Greece did virtually nothing to stop these people and who can blame them? Merkel wanted them, she needs to deal with them.

Joe A's picture

Really? She said that again?

How is she doing in the polls? I read she is ahead of Schultz but behind Schauble.

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Until yesterday I had never heard of the word "thighing".

If you have never heard of the word, take 60 seconds out of your day and Google "thighing".

On an entirely separate note:

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There is a time for Wilful Blindness, if you dont mind.

Cross England off the list.

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Still hard to see any justice in those sentences.

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Of course people now have extended childhoods. People only become adults in their middle 20s.

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white women are the worst, THEY have benefited from everything white men have created, and white women are the first ones to accept open borders and a war on European culture. 


It was not men who almost put Hitlary Clinton in the White House, but self righteous "victim" women. 


The only silver lining in the coming collapse of America, will be those women who were useful idiots to the Zionist destruction of America, will pay the heaviest price. 

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Why don't you see this in China, NK, etc. ?

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In China monkeys live in Zoos and not in cities.

hestroy's picture

Because there are not imbeciles like you?

GuyJeans's picture

One of the best things about Japan is that it is too far to swim to from Mexico.  I can add North Africa to that as well.