Russia-gate's Fatally Flawed Logic

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Authored by Robert Parry via,

By pushing the Russia-gate 'scandal' and neutering President Trump’s ability to conduct diplomacy, Democrats and Congress have encouraged his war-making side on North Korea...

There was always a logical flaw in pushing Russia-gate as an excuse for Hillary Clinton’s defeat – besides the fact that it was based on a dubious “assessment” by a small team of “hand-picked” U.S. intelligence analysts. The flaw was that it poked the thin-skinned Donald Trump over one of his few inclinations toward diplomacy.

We’re now seeing the results play out in a very dangerous way in Trump’s bluster about North Korea, which was included in an aggressive economic sanctions bill – along with Russia and Iran – that Congress passed nearly unanimously, without a single Democratic no vote.

Democrats and Official Washington’s dominant neocons celebrated the bill as a vote of no-confidence in Trump’s presidency but it only constrained him in possible peacemaking, not war-making.

The legislation, which Trump signed under protest, escalated tensions with those three countries while limiting Trump’s power over lifting sanctions. After signing the bill into law, Trump denounced the bill as “seriously flawed – particularly because it encroaches on the executive branch’s authority to negotiate.”

As his “signing statements” made clear, Trump felt belittled by the congressional action. His response has been to ratchet up bellicose rhetoric about North Korea, bluster appearing to be his natural default position when under pressure.

Remember, in April, as the Russia-gate hysteria mounted, Trump changed the subject, briefly, by rushing to judgment on an alleged chemical-weapons incident in Khan Sheikhoun, Syria, and firing off 59 Tomahawk missiles at a Syrian military base.

He immediately won acclaim from Official Washington, although Hillary Clinton and other hawks argued that he should have gone further with a much larger U.S. invasion of Syria, i.e., establishing a “no-fly zone” even if that risked nuclear war with Russia.

What Trump learned from that experience is that even when he is going off half-cocked, he is rewarded for taking the military option. (More careful analysis of the Khan Sheikhoun evidence later raised serious doubts that the Syrian military was responsible.)

Schoolyard Taunts

So, we now have President Trump in a bizarre exchange of schoolyard taunts with the leadership of North Korea, with Trump’s “fire and fury like the world has never seen” rhetoric possibly plunging the United States into a confrontation that could have devastating consequences for the Korean peninsula, Japan and indeed the whole world.

Given the fact that the world has already seen the U.S. nuclear destruction of two Japanese cities at the end of World War II, Trump’s loose phrasing seems to suggest that the United States is prepared to use nuclear weapons against North Korea (although he may be referring to “just” carpet-bombing with conventional ordnance).

If nuclear weapons are brought into play, it is hard to fathom what the long-term consequences might be. It’s unlikely that Trump – not known for his deep thinking – has even contemplated that future.

However, even a “limited” war with conventional weapons and confined to the Korean peninsula could kill hundreds of thousands of people and severely shake the world’s economy. If North Korea manages to deliver retaliatory damage on Japan, a human catastrophe and a financial panic could follow.

Many thoughtful people are now expressing alarm at Trump’s erratic behavior, but many of those same people cheered the promotion of Russia-gate as a way to corner Trump politically. They didn’t seem to care that the “scandal” was built on a foundation of flimsy or phony evidence and that a key argument – that “all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies” concurred in the Russian-hacking conclusion – was false.

Once that fake “consensus” claim disappeared – after President Obama’s intelligence chiefs acknowledged that the Jan. 6 “assessment” was the work of “hand-picked” analysts from only three agencies – there should have been a stepping back from the Russia-gate groupthink. There should have been demands for a reassessment of the underlying assumptions.

However, by then, too many Important People, including editors and executives at major news organizations, had accepted Russia’s guilt as flat fact, meaning that their reputations were at risk. To protect their estimable careers, all doubts about Russia’s guilt had to be crushed and the conventional wisdom enforced.

That self-serving defensiveness became the backdrop to the Russia-Iran-North Korean sanctions bill. Not only could no rethinking be allowed on Russia-gate but Trump’s resistance to the groupthink had to be broken by neutering him along with his presidential powers to conduct diplomacy.

Still eager to please the Democratic #Resistance which sees Russia-gate as the pathway to Trump’s impeachment, Democrats – from neocons like Sen. Ben Cardin to anti-interventionists such as Rep. Tulsi Gabbard – joined in the stampede for the sanctions bill.

In their rush, the Democrats even endangered Obama’s signature diplomatic accomplishment, the international agreement blocking an Iranian nuclear weapon. Obama had promised Iran sanctions relief, not more sanctions. Now, the prospects for the accord’s collapse are increased and the neocon dream to bomb-bomb-bomb Iran revived.

And, by tossing North Korea into the mix, the Democrats left Trump few options other than to unleash his warmongering side and plunge the world toward a potential cataclysm.

So, this is what the Russia-gate opportunism has wrought. The logical flaw in Russia-gate may turn out to be a fatal one.

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The Wizard's picture

Bottom line is it reveals who controls Congress, Wall St. and primarily Government Sachs

takeaction's picture

Seth Rich...John Ashe...have NOT forgoten you.

Manthong's picture


Well, yeah…

If you were the president and was policy pigeon-holed by a bunch of prick politicians and F-head media idiots…….

But you just happen to be the C-I-C  of the globes most fearsome military…

Just where might you be focused now????”


Answer that honestly  media and Congress Mo –Fo’s…….

J S Bach's picture

It's not the "democrats" doing the neutering of Trump.  It's the deep-state jews infecting every hall of government and power.   THAT is the bacillic entity.   Period.

Fizzy Head's picture

bacillus...there, either i fixed it for you or you completly hacked an entirely differnt word. :)

Manthong's picture


It would not bother me in the least if he declared martial law in DC…

“Night of the Long Knives” works when every other reasonable attempt fails.

It might be fun to see a guillotine working on the mall like they did at the Place de la Concorde.

We already have the obelisk there.


I am exaggerating... it is what I do best.

...the missus hates the continual "inappropriate humor".

Ol Man's picture

Wow.  The fatal flaw of Russia-gate is that it is untrue.  Governments used to be able to control truth, through the education system and the media, but in the current environment, truth is enabled by the internet and the free internet (Dark Web).  Through these portals the truth shines through.  While governments seek to disparage truth sites, truth still get it's message out.  Truth will not be denied.  It can be disguised, detained and delayed, but in the end truth wins out.  And truth is the only thing that matters.  Everything else is bullshit. (TGIF).

I have been observing things for a long time.  I used to be a tax protester (IRS designation), a freedom fighter, an anarchist, a libertarian.  But in the end I seek truth. All else is a dead end.  Cliche, I know, but "the truth will set you free."  All the rest bullshit.  Once you KNOW the truth, all else is easy.

Luck to you..

Sorry Manthong, I used your position to keep this near the top.  In most posts, i agree with you, as in this one..


Paul Kersey's picture

Trump's been President for seven months, and we are closer to nuclear war with North Korea, a trade war with China, the Goldmanites have taken over the Treasury and Commerce Departments and are openly running the economy, the neocons and the Generals are running the Defense Department, the rest of the Administration is running like a Chinese fire drill, and we've got Neo-Nazis and Black Panthers marching in the streets. Can we seriously blame all this on the Russia probe, or could there be some other common denominator?

Wake me up when the "big, beautiful" Mexican funded wall has been built, Hillary is in prison, Obamacare is replaced, American workers are rebuilding out crumbling infrastructure, manufacturing jobs come back to America, Common Core is eliminated, a "safe zone" has been built for Syrian refugees in Syria, there are term limits on Congress, there is a lifetime ban on White House officials lobbying for foreign governments (Israel, Russia, Turkey and Saudi Arabia come to mind), and there is ""A complete ban on foreign lobbyists raising money for American elections." Those were just some of Trump's campaign promises, but who's counting? Yeah, let's blame it all on the Russia probe.

Ol Man's picture

Love the idea, but it won't come to pass under this kind of government...

Frito's picture

The fatal flaw in the authors logic is that he's assuming that the power elite don't want war. They may say they are for peace, but judge them by their actions.

earleflorida's picture

The 'power elite' whomever they are,... are using a sophomoric imbecile`lica 'divide and conquer'--- laughably against two of the worlds predominant superpowrs!?!

NK is a non-factor[?], Kim wants for the north korean people what Israel Zionist have achieved.The Middle East in its entirety hasn't a chance of defeating a Nuclear Arm'd,... Nuclear Submarine Navy that Zionist Israel has. Period!!!

Funny how the Zionist will forever play the NAZI Trump Card in the ME against the Arabs as if the Arabs were the NAZIS! Newsflash: It wasn't the Arabs committing genocide and ethnic cleasing in the ME--- ironically the Zionist Jewry miraculously morphed into the NAZIS they hated? Question is...--- where have we seen that [parallel] scenario play out in mankinds illustrious history???

Kim saw what the exceptionalist USSA protectorate did to its anti-subserviant leaders, as in Iraq, (future Iran), Libya, and the latest casualty Sryria--- in a word 'GENOCIDE'!!!

Ps. People forget the genocide and ethnic cleansing on the Korean people and China's Revolutionary Army along With Chiang kai-Cheks Army done by the Japanese was no different than NAZI Germany. If not for Stalin hijacking Chiang kai-Check and reasoning with Mao (Mao wanted to kill kai-Chek when Stalin caught him in a trap but Mao easoned it would be a death blow to all of China) to focus their Armies on defeating the Japs in a 'Regional War inside a Civil War'--- thus the Chinese Civil War was put on hiatus/ quasi?sabbatical, and both sides joined forces defeating Japan--- and thus the Civil War went on as if tyme hadn't stpped                           

francis scott falseflag's picture

I think I can safely say that NO ONE wants nuclear war.  Unless there's some guarantee 

that there will be no critical masses within 3000 miles of your picket fence.  

That's where Wolfowitz and his inept followers went off the tracks.  All during the first

decade of the 21st century they were convinced that moving Patriot missiles near the

Russian border would deny Russia any response following an American first strike.




Yes, the neocons hate peace.  But they also hate not winning a nuclear war. 

Xredsx's picture

Does anybody remember the good old days when you had those couple of few people tbat were nutjobs, yelling aload of BS about more strange BS? It's amazing.

HedgeJunkie's picture

But it's the Best Conned-grease money can buy!

AtATrESICI's picture

Worse than that it proves at least have of the US population has fu..... sh.. for brains for thinking this Fu..... BS story was anything in the first fu.... place....

oldguyonBMXbike's picture

Death to the pedophile elite and their censors and propagandists!


Bear's picture

All smoke and mirrors ... Bluster after bluster .... all about celebrity and who can claim the most attention in the global press

Winston Churchill's picture

The gaslighting will continue until DJTs insanity is achieved.

Heads they win,tails we lose.

SillyWabbits's picture

It can’t be grammatically correct to use Russia-gate and logic in the same sentence.

order66's picture

Okay, we get it, Russia didn't meddle in our elections. They love us and want to help our agenda succeed.

Stop fucking writing/allowing others to write about this shit.

Enough already.

Billy the Poet's picture

Okay, we get it, Russia didn't meddle in our elections. They love us and want to help our agenda succeed.


Then, by your own standard:

Okay, we get it, Obama and his pals didn't spy on Trump. They love him and want to help his agenda suceed.

TuPhat's picture

I had to see who wrote this so I would know the name of someone who has no clue what is going on.  The NWO bankers are getting exactly what they want.  Russia, China and NK are playing their parts quite well and Trump makes a good supporting actor.

Billy the Poet's picture

If everything is controlled then who told you to make that statement?

kochevnik's picture

Russian Foreign Ministry states USA and NK are in nonconstructive spiral, leading to military resolution

Hkan's picture

Words getting crashed by the fake Clown! 

ableman28's picture

Naaaaah, DT would be doing what he is doing no matter what.  

Lard Dump Not's picture

The democrats did not need to neuter his diplomatic ability there never was any. Shit for brains doesn't tweet Fire and Fury because of the democrats, it is because he is an idiot. Nice try though and the Trumpnazi's will fall for it.

WTFUD's picture

Ok so the Russians weren't involved in Trump's Erection but they must've dun somat. Think of all the ink that's been wasted suggesting otherwise!

luna_man's picture


At his age (71) trump's seven months in office, I'm sure, seems like seven years.  So, expect healthwise, he'll more than likely be "tweeting" from his hospital bed before the end of the year.

Even for a younger man in good health, the pressure has been too great...2+2=

JailBanksters's picture

The Jew World Order has gained more ground under Trump than any other president

What does that say about Heir Trump ?

Neochrome's picture

Well death throes of US come down to lashing out, wild swinging and desperate kicking. US managed to piss off Mexico, Canada, Germany, France, Japan, Australia, China, you name it, Russia is in pretty good company...

thisguyoverhere's picture

Its a distraction. Pure and simple.

Now from what are they distracting our attention?

This is the next logical question.

Oh look here -->

Not there <----

Reaper's picture

The scum encourage a bully.

whatisthat's picture

I would observe many corrupt individuals and members of the corrupt establishment must be held accountable (I.e., prosecuted and imprisoned) for their support of the Russia-gate "false flag" events and propaganda / lies and negative outcomes..

sevensixtwo's picture

Everything about this article is bullshit.  If Trump didn't like the bill then he shouldn't have signed it.  He got elected to make decisions not to get pushed around by the Congress.  Since he did sign the bill, clearly Trump thought the bill shoudl be the law.  End of story.