"The Best Of Times" - Stocks Surge To 2nd Longest Dip-less Streak In History

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The S&P 500 has not seen a drawdown of more than 3% since the election last November. As PensionPartners' Charlie Bilello notes, this is the second longest run in history...

The Dow has hit 31 all-time highs in 2017 and has done so with no more than a 3% pullback.


Additionally, Bilello notes this is the fourth longest streak in US history without a 5% drop...


It’s been more than a year since the S&P 500 has suffered a 5% pullback...


"The best of times" indeed...

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2nd Longest Dip-less Streak In History

Buy the Fucking Dip-less Drip… Nah, it doesn’t sound right…

Buy the the Longest Dickless Fuck… Nah…

Buy the Fuckless 2nd Dip?

I’m lost…  Help!  ;-)


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How'bout, keep playing the rigged casino.

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don't dip your stick in a fat chick?

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There are a handful of key algorithmic trading systems that control a huge percentage of market positioning. Everyone is watching those and no one wants to sell before those systems liquidate.

Trump ejaculating all over himself to claim ownership is probably one of the most moronic moves to date. And that's saying something.


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Isn't claiming ownership of good news and deflecting bad news Politics 101?

(not trying to defend the POTUS here.  he's on his own for that )

And btw, what exactly are those 'key algorithmic trading systems' that serve

as a leading indicator of the markets?

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Everyone in Main Stream Media was in agreement that a Trump victory would trigger a stock market collapse.  What happened?

Then again, everyone in MSM was also in agreement that a Trump victory was statistically impossible; that Hillary was inevitable.

Why do big name MSM analysts make so much money when their predictive abilities are so obviously flawed?  

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In case yall dont remember that last 5% drawdown lasted 10 seconds


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I've tried all the dips....tzatziki, hummus, guacamole....you name it. I'm staying away from this dip, it smells of shit.

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The PPT is setting a record...it'll be interesting to see if there's another immediate record when they fail.

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I make a special dip. I mix Swiss cheese with guacamole. I call it Holy Moley.

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soon to be the longest because none of the previous had this long of a PPT pulling the strings