Al Gore's Climate Film Flops - Earth Temps Cooler Now Than When He Won Nobel Prize

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Climate alarmist Al Gore's second film, ‘An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power’ failed to resonate with Americans.

The documentary dropped to 18th over the August 11-13 weekend grossing under $2.3 million since its August 04 release.


Media corporation Viacom pushed the film onto its 700 million subscribers with “An Inconvenient Week” starting July 31, with many of its networks promoting the film. Its support for Gore’s film included an MTV town hall event with the former politician.Two days before the week-long promotion began, Viacom’s blog posted “Four Reasons to Go See Al Gore’s Hopeful, Compelling” film in which it called Gore a “climate change folk hero.”

Earlier this week, President Trump signed an executive order that would streamline the approval process for American infrastructure projects by eliminating the climate change bureaucracy enacted by the Obama administration.

Back in 2012, President Trump spoke his mind about global warming:

President Trump’s view on global warming is a climate skeptic which has enraged the believers.

In our view, climate change is just big business just ask Al Gore, whose net worth in 2000 was $700k, and now it’s almost $200 million.

Back to Gore’s movie flop: ‘An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power’...

The chart below could be the key in understanding why the documentary has utterly failed even with a Viacom pump.

According to @BigJoeBastardi at earth’s temps are cooler now than when Al Gore won the noble prize.

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personal109's picture

It shocks me to see the scientifically illiterateracy that exists with reporters, journalists and in general, people in the news media.

The title if this article should have been. "Al Gore's climate film flops" FULL STOP.

not dead yet's picture

Anybody that downvotes your correct observation needs to educate themselves. Lots of fake news to promote the agenda. Anything written by Seth Borenstein or Chris Mooney, among others, is either slanted or outright lies with a couple of facts thrown in. Some will truthfully claim the oil companies and others support a carbon tax and cap and trade but fail to tell you that these companies have found ways to use these to make even more money as the rest of us pay more for energy, if we can get any. Imagine the price of lumber skyrocketing if we had emissions trading as the forest companies "bank" their trees, trees take C02 out of the air, and never cut any but get rich selling carbon credits.

bunkers's picture

That Gore and Peace Prize won Nobel prizes is a strong indicator the Nobel has been corrupted by globalists.

konadog's picture

Nominations for the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize closed 11 days after the magic negro took office. I must say, world peace in 11 days is quite an accomplishment.

robertocarlos's picture

"I am a meat popsicle".

Tigg47's picture

When Al Gore was born there were 7.000 polar bears, now only 30.000 remain.

0hedgehog's picture

....and if the Earth gets any warmer we'll all freeze to death!

Yen Cross's picture

   Does this mean Manbearpig will go into hibernation, and  we won't have to see his worthless ass ever again?




_cygnus_'s picture

How this cinematic shitburger even managed to make one dollar is beyond me. Damned, sheeple.

jacque's picture

No Way, Al Gore has been counting on that money, at one point Obama was talking to the UN to collect the taxes from US citizens, to pay to Gores new Corporation for Climate Change, cmon folks Gore has Mansions to pay for, and his Planes he flies in are not cheap.

personal109's picture

To equate daily fluctuations of weather temperatures with climate change science has got to bebine of the most moronic things I've ever read. Climate change is a data driven science. Go to google scholar and see for yourself. Heck, download some data off the web and crunch the numbers in your favorite spreadsheet program if you are so inclined.

giorgioorwell's picture

July 20117 was the 2nd warmest July on record

Source, NOAA, not some crackpot's blogs

TradingTroll's picture

Has NOAA found the two satellites they lost yet? You know, the two where the underlying data has only been seen by the IPCC and NOAA? In other words, no independent vetting.

The data that the whole climate change argument is predicted on?

If no, keep looking instead of posting your racist, bigoted and misogynistic fear mongering. Because that's all you're doing.

GoinFawr's picture


NASA confirms? AMATEURS! They couldn't even make it to the moon FFS!

WMO agrees? Fucking eurotrash, couldn't science their way out of a wet paper bag!

51C in Phalodi in May? Mitribah 54C, possibly the highest temp. recorded in all Asia, ever?! Fucking used a conspiracy thermometer, made in CHina, I bet!

Oh, and Noticing climate change is bigoted, racist, and misogynistic, jeez
<rolls eyes>

hhahahha! Tylers, you sure do attract the flies with this shit!

not dead yet's picture

For years now there have been claims that practically every month is the hottest ever. If true we would be baking. Temperatures for the last 20 years have plateaued. Those so called hottest ever months aren't as they are within the margin of error of statistical variation. NASA has also been caught cooling the past temperatures to erase the current plateau and make it look like a warming trend. PLus they make it look more dramatic as they plot their numbers on graphs that are widely spaced and in tenths or hundreths of a degree making it look worse than it is. The 1930's are still the hottest ever. If one had been doing their research they would know there are huge problems with the way NASA and the rest get their temperatures along with their questionable adjustments. Like guessing temperatures for large areas where no thermometers are located. Or using temps from poorly sited stations that show warming when there isn't any like at airports that used be outside the cities but with growth are now in the middle of them and subject to urban heat island effect. The so called scientists and experts for a long time who called bunk on the urban heat island effect because it called into question their temperature readings but now admit there is one even though they knew it all along and can no longer deny it.

Mr expert here's a question for you that no scientist has ever answered. What is the proper or optimal temperature for the planet? Unless this question can be answered all the blathering about temps is worthless.

massbytes's picture

More junk sites and junk opinions. Clown science.

wisehiney's picture

Al Gore, Sr. voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 when he was a Democratic U.S. Senator from Tennessee.  Not only did he vote against it, he participated in a 74 day filibuster in an attempt to delay and weaken the legislation.


How fucking inconvenient.

FU in Advance's picture

You beat me to it.  Does Gordo have a statue to topple, or should we just burn down his mansion?

( "When he was running for president in 2000, Vice President Al Gore told the NAACP that his father, Senator Al Gore Sr., had lost his Senate seat because he voted for the Civil Rights Act. Uplifting story — except it’s false. Gore Sr. voted against the Civil Rights Act." )

MasterPo's picture

Sort of poetic justice that Inconvenient Truth finished just ahead of Toilet and Wind River. Somewhere God is smiling... 

adonisdemilo's picture

Drop Al Gore off at the North Pole with a thick woollen jumper and a pair of decent wellies and tell him to report his findings when he is picked up in 12 months time.

Bernie Madolf's picture

At my local park there are envelopes to donate to offset your carbon impact.

Pretty epic margins selling manbearpig

Aubiekong's picture

It is a proven fact that the climate data was manipulated to show what ever the globalist/liberals wanted it to say....

FU in Advance's picture

. . . and was also manipulated for Bigly grants from the Goobermint.

adonisdemilo's picture

The university of East Anglia were subbed to the tune of 14 MILLION GBP a year to "invent" enough BS to justify the Government's position.

truthalwayswinsout's picture

When is this CON ARTIST going to jail?

Charles Offdensen's picture

On the southern part of antartica there approximately 17 volcanos. Funny how not one of these so called scientists ever conclude that they might, just perhaps be responsible for the melting of the ice every year. It's so simple to understand even a third grader could figure it out. Just like we did when we saw a world map and figure out that the tip of Brazil use to be connected to the west coast I Africa. How could you miss it. But I guess most climate "scientists" aren't as smart as a third grader. Derp!

For the record I tried to use logic and common sense. How scientific of me!!!

vietnamvet's picture

There are over a 150+ volcanoes under the antarctic, but not one of them has as of yet determined to be active.  However, scientists (not your third grade variety) have analyzed data from GRACE and a variety of other records and determined a) glaciers are rapidly retreating in Greenland and the Antarctic and b) estimated sea rise due to those glaciers melting is from 1 to 3 meters (also determined from geological records).  Here's a link to some current findings:

For the record, you are an idiot.

FU in Advance's picture
Weather Channel founder denies climate change, so ‘put me to death’



Page taken down.

Link is to the Wayback Machine since this was "inconvenient" for the Chosen.


steveo77's picture

The actual data from 1880, charted

Bottom line, Global Warming has certainly occurred since 1880, but temperatures go in cycles, and "we" (meaning humans including scientists) do not understand them.   There is a lot of complex stuff that affects weather, and yours truly strongly believes that sunspots and other sun magnetic and electric effects and as also related to cosmic ray blocking are WAY more important than CO2 from fossil fuel burning.     Most of the Egg Head scientists don't even understand solar spots and are crappy at predicting cycles, and befuddled when there academia programmed minds can't operate to understand a process when it conflicts with their "training".

massbytes's picture

You could get a dumber thepry, but I dont know how. Clown sciene.

OCnStiggs's picture

All one needs to know is that Algore sits on the Board of Carbon Trade in London. He is now worth many millions.

Friend of mine lives up the street from Algore.

When the news hit that W's home in Waco was the absolute epitome of environmental engineering, Algore was forced to do a multi-million dollar rennovation on his place. Notice it was only after someone noted that Bush's place was light years ahead of Gore's place.

For weeks, semi trucks were unloading solar equipment, well-based heat pumps, and other equipment. The locals got pissed because Gore had no concern for people trying to get around town.

Where ever Algore speaks, a written rule is that NO ONE can ask him any questions. He came to Phoenix years back and ASU had all these kids creaming to ask the Mahdi an environmental question... GONG!!! NOT ALLOWED.

What an absolute overweight self-deluded fraud perpetuating huckster.

Blazing in BC's picture

I think he sits on more than just that least 13 inches

afronaut's picture

Here is a solid paper for the Climate denier geeks like me, out there

Notice how small the CO2 forcing is as measured. Of course they spin it at the end as proof. Barely even registers compared to water vapour and other natural forcings.

northern vigor's picture

The world's atmosphere is made up of 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 0.9% argon, and 0.03%

lolygager's picture

They cannot accurately predict the weather 6 weeks from now. Tell me with less than 1 degree F error, what the temperature will be in Harlan Iowa on Sept 29th at 10:00 AM...

Where is the calibration certification for the thermometers used to measure the temp prior to 1900?

The whole field suffers from confirmation bias. The government will not fund your next grant if you publish there is no global warming. You have then negated the need for government to be involved. The need for their oversight and intervention dissolves. This would mean less bureaucrats. It all becomes a big "Nothing Burger" if the discover the temperatures go up and down in a quasi-predictable manner. They all know this and pressure those that stray from the accepted dogma. If they were honest about it the gravy train (and many climatologist careers) would end. They need to keep the lie alive to keep paying their bills. That simple.

vietnamvet's picture

Scientists are by definition conservative, and when 97% of them agree that a) the data shows the earth is warming, b) glacier ice is melting all across the globe, c) that human induced warming is a primary cause then d) you are just another fucking idiot.  That simple.

0hedgehog's picture

Great laugh of the day! Mr Freeze!

northern vigor's picture

I thought that picture was Fat Al photoshopped over Hatchet Jack from Jeremiah Johnson. 


Robert A. Heinlein's picture

Every low life pos loser are coming out from under the wood work trying to get some air time.  Same ol same ol. Just spew.  They were losers then, still losers now.  

northern vigor's picture

I don't believe that list...I don't believe Fat Al grossed more than "Toilet:Ek Prem Kath", although Al is pretty gross.

Zero-Hegemon's picture

Love "The Shining" reference. Apologies to Mr. Nicholson!

If I ever see a statue of #ManBearPig I will be soooooooooooooo #Triggered. I might even swing a bat at someone's head because #Justice.

OutaTime43's picture

The next Maunder Minimum in solar activity will over ride the effects of greenhouse gasses. It's expected within the next 1-2 solar cycles. Everyone ready for a new little ice age?

massbytes's picture

No it wont. Take your ridiculous theories else where.