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McCain and another 'wet-start' only spells/smells trouble.

NiCe onE Wb7!

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EXCLUSIVE: FBI Admits Federal Informants Linked to Deadly Charlottesville Riots; Unlikely To Face Charges

FBI insiders said it is unlikely leaders of the radical groups that clashed in demonstrations turned deadly in Charlottesville, VA will face prosecution.


FBI said they have already identified several federal informants who participated in the mob-like riots over the weekend in Virginia. The FBI is also now working those sources to piece together the events from Charlottesville, sources said.

But FBI agents have deemed the newly-minted investigation dicey, having to navigate separate agreements with embedded intelligence assets while trying to pinpoint responsibility for the violence.

The FBI sources said it is unlikely an asset would be charged for stoking violence in Virginia if for instance that asset had or was providing valuable information on another domestic terrorism case.

“We wouldn’t do a solid informant for this,” one FBI insider said.

The word “do” here pertains to indict.

Federal law enforcement sources said that attitude would be different if the two Virginia State Police troopers who died were killed as part of the demonstrations. The troopers perished after they lost control of a State Police helicopter which was leaving Charlottesville, according to NTSB records.

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Was Kessler one of the assets?

Looks like a very, very strong possibility. The others may be names mentioned in above article.

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WH petition to name Antifa as a terrorist organization:


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Done. Thanks for the heads-up. But my (rhetorical) question is: why does it take a PETITION to get Federal enforcement agencis to deal with the bloody fucking obvious? Of course these idiots are terrorists. That's their own stated purpose.

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If we could just get McCain to "light one up" in Lloyds face maybe he would also get a glioblastoma as well!

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Friggin Arizona! What TF is up with voters there?
McCain and Flake.
I'm thinking of donating to Rep. Kelli Ward's campaign against Flake even though I don't live there. He's a RINO!

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Oh shit. An Anti-Fahrt movement.

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*~)))).....A Tease? ... Or A Break In The Awan Brothers Investigation?.....((((~*

OK, you reporter dudes and dudettes, it is PILE ON TIME!!!

Here is the first phrase you enter into your story file. ... Let me help you.

You may want to name the file this if you store your goodies on an old sluggish system. =


The Hudson report - BREAKING NEWS =

Live Hard, Let's See If The Awan Brothers Can Get Their Ring Out Of The Diplomatic Pooch And Into The Air Just Like The Wright Brothers At Chicken Hawk, Die Free

~ DC v7.4

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If this story gets confirmed, it won't be barricades between the Awan Bros and ((others)), they'll need a serious protection squad.

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Did you know that Fart News organisations have fartoids instead of factoids?

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I am sourcing parts for my free speech kits. Part to be included:

Riot helmet
Face shield, with auto milk spay to wash out mace/pepper spray, milk sold separately
Long baton, or knight stick
Riot shield
Knee and elbow pads
Tissues for wiping away tears
Cups for guys
Stap-ons for women, or guys presenting as women on the day of the speech

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Tiki Torche Starter Kit; does anyone else sense the dripping irony of the Tiki Torch Nazi meme? I mean really, tiki torches? Is that what the mob used when they hunted down Frankenstein as well?

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Black spray paint, for helmets and windows

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The morning after....

There are stoned protesters hanging out in Boston at a stop sign waiting for it to turn green....

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The popular movement that brought trump to power is currently confused,fragmented,with no clear goal,betrayed,and no leader.They are labeled right wing extremists,racists,white supremacists.They are isolated and hearded toward slaughter.

Did I say no leader?

yes,the leader they thought they had disavowed the main people that were responsible for his victory.I'm not saying that those men were without fault.But he betrayed them. He chose the zionist generals and the zionist bankers.He's isolated now or "he came out of the closet" for everybody to see where his loyalties lie.

The battle lines are drawned.

As the French say: les jeux sont faits,rien ne vas plus !

Prepare yourselves,thing are getting really bumpy.

William,I.m going to have nightmares.I think Hell may offer a better view than those two!

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Temperatures rising? Is that Celsius or Fartenheit?

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Re read your bio motto and see my reply to Chunga below.

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Guess who's coming to dinner at the White House(isn't white racist?).

This is from a Thierry Meyssan article:


An Israeli delegation will be received at the White House this week. The agenda: Syria.

The three members of the Israeli delegation are:
• Yossi Cohen (photo), Head of Mossad (Foreign Intelligence);
• General Herzl Halevi, Head of Aman (Military Intelligence); and
• Colonel Zohar Palti, Head of Military and Political Affairs at the Ministry of Defense.

This delegation will meet with the following US representatives:
• General H.R. McMaster, National Security Advisor;
• Dina Powell, Vice National Security Advisor; and
• Jason Greenblatt, The President’s representative for international negotiations.

Israël, which has already secured a prohibition on Iranian troops or troops from the Hezbollah being present in Southern Syria, intends to use this visit as an opportunity to present compelling grounds for closing down the Silk Route. Israel’s justification? Teheran could use this route to supply arms to the Hezbollah.

The three members of the Israeli delegation and Trump’s representative (Jason Greenblatt), all four of them are Jewish Orthodox. As for Dina Powell, she was involved in the assassination of Rafiq Hariri and planning the “Arab Springs”.


The war in Syria is lost for them. They came to pressure the American Goy to increase mayhem for them in Syria.

I expect horrible FF pinned on Mr. Assad and to justify an intervention there. Expect something big and horrendous soon.

I'm terrified of what they might do.

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"Israël, which has already secured a prohibition on Iranian troops or troops from the Hezbollah being present in Southern Syria,"

Hezbollah doesn't think so. Here they are in Syria clearing out the mountain area close to the southern Lebanon border. They raise their flag (yellow background) on the hilltop once it is cleared.

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Hey, when they take a hit of MDMA, they'll all turn into Ringo Starr!

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Nmewn's Highly Caffeinated Morning Musings

Interesting factoid for the indoctrinated snowflakes of Antifa, General Lee freed the inherited slaves under his control in 1862. But you wouldn't know that because Lincolns 1863 Emancipation Proclamation is supposed to mean something other than >>>what it actually says<<< in the text.

You are either a) willful useful idiots or b) lying communist provocateurs. Either way, I have no sympathy for you being run over in traffic. Know that. Let that seer itself into your being. 


On a lighter note, Al Gores latest movie attempt to relieve the ignorant masses of their money & capitalize on carbon hysteria has bombed at the box office. So the right Reverend Al is going to have to dip into his other pilfered funds to pay the mortgage on his beach house...which was supposed to be under water...or torn apart by a "super hurricane" this point in time. Of course, the consensus of all "scientists" of the 1500's thought the Errrf was flat and in the 70's they said with all the learned snobbery that can only come via goal seeked data, that we were in fact heading into an Ice Age and that NYC would be under a mile thick sheet of glacial ice.

Perhaps brother Al can demand another


In other real news the Fake Alinsky Nuuuz orgs will not be reporting on, Judge Reggie B Walton orders the IRS to produce the names of who abused their authority in the IRS in targeting Tea Party organizations.

Look for the IRS to try and hide behind their own regulations and challenge the contempt of court citation to SCOTUS, which should be interesting. Why, how will SCOTUS decide, by rule of law or rule of bureaucratic diktat? ;-)

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I did some reading on Silicon Valley's absolutely atrocious diversity numbers today.

Wholly hypocrites Batman! All of them, Google, Facebook, Amazon...the preachers in the whorehouse? Bezos is a real sensitive new age guy. When it gets to the management level, they make Wall Street look like a soccer mom union. And the only blacks to be seen are driving forklifts?

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"...And the only blacks to be seen are driving forklifts"

His name was David Drummond VP of corporate development.... and I'm never certain with you lot wb, does 'brown' count as 'black' as far as 'diversity' goes where you are to? How about our Asian brothers?

In any case, contrary to your assertion the 'diversity' of those companies' mgt., all of them, gets wider with each cursory glance; I suspect those bullshit coloured glasses you're wearing are triggering your confirmation bias, wb

I mean if you really want to see a 'soccer mom union' just look at Facebook/Amazon mgt.


Speaking of colour: it's a niggler I know, but methane burns blue, that's why ignited farts are called "Blue Angels"

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GoinFawr's Highly charged amusement with above Plutocrats' sycophant-in-chief NmewnPot constantly calling Kettle Black when  it comes to '1/2 the Tale Fake Nuuuuuz'

A Brief Guide to American History Teachers

Q: Name several American Holocausts, the nations involved, and the places where these were accomplished.

A: Missouri, Illinois, Miami, New England, Virginia, and most place names in the United States. For more advanced students, the answer can extend to North and South America.

Q:What kind of un-American creep would give that answer?

A: A native American. Of course a truly patriotic American might have known better than to ask the question. In such cases silence is the only way to avoid acknowledging guilt. There have been no American Holocausts, and we should all realize this truth. It is self evident, since we believe all men are created equal, that we would not do what those nasty Europeans did. They are racist bigots, we are the people who got rid of the old prejudices and refuse to do terrible things, unless the Lord commanded it. We have pure hearts, pure motives, and pure history.

Q:What advantages are there to true Americans if they deny that there has been any American Holocaust?

A: It allows them to be outraged at Other Monsters. Also, it lets them focus on terrible things done overseas - in Rwanda, Bosnia, the Caucasus, Iraq - so that noone will notice what is going on here. Since there was only one Holocaust, we can be wonderfully virtuous in supporting its victims, and we know that we do not have to worry about being on the right side. So this justifies our putting up a monument in Washington, D.C. to that one Holocaust, and not putting anything there which might hint that there was anything like it in this country.

Q: Is this matter relevant to the origins, makeup, and functions of the United Nations?

A: Yes. I do not dare, however, answer in more detail. No true American can afford to consider the question of whether Native American nations are truly sovereign. De facto, De Deo(sic) must be their mighty fortress. When FDR, about 1942, discussed the postwar realignments with Churchill, he reminded Churchill of what the English were doing in their colonies. Churchill then reminded FDR of two cases: blacks in Mississippi, and Navajos in Arizona. FDR shut up. It is the only safe answer.

Q: You conclude that American History should not be taught?

A: Of course not: it never has been, and this is no time to begin doing so."

Carter Revard


From: "Indians" and Animals: A Comparative Essay

"...Indians received not only similar descriptions to those given predatory animals, but much the same treatment as well. George Washington, revered as the father of the country, wrote that Indians "...were wolves and beasts who deserved nothing from the whites but 'total ruin'" (Stannard, p. 241). Thomas Jefferson, acclaimed proponent of freedom and democracy, argued that the United States government was obliged " pursue [Indians] to extermination, or drive them to new seats beyond our reach" (quoted in Takaki, 1979, p. 103). Andrew Jackson, founder of the modern Democratic Party and greatest(sic) Indian(sic) killer of all American Presidents, urged United States troops " root out from their 'dens' and kill Indian women and their 'whelps'" (Stannard, p. 240). Jackson was so effective at rooting women and "whelps" from their "dens," he adopted the habit of cutting off his victims' noses as trophies to commemorate his exploits. He earned the name "Sharp Knife" from Creek Indians for his penchant for skinning victims and using the cured and braided tissue as reins for his ponies (Takaki, 1994)."

By David P. Rider, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology
Xavier University of Louisiana


Can I hear your three cheers for Ol' Sharp Knife, the human skin tanner and nose-trophy taking hero you love so much? How about one for John Chivington too, the Methodist Pastor of the Religion of Pieces of Dead Women and Children?


Re: Al Gore's flop: I confess I myself have seen exactly none of his movies, so I cannot judge. OTOH no matter how bad those films are it doesn't change the fact that 2015 was the hottest year on record, then 2016, etc. barring some infinitely clever, worldwide Chinese manufactured thermometer conspiracy, anyway (you got one handy?)


Speaking of misrepresentation via disingenuous half-truth , "IRS in targeting Tea Party organizations."

You know as well as I do that happens to anyone who rocks the boat, my friend, regardless of their place on the political wheel of fortune. Anyone with half a brain is aware that that is going to be par for the course and ascertains their affairs are well in order before they grab the gunwales and start throwing their weight around.

(Eg.If it makes you feel any better I myself once wrote a letter of complaint to the authourities having jurisdiction, and had my taxes coincidentally (subsequently?) 'reassessed' exactly three times that same year; twice draining my bank acct.s almost to nothing, but on the third try an honest civil servant stepped up and 'they' finally had to admit that 'they' had it wrong all along; I got practically all of those fiatscos back.)


But don't worry buddy I'm sure that, unlike you, even if it was you that was on fire those 'antifa-snowflakes' you blindly loathe so much would still cross the street to piss you out; though if I were you I'd keep a fire extinguisher handy, just to be on the safe side.


“God has ordered the world so that we may learn to help with one another’s burdens; for no one is without fault, no one is without their burdens, no one is sufficient in themselves, no one is wise enough by themselves; therefore we ought to bear with one another, comfort one another, help, instruct, and admonish one another.” Thomas à Kempis

“Hell, after all, is the too-late realization of interdependence.”
Derrick Jensen


Personally, I think the Magyar have the right idea when it comes to dealing with historically disgusting monuments: give 'em their own SzoborPark

nmewn's picture

lulz, you won't find me defending the actions of Grant, Custer, Sheridan etal regarding the natives (or their own troops) so you disappoint me on that score but I did note you are silent on Lee, no attempt at refutation means I'm correct.

As far as "climate change" you provide no basis as to cause, however, receding glaciers have a way exposing the tools and mines from Roman times...that would be BEFORE cars, trains & automobiles. It would seem Gore, Mann & Ehrlich were a few centuries too late.

And I stand by my statement on Antifa, they are idiot communists, its core bought & paid for by people like Soro's but its still a relatively free country, just don't play in traffic and you should be fine hiding behind police barricades only emerging to sucker punch old ladies. 

Make sure to keep your mask on ;-)

GoinFawr's picture

where I am to it is illegal to wear masks when protesting; happy? No dissent on October 31st, I guess. Speaking of masques and anonymity: what's up with your ZH avatar and pseudonym?

"General Lee freed the inherited slaves under his control"

Eventually, but not before your illustrious hero had at least one whipped for trying to escape during the twelve years he spent reneging on that promise to free them, and opining how slavery was "necessary for their instruction as a race", and maintaining they were better off as slaves in america than free men in africa....

Here's another 'factoid' you glaringly omitted: Mr.Lee objected to the raising of Confederate Monuments.

It's unclear, does your condemnation of "etal" (sic) extend to Ol'Sharp Knife?


"As far as "climate change" you provide no basis as to cause" You're right, I did not; just a pertinent fact that you take great pains to avoid. For that matter when it comes to providing 'basis as to cause' for climate change: neither did you, other than to deride ALGore's (have you even seen either film?), but I bet your explanation is most entertaining! Can you provide it please?

"...just don't play in traffic and you should be fine hiding behind police barricades only emerging to sucker punch old ladies. "



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"Al Gores latest movie attempt to relieve the ignorant masses of their money & capitalize on carbon hysteria has bombed at the box office."

Well, I couldn't wish it on a more deserving case. Hopefully, he'll get the bill for production costs. ha-ha.

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Hail Dune Dude....signed in just to say hey man thanks for " the housekeeper is stealing the silver, spare baby parts and the F-35 too."   Brilliant.

And to sir Bonzai - hats off Dude.  You're the best.

DuneCreature's picture

Bill banazi is pretty awesome, isn't he? .. One of these days I'm going to have to make some money and the first thing I want is a pair of WB7 signed posters.

For right now, we have bigger fish to fry.....

~~~)))...A Much, Much, Much Bigger Dot Gov Scandal Than Nixon's Watergate...(((~~~

You heard those words first on Zero Hedge, don't forget! .. (Well, OK, you heard me spew them in the comments section here. .. Axely, George Webb has said that a couple of times already so I added a couple of 'Muches' and swiped some undeserved credit too.)

The Spy Ring Gets More Massive Every Day.

Day - 302.00 - The Awan Brothers have been vacuuming up intel right out of the halls of Congress and committee rooms for 14 years or more. ........................ Something tells me you can't be sucking that kind of intel out from under the nose of the most powerful security Goliath on the planet earth and not have a little 'inside help'. ... By 'little' I mean a couple of tour buses of standing room only co-conspirators. ........ This takes manpower just to lug the equipment around, folks.

Of course, this could just be a conspiracy theory, right? (Ohhhh, fuck me standing up in the broom closet! ... I can't stand the silence, I need to take a moment to moan some. ..........ooooh, oooooh, ooh, .............. Ok, that's better. ......Now, where was I?)

Conspiracy theory or not, I think this should be looked into, don't you?

I mean, maybe this mountain of circumstantial evidence against known bad guys is just a coincidence OR George Webb has just uncovered the BIGGEST spy ring in the history of the planet AND everyone on Capital Hill should be setting in a federal lockup awaiting trial.

I think that's our problem here. ........ Not enough jail cells and not enough 'good' cops. .... Or apparently people who 'Give A Flying Shit'.

Don't even get me started on the FBI. ... Crooks. .. Cover-up crooks.

George, you may just have to write a book and forget about getting ANY of this looked into.

You can call it "Mr. Webb Goes To Washington A Gets Eaten For Breakfast".

I'd like to see it called "AwanGate - The Black Swan That Fixed America", my damned self.

Live Hard, Keep Digging George, You're Bound To Punch A Hole Through A Gas Main Sooner Or Later, Die Free

~ DC v7.4

opport.knocks's picture

Dune, there is no way the Awans were not originally vetted and approved by the CIA and NSA before they started working. They were most likely working for them as DWS was on one of the Intel oversight committees. Even our lowly Toronto Police have been caught spying on members of their oversight committee.

To believe otherwise would require you to believe that the NSA and CIA are both omnipotent and incompetent.

The only story worth persuing is what did the Awans do to put themselves outside of the deep state circle of trust. We know it wasn't bank fraud, since that is bread and butter for deep state. 

So it could be as simple as this, The Awans were supposed to (on behalf of CIA / NSA) make sure all DWS comunications systems were totally secure. Someone obviously screwed up on the DNC server. Now they are being punished/exiled for that screw up. Your "connected" man George may be just blowing smoke and holdiing mirrors with his bigger intel leak theories.

FlowerofLife's picture

George has been concentrating on the Awans, especially since they've been indicted, but his early work covered a lot more territory. You may be right, opport.knocks, about them, but there's a much bigger story out there.

DuneCreature's picture

I did mention 'inside help', right?

LOTS and LOTS of it.

Let's see how many Pirates have to be thrown overboard to stop exposing the whole crew. ...... There will be at least ten barricades between Imran and Betrayus, Killary, McInsain, Brennan, Clapper, Slippery Jim and Cagey McCabe among lots of others.

Live Hard, The Awans (Real and Fictitious) Will Be Thrown Under The Bus To Cover For All The REALLY Bad Pirates Going Up The Chain Of Command Clean To Barry And Who Knows Who Else, Die Free

~ DC v7.4

Gohigher's picture

"everyone on Capital Hill should be setting in a federal lockup awaiting trial"


No truer summation than this......

croecko's picture

WB7 - could you work up a graphic based upon the premise of this article - ie two patsies (Trump and Kim) taking the rap for the arson charge?

Sticking the arson charge on a couple of patsies


Imagine a situation where the owner of a long-established building supply company sees his profits turning into losses with no way to turn things around. The owner has two options. The honest option is to acknowledge the situation and shut down and sell his inventory of goods, his buildings and his equipment. With some luck the sale will earn enough to fund a modest retirement.


The dishonest option is to continue to operate on the good name of the business in order to acquire lumber and hardware from suppliers on credit, and then sell the goods privately and deposit the proceeds in an offshore bank account. Finally, when his suppliers lose patience and threaten legal action the owner will arrange for the business to suffer a fire.


The fire serves two purposes. First, it directs attention away from the owner’s poor management as the cause of the firm’s difficulties. Clearly the fire destroyed the business, not the owner. Second, it obscures the owner’s fraudulent sale of inventory in the months leading up to the fire and so protects his ill-gotten wealth.  The ashes in the lumber shed could just as easily be from the firm’s declared or actual inventory. With a full fire insurance payout based upon his declared inventory of lumber (and equipment and buildings) the owner will be able to settle with his suppliers and, with the remainder of the insurance settlement and the money squirreled away in his offshore account, enjoy a very comfortable retirement.


Applying the analogy to current events, in the aftermath of the 2008 global financial crisis it wasn’t immediately clear whether the situation was a temporary liquidity (or cash-flow) crisis or a deeper solvency (or bankruptcy) crisis. Assuming the former, governments around the world opened up the monetary taps to provide liquidity to the banking system. In the U.S., the Federal Reserve System embarked on two rounds of quantitative easing between 2009 and 2011 which tripled the U.S. money supply.


However, by late 2011 it had become clear that the global financial system faced a solvency crisis that money printing alone could not resolve.


Honest leaders would have declared a bank holiday and looked at the banks’ accounts in order to determine their state of health. Almost certainly, the banks would have been in much worse shape than the fictional building supply company described above. Many banks would have been found unable to pay their debts, and as one person’s debts are another person’s assets, many previously valuable stocks, bonds and other financial instruments would have been rendered worthless.


Sadly, our leaders chose the dishonest course, as explained in an article written last month by Deutsche Bank analyst Aleksandar Kocic. According to Kocic, the financial markets broke in 2012. As evidence, he looks at two measures of risk, the volatility index (VIX) which measures the market’s anticipated 30 day volatility taken from the trading of options, and the economic policy uncertainty index  (EPU) taken from the frequency certain words (such as ‘deficit’ or ‘uncertainty’) appear in ten top American newspapers.


Until 2012, the two measures moved in tandem with one another. Financial market volatility reflected real world uncertainty. However, starting in 2012, the two measures diverged. While the EPU index has moved higher, the VIX is at record lows.


The VIX is not the only warning signal to convey a false sense of stability and calm. Last month the chairman and CEO of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Terry Duffy, said in a Fox Business interview that given the level of geopolitical and financial risk in the world, gold (the traditional safe-haven asset in times of trouble) should be trading for more than $5000 per ounce, 4 times its current level.


The most plausible explanation for these divergences is that the VIX and the gold price have been manipulated downward by the world’s banks and central banks in order to maintain confidence in the financial system. While in our story the building supply store owner is only able to buy goods on credit so long as his suppliers trust his good reputation, so banks and central banks are only able to issue their loans and currencies so long as there is confidence in the current financial and monetary system.


However, market manipulation can only get you so far. While certain measures of risk have been massaged to convey confidence, people like Kocic realize that the risks remain even if our ability to see them has been compromised. 


As this realization spreads and threats to the current system become acute, it becomes time to arrange a fire. It is easy to see today’s geopolitical flashpoints as attempts to ignite a war which would allow the governments, central banks and banks which have systematically burdened our global economy with unpayable debts to both escape responsibility and protect their own wealth and power.


Looking at North Korea in particular, how is their acquisition of nuclear weapons even an issue? Two facts are worth keeping in mind: North Korea is a desperately poor country with only a limited ability to construct and maintain nuclear weapons, and the overriding concern of the North Korean government is survival.


What would happen if the North did launch a missile at South Korea, Japan or Guam? The response from the United States and its allies would be immediate and would result in both hundreds of thousands of deaths and the end of Communist Party rule. Fully aware of this, the North Koreans will not launch missiles against their neighbours unless they feel that their very existence is at stake and they have nothing to lose.


North Korean rhetoric, meanwhile, is absolutely not credible. Threats to turn the U.S. into a “sea of fire” are made to burnish the government’s image in the minds of the North Korean people. Without an external enemy to galvanize support for the Communist regime (and blame for the North's poverty and backwardness), the Kim dynasty would have ended a generation ago. It is worth remembering that Saddam Hussein’s claims of possessing weapons of mass destruction (which did not in fact exist) in the early 2000s were similarly intended to reinforce Saddam's image as a strongman in the minds of the Iraqi people.



Considering that the dollar-based global financial system has been obviously bankrupt for almost ten years (and began its slide towards insolvency as far back as the early 1960s) it is quite an achievement for those in charge to have kept it going for this long. However, with over 9 trillion dollars of government bonds now earning negative interest rates, our debt-based monetary system is clearly almost at an end. What better way to end it than with a spectacular fire that can be pinned on a couple of made-to-order patsies like Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un.

Apeon's picture

for most middle class folks, 'Deflation' is a temporary discomfort----for the Elites it is disastrous, and must be avoided at ALL COSTS!


'Inflation is Good'------'Deflation is Bad'-------we have an infinity of Tomorrows---so lets just keep Borrowing.

Muslimania's picture

Hysterical. We need to add some to the roster:

1. General McMaster

2. Secretary of the Treasury Mnuchin

3. Advisor and former Goldman Sachs Mr. Cohn

4. All the Obama left-overs that Trump has allowed to continue in their job positions.

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

treason the new black..sedition is only rewarded..let the few who may never be named control  our money..the uniparty cannot be bothered, take the month of august off, why not? seems all those big problems are not so big,as to keep em working 

when laws no longer matter..all evil things are possible.. the america of history and books ..long gone, or ripped down by mobs of mindless haters

chunga's picture

If Hunter S. Thompson were still alive this is the kind of psyop he'd cook up.

Where is the next hate speech rally going to be? Baltimore? Soho? Outside Rahm Emmanuel's office?

chunga's picture

Fuck! I gotta concentrate and get shit done. All I see off my porch is Hinch Mountain, pastures, chickens, fake news, no fake protests, no fake politicians, no people, no nothing.

Why do I care about this shit? It's driving me nuts!

TwelveOhOne's picture

This pirate walks into a bar with a captain's wheel around his waist.

Bartender: "You have a captain's wheel around your waist."

Pirate: "Arrr, it's driving me nuts!" :)

Lumberjack's picture

That's exactly what they want so how about having a little fun with it!. I therefore posit this...

I propose that the conservatives should get a shitload of protest permits in all democrat strongholds to promote free speech... advertise the hell out of them and tell the permit folks you expect 20 to 30k people will attend...and the understanding (privately) is that the conservatives 'somehow' are unable to show up. (about that many alt left will, so you are not lying), and let them waste time, money and inconvenience their own whilst making asses of themselves. I will start making new $35.00 'ass hats' to sell to the alt left pronto! It will be funny as hell. No speech is free speech too!

We'll call it 'March of the Silent Majority'!

chunga's picture

It just ain't funny anymore. We get just where we want way far away from the madness and now they're pressing my buttons so much I feel obligated to go and meet these people face to face.

I'm no tough guy or anything, I'm just a regular person, I tell you what though, if I get pissed enough and do that I'm gonna get my money's worth.


Lumberjack's picture

Don't let the bastards get you down. Plenty to do to get ready for winter. Family and friends, fishing or whatever. Enjoy the view and get crackin on that new project. The pricks will destroy themselves. No worries.