How The US Deep State Accidentally Forged A Multipolar World Order

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Authored by Federico Pieraccini via The Strategic Culture Foundation,

In every nation there are power conglomerates that determine and influence the domestic and foreign policy choices their nations. In the United States, it is important to highlight the concept known as American exceptionalism that accompanies these power centers, often called the deep state. According to this principle, the United States alone has been chosen by God to lead mankind.

After the World War II, a notion very similar to that of Nazi Aryan racial supremacy was born - that of the chosen people. In this case, however, the chosen people were Americans, who emerged victorious at the end of the Second World War II, ready to face the «existential danger» of the USSR, a society and culture that was different from that of the US. With such mental imprinting, the trend over the following decades was predictable. What followed was war after war, the capitalist economic system sustained by the US war machine widening its sphere all over the globe, reaching Southeast Asia, but then being forced back by the failure of the Vietnam War, signaling the first sign of the end of American omnipotence.

As the Berlin Wall fell and eliminated the Soviet «threat», American expansion had almost reached its existential limit. What has been a constant element during all of these US presidencies, during various wars and economic growth thanks to a rising capitalism, has been the presence of the deep state, a set of neural centers that make up real US power. In order to understand the failure of the deep state to achieve its goals to exercise full-spectrum control over the globe, it is crucial to trace the connections between past and the present presidencies from the fall of the Berlin Wall.

When thinking of the deep state, it is easy to identify the major players - the mainstream media, think-tanks, central and private banks, foreign-state lobbyists, politicians, intelligence agencies, large industrial groups, and the military-industrial complex (MIC). These are the inner circles that hold the true levers of power in the United States. Often, by analyzing past events over a long period of time, it becomes easier to identify motivations and goals behind specific actions, and the manner in which the various members of the deep state have often accompanied, influenced and sometimes sabotaged various administrations - such as is currently the case with the current Trump administration - for the sole purpose of advancing their economic interests.

During the Clinton and Bush administrations, the deep state was able to maintain a united and compact front, counting on the economic and military power of what was still a rising global power. The mainstream media, the intelligence agencies, the military and the financial and political centers supported both presidents in their ambitious plans to expand American hegemony. From intervention in Yugoslavia to the bombing to Afghanistan through to the war in Iraq, the refrain has been conflict and devastation in exchange for financial impositions that were focused on maintaining the dollar as the reserve or exchange currency for such assets as oil. In Yugoslavia, the strategy also aimed at dismantling the last block linked to the former Soviet Union, the last act of the end of the Cold War. Even the control of opium trading routes from Afghanistan has been of great importance, becoming a key element in US expansion and control plans, other than maintaining a foothold in central Asia for further destabilization attempts.

The war in Iraq, engineered by three fundamental elements of the deep state (false intelligence services, journalists with a specific agenda, and the military straining at the leash to bomb a hostile nation), has produced a number of consequences, primarily the disintegration of the country, leaving the door open to Iranian influence. Over the course of 15 years, Tehran's influence has grown to such an extent that it engages Iraq in a Shiite arch that starts from Iran, passes through Iraq, and ends in Syria, reaching the Mediterranean. In terms of the effect intended and the result actually obtained, the Iraq war may be considered the largest strategic failure of the US deep state since Vietnam.

In addition to a loss of American influence with the petro-monarchies, Iraq has highlighted the American inability to conquer and hold a territory when the population is hostile. Facing local and Shiite militias, the United States paid a heavy human toll, shocking the American population during the ten-year war with planes returning home to deliver flag-draped coffins. This is not to mention the creation of the Afghan and Iraq wars of hundreds of billions of dollars of debt, all placed on the shoulders of the American taxpayer.

In a sense, Obama owes much of his victory in 2008 to the financial crisis and the American defeat in Iraq. Even today, the debate about the role of the deep state in Obama's election is open. The most plausible explanation is based on Obama's telegenic appeal over Senator McCain, likely a decisive factor for Americans. As many Americans did not admit, Obama's election, after eight years of Bush, was a break with the past, a clear message to the elite, especially after Obama's victory over Clinton during the Democratic primaries.

Obama's victory was immediately accompanied by a strategic recalculation by the deep state, which sensed the new opportunity linked to Obama's nature as well as ongoing changes. There were to be no more explicit wars of the type that involve tank divisions. After the disaster in Iraq, even the deep state understood how American military power was unable to prevail over a hostile local population. For this reason, the neoconservatives have been progressively displaced by the liberal, human-rights brigade. Their new approach has turned the Middle East upside down through the Arab Spring, creating a new balance in the region and causing the situation to degenerate in Egypt, destabilizing neighboring countries, ending up human-rights dystopias in places like Libya and Syria, both victims of direct or indirect military aggression on the grounds of protecting human rights.

In this scenario, the most important components of the deep state are the media that, by disseminating false intelligence information through manipulation and disinformation for the purposes of justifying military aggression, conditions the populations of Europe and the US to attack sovereign countries like Libya. During the Obama administration, the deep state rarely faced a hostile presidency, demonstrated by the bank bailout during the 2008 crisis. A few months after the election, it became apparent how empty Obama’s election promises had been, representing the triumph of marketing over substance. By printing money at zero interest, Obama allowed the Fed to donate almost $800 billion to the banks, saving them from a collapse and postponing the consequences of the next financial crisis, which will likely be irreparable. Obama preferred to follow the dictates of the Fed, a key component of the deep state, instead of reforming the banking sector.

The underlying mistakes of the last months of the Obama administration continue to affect Trump's new presidency. Obama's attempt to placate the deep state by arming terrorists in the Middle East, putting neo-Nazis in Ukraine, bombing Libya, and bailing out the banks has only increased the appetite of the deep state, which has progressed to more explicit demands like an attack on Iran and direct intervention in Syria. From this moment on, after having granted virtually all the wishes of the deep state, Obama pulled the handbrake and activated a couple of countermeasures to rebalance the legacy of his presidency. He opposed a direct intervention in Syria following the false-flag chemical attacks, signing and implementing the nuclear agreement with Iran and he restoring relations with Cuba.

It was at this very moment that the deep state declared war on Obama, relying on the indispensable support of intelligence agencies, the mainstream media, and the most conservative wing of the American establishment. Attacks on Obama's presumed weaknesses as president, his inability to defend American interests, and his lack of courage characterized the last two years of his presidency.

It was this perennial state of siege during Obama's presidency that created the conditions for Trump's electoral ascent. The deep state has for years insisted on the need for a strong and determined leader representative of the spirit of American exceptionalism. Initially, the deep state focused on Hillary Clinton, but Trump had the intuition to emphasize the military and industrial aspects of the country, appealing to the yearning of the population for a rebuilding of domestic industry, and opening new opportunities for the deep state. This served to drive a split within the intelligence agencies, the mainstream media, and a good deal of the domestic political class, leaving them in open warfare. Russia's affairs and Trump’s alleged connections to Putin are false news, created to sabotage Trump's presidency.

In the 2016 Republican primaries, Americans voted for a leader who promised to improve their livelihoods by boosting the domestic economy and placing the interests of their country first. This promise almost immediately captured the working component of the population and large industrial conglomerates. Trump later gained the support of another fundamental component of the deep state, the military wing, thanks to the proclamation that the United States will be returned to the role they deserve in the world, salvaging the perverse idea of American exceptionalism.

Trump's decision to embrace the MIC is particularly controversial and represents the beginning of a deep-state faction built upon Trump's presidency. The daily din surrounding his presidency, with constant attacks from the opposing faction of the deep state, became intense with fake news alleging Trump’s links with Russia. With the appointment of generals who subscribe to the idea of American exceptionalism, it can be debated whether Trump intentionally wanted to give a leadership role to his own generals or whether he had no choice, having to associate with some of these deep-state members in order to defend himself against the assaults of opposing deep-state factions.

Recent Trump-related events are all based on these factors, namely a deep state driven by the neoliberal faction that has never stopped attacking Trump, and a neoconservative deep-state faction that has been tightening the noose around Trump.

The immediate results have been a level of chaos that has been unprecedented in a US administration, with continuous appointments and layoffs, the latest one Steve Bannon, not to mention the impossibility of abolishing Obamacare with all the forces arrayed against Trump’s legislative agenda. Trump has progressively had to concede more power and authority to his generals, acceding to bombing Syria and passing sanctions that worsen relations between Moscow and Washington. A self-destructive spiral began with the granting of a primary role to those nominated to key positions.

The final effect of this ongoing sabotage ever since the Obama presidency is a bankrupt US foreign policy and a continuing fratricidal struggle within the deep state. America’s European allies are in revolt over anti-Russia sanctions, which is their main source of energy. Countries like Russia, China and Iran are beginning to undergo an economic revolution as they progressively abandon the dollar; and as these countries take over a Middle East devastated by years of American wars, Moscow gains significant influence in the region. The crisis engulfing the Gulf Cooperation Council, increasingly beset with fickle fractures between Riyadh and Doha.

One of the consequences of two decades of the US deep state’s brazen foreign policy has been the birth of a multipolar world order, with US superpower status being challenged by competing powers like China and Russia. Indeed, Washington’s historic allies in the Middle East, Israel and Saudi Arabia, have borne the consequences of the disastrous policies of the US, with Iran rising to be one of the power centers of the region destined to dominate the Middle East militarily and even economically.

The incredible paradox of the failure of deep state is represented by the emergence of two alternative poles to the American one, increasingly allied with each other to counter the chaotic retreat of a unipolar world order. In this scenario, Washington and all its power centers are in an unprecedented situation, where their desire does not match their abilities. A sense of frustration is increasingly evident, from the incredible statements of many American political representatives on Russian influence in US elections, to the threats of aggression against North Korea, or the game of chicken with the nuclear powers of Russia and China.

If the deep state continues to hamstring the presidency, and the military wing succeeds in pressuring Trump, there are likely to be a number of indirectly linked effects. There will be an exponential increase in synergies between nations not aligned with American interests. In economic terms, there are alternative systems to that centered on the dollar; in terms of energy, there are a host of new agreements with European, Turkish or Russian partners; and in political terms, there is a more or less explicit alliance between Russia and China, with a strong contribution from Iran, as will soon become more evident with Tehran's entry into the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO).

By the end of the 1980s, the United States was the only world power destined for a future of unchallenged global hegemony. The deep state’s greed, as well as the utopian desire to control every decision in every corner of the world, has ended up consuming the ability of the US to influence events, serving only to draw Russia and China closer together with the shared interest of halting America’s heedless advance. It is thanks to the firmly ensconced American deep state that Moscow and Beijing are now coordinating together in order to put to an end the United States’ unipolar moment as soon as possible.

It is not entirely wrong to say that the American unipolar moment is coming to an end, with the deep state’s attacks on the Trump presidency preventing any rapprochement with Moscow.

The stronger the pressure of the deep state on the multipolar powers, the greater the speed with which the advance of the multipolar world will replace the unipolar one. Early effects will appear in the economic sphere, particularly in relation to movement towards de-dollarisation, which may mark the beginning of a long-awaited change.

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There is no darkness, only ignorance - William Shakespeare

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"Secretly, every feminist has a dream that a dashing alpha male will one day sweep them off their feet. On the surface they may bash the patriarchy, capitalism and white males, but deep down they long for a suited-up billionaire white male to shower them with materialistic pleasures, dominate them with male force and aggression, and live out his insatiable sexual fantasies on them, making them the object of infinite male desire. But in reality, handsome men ..."

Christian Grey – A Feminist’s Dream Man
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Another great writer on the subject and many more including the juice.

Feminism & War

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while there are important insights in the post above, it gets the cart before the horse in a very important way.  to have the only mention of israel be this: "Indeed, Washington’s historic allies in the Middle East, Israel and Saudi Arabia, have borne the consequences of the disastrous policies of the US, with Iran rising to be one of the power centers of the region destined to dominate the Middle East militarily and even economically." is fucking absurd.

u.s. foreign policy, explicitly since 9-11, has been captured by the likud mossad zionists and their u.s. sayanim and assets (jew and goy).  the five wars (afghanistan, iraq, ukraine, libya, syria) were fought to reduce rivals to israel, leading up, it hoped, to iran.  that this hasn't happened shows the limits of israeli power not the extent of its victimhood.


jefferson32's picture

Title: "inadvertently". The author still has some learning to do :)

Why do you think they didn't plant WMDs in Irak? Why does the establishment heavily advertise/promote House of Cards, a show that expounds corrupt politicians? Why TARP, when silently monetizing that 700b would have been trivial for the Fed (as it did trillions more)? There are so many examples like that; these are not glitches.

Soon he will understand that in order to have a new order, you need to utterly destroy the previous one.

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How The Globalists Intentionaly Forged A Multipolar World Order. Fixedit.
new game's picture

ignorance of isreal influence is no excuse. two taboo subjects: isreal and human population control.

all goes back to religous beliefs and then the money trail, which gets to the anger mounting in the temple to over throw the money changers...

css1971's picture

New tack? Brutal honesty?

Ps. ' 50 sade of grey' is good.

doctor10's picture

nothing intricate, subtle or mysterious about what has happened.

From 1996-the USA insisted upon female Secretarys of State.
Madeleine Albright, Condi Rice, Hillary Clinton. Women representatives of "the most powerful nation on earth" -sent to the Mid-East-the most important region in the world to the future of America-according to some-to persuade/force Muslim royalty-men- to continue to do business in the USD?

What could go wrong? Utter humiliation in front of their countrymen as their leadership is photographed kowtowing?

Qaddafi was dragged from office by his own people after too publically doing Clinton's bidding.

Ignorance, stupidity and hubris are not the ingredients of successful long term foreign policy. Little wonder the world is fractured.

If you want and need Muslim men as allies-you need to send them a Tillerson, a Trump or an Icahn-at least as a token of respect-your powerful alpha males working with theirs is excellent local optics-at the very least. A US Dept of State incapable of seeing such can easily be shuttered and its employees sent back home from whence they came.

StarGate's picture

And Trump is the Deep State "accident" he was only supposed to be a MSM folly for Princess Hillary to fob against as she swept the polls to victory.

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O dark dark dark. They all go into the dark, The vacant interstellar spaces, the vacant into the vacant, The captains, merchant bankers, eminent men of letters, The generous patrons of art, the statesmen and the rulers, Distinguished civil servants, chairmen of many committees, Industrial lords and petty contractors, all go into the dark,
-- T.S. Eliot: "East Coker"
dark pools of soros's picture

clueless author mentioning wrong chosen people

jeff montanye's picture

true enough but the u.s. followed like a helpless puppy (or hungry hyena, depending on the individual selected for analysis).

the ussr collapses 1990.  that the u.s. faces collapse thirty years later is perhaps the most devastating critique of our leadership class.

talk about throwing it all away.

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How Amazon sold a record number of books about Guerrilla Warfare Tactics.

The fan is buried in shit.

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Accidentally ? you are fucking kidding right ?
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Hillary's loss was like the end of Tosca, when Scarpia, to get into Tosca's pantaloons

offers to spare her lover Cavardossi.  He orders the firing squad to use blanks.

Then she stabs Scarpia.  When she goes to Castel Sant'Angelo for the execution,

and tells Cavaradossi, SOTTO VOCE, that the squad will be using blanks.

Then she finds that Scarpia got the last laugh really by ordering real bullets.

So she jumps to her death.



AurorusBorealus's picture

Another very good article by this Pieraccini fellow.  To anyone at the Strategic Culture Foundation, this guy is a real star.  Get him another grant.

Allow me to expand a bit upon what Pieraccini has to say here.  The fundamental miscalculation of the "Deep State" was to rely on a foreign policy and a set of techniques for conducting foreign policy developed by the intelligence community in the post-World War II world.  The idea was to expand the terms of Bretton Woods to include the entire world and make the U.S. dollar the basis for global exchange.  With Europe and Japan, this was simple; extend them credit or gifts of USD to rebuild after the Second World War.  Beyond Europe and Japan, however, the expansion of Bretton Woods was much more difficult.  These difficulties were multiplied by problems that arose during the decolonization of Asia and Africa.

In general, the U.S. intelligence agencies worked hand-in-hand with U.S. corporations to cajole governments in South America, Asia, and Africa into relying heavily on the USD for their foreign exchanges.  The standard fare of the "assistance" that the U.S. offered were direct bribes to local political leaders, offers of U.S support: military and otherwise, and of course "loans," administered by the IMF and World Bank.  The interest on these loans, however, was designed to be greater than any economic advantage that the nation derived.  This would ensure that nations outside of Europe and Japan would be forever in U.S. debt.  The resultant political corruption gave place for Marxist agitation in South America and Asia and religious zealotry in the Middle East.  U.S. puppets were frequently overthrown.  The first, and most important instance, of this was in Iran.

When the U.S.-puppet government fell in Iran, the CIA began a program of regime change which serves as the model, to this day, for regime change operations around the world.  The idea was to infiltrate and support opposition groups: use propaganda to influence the masses; create false-flag violent incidents; and so forth.  The idea is to "destablize" the regime.  As a last resort, leaders who resist U.S. hegemony could be assassinated.   If all of these measures fail to generate a coup d'etat, then the U.S. military is called in.

The idea is to create a world of puppet client-states as opposed to an actual de facto "empire."  This had been tried in the past.  Rome found that annexing province after province created substantial discontent in the empire.  New Provinces meant the extension of Roman citizenship and of Roman military protection.  The cost was enormous. The Roman emporers also discovered that annexing an ever-growing number of provinces tended to decentralize power.  If Marc Antony could simply flee to Egypt and raise a rebel army from the eastern portion of the Empire, what was to stop claimants to the mantle of Caesar from doing so in the future?  The idea, instead of annexing provinces, was to set up a system of client-states, puppet regimes around the empire that were loyal to Rome and tied to the Roman economy, but were ostensibly independent kingdoms.

 The problem with this plan was that these client states were highly unstable.  These local kings were often corrupt, and victims of internal revolt. They often fought, one amongst the other, and they were often turned against Rome by neighboring powers, such as Persia.  In order to maintain control, Rome had to intervene constantly in the affairs of their satellites.  The U.S. is in this same position today.

The problem is that the CIA and the U.S. military have proven no better than the Romans at controlling their satellites.  Every U.S. intervention in South America, for example, has resulted in a socialist uprising, civil disorder, and counter-regime change by mobs of disgruntled locals.  The Taliban, once a U.S. client, went rogue and turned on their masters in the CIA.  It seems that the same can be said for ISIS.  The policies for regime change developed by the CIA in the wake of the Iranian revolt did not work in the long-term.  In fact, they proved disastrous to the empire, as Shia radicals, aligned with Russia eventually did take control of the country.

Rather than reassessing their heavy-handed policies of regime change and devising new courses of action: such as crafting mutually beneficial treaty arrangements, the "deep state" continues to operate using the same strategies for foreign policy that have failed time and again: in Iran, in Venezuela, in Cuba, in Vietnam, and in China (which now present a direct threat to U.S. economic hegemony).  They call their failures the "art of statecraft," and their flawed approach is passed down from master to disciple in institutions such as the CIA and NSA, continuing into perpetuity.

The fundamental problem has been a lack of imagination on the part of U.S. policy makers and an unwillingness to change course.  The Neo-cons do not represent some "new movement" in U.S. foreign policy.  They simply represent a re-affirmation of the failed policies that led the U.S. to bankruptcy in 1972, when Nixon was forced to abandon the gold standard.  Taking the U.S. off the gold standard, while simultaneously negotiating with Saudi Arabia to make oil the basis of the dollar's value, was the greatest sleight of hand in world history.  There is no sleight-of-hand available this time to prevent the U.S. from experiencing the consqequences of banruptcy.  Of course, I suppose they still hold out the hope in Washington that 4000 extra troops in Afghanistan can guard more poppy fields and that the entire world will become opium addicts

jeff montanye's picture

to say "When the U.S.-puppet government fell in Iran, the CIA began a program of regime change which serves as the model, to this day, for regime change operations around the world." is absurd if the 1980 overthrow of the shah is meant, as the description that follows implies ("The idea was to infiltrate and support opposition groups: use propaganda to influence the masses; create false-flag violent incidents; and so forth.  The idea is to "destablize" the regime.") which fits 1980 and following rather well.  however the cia work begins much earlier, really in europe with operation gladio after ww2.

i would say the paradigm was established in '54 with the overthrow the elected mossadegh by the cia in a straightout coup, placing the shah upon the peacock throne.  that looks like the later work in vietnam, africa and south america, much of which predates 1980.  it also looks a lot like ukraine, among others, much more recently.

AurorusBorealus's picture

I was referring to the initial flight of the Shah in 1953 and his subsequent return.  People within the CIA have stated, publicly, that this became the model used in other countries.  This was portrayed as a "regime-change" success, which it appeared to be for 23 years: just enough time to establish these techniques as doctrine for the deep-state.  However, the events of 1979 proved that the "US regime change" techniques developed in Iran could only be effective for the short-term and could never solve fundamental problems in client-states.  The entire "regime-change" set of policies, developed in the wake of the 1954 coup, should have been seen as useless in 1980 and permanently scrapped.  This was not the case, and so the U.S. continues to practice these failed foreign policy techniques to the present day.

jeff montanye's picture

be explicit then.  your description of technique fits 1980 and following more closely than the coup in '53 which used bribery, embargoes, and assassination primarily. 

AurorusBorealus's picture

Yes. I should have made it clear that I was referring to the overthrow of the Mossadegh government in 1954.

Manipulism's picture
How The US Deep State Accidentally Forged A Multipolar World Order

by design.

GalustGulbenkyan's picture

Boring stuff. Russia china and Iran have their own massive mess going on. Yeh sure replace the dollar with what ? Medieval bartering or electronic bitcoins. Or the yuan which sits on a three leg chair. They can't even produce a marketable washing machine.

jeff montanye's picture

china produces superb washing machines under the samsung brand, among others.  they aren't marketed here because the u.s. tariff is too high.

the yuan has more gold backing it, potentially, than the u.s. has in fort knox, west point and the new york fed.


Joe A's picture

If you want to have a big conflict that acts like a distraction from problems at home or that needs to serve as a reset, you need an opposing "axis of evil". So perhaps not so accidently?

whatisthat's picture

I would observe the American silent majority will continue to make America successful -- not the corrupt establishment....

King of Ruperts Land's picture

The "deep state" is a cancer. Cut it out and destroy it.

Batman11's picture

You may have noticed, Obama never met his “Hope and change” promises and Trump can’t execute his policies

Behind the scenes the real power lies with a chap called Baldrick, who is full of cunning plans.

He came up with the idea of “activist share holders” to ransack US businesses.

He lobbied for the removal of the 1930s legislation that ensured there wasn’t a repeat of 1929.

(Oh look, it’s just the same)

He was been working persistently to price US labour out of global labour markets with ever rising housing, healthcare and education costs, which have to be covered by wages.

We are not sure whether this Baldrick chap is a Russian agent or just incredibly stupid.


Baldrick, the man running the US deep state.



oak's picture

soon or later the other nations simply catch up.

Batman11's picture

In the US they use the left hand side of the brain to get the best return on their investments and the right hand side of the brain to worry about the new multi polar world.

The left side of my brain tells me to invest in China for higher profits.

The right hand side of my brain worries about a powerful China

Never the twain shall meet. 

What else can we off-shore to China to turn the US into a complete dump?

Batman11's picture

“Who wants to be an American idiot?” Green Day

Everyone at the top by the looks of it.


esum's picture

VIET NAM was a political failure not a military one. The military wanted to go north and the pols said NO.
The war was in fact won but the politicians lost their nerve...
IRAQ .... the war was won and a political solution within iraq was possible. The combo of Brennan and Obama went in the opposite direction and pulled out leaving it open to and in fact supported ISIS for the purpose of going after SYRIA... with the idea of letting Iran wield influence assisting with the Syria goal and then taking out Iran... keep the area destabilized set Sunni against Shia no stand back and watch the blood and guts..
RUSSIA CHINA N.KOREA AND IRAN..... this is the big nuclear league and where we are pushing them into an alliance that will be destructive to US interests. It creates an alliance that US and its allies dont want to confront militarily and yet the US is prodding them with an economic stick. A better course is to take out the N. Korean threat and deal with the global repercussions... It is where it is headed anyhow... Europe is finished and overwhelmed with jihadis and wont back the US militarily. They dont pay their fair share now...
Our military is not up to snuff as evidenced by plane, chopper, ship crashes... thanks obama but we gots lots of obammy phones and a fucked up healthcare system... thanks again.. So the hawks better consider the real state of things rather than the kickback profit from warmongering... because this time they are biting off more than they can chew. US cant fight on two fronts and now lunatics have the capability to hit us with nukes... and the other nuke players will give him what he needs and blame him... and he will sue them cause he has no choice... So i guess the dep state has written off the west coast so they can play serious games...

Cardinal Fang's picture

Um, past is prologue. When the deep state is used for regime change in other countries, what makes you think they aren't being used now for regime change here in he US? Or in 1963? Or...?

Trump needed to drain the swamp, instead the swamp is draining him.

The Ram's picture

I don't see de-dollarization any time soon.  Yes, the Chinese, Russians, Koreans, et al rail against the USD but in the end, it is the crack cocaine connecting the various mobsters in the world.  Yes, the USD is devaled, and always will be, but it has tremendous trade value.  You can purchase hard, silver, rare earths, western real estate (think CA and vancouver), oil, NG, hooker, blow, whatever else.  As long as the Federal Reserve has the low interest rate, easy dollar environment, the criminals of the world will not give up the crack cocaine.  Sad but true.  Oh, it will eventually go away....when there is another form of monetary crack that is as easy to use and convertible to hard assets.  

Youri Carma's picture

A multipolar world is big business for the MIC & WS so not accidental.

Cardinal Fang's picture

Another thought for you, regime changers gonna regime change.

How's this for a political thriller plot?

A current two term President uses the intelligence community apparatus and develops a 'finding' that his successor's election was illegitimate due to foreign influence and then detailed the intelligence community to develop a plan for regime change and in the 90 day administration transition process, implements the plans and signs orders to destabilize the 'illegitimate' administration.

I mean, If Nixon could order the CIA to oust Allende, what would have prevented Obama from ordering the ouster of Trump?

Fiction? Looks like domestic US regime change to me. And the use of newly watered down protection of the US from deep state intervention at home seems to indicate there are a lot of domestic intelligence operations going on.

AurorusBorealus's picture

I would offer the thesis that this is precisely what has happened in the U.S.  It is not just military technology: drones, APCs, and body armor that have been deployed in the U.S. against the native population, it is also the entire system of the "deep state" that is now deployed against the U.S. population.  Where do you think all these leaks came from?  How did the NYT get access to private e-mails from Trump's son?  Notes from meetings inside the Oval Office?

biker_trash's picture

The Deep State's technology tenticles touch most facits of domestic life now. We're literally bombarded with scientifically constructed predictive programming every day. Prior to last year I had not realized or imagined how embedded the machine was within the DNC & RNC. Upon reflection I'm a bit embarrassed to admit it given what happened to Perot in 92'. Of course the Deep State must control who becomes their front man. The mechanisms which had previoulsly controlled who became a Presidential candidate failed because of the hubris, incompetance and criminality of a selfish old lady. The MSM's blind thirst for ratings while covering Trump was the kicker. Previously, an unvetted candidate was litterally black balled from MSM coverage. The subsequent fraudulent attack on Trump was the final tell and now the Genie is out of the bottle for posterity. Russiagate is a study in thought control for all to study. My otherwise rational data oriented high IQ co-workers bought it hook, line and sinker because Trump the buffoon offends their pre-programmed ethos. They simply cannot accept that we do not live under a Republic/Democracy even when the data has become irrefutable. Their lives are simply too good to entertain this thought.

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In my opinion their is a much simpler and bigger game going on in Geopolitics . This was exposed by a recently published history book : The First World War , the hidden history . Which can be found on a wordpress blog .
The malignant Illuminati have been smashing up countries to implant their own Gov based on the control and propagation of good(sheeple flattery) and evil(blackmail , murder , terror , entrapment) . The CIA's job has essentially been to soften the world up by sowing chaos every where and as each country succumbs to chaos + sanctions / coupe de tate , the military is directed to attack and destroy that state completely and implant a SG behind the front democracy . This is why their is never a benevolent compromise . Just like in WW2 , the Illuminati flattened Germany(and refused every proposal for peace) so that they could implant a Masonic Shadow Gov underneath , to control and direct the viable gov and create false history.

This policy of theirs doesn't bode well for humanity as it seems to me they have no interest in compromise . There will be no 'brotherhood of man' , only the enslavement of humanity behind a veil of illusions . The social policies of the west are also pitch in this manner to undermine and destroy a natural unified order and replace it with an unnatural divided order that they can control by playing one unhappy side against the other .

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Deep State agents very busy on this thread pointing fingers away from the true villains and towards the Jews... again.

It's beyond obvious at this point that this phenomenon is astroturf. It's harder to find a real person who believes that stuff than it is to find an actual real life Nazi in 2007.

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There are a lot of bullshit pieces in this generally good article:

"He [Obama] opposed a direct intervention in Syria following the false-flag chemical attacks"
Are you fucking kidding me??
So Obama cancelled the already rolling invasion preparations out of the good of his heart, or just for his legacy? And Putin likely giving most massive threats behind the scenes (up to nuclear war) had nothing to do with it?

"The final effect of this ongoing sabotage ever since the Obama presidency is a bankrupt US foreign policy and a continuing fratricidal struggle within the deep state."
Wait, so there were no US problems before the Obama presidency??

"One of the consequences of two decades of the US deep state’s brazen foreign policy has been the birth of a multipolar world order, with US superpower status being challenged by competing powers like China and Russia."
Again, is it "two decades" or "since Obama"?
And miscalculations about Putin were not in play? I mean it looks clear to me that US Exceptionalism planned to subject Russia first, as the perceived weaker partner of a possible (or, depending on your time frame, already forming) China-Russia collaboration.

Next time, try to get your story straight all the way!