Israel Threatens To Bomb Assad's Presidential Palace

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More information has emerged from Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's meeting with President Putin last week. The two met in the Black Sea resort town of Sochi on August 23rd to discuss recent developments in Syria. According to new shocking reports in both Arab and Israeli media, a senior Israeli official accompanying Netanyahu on the trip threatened to assassinate Syrian President Assad by bombing his palace in Damascus, while further adding that Israel will seek to derail the US-Russia brokered de-escalation deal reached in Astana, Kazakhstan earlier this summer.

According to the Jerusalem Post:

A senior Israeli official warned the Russian government that if Iran continues to extend its reach in Syria, Israel will bomb Syrian President Bashar Assad's palace in Damascus, according to reports in Arab media.


Israel also warned that if serious changes do not happen in the region, Israel will make sure the ceasefire deal, reached by the United States and Russia in Astana, Kazakhstan, will be nullified.


A senior Israeli source told the Al-Jadida newspaper that no understanding was reached between the Israelis and the Russians. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did, however, make it clear to Putin that its concerns must be met or Israel will be forced to act.


The warnings occurred in a meeting between Netanyahu and Russian President Vladimir Putin last week.

As we noted at the time, Netanyahu's brazen words to Putin that 'preventative' escalation in Syria to destroy what Israeli defense officials commonly call the "Iranian land bridge" (or the so-called 'Shia crescent') reveals increased desperation as even the West is now seeming to ignore Netanyahu's repeatedly declared "red lines". While Netanyahu's public statements in Sochi were provocative enough - openly threatening direct military escalation in Syria should his demand for Iranian forces withdrawal not be met - the newly revealed threat of assassinating the sitting head of a sovereign U.N. member state takes the war of words to a whole new level.

The Israeli Prime Minister also shared intelligence with Putin which purports to reveal Iranian plans for long-term presence in Syria. It appears Netanyahu is now making his case before world media, with new BBC and other international headlines reading, "Iran building missile factories in Syria and Lebanon: Netanyahu".

The Jerusalem Post details exactly which officials accompanied Netanyahu in Russia:

The prime minister, accompanied by Mossad head Yossi Cohen, the newly appointed head of the National Security Council, Meir Ben-Shabbat, and Likud minister Ze'ev Elkin who served as his translator, flew to Sochi on the Black Sea for the meeting, returning to Israel shortly after it ended.

We further explained that Israel has long been at open war with Syria, in spite of the fact that both Israeli officials and international media rarely acknowledge it. In 2013 Israel launched a massive missile attack against a Syrian defense technology facility in Jamraya outside of Damascus. And yet more brazen was the 2016 attack targeting Damascus International Airport, which killed a well-known Hezbollah commander. In a significant admission earlier this month, the head of Israel's air force acknowledged nearly one hundred IDF attacks on convoys inside Syria over the course of the past 5 years.

Netanyahu himself was recently caught on a hot mic bragging that Israel had struck Syrian targets at least "a dozen times". And this is to say nothing of Israel's covert support to al-Qaeda linked groups in Syria's south, which has reportedly involved weapons transfers and treatment of wounded jihadists in Israeli hospitals, the latter which was widely promoted in photo ops involving Netanyahu himself. As even former Acting Director of the CIA Michael Morell once directly told the Israeli public, Israel's "dangerous game" in Syria consists in getting in bed with al-Qaeda in order to fight Shia Iran.

Assad's presidential office building - New Shaab Palace - sits above central Damascus. Image source: Flickr/Nawar-2012

While Israel has for years played more of a quiet 'long game' in Syria outside the media spotlight: providing tacit support to al-Qaeda terrorists in Syria along its Golan border (in Netanyahu's words to Putin: Israel prefers the "Sunni sphere" over "bringing in Shi'ites" which reflects a disturbing widely held view among Israeli officials that ISIS is the 'lesser evil') as well semi-regularly bombing select targets, its increased willingness to loudly and unreservedly voice its intentions to the world is the result new realities it appears unprepared to accept.

What new realities in the region are now pushing Israeli officials to incautiously leak threats of Assad's assassination to the Arab press?

First, the Syrian government and its allies Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah are winning the war. In Israel's thinking the Astana agreement potentially means Iranian presence will now be backed by Russian air power. It also appears that in the United States' backing of 'de-escalation zones' which necessarily involves Iranian enforcement, the US is giving tacit approval to Iranian troop presence in Syria. This is Israel's worst nightmare: it invested so heavily in toppling Assad in the first place in order to roll back what it claims is 'Iranian and pro-Shia expansion' in the region.

Secondly, the US has essentially signaled to Israel: you are on your own when it comes to Syria policy. Trump shut down the CIA program to topple Assad - a program which had the assistance of Israeli intelligence. Other world leaders like France's Macron have further stated that Assad is here to say for the near future.

Third, Hezbollah has just finished wiping up ISIS on the Lebanese-Syrian border and now appears more confident than ever. Israel went all in with the Sunni insurgency fighting Assad as that insurgency also threatened the existence of Hezbollah, which Israeli defense officials understand to be the most formidable foe right across Israel's border. On Monday Hezbollah General Secretary Hassan Nasrallah declared August 28 as Lebanon's "Second Day of Liberation" in a televised address celebrating Lebanon's military victory over ISIS in the country's northeast. As we reported recently, it's an 'open secret' that US special forces advisers are indirectly coordinating with Hezbollah through the Lebanese Army, though politically sensitive as Lebanon depends heavily on US military aid.

And finally, Israel senses that international opinion is shifting quickly now that ISIS is rapidly folding. It knows that world opinion will not stomach another Iraq style invasion for regime change in the Middle East. And yet such a prospect of regime change in Syria is now all the more difficult as Russian air defenses are so deeply entrenched. Israel now finds itself isolated and Netanyahu's brazenness stems from this realization. His screams grow louder from a position of weakness.

Now, the only question that remains is: on the remote chance that Israel does escalate militarily in Syria, what will Russia let it get away with?

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I find it quite refreshing myself.

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Hilarious? Hmmm. More like disappointing, dispiriting, disquieting. Not sure how it is 'hilarious'.

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Hilarious in a disappointing, dispiriting, disquieting way.  Any article with "Israel" in the title -- or really any article at all -- brings out the jew-conspiracists like cockroaches.  They're about as entertaining as the Antifa crowd.  Heck, maybe they are the Antifa crowd.

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They ARE cockroaches, and ZooHedge provides a daily meal for them.

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Yes, these joo parasites are like cockroaches. Disgusting creatures.

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Mm hmm ... good luck in refuting the facts that overwhelmingly expose the jew cult and its zionist perversion for what it is. At least this is one of the few sites left one can tell the truth and expose the aforementioned fraud. Only someone who is either intellectually and academically lazy and/or dishonest posts the drivel that emerges from your fingertips. Need a little meat to chew on? Read The Rudolf Report, free, online. It conclusively proves by examining the physical evidence there were no human gas chambers that killed a single person from 1942-1945, let alone a 'jew'. The report was so damning to the fictional jew holocaust German courts would not even allow it to be entered as evidence to be even considered because, so the court 'reasoned', it was already a matter of "common knowledge" that 6,000,000 jews were gassed - even though (since it never happened) the official number of the 'gassed' has shifted all over the place to as low as ~650,000, and THAT is from zionist sources. But the court, so paranoid about truth, facts and justice (hmmm, that's odd! I thought that's what courts are for) would not even allow the facts about the changing estimates from jewish sources. In fact, it is a crime to dare  question the narrative. So you can go on with your stupid, vacaous (sp?) posts, but i will stick with the facts and the pursuit of the truth.

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You probably also enjoy the sermons of John Hagee. Gives you a hard on I'm sure. 

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No one should wonder now why Jesus called them the "synagogue of Satan".

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ISISrael - A Blight Unto The World

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Would not be correct to say the RUSSIAN - SYRIAN cease fire in Astana rather, as US has joined as observer after they supplied overnight tons of weapons to terrorists?

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All this stupid activity, simply because Abraham was a sociopath,

and lied about there being a covenant.  He was already rich, but it was never enough.

No need to hate; just pity all the wasted lives and efforts.

Time to move on.

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How would killing Assad help with their main goal? Rather than stopping Iran from setting up a long-term presence in Syria, killing Assad would guarantee it.

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Getting rid of Assad is to rid the nation of its legitimacy as a recognized nation. It will allow the US, Britain, Israel to carve it up. That has been their primary objective since they began their destabilization operations through Al Qaeda years before they started the civil war. 

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That's reasonable explanation how it could help instead of hurt I suppose. This would make more sense if Iran and Russia weren't already there. Killing Assad now seems like it would accomplish little other than polarize the region even more. Maybe "that's" the goal.

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Guessing that Putin will stand aside and let Bibi have his way with Assad... a land invasion is not likely, so syria will take its lumps and slowly move Hezbollah forces into place ... then there will be revenge... but not too much revenge... the game changer will only occur when Syria and Iran come under Chinese- Russian nuclear protection...

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Magic Man in the sky sez it's okay.  The Jews say Magic Man in the sky has specially chosen them to rule mankind, giving them carte blanche in regards to laws, rules, and regulations.

Gotta be a total dumbass to be a non-Jew and support Jews.

The funny thing is a lotta idiotic Christians on that God's© People nonsense are the same ones online talking about beta males and being enslaved by big gubmint and fuck the banks and shit.


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Indeed. Excellent post. Cuts right to the core of the issue. A bizzare and twisted irony. As a now 40 year member of the Magic Man club, I have it on good authority Magic Man is the anti-thesis of everything that passes for jew cult and zionist designs in this world, past, present and future. Jesus, the most Notorious Agent of Magic Man, according to the text, fiction or non-fiction, called out the fraud 2000 years ago. But stupidly alleged Magic Man adherents, invoking the name of the Notorious Agent (!) fall all over themselves to perpetuate the fraud their supposed Hero was brutally executed for repudiating.

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Axiom 5A-- create a severe financial crisis, so that you can buy up valuable assets at "fre sale" prices with Fed fiat money...

In any case, this scheme only works if everyone else in the workld accepts your worthless fiat money; and the power of sanctions and Regime Change stand behind the fiat dollar.

China does not permit free exchange with the dollar por vast flows of hot money investment... so they are ratger immune... The US has closed off hot money investment in Russia for now.. so big chunks of the world can't be taken over by fiat dollars... the Euros have put in place some protections too


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Time to pull out the charts and draw a few red, orange, pink and yellow lines.  Coloring always help the childen calm down.  

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"what will Russia let it get away with?"

I am sure that question was answered by Russia. And they are known to keep promises.

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Well this should give Jihad John McCain morning wood.....

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They call Assad's house a palace, even though it looks half the size of Beyonce's new house.  The Israeli regime is both an apartheit regime and a war criminal regime.  They may cite the holocaust as a reason for their paranoid actions, but if they are hated now it's not because of WW2.

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No, is not a palace. Is a two-bedroom apartment.

Propaganda much?

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Put your propaganda in your filthy joo ass, retard.

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Syria hasn't been in the news in ages.


Let a sleeping dog lie.

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Ever wonder why ISIS, with its proximity to Israel, NEVER ATTACKED ISRAEL?  And when it did, THEY APOLIGIZED TO ISRAEL!!  Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? 

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Time to vote again on my standing question for all Americans......will you put your life on the line and fight for you want your children who are in uniform to die in the name of Israel....
Vote up arrow that you will not fight for Israel
Vote down arrow that you will die for Israel.

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So tired of that shitty little evil tribe and that shitty little country!

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Blow that little shithole country off the face of the earth.  And for good measure take out DC, the City of London, and Basel, Switzerland

And get the fuck out of Syria!

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Here is a simple solution. Putin should tell that Snake. The government of Syria is in possesion of a number of tactical Nukes. And if Israel should decide to attack Syria without any justification. Syria and Russia will keep all available weapons on the table. That can be used against Israel if Syria is attacked.

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We have to stop bullshitting ourselves. We know that our nations simply want control over ME oil, gas and other resources.  We know that Israel wants of piece of the action and more ME turf.  If we want to live in a better world we have to stop our wars of aggression, the creation and militarization of terrorist groups, the destruction of peaceful nations, and the slaughter of innocent people for our own selfish economic prosperity, which demographically is killing us off anyway.  

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Is that why you voted for Trump, conqueror of Afghanistan poppies?


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The zionazi freak show in apartheid Palestine, USSA'S very own Pyonyang shit hole.

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And if they do bomb the palace the American ZOG will offer them full and unconditional support. After all, if ZOG doesn't condemn the Israelis when they attack American forces they'll hardly do it when they attack an 'enemy'.

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best idea today

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Netanyahu, why don't you sit down and shut the fuck up and stay in your little Israel that was cut for you with the Balfour agreement. People worked hard to get Palestine for you and your people. So what if you don't have a gas pipeline? Who the fuck do you think you are?

But by all means, Ben, go ahead and bomb Assad. See where it gets you.

Hey, dude, I mean, really. Really? Seriously? What good is bombing Syria when your porch monkey fucking trash Israeli people can't sit on their sofas drinking and laughing like they did with bombing Gaza a few years ago?

Take a look, Ben. This is the shit you engender with your bullshit talk and your pretending to be anything but a registered war criminal. You run a terrorist state and that's awesome. But seriously, shut the fuck up already. We all know that your little pissy mossad fucks are behind ISIS and ISIL and the FED and all that shit. So just fuck off. Stay at home and have a bris and fuck off. Enjoy your painted in corner of the world while the rest of us Goy wake up and don't need you no more.

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Balfour paper was rescinded by Her Majesty's Government by the mid 1930's. It wasn't an agreement.  Treaty of San Remo and the Charter of the League of Nations...and grandfathered into the UN Charter are the controlling measures of international law.  Anyway they fought and died defending their Dallas county sized territory against the combined armies of the middle east and the Arab Legion being led by British mercenaries, and were defeated by farmers and peasants sporting WWI rifles.   Tiny tiny Israel is arguably a world power now.  

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Considering the recent activities of Turkey regarding Syria, one can easily envision the Turks invading from the north and the Israelis from the south.  Russians will quickly exit, and the Iranians in a death grip as the IDF conducts a pincher move from Syria through the Bekka Valley and traps Hezbullah in Lebanon and dares the Ayatollahs to intervene.  Oh..and the US President's administration quietly dares the Ayatollahs to intervene.  Delicious

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It's called a pincer movement, dumb ass. And your fantasies are just that--fantasies. There is a job at the DOD for you if you are Jewish or will convert.

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Please, you're giving Hezbollah a hard on.

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Embedded Jews- it's all part of the protocols. Embedded in Government- teaching institutions, Hollywood and the media- And yet still some can't figure out why things are the way they are?

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Yet Jews still wonder why everyone hates them globally.

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No surprise. Nobody likes greedy agressive parasites. Nobody.

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Its because they are so smart and rich and everybody's jealous of them, at least thats what they say.