ADP Employment Surges By The Most In 5 Months

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ADP reports the US economy added 237,000 jobs in August, notably more than the expected 185k. This is the biggest addition since March, and follows upward revisions for July. While Services dominated (adding 204k), Goods-producing jobs rose 33k (with manufacturing adding 16k).

Medium- and Large-seized firms added the most jobs in August.


Manufacturing added 16,000 jobs in August....


Trade/Transportantion and Leisyure added the most jobs in August...

“In August, the goods-producing sector saw the best performance in months with solid increases in both construction and manufacturing,” said Ahu Yildirmaz, vice president and co-head of the ADP Research Institute. “Additionally, the trade industry pulled ahead to lead job gains across all industries, adding the most jobs it has seen since the end of 2016. This could be an industry to watch as consumer spending and wage growth improves.”

Mark Zandi, chief economist of Moody’s Analytics, said, “The job market continues to power forward. Job creation is strong across nearly all industries, company sizes. Mounting labor shortages are set to get much worse. The initial BLS employment estimate is often very weak in August due to measurement problems, and is subsequently revised higher. The ADP number is not impacted by those problems.

Full Breakdown below...

<br />
     ADP National Employment Report: Private Sector Employment Increased by 237,000 Jobs in August<br />

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hoist the bs flag's picture

 is it time to start spamming ZH with HAIL TRUMP posts again?


good news! HAIL TRUMP!

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dollar breaking down, adp to the rescue. good numbers are a patriotic duty in these difficult times.

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So Yellen was right after all.

Who knew!

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How much did the Fed print per job?

SillyWabbits's picture

I was speaking sarcastically.

Your point is the point.  

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Harder to tell now with the paid trolls. The millenials must be at full employment by now......


Tylers need to implement an "ignore all posts from user" feature.

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Manufacturing adding 16k -- Barristas and burger flippers 51k added


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HAHA! must suck to be a zerohedger now. I have been making a killing in the markets since 09-10 and it just keeps getting better. I am sorry to say guys but you lost both the battle and the war. I cant even imagine how much money has been lost due to this site.

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And now being a multi-millionaire, you have nothing better to do than boast on ZH!

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The Trump got his 3.0% GDP on 1st revision.   I can sense bullshit.

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What a head fake story full of RIPE B.S.


This will keep the suckers going while the remainer of the dissolve (or that slow heroin drip) runs out.


False pretence of adding more gas debt to the forest fire in a few short weeks.


At least the IMF is being sensible. U.S. devaluation of the old king dollar they stated at the meeting is worth 20 cents on the dollar. Now just to get that VIX down to .88 before it's time will help out graciously.

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"Mark Zandi, chief economist of Moody’s Analytics, said, “The job market continues to power forward. Job creation is strong across nearly all industries, company sizes. Mounting labor shortages are set to get much worse."

How can there be labor shortages when there are millions of Americans not working?  Something's broken in the system.

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Can't wait for the trumptards to get all orgasmic over this when the same type of low paying jobs being added during the obozo years were mocked by them. I guess pumpkin being in office now means low paying servcie jobs are great. 


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Everything - price, income, unemployment, my willy - seems bigger when you switch out the 12-inch ruler for a 8-inch ruler. 

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So many jobs out there.  If you're not seeing it, you might consider leaving your town for greener pastures.

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Then raise the prime rate .5%, already.

I double dog dare ya, Chairman Yellen.

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Cock in mouth Trump bashers couldn't make money if it was handed to them. Lol